9 Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You 2024

Most gyms only have basic weight-lifting and cardio equipment, but some may also have other things like a pool or a court. But only a small number of gyms have Indoor Tracks.

So, why don’t most clubs have Indoor Tracks? Well, there are two big ones: they are usually too expensive and they take up too much room.

9 Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

But it can be hard to get a good workout in when there aren’t many trails near you and you don’t like the way a treadmill makes you feel.

Because of all of these things, it makes sense that you would also look for a gym with a running track.

 Here are 9 of the best gyms that have indoor tracks at some or most of their locations:

  1. ✔ 24 Hour Fitness
  2. ✔ LA Fitness
  3. ✔ In-Shape
  4. ✔ Gold’s Gym
  5. ✔ Crunch Fitness
  6. ✔ LifeTime Fitness
  7. ✔ Equinox
  8. ✔ Genesis Health Clubs
  9. ✔ YMCA
  10. ✔ Your local college campus

24 Hour Fitness

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

Most of the services at a 24 Hour Fitness will cost you between $30 and $50 a month. You can also check out detailed information of 24 Hour Fitness membership prices.

You can use the indoor track and all the equipment, weights, and classes.

Some of these classes even take place on the track, so you might even get to run a relay with other fitness fans.

You can only find an indoor track at some of the best 24 Hour Fitness gyms.

To have such a big feature, a gym will have to be big, so the smaller clubs won’t have one.

Even though an “Ultra” 24 Hour Fitness location will probably cost closer to $50/month, you can expect a lot of other great features. If you are unsure about their facilities, you can try their guest pass.

You really can find everything you need to work out and relax in one place, like

Also, if you’re not a member of 24 Hour Fitness but still want to use an indoor track, you can usually pay a small fee at the front desk to use the gym for the day.

Check out 24 hour fitness membership cancellation

LA Fitness

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

To join LA Fitness, you can expect to pay between $25 and $35 a month, not counting any extra fees. 

LA Fitness is better than other gyms like 24 Hour Fitness because its pricing is much easier to understand.

Pretty much one level gives you access to everything in the building, like weights, classes, and an indoor track. You can check out

Most LA Fitness clubs don’t have an indoor track, but some do. You can find out for sure by calling your local club or reading online reviews. You can test their services and facilities with a La fitness guest pass to determine whether it fits your need.

LA Fitness facilities include:

Just remember that the indoor track in gyms like this is usually not a very good place to run. Check out What Time Does LA Fitness Close & Open

One Yelp reviewer wrote:

“At LA Fitness, the track isn’t even a track. Since it’s not turf, you can’t even run with spikes on. There’s no room for cars.”

Indoor tracks at big box gyms are usually just marked off areas on a hardwood floor, like on a basketball court. They are good for walking and jogging, but not for sprint training. For more information about LA Fitness you can contact their customer service department.

This is a reminder that when you’re touring gyms, you should always check to see what kind of track they have.

check my detailed guide on how to cancel LA Fitness membership?


Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

In-Shape is a gym that is only found in California.

There are a lot of locations, so whether you live in Southern California or Northern California, you should be able to find one close to you.

You can expect to pay between $25 and $40 a month, depending on where you live and whether you want a basic or premier membership. check out detailed information about In-shape Membership Prices.

Keep your eyes open for deals. There are often deals and discount codes where there are no set-up fees, so this is a great life hack if you don’t mind having to wait a little bit.

There aren’t indoor tracks at every In-Shape, but the ones that do are great for athletes. You can try their 7-day guest pass to see what to expect from their club facilities.

With just the basic membership, you can use it and have access to a wide range of equipment.

But if you want to use the pool or racquetball court, you’ll have to upgrade. Also check out In-Shape hours.

Gold’s Gym

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

Official website:

There are a lot more Gold’s Gyms than In-Shape gyms, and the prices are about the same. you can also check Gold’s gym Hours and Locations.

From “Basic” to “VIP,” there are different levels, and it usually costs between $25 and $40 per month.

Gold’s Gym has an indoor track where you can run, walk, or jog.

Again, each gym on this list is different, and indoor tracks are a specialty item that you won’t find at all of them.

Gold’s Gyms have a lot of other things, like group classes and great equipment for strength training, to keep you interested in your routine. You can try their guest pass to see what to expect from their club facilities.

Gold’s Gym Personal Trainers help their members develop customized diet plans; moreover, they educate and guide them for nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training.

Some places have pools, and some even have child care if you want to work out without worrying about your child.

Check out detailed guide on how to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership.

Crunch Fitness

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

Crunch Fitness is known for having plans that don’t break the bank. They have great facilities that make it worth it to pay for a membership. Check out detailed guide on crunch fitness membership prices.

Some clubs have indoor running tracks in addition to a lot of other facilities, such as weight rooms. to check the facilities and services, you can try Crunch Fitness Guest Pass.

We’re not sure if we should call them “running tracks” because they are usually smaller and built around the walls of buildings.

Check out latest crunch fitness hours and Locations.

So, let’s say that their tracks can help you walk or run, which is usually the case at most clubs.

So, call the Crunch Fitness club near you and ask if they have a track for running. If they say yes, you’re getting a great deal, especially considering how cheap their prices are.

Crunch Fitness Personal Trainer is very talented, well trained, and certified to follow their guidance; besides, they also help you make diet plans.

Crunch Fitness has monthly fees that range from $10 to $20, but they aren’t in all towns, which could be a problem. also check Crunch Fitness Login.

They only have a little more than 300 clubs in the United States right now, but they plan to open more clubs soon.

Check out detailed guide on Crunch Fitness Membership Cancellation.

LifeTime Fitness

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

LifeTime Fitness is a high-end gym, unlike most of the other gyms with tracks we’ve talked about.

LifeTime Fitness can be pricey, with monthly fees that start at $79 and can go up to almost $300. 

But the LifeTime Fitness membership prices is worth it because it  has great amenities that are hard to find elsewhere. Indoor running tracks are one example of this. Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer cost is more reasonable and affordable than its competitors.

Some Life Time Fitness centers have running tracks, but not all do. Most of them have running tracks, pools, a variety of courts, and a few other facilities in addition to the basic weight training and cardio equipment. check out Lifetime fitness hours and locations.

You can try a lifetime fitness guest pass to test its facilities, services, gym equipment and administration,

The exact prices at LifeTime Fitness depend on the facilities. For example, if the LifeTime Fitness near you has a running track, you can also expect higher prices.

Check out detailed guide on LifeTime Fitness membership Cancellation.


Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

Equinox is yet another high-end gym. It is one of the best gyms in the United States. But it also has the best equipment and facilities, which sometimes include a running track.

If you’ve been to or seen an Equinox club, you should already know how big their studios are. Most clubs have pools, courts, and other sports facilities, and some also have running tracks. They also offer complimentary guest passes to aspiring members to learn about their facilities and their workout environment and then decide whether to join as a committed member.

Also, the running tracks at Equinox aren’t always inside. There are times when you can find a track on the open roof or even outside. Check out Does Equinox Have Student Discount?

Like most other gyms, most of Equinox’s outdoor tracks are not too big, with about two lanes in most cases. But it might feel better to run on their surface than on other clubs’.

Equinox membership includes:

  • Pleasant ambiance
  • Wide choice of group classes
  • Experienced trainers
  • Pool
  • Friendly staff
  • Lockers
  • Yoga Mats
  • The massage, facial, and other deluxe spa services
  • Sauna

Lastly, remember that Equinox membership start at a high $168 per month, and the price can go even higher at clubs with indoor tracks.

Genesis Health Clubs

Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

There are running tracks inside some Genesis Health Clubs. Also, they are even bigger and have more lanes than the tracks in most of the other gyms we’ve talked about here.

Some Genesis Health Clubs have four-lane tracks, but most have three-lane tracks. So, you’re likely to feel more comfortable running inside at Genesis.

Genesis Health Clubs membership prices range from $50 to $70, making it a middle-of-the-road gym with good facilities. 

But if you don’t live in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, or Oklahoma, you might not have a Genesis Health Clubs club nearby. In these states, they only have 60 clubs.

Genesis always welcomes and inspires their guests, they want everyone to experience their gym facility, and the easiest way to do this is a guest pass. The Genesis Guest Pass gives you an inclusive test of what you can expect from their Gym facility.

So, if you live in one of these midwestern states and are looking for a gym with an indoor running track, Genesis Health Clubs is the best choice.


Best Gyms with Indoor Tracks Near You

The YMCA is one of the most well-known gym chains not just in the US, but all over the world. Some of their clubs do have walking tracks inside where you can do it. Check latest YMCA hours.

But one thing that could be bad is that most of their tracks aren’t very big and only have one or two lanes. Also, running on their indoor track might not be that easy. Of course, there are always exceptions. You can check latest details on YMCA Guest Pass.

But if all you want to do is warm up before a workout or walk or jog slowly for fun, the indoor walking tracks at the YMCA are more than enough.

Apart from this, YMCA membership comes with many facilities like free group exercise classes, beautifully groomed indoor and outdoor pools, free babysitting and youth fitness options, summer camp, basketball gyms, teen programs, and many more.
Which you can choose according to your age.

YMCA clubs have more than just indoor tracks. They also have pools, courts, and outdoor sports, as well as cardio and weight training equipment.

Some YMCAs have outdoor track facilities in addition to indoor tracks. So, you might also want to check that.

When it comes to prices, a YMCA membership in the United States costs around $36 per month. If the club has indoor tracks, the prices will be a bit higher than usual.

Your local college campus

Here’s a bit of advice from a pro that you can use wherever you live.

If you want to use an indoor track, you should check to see if the university closest to you has one.

There are outdoor tracks at many colleges, which you may or may not be able to use depending on the time and day. Some colleges also have indoor tracks in their fitness centers.

This is definitely something you should check out.

Students and teachers should be able to use it for free, but sometimes colleges let people from the public use them, too.

You might have to pay a small fee or have someone who goes to classes sign you in, but it’s at least worth a phone call.

Wrapping Up

Most indoor tracks aren’t as nice as outdoor ones, unless you get really lucky.

There will be less space between lanes, and they won’t be as wide.

Most indoor tracks are made of simple wood instead of turf or other high-end running surfaces.But your mileage may be different depending on which clubs are near your home or office.

These gyms are good places to start your search: 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, In-Shape, and Gold’s.

Before you start negotiating a contract, call each one and, if you can, take a tour to see the facilities for yourself.

FAQs – Gyms with Indoor Tracks

FAQs – Different Types Of Weights

▶ Are there any indoor 400m tracks?

Interview with the two men in charge of running The Dome in Anchorage, Alaska, which is the only indoor 400-meter track in North America.

▶ What is an indoor track?

▶ How do I find a nearby indoor RC track?

Find an indoor rc track close to you. Enter an address to find an indoor rc track near you. Enter your ZIP code or city and state. Google Maps is a service for making maps on the web that was made by Google.

▶ Is indoor track good?

Enable Athletes to Run for Longer
So, runners will be less likely to get muscle strains and joint pain, both of which can make them have to stop running for a while. Athletes can also run for longer in a longer amount of time on indoor tracks.

? This article I have created to give you complete information about Gyms with Indoor Tracks with the services you get.

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Disclaimer: Gyms with Indoor Tracks information above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. All prices and information provided on this website are averaged and should only be used as estimates.
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