Pure Barre Prices & Membership Cost

Pure Barre Prices – If you’re interested in joining an exercise studio that blends the arts of dance with Pilates as well as strength and conditioning, Pure Barre might be exactly what you’re looking for.

However, before signing up to join, you may be thinking about the cost associated with it.

This article will go over all you must be aware of Pure Barre Prices & Membership Cost and the top most frequently asked questions that can help you decide whether the fitness center is the best fit for your needs.

For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because The Pure Barre Prices are very affordable.

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Pure Barre Prices

Pure Barre Prices | Services & Its Cost


Pure Barre Different Memberships

1 Month Unlimited Prices

Initiation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $199.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $0.00

1 Month Unlimited Special

Initiation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $100.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $0.00


1 Class $22.00
5 Classes $100.00
10 Classes $190.00
15 Classes $270.00
20 Classes $340.00

What to Expect With Pure Barre Prices?

Pure Barre prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer. Pure Barre’s professional coaches recommend working out hard at least four times a week to accomplish your goals and produce quick results.

Suppose you have an unlimited month-long pass that costs you about $ 12.00 a day, and if you have complete three-month access, it costs about $ 9.00 a day, and if you have an unlimited six-month pass, So it costs you only $ 8.30 a day.

This literally means that Pure Barre Prices is based on the long-term plan you choose, and it is advisable to select a long-term plan to reduce Pure Barre cost.

Pure Barre Unlimited Membership

Pure Barre offers two types of memberships: one is unlimited, and the other is an unlimited special membership.

The Unlimited membership costs $199.99 per month for one person, and the Unlimited Special Membership is $100.00. However, as we have already discussed, the monthly fee for Unlimited membership is $199.99.

Pure Barre Classes Cost

Pure Barre classes typically last 45-50 minutes. These classes include a variety of small exercises that will help you tone and build your body muscles.

You can also purchase packages that include these classes. You will need to pay $22.00 for 1 Pure Barre class, and you will need to buy a package of $100.00 for 5 classes.

Pure Barre’s 8-Class Membership Plan is $139.00. You can renew your membership every month. Similar packages will be required for 10-15 and 20 classes.

What does it cost to join Pure Barre?

You don’t have to worry about high prices for these facilities. Pure Barre is different from other gyms because it does not require an enrollment or initiation fee. You only need to pay one month’s fee, and you are set!

You will need to pay $199.99 if you choose the 1-month unlimited package. If you want to purchase the 1-month Unlimited Special membership, $100.00 will be required.

What does the Pure Barre initiation cost?

Pure Barre doesn’t charge an enrollment or initiation fee for those who want to buy a membership plan.

What is the monthly cost of Pure Barre?

Pure Barre membership plans are affordable and won’t cost you much money. Pure Barre monthly subscriptions can be purchased at very affordable rates.

The 1 Month Unlimited Subscription is $199.99, and the 1-month Unlimited Special Subscription is $100.

How to cancel Pure Barre on Demand?

If you’ve decided you do not wish to maintain the Pure Barre on Demand subscription, You can end your membership at any point. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log into account Pure Barre on Demand account via the Pure Barre Website.
  • Select the icon for a profile that is located in the upper right-hand part of your screen.
  • Choose “My Account” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click down until you reach the “Subscriptions” section, and click “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Follow the instructions in order to verify your cancellation.

It’s important to know that if you decide to cancel your subscription within the mid-flight of the billing period, you’ll be able to access this service up to the conclusion of the current period.

If you’re having any problems or concerns about canceling or canceling your Pure Barre on Demand subscription, You can reach Pure Barre’s Pure Barre customer service team to get assistance.

To cancel your Pure Barre on demand, go to Email on demand@purebarre.com and ask about canceling.

Can I go to any Pure Barre with my membership?

Pure Barre memberships are generally specific to a particular studio, meaning that you’ll be able to attend sessions at the location from which you bought the membership.

However, some studios be in agreements with different locations, which allow members to take courses at different Pure Barre studios in the region.

It is best to inquire with the local studio to find out what their policies are on membership and access to classes.

Can I freeze Pure Barre membership?

Yes, certain Pure Barre studios offer the option of freezing your membership for a specified amount of duration. This can be beneficial when you require time off from classes because of an injury, travel or other circumstances.

But, the details of the freeze policy could differ based on the location. So make sure to inquire with your teacher to find out more.

What is the cost of canceling Pure Barre membership?

Pure Barre membership cancellations are free of charge. You have the right to cancel your Pure Barre subscription at any time.

Then You will still have access to the Service until the end of your billing cycle. You must cancel your class booking at least 4 hours before class starts. Otherwise, you will be charged $15 for a late cancellation fee.

How much is Pure Barre go

Pure Barre created GO for anyone who wants more out of their on-demand workout.

Pure barre GO Studio is a workout designed by them; this workout is carefully recreated for your living room, bedroom, park .. wherever you can take a computer and enjoy pure Barre GO,

In pure Barre GO you get instant access to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, and 60-minute low-impact, total body Pure Barre workouts right from your phone or laptop display.

Pure Barre go offers practical full-body training focused on low-impact, high-intensity moves that lift and tone muscles to improve strength, agility and flexibility.

Then Pure Barre GO price is only 29.99 / month.

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Pure Barre Membership Cost

You can choose from one of two packages: the 1-month unlimited or the 1-month unlimited special.
You will not have to pay an initiation charge if you purchase the 1-month unlimited membership.

However, you will need to pay $199.99 per month for one person and you will need to pay $100.00 monthly for the 1 Month Unlimited Special Membership.

The 1 Month Unlimited Price Special Membership does not require any enrollment fee and a $100.00 monthly fee will be charged.

You will also be charged different membership fees depending on how many classes you attend. You will pay $22.00 per class, $100.00 per 5 classes, $190.00 each for 10 classes, $270.00 per 15 classes, $340.00 for 20 classes and $340.00 per 20 classes.

How much does the pure barre method cost?

Things get cheaper depending on how often you go, such as with a class package Pure Barre classes range from $30 per class to $ 21 per class. Another option is to enjoy unlimited classes by paying $199 a month.

Pure Barre Deals & Discounts

Pure Barre offers attractive deals and discounts when you sign up for a membership plan. Sign up for a class free of charge before you sign up.

This allows you to meet your trainers and learn about the various techniques offered by Pure Barre. This low-intensity, high-impact exercises can be very beneficial!

Third-party websites also mention that Pure Barre offers exciting discounts every thirty days.

Pure Barre also offers eGift cards that can be used only in the United States. These gift cards can be purchased for between $10 and $1000.

Use the code BARREWITHUS to receive a free credit for any Pure Barre class. A 22% discount will be applied to your first month’s payments.

Pure Barre Student Discounts

And Pure Barre is offering a 30% discount to students starting in January.

Pure Barre Teacher Discounts.

And Pure Barre often offers exciting deals to ease the financial pressure on teachers.

Pure Barre Military Discounts

Pure Barry offers generous discounts to those who serve in the armed forces. Special discounts are available for military personnel.

What is Pure Barre on Demand?

Pure Barre is now offering the option of an on-demand program that is available for purchase through Amazon.

I’ve used the app for three months now, and I’m impressed with the variety of classes available and workouts that vary between 20 and 50 minutes in length.

If you’re in search of barre exercises for a fraction of the cost of a live class or a class on demand, then this is the method to go.

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How much does Pure Barre on demand cost?

Pure Barre GO is only $29.99 per month.

Is Pure Barre on Demand worth it?

A class in Pure Barre costs $ 25, and if you are thinking of a few Pure Barre classes a week, it can’t be cheaper than this; there is no question that I highly recommend Pure Barre On Demand.

New update for Pure Barre Pricing

By considering your fitness and pocket in mind, Pure Barre has announced discounts on its prices and costs, and there can be an excellent opportunity for you to get a good start.

According to the Pure Barre prices update, three-month intro unlimited classes membership, you will get 10% off prices for the first month, 15% off in the second month, and 20% in the third month.

Such offers show that Pure Barre is concerned about the budget of its customers.

What Is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is an all-body exercise that takes about 45 minutes. It is a series of small exercises that are designed to build and tone your muscles.

When you take a class, it is possible that you could hold a spot on the Barre for a period of time and perform tiny pulses for an outsider; it might appear simple but be highly intense and cause the heat.


There are countless benefits to choosing Pure Barre as your go-to gym or studio for exercise classes. Some of these benefits include:

Improved abdominal strength Firm, lean legs from hip to toe Improved posture and appearance Better body awareness and coordination Reduced cellulite and stretch marks A stronger back and neck Deeper breathing Stronger arms Reduced stress Improved sleep Higher energy levels Greater mental focus More cardiovascular endurance.

How many days a week should I do Barre?

Experts from Pure Barre recommend three-four barre classes a week for the best results.

Pure Barre – 12 Month Contract

Pure Barre is known for its brand new offers, and a unique gift for its customers, the pure Barre – 12-month contract deal offers the benefit of 50% off in the first month while paying $ 125 per month for the rest of the month.

If you are already in a contract, you will need to cancel your current agreement by mail to macon@purebarre.com.
With this deal, you can save a total of $ 187.50.

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Pure Barre Equipment

Pure barre uses minimal equipment, combining dance, yoga and Pilates for a full-body workout. If you want to start a pure barre from your home, you don’t need heavy gym machines.

You just need Common gym items such as a small Pilates ball, band, mat and weighing 2-5 pounds. Lightweight etc. That’s why pure barre prices are very affordable.

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FAQs – Pure Barre Prices & Membership Cost

How much does a Pure Barre membership cost?

Pure Barre membership costs vary according to location and membership type. In general, monthly memberships vary from $149 to $199 and class packages vary between $199 and $499.

Are there any discounts for Pure Barre memberships?

Certain Pure Barre studios offer discounts for teachers, students as well as military personnel and first emergency personnel. Visit the studio in your area for more details.

Can I cancel my Pure Barre membership at any time?

The cancellation policies for each location are different and type of membership. Contact the studio in your area to find out more about their cancellation policies.

Are there any additional fees associated with Pure Barre classes or memberships?

Certain Pure Barre studios may charge additional charges like late fees and cancellation charges for classes that are not attended It’s crucial to inquire with the studio you are visiting to find out their policies.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the Pure Barre Prices with its services you get.

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