World Gym Prices and Membership Cost

Are you searching for an exciting new club to sign up with? If yes, then you might be thinking about the cost and costs that come with the World Gym Prices.

World Gym is a popular gym chain with locations across the globe, offering various gym equipment and classes, and facilities. But, as with any gym membership, costs are subject to various variables.

World gym prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer. The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so that everyone can reach their fitness goal easily and quickly.

This article will take you on a close look at World Gym pricing and provide answers to many of the most frequently asked questions regarding the cost of an annual membership.

World Gym Prices

World Gym Prices


World Gym Memberships

Month to Month Membership

Initiation Fee (Month to Month) $25.00
Monthly Fee (Month to Month) $18.00
Due Today (Month to Month) $166.00
Cancellation Fee (Month to Month) $0.00


Tanning (Recurring) (Month to Month) $20.00
Childcare (Recurring) (Month to Month) $10.00

World Gym One Year Term Membership

Initiation Fee (One Year Term) $25.00
Monthly Fee (One Year Term) $25.00
Due Today (One Year Term) $60.00
Cancellation Fee (One Year Term) $0.00

World Gym Paid In Full – 12 Months Membership

Initiation Fee (12 Months) $0.00
Due Today (12 Months) $249.00
Cancellation Fee (12 Months) $0.00

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World Gym Membership Fees

The World Gym prices depend on the facilities, and the plan is chosen
Let’s see

  • The World Gym’s annual membership is initially $ 49 and pays $ 5 per visit. This membership includes all weight training and cardio areas.
  • The customer has to pay $ 35 per month for a one-month short term membership which includes all weight training and cardio fields.
  • The three-month short-term membership customer has to pay $ 99 for three months, including all weight training and cardio areas.
  • Standard Rate – $ 20 Initiation, $ 19.95 per month, 12 Month Contract
  • Premier Rate – $ 20 Initiation, $ 34.95 per month, 12 Month Contract,
  • Senior Rate – A person over the age of 60 has to pay $ 60 per month

The renewal fee of the previous contract is $ 20, and the cancellation fee is $ 75.

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How much is Membership at World Gym?

The price of membership depends on which kind of membership you choose. There are many membership options available, like monthly, yearly, and many more.

  • $59.95 Mont-to-Month

$50.00 Enrollment Fee. No Contract.


  • $720 Paid in full 14 Month membership

Additional 2 months for free. No Enrollment Fee.

  • $30 Day pass available only during staff hours.

How do you cancel World Gym?

Below are some steps you could follow to end the membership of your World Gym membership:

  1. Check the terms and conditions of your membership agreement to learn about the cancellation policy as well as any penalties or fees when you cancel your membership early.
  2. Make contact with the World Gym location directly and request to speak with the manager or representative for membership. It is common to find contact details via the World Gym website or by calling the gym directly.
  3. Let them know that you’d like to end your membership. Also, give any information you need, like your member number or details for your account.
  4. Take any additional steps or procedures that the gym offers to complete the cancellation procedure, like the return of your membership card or completing the cancellation form.
  5. Take note of charges or fees that are still due, for example, the final payment for membership or cancellation fees.
  6. Keep a log of your cancellation request as well as any confirmation or receipts given by the gym to keep for your record.

It is important to remember the cancellation policy and procedure differ by location and type of membership.

So, be certain to read the terms and conditions of your particular membership agreement to get the most precise details.

Can I bring a guest with me to the club?

Yes, a lot of World Gym locations offer guest privileges as part of their membership plans. The exact details of the guest policies can vary based on location, which is why it’s crucial to consult your nearby World Gym to understand the rules, as well as any charges or limitations.

In general the case, a guest pass can allow you to bring a family member or friend participant to the fitness center for one time or for a specific duration like one week or a month.

Certain World Gym locations may also provide guest passes at a discounted rate or for free passes in conjunction with promotional activities or membership deals.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you could be in a position to freeze your World Gym membership temporarily depending on the type of membership you have and the location. These are the most important things to be aware of:

  • The fact that you can freeze your membership is that you won’t be charged for your normal cost of membership during the time of the freeze.
  • A typical membership freeze could last for one to six months, subject to your location and the type of membership.
  • Certain World Gym locations may charge an additional fee to freeze your membership or may have particular criteria you must satisfy to be allowed to freeze your membership.
  • It is important to read all the details of the membership agreement or contact the representative in Your World Gym location to understand the specific rules and methods for freezing your membership.
  • When you’re looking to renew your membership, you’ll normally need to contact your World Gym location and provide all the necessary information like the account information and payment methods.

Remember the fact that freezing your account might not be the best choice for those who want to completely cancel your membership since it can prolong the duration of your commitment, and you may be subject to charges or charges throughout the time of the freeze.

Can I transfer my membership to a relative?

If you are able to give the benefits of your World Gym membership to a family member will be contingent on the conditions and terms of your membership contract. Here are some of the most important things to be aware of:

  • Certain World Gym locations may allow the transfer of your membership to a family member; however, other locations may not provide this option.
  • The terms and conditions for the transfer of membership may vary depending on where you are. It’s therefore crucial to inquire with the World Gym location directly for additional details.
  • In certain instances there may be a fee for the transfer, or an administrative fee might be required in order to transfer membership to an individual who is a relative.
  • The person who takes over the membership might have to satisfy certain eligibility requirements for example, being a certain age or having met fitness and health standards set in the fitness center.
  • It’s essential to study the conditions and terms in your agreement with the membership thoroughly to fully understand the restrictions and limitations that apply to the transfer of your membership, and also any possible penalty or fees to do so.

What is included in a World Gym membership?

The World Gym membership can include many benefits and features based on the kind of membership you select and the specific location where you join. Here are a few common features that are included in the world Gym membership:

  • Fitness equipment for cardio, strength-training equipment, as well as free weights
  • Group fitness classes like cycling, yoga, or boot camp
  • Training sessions for personal trainers with a trained trainer
  • Showers, locker rooms, and other facilities
  • Discounts on additional services, like tanning or massage therapy
  • Internet resources, for instance, fitness plans or nutritional advice

The specific benefits that are included in the specific features included in a World Gym membership may differ according to location and type of membership.

It’s essential to go through the conditions and terms of your membership agreement thoroughly to know what’s comprised in the membership, as well as any additional charges or fees applicable.

Are there any additional fees for World Gym membership?

Yes, there are extra charges that come with the World Gym membership. Here are some typical fees you need to know about:

  1. Fees for enrollment: Some World Gym locations may charge an enrollment fee at the time you first sign up for a membership.
  2. Annual fee: Certain World Gym memberships may require an annual fee, which is added to your monthly fees. 
  3. Payment due late: If you are unable to pay your month’s bills on time, you could be assessed a late payment fee.
  4. Fee for cancellation If you decide to end your membership prior to the expiration date of the contract period, You could incur a charge.
  5. Upgrade cost: If you opt to increase your subscription to the next level or include other services, you could receive an upgrade cost.
  6. Personal training costs If you decide to have an individual trainer at World Gym, there may be additional charges for this particular service.

Can I get a discount on World Gym membership?

world gym prices

It is true that World Gym may offer discounts to certain groups like seniors, students, and military personnel, as well as other categories.

It’s best to contact the gym in your area to determine the discounts available and what the criteria for eligibility are.

What is the refund policy for World Gym membership?

The policy of refunds for World Gym membership varies depending on the location and the type of membership. Here are some general guidelines to think about:

  1. Certain World Gym locations may offer an opportunity to get credit for any of the unused parts that you have enrolled in.
  2. Some other locations may not provide refunds if any at all.
  3. It is important to contact the gym in your area to find out what their refund policy is.
  4. If you have to end your membership earlier, certain gyms will offer a refund for the portion that was not used up the membership.
  5. Some gyms might need written notification or a specific amount of time before canceling in order to receive refunds.
  6. If you have paid for your membership in advance and you are qualified for a prorated refund when you cancel the membership earlier.
  7. It is essential to understand and read the specific policy regarding refunds for your World Gym location and membership type.

Is there a trial membership available for World Gym?

Yes, certain World Gym locations may offer an opportunity for a trial membership or an unlimited day pass.

You should inquire at the gym in your area to find out the availability of this offer and what the terms include for the free day membership.

It’s a great method to experience the gym and determine whether it’s a suitable match for you before you commit to an account.

Will I have to pay any extra money after becoming a member?

No, but you can buy their personal training, nutritional advice, and massage therapy all at a discounted rate.

Can I try a gym before choosing a gym membership plan?

Yes, of course, you can enjoy 3-day try-before-you-buy trial membership absolutely free and without any risk before buying Word Gym membership.

What payment options do I have?

They accept payments by cash or credit card.

If I renew my club membership, do I get a discount?

No, but if you renew your Membership one or two months before the end of the membership period, you will get a special gift from them.

What is world gym coomera membership cost ?

The price of the World Gym Coomera membership can differ based on the type of membership you pick as well as any special promotions or discounts offered. Here are some important tips to be aware of:

  • World Gym Coomera offers a wide range of membership options, such as month-to month and long-term contracts.
  • The cost of membership can vary depending on other factors like your age, job status, or any other conditions for eligibility.
  • It is recommended to contact World Gym Coomera directly to inquire about current membership prices and any specials or discounts.
  • It is possible to get contact information to the facility on the website , or you can contact them directly.

Why World Gym?

World Gym is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that give you a fair return on your money. This gym offers you group classes like spin, yoga, kickboxing, and boot as well as camp, personal training, and nutritional counseling.

While some locations have facilities like basketball and tennis courts, swimming pools, mixed martial arts studios, saunas, etc.

Featured Amenities 

  • World Gym Athletics
  • Group Classes
  • Free Weights
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Strength Machines
  • Hydromassage
  • Personal Training and Coaching
  • Tanning Beds
  • Childcare
  • Locker Rooms & Showers
  • Pro Shop
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Women’s Only Workout Area
  • Barbell Cafe

World Gym Prices looks sensible considering all these facilities

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How to join the world gym?

The process of joining the World Gym is very similar to the way one would join other gyms for fitness. Members are able to visit the gym or join the gym on their website. If you’re in a place where there aren’t any fitness centres or studios, utilize their branch locator to find the nearest location to exercise.

Access to guest passes and free trial membership varies upon the area of the World Gym, and it’s available in a majority of locations.

Customers need to go to the website, search for the closest World Gym near them, and check if the button for free passes is visible in the upper left part of the site. They also offer the option of referring friends, but the rules on the way members can win prizes differ based on location.

  1. Sometimes, World Gym locations will also provide membership discounts. For instance, Pensacola’s World Gym at Pensacola has the following membership options:
  2. Gorilla Garden membership allows people to exercise outside at the Gorilla Garden and enjoy access to the gym.
  3. World Gym Athletics has all of the above features, the ability to access multiple clubs, and a monthly body-progress report.
  4. The Salt Athletics membership option helps members recuperate faster by applying various techniques, including Salt Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Massage, and many more.

Free Weight, Resistance training and Free Weights Equipment

World Gym is Joe Gold’s, after all. Look for high-quality dumbbells, barbells as well as equipment for resistance specifically designed to boost strength over several sessions.

In World Gym, members can expect more weights as the gym has many bodybuilders as clients. However, that doesn’t mean they focus on weightlifting…

Programs for weight loss/Alternative Fitness Programs

In addition to the free weights available for bodybuilders to try, those who are more focused on building flexibility and core strength will appreciate World Gym for their yoga classes.

They also offer spin classes and kickboxing for those who want to become Octagon fighters (or just for self-defence reasons).

Group Classes

If you’re a newbie and are worried by the gym’s machines, however, want a social fitness program method, World Gym also provides this service.

Classes for groups allow anyone to participate in exercises with various members, allowing members to reach their fitness goals along with classmates or simply members of the gym.

Group classes also provide a variety of kinds of workouts every week, which means it’s never dull.

Personal Training and Coaching

Many people are taking fitness seriously, and the progress reports can be useful. Professional coaches assist members in achieving the correct posture when exercising. They can also determine if a person is ready to boost training intensities or whether they require modifications to their diet.

Before beginning a fitness program, trainers and coaches will assess an individual’s body composition. They then provide specific instructions to assist them in achieving your fitness targets.

All fitness trainers and trainers are professionally trained and are knowledgeable about weight loss and gains in muscle mass, weight loss strength training, and nutrition, to mention just a few.


A few centres within World Gym offer child care centres. This is a great incentive for working parents who would like to make the most of their training.

“The “daycare “centre” has professional staff to watch children while parents work out in the gym.


World Gym was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold. Joe Gold was the original Muscle Builders who popularized “Muscle Beach” in Venice, California.

Joe Gold started a genre that was later adopted by famous Hollywood stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Dave Draper, and they maintained a close relationship with World Gym.

Due to the influence of such great Hollywood stars, World Gym became a brand and became famous nationally and internationally.

Currently, the World Gym is considered one of the most famous and popular gyms in the world with over 220 franchises in 20 countries.

World Gym Location

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FAQs – World Gym Prices and Membership Cost

How much does it cost to join World Gym?

Cost of World Gym membership varies based the location, however you should expect to pay between 30-50 bucks per month.

Is there an initiation fee to join World Gym?

Yes, certain locations require an initial fee which ranges from 50 to 200.

Is there a cancellation fee for World Gym memberships?

Certain locations charge cancellation fees or require some amount of time before you can cancel, so make sure you review the contract prior to signing.

How do I cancel my World Gym membership?

You’ll need to go through your contract to find out what cancellation policies are for your particular location. Certain locations may require written notification or a specific form to fill out.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the World Gym Prices with its services you get.

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Disclaimer: World Gym Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local World Gym.

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