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Title Boxing Club Cost

The Title Boxing Club prices are truly sensible considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Title Boxing Club Membership. Let’s take a look at the Title Boxing Club Prices and discover how things charge up here.

title boxing club prices

Title Boxing Club Memberships Prices

Monthly Prices

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Monthly) $99.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Monthly) $89.00

Monthly Prices (12 Month Agreement)

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (12 Month Agreement) $99.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (12 Month Agreement) $69.00

Annually Prices

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Annually) $99.00
Yearly Fee (Per Person) (Annually) $759.00

Per Class Prices

1 Class $20.00

Title Boxing Club Prices

Title Boxing Club prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer; like all popular gyms, They have an initial fee, but For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because Title Boxing Club’s initial fee is very sensible for the administrations they offer.

For Title Boxing Club monthly membership, You have to pay $ 89.00 + Initiation Fee. If we talk about a 12 Month Agreement, you have a monthly $ 69.00 + Initiation Fee, indicating that the 12 Month Agreement of Title Boxing Club is cheaper and more affordable.

Title Boxing Club’s Annually Prices are $ 759.00 + Initiation Fee.
Apart from this, per class price at this club is $ 20.00.

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Title Boxing Club Locations

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FAQs For Title Boxing Club Prices

1. How much is title boxing membership?

Title boxing membership prices may vary by location but usually title boxing monthly membership price is $ 89.00 + $ 99.00 (Initiation Fee), if you choose a 12-month contract based title boxing membership you will have to pay 69.00 monthly + $ 99.00 (Initiation Fee).

While their annual membership price is $ 759.00 + $ 99.00 (Initiation Fee).

2. How much does title boxing cost a month?

The monthly membership cost without a contract is around $ 89.00 + $ 99.00 (Initiation Fee), and if you have a 12-month contract based on title boxing, it will cost you $ 69.00 monthly + $ 99.00 (Initiation Fee).

This article helps you to get the complete information about Title Boxing Club Prices and its feedback from their members.

For More Information Visit Their Official Website www.titleboxingclub.com

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Disclaimer: Title Boxing Club Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Title Boxing prices may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Title Boxing Club.

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