Title Boxing Club Prices & Title Boxing Club Membership 2024

Title Boxing Club Cost

The Title Boxing Club prices are truly sensible considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Title Boxing Club Membership.

Let’s take a look at the Title Boxing Club Prices and discover how things charge up here.

A membership to Title Boxing costs between $69 and $89 a month. Prices depend on location, so you should contact the facility you want to join for more information.

They have a free trial class and “Title On Demand,” which starts at $19.99/month. As extras, you can choose to get personal training or buy gloves and wraps.

title boxing club prices

Title Boxing Club Memberships Prices

You can choose to take a Title Boxing class Here and there and pay the Drop-in class fee, or you can sign up for an unlimited class plan.

Read on to learn about the different levels of membership at Title Boxing and how Much they cost.

☑️ Title Boxing Unlimited Month to Month Membership

Title Boxing Unlimited Month to Month membership cost you around $89.00.

With Title Boxing Unlimited Month to Month membership you will get

  • Unlimited classes,
  • Title On-demand subscription,
  • access to all clubs nationwide
  • month-to-month billing

☑️ Title Boxing Unlimited Yearly Membership

Title Boxing Unlimited Yearly membership cost you around $69.00.

  • Unlimited classes
  • Title On-demand subscription
  • Access to all clubs nationwide
  • 12-month commitment
  • Billed monthly

☑️ Title Boxing 1 Drop In Class

Title Boxing 1 Drop In Class cost you around $20.

  • One class of your choosing

☑️ Title Boxing Title On Demand Membership

Title Boxing Title On Demand Membership cost you around $19.99/month OR $59.99/quarterly OR $199.99/year.

With Title Boxing Title On Demand Membership you will get Unlimited access to at-home workouts, new every Monday

Does Title Boxing offer a Free Trial?

The 7-day free trial is great for Getting started with Title Boxing Club. But this Is just a commercial for At-Home Boxing Workouts.

Yes, it’s a virtual class, but the app is Unbeatable when it comes to the amount Of information it has.

Title Boxing Club is one Of the few Boxing clubs that offers virtual training, and they are still the best at what they do.

 Why You Should Join The Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club isn’t just for Boxing, even though there is a 7-day trial For virtual Boxing classes. They also offer kickboxing, which is more hands-on.

Title Boxing Club gives new members Two packages to Choose from. Membership costs $20 Per Month, and a year’s Worth Of membership costs $200.

Both come with a free 7-day trial so that New customers can decide How long they want to stick with them.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

When you start, you usually Have To pay an enrollment or start-up fee, which is usually $99.00.

Some clubs offer personal training, which costs extra each month or each time You go.

If they Offer personal training, the Price will Depend on where you go, so you should talk to the place you want to go directly.

Wraps and gloves for your class are also an extra cost.

Wraps can cost anywhere from $3.49 to $16.99 each. Gloves can cost anywhere From $24.99 to $200 and can Be as light as 12 oz or as heavy as 20 oz.

Depending on the type of membership you have, Title on Demand may cost You an extra $19.99 per month. This is part of some memberships.

Does Title Boxing Offer a Guest Pass?

Title Boxing Doesn’t look like it has a guest pass right now. If your guest has never been before, and their first class is free, that would be a great reason to Bring a friend.

Which classes are available at Title Boxing?

Some places now offer both Personal training and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes. These would Probably cost more.

Title on demand has more classes, though.

They have kickboxing, boxing, HIIT, Strength & Sculpt classes and stretches that focus on the upper or lower body or the core. You can do them at home, on vacation, or just about anywhere else.

Title Boxing has 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 75-minute kickboxing classes.

It’s a full-body workout that Includes a warm-up, three-minute bag Rounds with kicking, punching, core work, and a cool-down.

Their boxing classes are also Between 30 and 75 minutes long, but unlike their kickboxing classes, they don’t involve kicking.

Beginners can take a 60-minute technique class to learn how to punch and kick the Bag in a safe way that won’t hurt them

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Title Boxing Different Workouts

The best thing about Title Boxing Club is that you can choose from many different workout sets. Members can choose what kind of workouts they want to do each week.

Title Boxing Club changes the workouts every week, so it never gets boring. This way, new and long-time members can get the same level of comfort and intensity in the workouts.

New members can also plan their workouts, which can be high-intensity or even weight training with or without equipment.

Title Boxing Club

Since a boxing club wouldn’t be a boxing club if it didn’t focus on techniques, Title Boxing Club made sure to include video lessons on boxing techniques on both its website and app.

Nineteen videos show the Different techniques that professional boxers use. These tutorials are very helpful for people who are just starting out with boxing and fitness.

They also focus on shadow boxing, which is basically pretending to spar With an opponent. This lets people train as if they were in a boxing ring.

This type of training is good for people who are just starting out, especially if they don’t have the strength to spar with a real Or practice opponent.

Other programs at the Title Boxing club include high-intensity workouts that include shadow boxing, core training, And recovery stretch, a cool-down training program that helps muscles heal faster.

Free In-App Title Classes

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, most states forced fitness studios to close, so Title Boxing Club made the workouts on its app free for all registered members right away.

It’s Good news For people who go to the club because it means they can still work toward their fitness goals even when they’re not there.

The offer was good for 30 days, but some studios give it to their members from time To time.

Members can contact their local Title Boxing Club to find Out if there are any changes to this offer.

Title Boxing Club Locations 

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The Bottom Line

As you can observe, Title Boxing Club prices tend to be in the upper-medium price range.

However, with Boxing being a high-cost sport, as it Requires particular attention, we shouldn’t blame them for their pricing.

If you’re a serious boxing enthusiastor like to become a master of the art, then we suggest that you spend around 100 dollars for Title Boxing Club is definitely worth it.

Title Boxing Club – FAQ


The Initiation Fee starts at $99 per person.


Title Boxing Club fees vary depending on the area of the club and the membership plan you pick. A no-contract membership at the Title Boxing Club location costs about $89 per month, with a $99 the enrolment cost.


Monthly (no contract) – $89.00
Monthly (with 12 months agreement contract) — $69.00


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