Bannatyne Gym Prices and Membership Cost

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Bannatyne Gym Prices

There are numerous fitness centers and exercise centers to help individuals. One such spot is the Bannatyne Gym, situated in the United Kingdom. Hold until you catch wind of the Bannatyne Gym Prices, and you may go crazy.

Bannatyne fitness center is particularly dedicated to its customers, and it takes a lot of consideration in helping them keep up their heath.

At Bannatyne’s, the clients are offered the best guidance from the experienced workforce. Furthermore, they lead preparing projects to guarantee meeting the day-by-day objectives of every one of its individuals. And for this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because Bannatyne gym Prices are very affordable.

Bannatyne Gym Prices

Service Cost

Bannatyne Gym Full Prices (Anytime With Open Hours)  

Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 49.45
Full Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 539.99

Bannatyne Gym Off Peak Prices (Weekdays: 6:30-16:00)

Off Peak Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 44.00
Off Peak Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 475.99

Bannatyne Gym Day Pass Price

Day Pass Full From £ 15.99

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They assign fitness coaches and assess their individuals to check whether they are in good shape.

They have some exceptionally modern administrations and offices at their club, which may not be accessible in a different gym.

They give enrollment choices, and these individuals are assigned unquestionably more advantages and administrations.

The costs at Bannatyne gym center are the absolute best and most practical in the market, making them not the same as the entirety of their rivals, with their least being around 25 pounds. Bannatyne gym Prices are likewise truly sensible for the administrations they offer.

Bannatyne Gym Membership Types

They offer full memberships, premier off-peak memberships, off-peak memberships, and day passes. To find out more about the membership they offer.

One of the main benefits of becoming a Bannatyne’s Health Club member is 24-hour access to gym facilities. If you become a member of the premier off-peak membership packages, you get access to our gym facilities at different times throughout the day.

For example, you can go in before work for your morning run or work out and return after your 9-5 shift has finished. Some available times for this package include 6 am to 12 pm, 6 pm to 12 am, and 6 am to 4 pm.

Bannatyne Gym Membership Benefits

If you’re looking for ways to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle, a Bannatyne Gym membership is great. While loads of gyms offer memberships, the fitness club created by Nicola and Gordon Bannatyne has been going strong since opening its doors in 2008.

Here’s everything you need to know about what makes this gym special:

1. Motivation from world-class trainers

All Bannatyne Gyms have personal trainer support staff who will help motivate you through your workout to ensure it’s safe and effective.

2. Inspiring surroundings

Bannatyne Gyms are designed with you in mind, so they have state-of-the-art equipment and well-equipped studios to ensure you’re comfortable while you work out. There are also inspiring quotes throughout the clubs that will help motivate you.

3. Free fitness plans for all members

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to fitting exercise into your lifestyle or what type of workout will help you achieve your goals, Bannatyne Gym has free fitness plans created by leading health experts to get you started on the right foot.

With everything from fat-burning workouts to post-pregnancy exercises, there’s something here for everyone at every fitness level.

4. Free weekly health workshops

Each Bannatyne Gym location hosts free weekly health workshops discussing nutrition, weight loss, and stress management.

Members can take part in these demonstrations to gain knowledge about how they can live healthier lives.

5. Biometric screenings

While you’re working out at the gym, each member will undergo a biometric screening so trainers can assess your current state of fitness and tailor your workout to suit your needs. This means you’ll be able to achieve results faster than you ever thought possible!

6. A caring community

Bannatyne Gyms really care about their members’ wellbeing, which is why every club has its own physiotherapist available for consultation or referral as well as CPR-trained professionals on staff. [Copied word for word from Main Bannatyne Website]

7. Relaxing spa services on site

Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t relax at the gym! Bannatyne Gyms have soothing spas and pampering professionals to ensure that your fitness regime never feels like a chore. With everything from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures, there’s no reason not to feel pampered while strengthening your body.

8. Accessibility

Because we know balance is essential when it comes to our health and wellbeing, each of Nicola & Gordon Bannatyne’s gyms offers free childcare for members while they’re working out. This way, you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids at home or spending a fortune on child care while getting in shape.

9. Inclusive gym approach

Bannatyne Gyms are inclusive of all people, no matter their fitness level, which is why it’s been awarded the Everybody Active Quality Mark from Sport England. With over 25 locations across the UK and a new one opening up every six weeks, there’s never been a better time to become a member!

10. Variety of memberships & prices

Because Bannatyne Gym wants everyone to be able to get fit and healthy at an affordable price point, there are over 20 different types of memberships that will suit everyone’s lifestyle. In addition, there are great deals on offer all year round, so you can continue saving money as your fitness levels rise!

As you can see from the above list, a Bannatyne Gym membership is a winning choice for anyone who wants to lose weight and feel healthier.

If being healthy were as simple as joining any old gym, everyone would be able to do it – but fortunately for those who want more than just another way to pass the time at the gym, Nicola & Gordon Bannatyne’s luxurious facilities make exercise fun and accessible.

By combining an accessible approach with world-class trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and inspiring surroundings, they have created a gym that works around the clock to help members achieve their fitness goals.

Is Bannatynes provide an NHS discount?

Bannatynes gives a fifty-discounted rate of First SPA treatments to NHS employees. They also have access to our outdoor and indoor pool sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, and unlimited yoga classes and gym use.

Bannatyne Child Membership

There isn’t a child membership program as of today. However, a maximum of two children are permitted with an adult membership. There is maximum number of children is 4 when a family member joins.

How to Cancel Bannatyne’s Membership?

You can end any membership with Bannatyne’s Gym. You must provide 30 days’ notice to the gym(effective at the beginning of the month following).

If you’re injured, laid off from work, or have been fired or lost your job, you can end your membership at Bannatyne’s gym. Be sure to give 30 days ‘ notice before the date of cancellation to the gym’s owner.

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Bannatyne Gym Hours

Week Timing
Monday 06 AM–10 PM
Tuesday 06 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 06 AM–10 PM
Thursday 06 AM–10 PM
Friday 06 AM–10 PM
Saturday 06 AM–07 PM
Sunday 06 AM–07 PM

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Bannatyne Gym Locations

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