Bannatyne Gym Prices and Membership Cost

We’re pleased to present our guide to the Bannatyne Gym Prices and Membership Cost! If you’re thinking about signing up for Bannatyne Gym or simply curious about their costs, you’ve come to the right spot.

In this article, we’ll provide all the information you require to learn about the Bannatyne Gym fees for membership, including annual fees, joining costs, as well as any other fees that you might be faced with.

We’ll also provide the top frequently asked questions concerning Bannatyne Gym Membership, so you can make an informed choice regarding whether it’s the ideal fitness centre for your needs.

Bannatyne Gym Prices

Let’s begin and discover what’s available at Bannatyne Gym Prices and Membership Cost.

Bannatyne Gym Prices and Membership Cost

Service Cost

Bannatyne Gym Full Prices (Anytime With Open Hours)  

Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 49.45
Full Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 539.99

Bannatyne Gym Off Peak Prices (Weekdays: 6:30-16:00)

Off Peak Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 44.00
Off Peak Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 475.99

Bannatyne Gym Day Pass Price

Day Pass Full From £ 15.99

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They assign fitness coaches and assess their individuals to check whether they are in good shape.

They give enrollment choices, and these individuals are assigned unquestionably more advantages and administrations.

How much does Bannatyne Gym membership cost?

The cost of a Bannatyne Gym membership varies depending on the location and kind of membership you select.

Monthly membership fees generally range from PS40 to PS70 and an additional joining cost is between PS30 and PS50.

The price of membership is contingent on whether you choose either an off-peak or peak member in addition to discounts that are offered for long-term memberships as in corporate memberships.

It is important to inquire with any neighborhood Bannatyne Gym for specific pricing details.

Is there Monthly Membership Fees to become a member of Bannatyne Gym?

It is true that Bannatyne Gym charges a monthly fee for membership to their facilities. These fees typically range between PS40 and PS70, based on the area and the type of membership you select.

Alongside the monthly fees, it also charges the joining fee, which is around PS30-PS50 for those who are new members.

Long-term memberships like bi-annual or yearly Memberships are also eligible for discounts. Bannatyne Gym also offers a pay-as you-go option for members who wish to join the facility on a frequent basis.

Is there a joining fee to become a member of Bannatyne Gym?

Yes, there’s an initial fee for joining an active participant in Bannatyne Gym. The price can range between PS30 to PS50 based on the location and the type of membership you select.

The cost is a one-time fee that is due When you register to join your membership.

The purpose behind the fee is to cover the cost of creating the account to pay for membership like making your card, as well as the creation of your payment details.

Certain promotions could give discounts on the cost of joining, so you should check for available offers prior to signing up.

Is there Annual Membership Fees to become a member of Bannatyne Gym?

Absolutely, Bannatyne Gym offers annual memberships that typically come with a reduced monthly cost in comparison to memberships with shorter terms.

The price for an annual membership is different according to the location and type of membership selected. Alongside the monthly fees generally, there is a one-time fee for joining new members.

Members who opt for an annual membership could have to agree on a written contract binding them to the entire year of membership.

It is crucial to take into consideration the advantages and costs before selecting a long-term membership.

How to Join Bannatyne Gym

To become a member of Bannatyne Gym, you can go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the Bannatyne Gym Website or visit the gym in person.
  2. Select the type of membership which best suits your requirements, like peak off-peak, student, or peak.
  3. Complete the membership application and include any personal information.
  4. Payment of the joining cost and one month’s membership fees.
  5. You will receive your membership card and begin using the fitness facilities.

Some locations may require a guided tour or orientation session prior to joining. Make sure you be aware of the Conditions and conditions of the agreement before signing up.

Can I cancel my Bannatyne Gym membership?

Yes, you are able to end any time you want to cancel your Bannatyne Gym membership, but the procedure and charges will vary based on your subscription type as well as contract conditions.

In most cases, you’ll need to Send an email that explains you’re Cancelling your subscription and pay the cancellation fee.

It’s crucial to review the contract’s terms and conditions, as well as call your gym directly to learn about the cancellation procedure for your particular membership.

What types of memberships does Bannatyne Gym offer?

Bannatyne Gym Prices

  • The Peak membership grants access to fitness facilities in peak times, which are usually during the week between 6 am and 10 am, then 4 pm to 10 pm on weekends, between 8 am and 8 pm.
  • Off Peak Membership gives access to gym facilities in off-peak hours that are usually during the week between 10 am and 4 pm and on Weekends between 8 am and 8 pm.
  • Membership for students: Bannatyne Gym offers a reduced membership to students who have an active student ID.
  • Corporate Membership: Bannatyne Gym offers corporate memberships for businesses and organizations.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Non-members have the option spend money on gym classes on a per-person basis, as well as for classes on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Is there a discount for signing up for a longer-term membership?

Absolutely, Bannatyne Gym offers discounts when members opt for a long-term membership, for example, the biannual or annual membership.

The amount of the discount could differ based upon the area and the type of membership, however, it is a significant savings when compared to a monthly payment.

If you’re thinking of purchasing of a long-term membership be sure ask about any discounts that are available and then weigh the total price versus monthly charges for membership to determine which best suits your needs.

Does Bannatyne Gym offer family memberships?

Bannatyne Gym does not offer special family memberships but there are discounts to additional family members that sign up to the gym.

The discount is contingent upon the location and type of membership. For instance, certain locations might provide a 20% discount on membership fees for every family member added to the.

It is Crucial to keep in mind that each member of the family must be a club member and that only immediate family members Who live at the same location are eligible for this discount.

Does Bannatyne Gym offer corporate memberships?

Absolutely, Bannatyne Gym offers corporate memberships for businesses and other organizations.

They typically offer discounted rates for employees as well as access to every Bannatyne Gym facilities and other benefits such as free health screenings and corporate health and wellness programs.

Corporate memberships are able to be tailored to the particular requirements and budgets of each business.

They could be a successful way to boost the well-being and health of employees, in addition to improving productivity and morale at the workplace.

Visit the nearest Bannatyne Gym for more information on membership options for corporate clients.

What payment methods are accepted for Bannatyne Gym membership fees?

Bannatyne Gym accepts several payment options for membership fees, such as Direct debit, credit card, or debit card.

Direct debit has become the most popular method of payment since it permits automated monthly payments.

Credit card can be used to make periodic and one-time payment. Members can choose their preferred Payment method when they sign-up to join a club.

They can modify their payment information at any time via the Bannatyne Gym website or by contacting the local gym.

What is the minimum age to join Bannatyne Gym?

The minimum age for joining Bannatyne Gym is typically 16 years old. However, some gyms may require that members be at least 18 years old.

The age requirements are set in order to protect the health and safety of everyone who joins the gym.

But, Bannatyne Gym also offers junior memberships to those who are younger than 16 years old that allow members to use the fitness as well as pools during specific times, and with supervision from parents.

Does Bannatyne Gym offer a free trial?

Bannatyne Gym does not offer an initial trial for free. However, they provide a money-back guarantee for seven days for new members who aren’t pleased with their experiences.

If, for example, you aren’t satisfied with your membership within one week of signing up, you can terminate your membership at any point and get a refund of your membership fee.

But, there could be a joining cost and other fees that are not refundable. Always check with the nearby Bannatyne Gym location for specific information.

Bannatyne Gym Membership Benefits

If you’re looking for ways to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle, a Bannatyne Gym membership is great.

Here’s everything you need to know about what makes this gym special:

1. Motivation from world-class trainers

All Bannatyne Gyms have personal trainer support staff who will help motivate you through your workout to ensure it’s safe and effective.

2. Inspiring surroundings

Bannatyne Gyms are designed with you in mind, so they have state-of-the-art equipment and well-equipped studios to ensure you’re comfortable while you work out.

3. Free fitness plans for all members

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to fitting exercise into your lifestyle or what type of workout will help you achieve your goals, Bannatyne Gym has free fitness plans created by leading health experts to get you started on the right foot.

With everything from fat-burning workouts to post-pregnancy exercises, there’s something here for everyone at every fitness level.

4. Free weekly health workshops

Each Bannatyne Gym location hosts free weekly health workshops discussing nutrition, weight loss, and stress management.

Members can take part in these demonstrations to gain knowledge about how they can live healthier lives.

5. Biometric screenings

While you’re working out at the gym, each member will undergo a biometric screening so trainers can assess your current state of fitness and tailor your workout to suit your needs.

This means you’ll be able to achieve results faster than you ever thought possible!

6. A caring community

Bannatyne Gyms really care about their members’ wellbeing, which is why every club has its own physiotherapist available for consultation or referral as well as CPR-trained professionals on staff.

7. Accessibility

Because we know balance is essential when it comes to our health and wellbeing, each of Nicola & Gordon Bannatyne’s gyms offers free childcare for members while they’re working out.

Are personal training sessions included in a Bannatyne Gym membership?

The personal training sessions aren’t usually included in the price of a Bannatyne Gym membership. However, members are able to buy individual training sessions for an additional fee.

Training sessions with a personal trainer can be an excellent method of receiving individualized assistance and support from a qualified trainer to help you achieve those fitness objectives.

The Cost of personal training sessions will vary based on the instructor’s knowledge and qualifications and the duration and frequency of training sessions.

Is Bannatynes provide an NHS discount?

Bannatynes gives a fifty-discounted rate of First SPA treatments to NHS employees. They also have access to our outdoor and indoor pool sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, and unlimited yoga classes and gym use.

Bannatyne Child Membership

There isn’t a child membership program as of today. However, a maximum of two children are permitted with an adult membership. There is maximum number of children is 4 when a family member joins.

How to Cancel Bannatyne’s Membership?

You can end any membership with Bannatyne’s Gym. You must provide 30 days’ notice to the gym(effective at the beginning of the month following).

If you’re injured, laid off from work, or have been fired or lost your job, you can end your membership at Bannatyne’s gym. Be sure to give 30 days ‘ notice before the date of cancellation to the gym’s owner.

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Bannatyne Gym Hours

Week Timing
Monday 06 AM–10 PM
Tuesday 06 AM–10 PM
Wednesday 06 AM–10 PM
Thursday 06 AM–10 PM
Friday 06 AM–10 PM
Saturday 06 AM–07 PM
Sunday 06 AM–07 PM

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Bannatyne Gym Locations

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How much does it cost to join Bannatyne Gym?

The cost of joining Bannatyne Gym varies depending on the membership plan you select. The cost of monthly membership for peak access begins at PS42 monthly.

Can I get a free trial before joining Bannatyne Gym?

Bannatyne Gym offers a free one-day trial to potential members to check for facilities and amenities prior to making a decision to join.

How long is the minimum contract period for Bannatyne Gym memberships?

The minimum duration of the contract for Bannatyne Gym varies depending on the type of membership. Monthly rolling contracts only require one month’s notice, and fixed-term contracts vary from 6 to 12 months.

What are the cancellation policies for Bannatyne Gym memberships?

The cancellation policy is applicable to Bannatyne Gym memberships and also varies in accordance with the type of membership. Monthly rolling contracts need a one-month notice, and fixed-term contracts can’t be canceled without cost. Always review the conditions and terms of the membership plan you are currently on.

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