Bannatyne Gym Prices 2020

These days it has turned out to be essential to keep up physical wellness and wellbeing. Everyone needs to build up their physical appearance, be it a man or lady. Keeping up decent physical fitness has its very a lot of advantages and it encourages one to improve their wellbeing also.

Bannatyne Gym Prices

There are numerous fitness centers and exercise centers to help individuals with this. One such spot is the Bannatyne Gym, situated in the United Kingdom. Hold up till you catch wind of the Bannatyne Gym Prices and you may go crazy.

Bannatyne fitness center is particularly dedicated to its customers and it takes a lot of consideration in helping them keep up their heath. At Bannatyne’s the clients are offered with the best guidance from the experienced workforce and furthermore they lead preparing projects to guarantee meeting the day by day objectives of every one of its individuals.

Bannatyne Gym Prices

They assign fitness coaches and furthermore assess their individuals to check whether they are in good shape. They have some exceptionally modern administrations and offices at their club which may not be accessible in a different gym.

They give enrollment choices and these individuals are given unquestionably more advantages and administrations. The costs at Bannatyne gym center are the absolute best and most practical in the market, making them not the same as the entirety of their rivals with their least being around 25 pounds.

bannatyne gym prices

Bannatyne Gym Prices with its Service

Service Cost


Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 49.45
Full Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 539.99

OFF PEAK (WEEKDAYS: 6:30-16:00)

Off Peak Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 44.00
Off Peak Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 475.99


Day Pass Full From £ 15.99

Bannatyne Gym Timing

Week Timing
Monday 06AM–10PM
Tuesday 06AM–10PM
Wednesday 06AM–10PM
Thursday 06AM–10PM
Friday 06AM–10PM
Saturday 06AM–07PM
Sunday 06AM–07PM

Bannatyne Gym Nearby Me Location

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the Bannatyne Gym Prices with its services you get. Check out the given all details which helps you to know about the Bannatyne Gym.

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