Flex Fitness Prices and Membership Cost 2024 ❤️ Official

Flex Fitness Prices and Membership Cost 2024

Do you want to join a gym centre that is affordable and offers exceptional value? Consider Flex Fitness Prices.

Flex Fitness Offers a selection of membership Options to meet your requirements and preferences at a reasonable cost.

If you’re a single person or family member, student or senior citizen, we offer flexible pricing plans that can accommodate every person.

flex fitness prices

With top-of-the-line facilities, a customized program for training, as well as a friendly atmosphere, Flex Fitness Prices is the ideal place to achieve those fitness objectives.

Find affordable fitness solutions that don’t mean losing the quality. Get on board with Flex Fitness Prices today!

Flex Fitness Prices and Membership Cost



PT45 5 + 1 FREE (6 PT Sessions) NZ$225.00
10 X PT30 15% DISCOUNT (10 PT Sessions) NZ$425.00
10 X PT45 15% DISCOUNT (10 PT Session) NZ$552.50
10 X PT60 15% DISCOUNT (10 PT Sessions) NZ$680.00
5 X PT30 10% DISCOUNT (5 PT sessions) NZ$225.00
5 X PT45 10% DISCOUNT (5 PT Session) NZ$292.50
5 X PT60 10% DISCOUNT (5 PT Sessions) NZ$360.00
PT30 5 + 1 FREE (6 PT Sessions) NZ$175.00
PT30 CAROLINE (1 PT Sessions) NZ$35.00
PT30 JARED (1 PT Session) NZ$50.00
PT45 CAROLINE (1 PT Session) NZ$45.00
PT30 JARED (1 PT Session) NZ$50.00
PT45 CAROLINE (1 PT Session) NZ$45.00
PT45 JARED (1 PT Session) NZ$65.00
PT60 5 + 1 FREE (6 PT Sessions) NZ$300.00
PT60 CAROLINE (1 PT Session) NZ$60.00
PT60 JARED (1 PT Session) NZ$80.00
PROGRAM DESIGN CAROLINE (1 Program design) NZ$150.00
PROGRAM DESIGN JARED (1 Program) NZ$150.00
SAUNA PASS (1 Sauna Pass) NZ$10.00
TRAIN WITH A FRIEND $25 EACH (1 PT Session) NZ$50.00
TRAIN WITH A FRIEND $35 EACH (1 PT Session) NZ$70.00
TRAIN WITH A FRIEND $45 EACH (1 PT Session) NZ$90.00


SAUNA SUBSCRIPTION (Unlimited pass) – 1 Week NZ$12.00

What are the membership prices at Flex Fitness?

The prices for memberships on offer at Flex Fitness vary depending on the type of membership as well as the location.

The basic membership starts at $XX a month and provides access to the standard facilities. Premium memberships, with extra benefits and customized training, start at $XX up to $XX per month.

Family memberships start at $XX/month for the main member, with discounts for any additional members of your family.

Senior citizen and student memberships are available at discounted costs. It is important to inquire with the local Flex Fitness branch for specific prices as they could differ.

Are there any enrollment fees or hidden charges?

Yes, it’s a typical issue when it comes to deciding on an exercise membership. Flex Fitness is a gym that Flex Fitness, we strive to be open and transparent regarding our prices.

There are no fees for enrollment or other hidden costs. Our aim is to offer our customers an easy and stress-free experience. Our membership rates include all of the essential features and services we provide.

You can be at ease knowing that there will not be any surprises or extra charges beyond the membership fees stated.

We are committed to keeping a positive relationship with our clients and want to ensure that you are in complete knowledge of the fees of the cost of your Flex Fitness membership.

What payment options are available for membership fees?

Flex Fitness offers multiple payment options for membership fees in order to provide convenience to its members. Here are the payment options:

  1. Debit or Credit Card Flex Fitness accepts major debit and credit cards that include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can safely give your card information for automated monthly payments.
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Members can establish the Electronic Funds Transfer, also called direct debit or automated bank transfer, in order to have the membership fee debited directly from their account. This is a simple and automated payment procedure.
  3. Internet Payment Services: Flex Fitness may have relationships with online payment services which allow customers to pay their bills easily using platforms such as PayPal and Stripe. These platforms provide safe transactions and the option to accept different payment options associated with your account.
  4. Cash or Check: Certain Flex Fitness locations may accept checks or cash for membership charges. It is suggested to contact the specific branch about their payment methods accepted.

It is important to remember that the payment options can vary based on your Flex Fitness branch and membership type.

Be aware that this information could change, so it’s recommended to verify the available payment methods directly through Flex Fitness to ensure accuracy.

Can I cancel my membership at any time, and are there any cancellation fees?

Yes, you are able to terminate the Flex Fitness membership at any moment. Flex Fitness allows for flexibility and accepts that situations may alter.

There are no cancellation charges for cancelling your membership. In the event that you want to terminate your membership for personal reasons or any other reason it is possible to make the decision without incurring any extra costs.

Flex Fitness aims to provide its members with a pleasant experience as a members, and make sure that you have the ability to arrange your membership to your personal preferences.

Do the membership prices vary based on the length of the contract?

Yes, the cost of membership for Flex Fitness can vary based on the duration of the contract. Flex Fitness offers different pricing options for individuals with different commitment levels.

In general, contracts with longer terms typically offer lower monthly fees as compared to contracts with shorter terms.

When you sign an extended-term contract like two-year or one-year contracts, you’ll be able to pay less per month in membership opposed to choosing a contract that requires an annual installment.

It’s essential to contact Flex Fitness directly to get the exact details and pricing options available for the various lengths of the contract.

What is included in the basic membership package?

The basic membership plan at Flex Fitness provides a wide range of features and benefits to help you get fit. What is usually included in the base membership:

  1. Full access to gym facilities: When you sign up for an entry-level membership, you will have unlimited use of the facilities during regular hours. It also includes access to cardio machines, weight-training equipment, as well as other common fitness facilities.
  2. Shower and locker facilities If you are a basic member, you can enjoy the luxury of accessing the showers and locker room facilities offered through Flex Fitness. This lets you securely organize your personal belongings and get fresh during or after workouts.
  3. Classes for group fitness: A basic membership usually includes access to a variety of fitness classes for groups. The classes range from high-intensity interfere training (HIIT) or aerobics to yoga and spin.
  4. Assessments and consultations for fitness In order to begin the fitness path, beginning members can have the chance to undergo a fitness assessment and consultation. In this meeting, the fitness expert will talk about your goals, analyze your current level of fitness, and offer advice on creating an individual workout program.
  5. Basic facilities and benefits: In addition to the standard amenities, basic members also have access to other amenities like towels and the ability to access water fountains and Wi-Fi access on the gym’s premises. These nitty-gritty perks help to provide a comfortable and efficient workout.

It is important to remember that the inclusions offered may differ in accordance with the particular Flex Fitness location and any special offers or updates announced at the time of registration by the fitness centre.

Are there additional fees for personal training sessions or classes?

There are additional charges that could be charged for private training sessions as well as special exercise classes in Flex Fitness.

Although the basic membership provides you access to all the facilities of Flex Fitness, private training sessions led by trained trainers with certification may be additional costs.

In addition, certain classes in fitness, such as yoga class, Pilates, or spinning, could have additional fees related to the classes.

The additional costs allow members to avail of specific training programs that are tailored to their needs and classes that are specifically tailored to their fitness goals and preferences.

It is recommended to inquire about specific prices for classes and personal training in the event you are considering these services from Flex Fitness.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership plan later on?

Certainly! Absolutely! At Flex Fitness, we offer the ability to upgrade or decrease your membership plan in line with your changing requirements of yours.

We are aware of how your expectations for fitness and your habits could change over time and we want to ensure that you can change your membership plan in line with the modifications.

If you discover that you require more advantages or benefits that don’t offered with your current membership, you can upgrade to a higher level membership plans.

You will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits like personalized training plans and priority scheduling of group classes, and other equipment designed specifically for your needs.

Are there any additional fees for using specific facilities or equipment?

There aren’t extra charges to use particular equipment or facilities in Flex Fitness. When you join and have access to the facilities and equipment provided by the gym.

If you wish to utilize the cardio machines or weight-training equipment or other equipment there aren’t any extra fees to be charged.

Flex Fitness believes in providing the best fitness experience possible with no hidden costs and ensuring that members benefit from their membership while achieving their fitness goals without cost.

Is there a joining fee or an initiation fee?

Yes, you will be charged a joining cost or initiation cost at Flex Fitness. The fee is a once-off payment, which is usually required when you sign into an account.

The joining fee is used to cover the administrative expenses associated with the registration process and give you access to gym equipment and amenities.

It is essential that you inquire as to the precise price of this joining fee as well as what percentage it is included into the total membership cost.

Are there any penalties for late payments or declined payments?

Flex Fitness understands that unforeseen situations can alter payment timetables. If there is a payment is late or a declined payment, Flex Fitness may apply charges or penalties to pay for the administrative expenses.

It is essential to report any issues With payment promptly to the gym’s management team to discuss solutions and prevent any further problems.

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FAQs – Flex Fitness Prices

What are the membership prices at Flex Fitness?

The membership costs at Flex Fitness differ according to the plan chosen and the length of membership.

Are there any discounts available for students or senior citizens?

Absolutely, Flex Fitness offers discounted rates for members who are students or seniors.

Are group fitness classes included in the membership fees?

Yes the group fitness classes are usually included in membership fees with Flex Fitness.

Is there a refund policy if I decide to cancel my membership?

The refund policies can differ, and pro-rata refunds are offered for unused portions that are included in annual memberships. Contact customer service for more details.


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