Genesis Gym Prices & Membership Cost

Are you in search of the best gym in town with many facilities, custom training and group-based fitness classes for groups? Check out Genesis Gym Prices!

We’ll go over Genesis Gym’s membership costs and membership options to help you decide which gym is the most suitable for you.

If you’re a dedicated fitness enthusiast or just starting on your journey towards fitness Genesis Gym offers a variety of membership options that satisfy your requirements and stay in your price range.

Genesis Gym Prices

Let’s explore Genesis Gym’s world. Genesis Gym Prices & Membership Cost to discover what this gym can provide to you in your fitness goals.

Genesis Gym Prices & Membership Cost

Here are the average Genesis Gym membership cost and the prices can be expected at the majority of places.

Genesis Gym  Prices & Membership Cost

Genesis Gym Month To Month No Commitment Membership
Enrolment Fee $200
Monthly Fee $66
Membership Cancellation Fee $0 (cancel anytime)
Genesis Gym Six Month Contract Membership
Enrolment Fee $200
Monthly Fee $56
Membership Cancellation Fee $0

What does it cost to join Genesis Gym?

To join Genesis Gym, you’ll typically have to pay a one-time initiation fee of $200. This fee allows you to become a member and access all the facilities and services provided by the gym.

After Paying the initial cost, you’ll need to be able to cover the cost of a monthly fee to keep Your membership.

The monthly fees vary based on the type of membership you choose, such as a month-to-month or six-month commitment membership. Genesis Gym pricing is generally considered reasonable and affordable compared to other high-end gyms, and they often offer discounts and deals to attract new members.

It’s worth checking their website or contacting your local Genesis Gym to get an idea of their current membership costs and promotions.

How to Cancel Genesis Health Club Membership

The cancellation policy for Genesis Health Club requires members to submit a written application to the club manager at least 30 days in advance or to submit a cancellation request online.

Once the application is received, members can still use the gym’s equipment and services for up to 30 days after the application date.

There are two cases in which the Genesis Health Club’s agreement may be terminated:

  1. When a member fails to pay the costs associated with establishing and operating the membership.
  2. If a member has outstanding membership fees, they may be required to pay the arrears before their membership is canceled.

In either case, the member must pay whichever amount is less. It’s important to note that cancelling a membership may incur fees or charges depending on the member’s contract terms. Therefore, it’s best to carefully review the duration of your membership agreement before cancelling.

What is the cost to cancel your Genesis Gym membership?

Genesis Gym memberships are usually free to cancel.

What is the Genesis gym cost per week?

If you choose to join Genesis Gym, you can pay for your membership on a monthly basis, which costs $66 per month.

This means you’ll spend about $15-$16 per week to have access to all the gym’s facilities and services.

How long are the Genesis Gym memberships?

Genesis Gym offers memberships that span from a month to a year. Memberships are sold in a month-to-month arrangement or for a predetermined time.

The longer the time period and the longer the membership, the higher the discounts on the monthly cost.

Genesis Gym also offers family memberships as well as corporate memberships, which are designed to satisfy the needs of families as well as companies.

Genesis Gym remains committed to making fitness affordable and accessible for everyone. We offer many membership options that are affordable and flexible.

What is Genesis Gym’s initiation fee?

When you first join Genesis Gym, you will have to pay a one-time fee called the initiation fee. This fee costs $200, and it is a standard fee for all new members.

However, Genesis Gym sometimes offers discounts or promotions, so it’s worth checking their website or social media pages to see if you can join for a lower price or even for free.

Is there an annual charge for Genesis Gym?

Genesis Gym typically does not charge an annual fee. This means you only need to pay for your monthly or six-month membership.

However, if you prefer to pay annually, you can contact Genesis Gym to ask about this option.

Is Genesis Gym a month-to-month operation?

If you want a month-to-month membership without any long-term commitment, Genesis Gym has options available for you.

They don’t require you to commit to a long-term contract. Instead, you pay a monthly fee of $66 and a one-time initiation fee of $200. This gives you the flexibility to cancel your membership anytime you want.

What is Genesis worth per month?

Genesis Gym’s monthly membership fee is $66 if you choose to go with the month-to-month plan.

For those who opt for a 6-month contract, the monthly fee is $56. Please keep in mind that the prices may vary slightly based on your location.

Is it possible to go to any Genesis Gym without a membership?

No, you cannot go to any Genesis Gym without a membership. To use a Genesis Gym facility, you need to have a membership.

However, once you have a membership, you can use it to access any of the 60 Genesis Gym Clubs located in Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.

Does Genesis Gym offer a trial membership?

Yes, Genesis Gym offers a trial membership for new members.

The trial membership allows members to try out the gym’s facilities and classes before committing to a full membership.

What is included in a Genesis Gym membership?

Below are some benefits that could be included in the Genesis Gym membership package.

Genesis Gym membership:

  1. Personal Training Sessions
    One of the main advantages of one of the main benefits of Genesis Gym membership is access to customized training sessions led by skilled trainers. Sessions are adapted to each person’s goals for fitness, preferences, and fitness level.
  2. State-of-the-art Equipment
    Genesis Gym is equipped with the latest fitness equipment specifically designed to assist members in getting maximum benefit from their training sessions. The gym has a Vast selection of cardio machines as well as strength-training equipment, including free weights as well as practical training tools.
  3. Group Fitness Classes
    Genesis Gym offers a variety of fitness classes that are a group that includes yoga classes, Pilates as well as spinning high-intensity training. The classes are taught by highly experienced instructors. They are designed to assist members in reaching the fitness objectives they desire while enjoying enjoyment.
  4. Nutritional Coaching
    Alongside individualized classes, Genesis Gym also offers nutritional guidance to help clients make better choices about their food and attain the best health possible. Nutritional coaches assist clients in developing meal plans and provide advice on healthy eating and nutrition habits.
  5. 24/7 Access
    Certain Genesis Gym locations offer 24/7 access, which allows members to exercise anytime that fits their schedule.
  6. Other Amenities
    The location of the facility will determine whether Genesis Gym may also offer additional amenities like showers, locker rooms, steam rooms, saunas, and many more.

The overall Genesis Gym membership offers a an entire fitness experience with access to high-end facilities, personalized training, and a broad variety of fitness classes available for groups. If you’re a fitness fanatic or are just beginning to get started, Genesis Gym has something for all.

What are the payment options for Genesis Gym memberships?

Genesis Gym accepts payment through credit card, debit card, and bank transfer. Members can choose the payment option that is most convenient for them.

Genesis Gym Personal Training Cost

At Genesis Gym, you can get expert advice as part of regular gym classes, even if you’re not a member. If you want more personalized help, you can hire a personal trainer at the gym. The cost of personal training at Genesis Gym varies depending on where you live.

If you just want to drop in for one session with a trainer, it usually costs $20. If you want to buy a package of 10 sessions, it costs around $160.

Compared to other gyms, Genesis Gym’s personal training fees are typically lower.

What age do you need to be to join Genesis gym?

Anyone who is 12 years old or older can join Genesis Gym. However, children under 16 years old must have a guardian accompany them while they exercise.

Is it possible to use my Genesis membership in other countries?

Yes, you can! Your membership allows you to attend Genesis Gym classes in any of their clubs, even when you travel.

But before you visit a club outside of your home club, be sure to contact them first.

Can I suspend or freeze my Genesis Gym membership?

Members have the option to suspend, stop, or freeze their Genesis Gym membership for a duration of time, depending on the plan they select.

It is important to review the terms of the membership package carefully to understand the specific policies and procedures for suspending or freezing a membership.

This could be beneficial when members are on a trip or are unable to access their gym during a specific time.

It is crucial to go over the conditions of the membership plan carefully to know the specific guidelines and policies for freezing or suspending the membership.

The number of times a membership can be suspended or the notice period required may be specific to certain membership packages.

Is there a referral program for Genesis Gym memberships?

Yes, some Genesis Gym locations offer a referral program where members receive discount or perhaps free membership months when they introduce new members.

For more information about the referral program that is available for Genesis Gym memberships, it is advised to call the gym of your choice directly. The criteria for eligibility and the specifics of the program may vary depending on the location where you reside.

Referral programs are the ideal method to reduce cost of membership as well as introduce friends or family members to the benefits of working out at Genesis Gym.

Does Genesis Gym offer any discounts on memberships?

Genesis Gym offers discounts and other offers to its customers. You may enjoy a reduction on your monthly fees if you pay with the automatic drafts of your banking institution.

Also, look through their social media pages and websites to stay informed of the latest offers and promotions.

If you wait until the events of New Year or the beginning of summer, you might be fortunate enough to get discounts such as waived charges to start or a substantial decrease in the rates.

Keep in mind these deals to save on the cost of a Genesis Gym membership.

Genesis Gym Child Care Fee

If you’re a member of Genesis Gym, you don’t need to pay extra for childcare services. They offer childcare facilities to their members for free, which means that they will take care of your child while you exercise.

So, you can focus on your workout without worrying about additional fees for childcare.

Genesis Gym Prices Overview

If you want to join Genesis Gym, you can choose between a monthly or six-month commitment membership. The monthly plan costs $66 per month with a one-time $200 initiation fee, and you can cancel anytime.

The six-month plan has the same initiation fee and a monthly fee of $56. You can cancel this plan too, but there’s a 30-day notice period.

Genesis Gym offers various facilities and services for their members, such as childcare programs and group classes, without additional chages. They also have discounts and deals available.

To find out exact pricing and the best deals, contact the Genesis Gym closest to you. And if you’re not sure yet, you can try a Genesis Guest Pass to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Can I bring a friend to Genesis?

Yes, you can bring a friend to Genesis gym. If your friend is not a member, they can purchase a one-day guest pass for just $15. This allows them to use the gym facilities for one day.

How many Genesis Health Clubs are there?

Genesis Health Club operates 57 locations that span across several states, including Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska.

Genesis Gym Locations

FAQs – Genesis Gym Prices

What is the cost of a Genesis Gym membership?

The price of the Genesis Gym membership varies depending on the location and plan you choose. The cost of membership can vary between $100 and $300 per month.

What’s the initiation Prices for Genesis Gym?

When you first join Genesis Gym, you will have to pay a one-time fee called the initiation fee. This fee costs $200, and it is a standard fee for all new members.

How do I sign up for a Genesis Gym membership?

You can join a gym by going to any Genesis Gym facility or by contacting the gym by phone, email, or making an online registration. Make sure you read the rules of the Membership agreement thoroughly prior to signing up.

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