Viva Fitness Prices 2024

The initial step on a fitness program can help you increase your health overall and health. If you’re considering signing to Viva Fitness, it’s essential to know Viva Fitness Prices and membership choices.

Find the perfect balance between high-quality facilities, expert guidance and affordability is the key.

Viva Fitness Prices

In this article we’ll look into the many membership options provided through Viva Fitness and explore how you can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and expert support for your fitness without putting a strain on your budget.

The way to an active lifestyle starts by reading this article that provides details about Viva Fitness Prices that cater to your financial and health goals.


Viva Fitness Prices


Individual Packages

Per Hour
1-9 Sessions $95.00
10-15 Sessions $90.00
16-20 Sessions $85.00
20+ Sessions $80.00

Group Packages

Per Hour
2-Person Group $65.00
3-Person Group $55.00

What are the membership options available at Viva Fitness?

Inside Viva Fitness, we offer different membership options that are specifically created to meet the needs of various fitness levels and preferences.

The membership choices we offer are flexible which allows you to select the membership that best fits your lifestyle and needs.


You can select an entry-level plan that allows you to access the latest fitness equipment, or an elite membership with additional amenities such as steam rooms and saunas or a family-friendly membership which allows multiple family members to utilize the facilities for fitness.

With our wide range of choices for memberships, it’s easy to find the perfect one that’s ideal to your fitness goals at Viva Fitness.

How much does a basic membership at Viva Fitness cost?

The Cost of a standard membership at Viva Fitness varies depending on various factors, including the location of the facility as well as the amount of time that a member is being enrolled for.

We recommend contacting your nearest Viva Fitness center for the most current and accurate information on entry-level membership prices.

They’ll be able to help you navigate the available options and provide prices that are in line with your goals for fitness and budget.

Are there any additional fees besides the membership cost?

As well as the membership fee, it is possible to incur additional charges that are associated with the Viva Fitness membership. These charges are usually distinct from the annual or monthly fee for membership and could differ according to the services or facilities that you select to use.

A few examples of additional charges at Viva Fitness may include a one-time membership fee that is charged to all new members. Individual sessions of training with trained trainers, special classes or workshops, and other specific services like massage therapy and nutrition guidance.

It is important to inquire about these extra charges when you’re considering membership for Viva Fitness to have an understanding of the total costs involved.

The personnel at the nearest Viva Fitness centre will be capable of providing you with detailed information about additional charges and help you select the option that is most in line with your goals for fitness and budget.

What is included in a premium membership at Viva Fitness?

A premium membership through Viva Fitness offers an enhanced fitness experience, with many benefits and facilities. When you purchase an elite membership, members will benefit from exclusive features that increase intensities of training.

Access to luxurious facilities such as steam rooms and saunas which offer relaxation and boost post-workout recovery. Premium members also benefit from the convenience of towel services to ensure a smooth exercise session.

Furthermore, premium membership can give priority booking for certain classes or services, which allows members to book their preferred timeslots.

Are group fitness classes included in the membership fees?

At Viva Fitness, our membership costs include a wide selection of fitness classes for groups taught by certified instructors. As a member, you can take full advantage of these classes.

If you’re in search of intensive cardio exercises and classes in yoga, Pilates and various other forms of fitness group classes, you are able to take part in these classes for no additional cost beyond the cost of membership.

Take advantage of the variety and energy of fitness classes for groups to make up the Viva Fitness membership experience.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership at any time?

Yes, At Viva Fitness, you have the option to upgrade or decrease the membership you have at any point. We understand the fact that fitness objectives and preferences change over time, and we’d like to adapt to your changing needs.

If you’d like to gain access to additional services and amenities with an upgrade or change your membership to meet your needs, Our staff is happy to help you.

Contact the staff in your neighborhood Viva Fitness Center, and they will assist you in the process of upgrading or reducing your membership to meet the level you want to access and price.

Our aim is providing our customers with the possibility of personalizing their fitness experience, thereby so that you receive the most value for the value of membership with Viva Fitness membership.

Do Viva Fitness prices vary between locations?

Yes, prices for Viva Fitness memberships can vary among locations. The pricing structure will be influenced by factors like what is available locally, amenities available for each site, as well as the operating costs in the particular location.

To obtain up-to-date and current pricing information for the Viva Fitness location you’re interested in, we recommend calling or visiting their website.

Is there a minimum contract period for memberships at Viva Fitness?

Yes, it is mandatory to sign a contract term for memberships with Viva Fitness. For consistency and dedication in their pursuit of fitness objectives, Viva Fitness requires members to sign the minimum period of contract.

The length of the contract could differ based upon the membership choice, which ranges from 3 months to 12 months or more. The minimum contract duration allows members to remain focused and committed to their fitness goals.

It also enables Viva Fitness to provide a seamless experience and make sure all members get access to the facility and the services they require for a longer time.

It is suggested to inquire direct to Viva Fitness regarding the specific time frames for each membership type.

Can I freeze or temporarily suspend my membership?

Absolutely, Viva Fitness provides the possibility to freeze or temporarily stop your membership. It is not uncommon for life to get hectic or unexpected situations may arise and make it hard to keep up with your exercise routine.

Viva Fitness understands this and gives you the option of putting off your membership during a certain time.

If you need to temporarily pause your membership, simply contact Viva Fitness’s member services department by calling them.

They will assist you with the procedure and give you the necessary forms and information to start the freezing.

Are there any cancellation fees for terminating a Viva Fitness membership?

There is no charge. Viva Fitness does not charge any cancellation fee for resigning an account. The cancellation process is easy, and members are not required to pay any additional fees.

It is important to go over the conditions and terms of your membership agreement or call the member services department for more specific information about our cancellation policies.

We at Viva Fitness, believe in flexibility and making sure that our customers have no hassle regardless of whether they choose to end their membership.

Do Viva Fitness prices include taxes?

The answer is yes; Viva Fitness prices generally include tax. The prices for memberships discussed earlier in this article cover most of the services and facilities offered by Viva Fitness.

It’s an excellent idea to inquire about the membership services department or consult the conditions and terms of the membership agreement to find out whether there are additional charges or taxes applicable to your location.

Are there any payment plan options available for memberships?

Absolutely, Viva Fitness offers flexible payment plans in their fitness membership. They recognize that every person is different in their financial situation and try to meet their members’ requirements.

Whether you prefer regular payments or annual dues, Viva Fitness offers payment plans tailored to meet your requirements.

With a wide range of payment options they make it convenient to get access to their fantastic fitness and health services at any expense.

Are there any hidden fees or charges at Viva Fitness?

Yes, I’m sorry that there was any miscommunication. Viva Fitness is transparent about its pricing structure, and there aren’t any extra fees. The membership fees mentioned previously include the majority of facilities and services offered.

It is important to keep in mind that additional services, such as private training sessions or special classes, may incur additional charges.

The department of membership services can give you complete details about the potential costs related to certain products or services, assuring the upfront disclosure of charges.

Can I transfer my Viva Fitness membership to another person?

The answer is no; Viva Fitness does not allow the transfer of memberships from one individual. Each membership is exclusive to a single Person and only accessible to the individual who purchased it.

This policy makes sure that the benefits and privileges of membership are only available to the original member.

For guidance and assistance regarding your membership, we recommend calling the Viva Fitness membership services department for any additional queries or concerns.

Are there any referral programs available at Viva Fitness?

If you’re already a member or a member of Viva Fitness or considering joining their fitness club, you may be interested in knowing about their referral program. 

Viva Fitness often values the loyalty of its members when it comes to propagating their services. 

While the specifics of their offer may differ but they typically offer rewards or incentives when members recommend family members, friends or colleagues to participate in to the Viva Fitness experience.

For up-to-date and accurate information on the referral program offered by Viva Fitness, it’s recommended to check out their website, or reach their customer support directly. 

Referral programs are an excellent option to not only meet your fitness goals, but as well to inspire your loved ones to go on a healthier journey together.

Viva Fitness Prices – Location

FAQs about Viva Fitness Prices

How much does Viva cost?

However Viva are offering private transfer , car for 4 people at a very reasonable price of just under 42 euros each way .

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership plan at Viva Fitness?

Absolutely, Viva Fitness allows members to upgrade or lower their membership plans according to their preferences and requirements. Just contact the membership service department to get assistance.

Are there any hidden fees associated with Viva Fitness membership?

No, Viva Fitness is transparent regarding its pricing structure and there aren’t any hidden charges. Membership fees cover the majority of facilities and services but additional services such as private training sessions could cost extra.


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