Barbell Brigade Prices and Membership Cost July 2024

Barbell Brigade Prices: If you want a Good fitness center that Doesn’t cost Too much, Barbell Brigade might be the Best choice for you.

Also, Barbell Brigade Prices are very low and fair for the facilities And services they Offer.


Barbell Brigade is the best gym for People who are serious about Getting in shape.

This well-known LA center Has its own YouTube channel and clothing store and it offers Both challenging workouts and fun Events like naked yoga.


Barbell Brigade Prices

How about we take a look at the Barbell Brigade Prices and Discover How things charge Up here.


Barbell Brigade Prices and Membership Cost


Barbell Brigade Monthly Membership Prices

Initiation Fee $0.00
Monthly Fee $80.00
Cancellation Fee $0.00

What membership options does Barbell Brigade offer?

The Barbell Brigade offers the following membership options:

  • Month-to-month membership: This option lets you pay monthly. It costs $149 per month.
  • A one-year contract: This will require an upfront cost of $1500. You could choose to pay $125 monthly over the course of a year.

Both membership options grant you the use of Barbell Brigade’s equipment, facilities, and other amenities.

What is the cost of a month-to-month membership at Barbell Brigade?

A month-to-month membership with Barbell Brigade costs $149 per month. This membership plan gives flexibility to people who don’t wish to sign an ongoing contract. 

Members are able to Use Barbell Brigade’s facilities, showers, lockers and lounge areas. Members can also take classes and collaborate with personal trainers, for an additional cost. 

Users Who select this option are able to decide to cancel and put the membership on hold at any moment, though cancellation procedures can differ. 

For those seeking for a cheap gym membership, a month-to-month subscription with Barbell Brigade is a fantastic choice.

What is the cost of a one-year membership at Barbell Brigade?

A one-year membership with Barbell Brigade costs $1,500 upfront or $125 per month.

This membership is perfect for those Who intend to commit over the long term to their fitness goalsis perfect for those who intend to commit over the long term to their fitness goals.

With a one-year membership, customers are able to save money when compared with the month-to-month plan.

Members who join for a single year are granted all the facilities that are available to monthly members, including the gym’s top-of-the-line equipment, showers, locker rooms and lounge areas.

Barbell Brigade also offers occasional Promotions and discounts for memberships. Be sure to keep an eye out for these to secure the best price available.

How much does Barbell Brigade cost?

Prices for Barbell Brigade vary based on the membership type you select. Barbell Brigade offers a month-to-month membership at $149 per month or annual membership at $1,500 in advance or $125 a month. 

The one-year membership gives you discounts over the month-to-month membership; however, it will require a higher upfront cost. 

Barbell Brigade occasionally offers discounts and special offers which is why it’s worth checking their social media or website accounts for the latest offers. 

Due to the most recent equipment and welcoming atmosphere they offer, the Barbell Brigade’s pricing is generally competitive. Additionally, they provide a wide range of services and programs, including nutrition and personal training.

Can I cancel my membership at Barbell Brigade?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at Barbell Brigade. The cancellation policy is different based on the type of membership that you select.

If you’re a month-to-month member, it is Possible to stop the membership at any point without cost.

For memberships for one year, you will be charged the possibility of a cancellation charge, and the amount will depend on how long into your membership you are.

It’s essential to read the cancellation policy thoroughly before enrolling. If you have questions about the cancellation procedure, you can reach Barbell Brigade’s customer care to get assistance.

What is Barbell Brigade’s cancellation policy?

Barbell Brigade’s cancellation policy is different depending on the membership option you select. If you’re on a month-to-month membership, you’re able to change your mind at any point, at no cost.

And, If you opt for a one-year membership, you’ll be Charged a cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel your membership prior to its expiration date, you’ll be assessed.

The amount is dependent on how much time remains in your subscription.

If you’re not sure of the best membership option or if you have any questions regarding how to cancel your subscription, call Barbell Brigade’s customer service team for more details.

Is there a cancellation fee for a one-year membership at Barbell Brigade?

Yes, there’s a cancellation fee when you cancel one year of membership at Barbell Brigade. The amount will depend on how far into your membership period you want to end your membership. 

It is recommended to contact the customer service department or refer to your membership agreement for specific details regarding how to cancel.

Is there a trial membership available at Barbell Brigade?

It is true that Barbell Brigade offers a free trial to new members. You can try out the facility and equipment before you commit to joining. 

The trial period is one day, and gives you access to all the facilities of the gym. To enroll for the free trial, go to Barbell Brigade’s website.

Barbell Brigade website and fill out the form. You will be sent an email with details for redeeming your trial.

How can I pay for my membership at Barbell Brigade?

The cost of memberships can be paid at Barbell Brigade with a credit or debit card. Barbell Brigade accepts Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover.

You can set up automated payments or pay one-time via their website or at the front desk. They don’t take cash payments to pay for memberships.

You can get in touch with the customer care staff if you have inquiries about payment methods or need help creating an account.

Are there any additional fees associated with a membership at Barbell Brigade?

There are additional charges associated with an account at Barbell Brigade. For example, if you’d like to invite a friend to train with you, there’s an additional cost. 

In addition, if you wish to attend classes or have an individual trainer, you may have to pay additional charges. But these costs are not included in the membership base cost. 

It is essential to contact Barbell Brigade for specific pricing information and to plan in line with the cost.

Can I put my membership on hold at Barbell Brigade?

Yes, you are able to place your account on hold with Barbell Brigade. The time period you are able to keep your membership active is contingent on the type of membership you select.

If you’re a member of a monthly subscription, you are able to place your membership on hold for up to three months per year.

If you have a subscription that runs for a whole year, it is possible to put your membership on hold for up to 3 months in a year, but the time you put on hold will not count toward the 12-month membership duration.

It is important to remember that placing the membership on hold will not stop the automatic payments that you make; therefore, you must consult customer service for more details.

How long can I put my membership on hold at Barbell Brigade?

The amount of time you are able to suspend your membership with Barbell Brigade depends on the membership option you select. 

It is recommended to contact their customer service or read the conditions and terms of the membership agreement for more specific information. 

In general, gyms offer classes that last between one and three months. However, the Barbell Brigade may have different policies in place.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership at Barbell Brigade?

Yes, you are able to upgrade or downgrade your membership with Barbell Brigade.

If you’d like to change or reduce your membership, speak with one of the members of staff on the premises, or contact customer service on their website or via telephone.

The process of changing or downgrading your membership may differ according to the membership type you’re currently using.

It is recommended to speak with an employee or customer support for more information.

When you upgrade your membership at Barbell Brigade, they may charge you an additional monthly or upfront fee. On the other hand, if you reduce your membership, you could end up paying an upfront or monthly cost.

Is there an initiation fee for new members at Barbell Brigade?

No, there’s no charge for joining the Barbell Brigade. In contrast to other gyms that charge fees for initiation for new members, Barbell Brigade does not charge such fees. 

Instead, they Provide a straightforward pricing system that does not include hidden costs. 

This makes it easy for those who want to join and begin building their fitness without having to pay any additional charges at the beginning.

What is included in the membership cost at Barbell Brigade?

Yes, here are the things included in the cost of membership at Barbell Brigade:

  1. Access to the latest equipment
  2. The use of lockers and showers
  3. The lounge is accessible to them.
  4. The ability to attend classes (an additional fee could be required)
  5. Ability to collaborate with personal trainers (an additional fee could be charged)

Barbell Brigade Membership Benefits

The Barbell Brigade Is a fitness center that knows how to use social media and has Great equipment and an amazing atmosphere.

They have the most Weightlifting machines, with four platforms, of any Place I’ve Ever been.

Also, you can Do pull-ups on bars that are more than 100 feet high or jump Over bumpers to Find what works best for You at this gym.

You can do dead lifts if you want a stronger backside and Bigger guns or squats if you want to Feel powerful by doing something no other woman has Been able to do before.

Barbell Brigade Membership Types and Fees

The above list of prices shows that their prices are very fair. You’ll see beautiful people working Out, Including some YouTubers, And the gym has great Equipment and a great atmosphere.

A lot of people are also Fine with filming Here, and the staff will make sure it doesn’t get in the way of People working out. Overall, this gym is great for being a humble leader.


Barbell Brigade established the organization in October of 2013 and has been providing an atmosphere suitable for lifting heavy weights and deadlifting ever since.

They are located in the 646 Gibbons Street, Los Angeles, California, they have been providing great workouts for all their clients.

Barbell Brigade Location 

About Barbell Brigade

The low Barbell Brigade prices reflect the gym’s Desire to draw those who are looking to push the limits with their routines regardless of fitness levels.

The attitude Of being tougher than anything else.

Hence staff members urge members and Guests to be dominating, yet keep their humility (i.e. the motto is “dominate humblely”).

Bart Kwan and Geovanna Antoinette founded Barbell Brigade in 2013. It’s not just a gym, although the primary component of the brand is the gym. Barbell Brigade also includes apparel and media production.

The gym itself has rows and shelves of Squat racks the ultimate goal of all lifters, and an setting that encourages lifters Push themselves as hard as they can, without having to worry about being disruptive to other lifters and there aren’t any classes in groups for cardio or the flexibility exercises are also available here.

Barbell Brigade Prices – FAQs

What is the average price of a barbell?

This is a Great price for those who train at home. The most expensive barbells will be priced at $900 or more, but they’re usually not enough.

What is the cost of a month-to-month membership at Barbell Brigade?

A month-to-month membership at Barbell Brigade costs $149 per month.

How much does Barbell Brigade cost?

Prices for Barbell Brigade vary based on the membership type you select. Monthly memberships cost $149 per month, whereas the one-year membership costs $1,500 in advance or $125 per month.


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