LifeTime Fitness Membership Cancellation – A Complete step by step Process

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Though it’s been a pain for many people to cancel their Lifetime Fitness membership, some websites allow you to do so. You can fill out an online form and submit documents on these sites or even through app gateways if they have any fees associated with cancellations – which is uncommon in some cases! In this article, we’ll discuss different methods of canceling your contract without breaking too much sweat (or bank account).

LifeTime Fitness Membership Cancellation

LifeTime Fitness Cancellation Rules and Policies

Be aware of the policies before you cancel your membership. These policies might be specific to your club or location, but they can also apply to everyone. When you want to cancel your membership, the first thing you notice is your eligibility.

Lifetime Fitness, a franchise-owned business, has over 90 locations in 19 states. However, there is still a general pipeline that can be used. These guidelines will help you.

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  • First, make sure you know which plan you are on. Lifetime Fitness offers several monthly-billed membership options that provide access to various resources and equipment. You must be aware of your details.
  • Lifetime Fitness memberships can be canceled at any time by notifying the company.
  • The membership termination policy is the same as that for applications. You will find a Member Service area in your club.
  • You can email notice or written notification to this address.
  • It is essential to search for the details of the same. Talk to your club leader to learn the basics and process. They can help you achieve your goal. If you have any issues with the project, they can help guide you.

Life Time Fitness is a great way to stay in shape, but canceling your membership can be painful. Luckily there are two options:

  • In-person
  • By certified mail

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Canceling LifeTime Fitness Membership In-person

You want to cancel your LifeTime Fitness membership immediately after you missed the opportunity of canceling during its first month. Of course, it can be a bit frustrating, especially if you want to use the offer given at the end of your trial period.

In any case, there are still other ways on how you can cancel Life Time Fitness membership before the coming renewal date gets closer. Here are some steps that you need to follow in order to cancel Life Time Fitness membership successfully:

👉 Step 1: Go to the LifeTime fitness club near you and then go straight towards the Customer Service Desk (displayed in the front desk area). If possible, bring your ID with you because this will make things faster and easier for you (although it is unnecessary to bring your ID when canceling Life Time Fitness membership).

👉 Step 2: Tell the representative that you want to cancel your Life Time Fitness membership. Note that if ever there are too many people still in line, do not hesitate to go back when fewer people are waiting because you don’t need to rush to get things done right away. You can also see the Customer Service Desk representative if another representative is not around or busy with other customers already.

👉 Step 3: Also, explain why you want to cancel your Life Time Fitness membership so the representative will be aware of what you’re trying to accomplish. This is especially helpful, especially if this was their first time canceling a LifeTime Fitness membership.

👉 Step 4: Also, bring all your Life Time Fitness membership card(s) with you after canceling because the representatives may need them to confirm that you are already a member of their club. If they really don’t need it anymore, they will most likely return it to you (your old and new address and phone number might also be required for this process).

👉 Step 5: Lastly, ensure that the representative can approve your request to cancel your Lifetime Fitness membership immediately. You will know if they were successful or not by checking your previous records as a member by looking at your current date as a member and comparing it with the cancellation date. Processing time usually lasts for 24 hours, but it can take up to 48 hours in some cases. You will receive an email confirmation as well (which you should also keep for your records).

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Note: Some people who tried calling Life Time Fitness member services may end up with a representative not knowing that they already canceled their membership and still ended up paying. If this is happening, then perhaps it’s time to call Life Time Fitness headquarters instead so the right person can finally cancel Life Time Fitness membership.

Just contact them through their customer service number and ask the representative how they can help you cancel Life Time Fitness membership immediately if members’ services tell you that you could not do it over the phone or via walk-in. Be sure to state all your personal information correctly and double-check the information needed before canceling Life Time Fitness membership.

Note: After canceling your Life Time Fitness membership, all unused monthly fees will be refunded back on your credit/debit card or your checking account only after 16-18 business days (depending on the bank’s first processing cycle).

This is done to avoid any illegal activities, so do not expect an instant refund because this can be risky for them as well. Of course, if you really want it earlier than expected, it would be best to choose another payment method instead of joining, such as cash and check payments.

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Canceling LifeTime Fitness Via Certified Mail

People canceling Life Time Fitness membership do not receive a refund for advance payments (if any). If you want to cancel your membership before the end of the contract term, you will still be charged for the remaining dues or fees. Canceling Lifetime fitness membership via certified mail takes more effort than another method.

However, it is the only way that lends complete security to your cancellation request. Certified mail also reduces the chances of mistakes by postal workers while forwarding your letter to the company’s office for processing your cancellation/resignation.

Before sending your letter, do the following research to ensure that you are canceling at a suitable location that serves your geographic area: 

  • Find the Life Time club nearest you.
  • Call Life Time Fitness customer service center to verify which club serves your area. 

When confirming the telephone number of LTF, verify if the number is the same as given on the official website. If it differs, call them back using another telephone number provided on the official site.

Some people have said that the numbers listed under the contact us section of the Life Time Fitness website leads to different clubs or regional offices instead of the company’s central office.

👉 Step 1: Go to your local post office and find a Certified Mail Receipt Request card in a package near a computer screen next to the public counter. Each Certified Mail Receipt Request card has a unique serial number that you will need later in this process.

👉 Step 2: Fill out the form online at to generate 10-digit tracking numbers for your letter and for the return receipt. The cost of mailing one letter via certified mail is around $6-$7 (subject to change based on postal rate increase).

👉 Step 3: Enclose your mailing slip, along with the Life Time Fitness membership cancellation notice letter, inside an envelope to make its appearance the same as other club’s correspondence that members receive in their mailbox daily.

👉 Step 4: Ask the post office clerk to affix the exact postage stamp on your envelope, which is required by law if your letter gets lost in transit.

👉 Step 5: Wait for the delivery carrier to deliver your letter and/or return the receipt to you. People who want to cancel Life Time Fitness membership via certified mail must wait until receiving their return receipt if they do not want their request rejected by the company, as is the case with regular first class mail cancellation requests (which are usually rejected or responded to late).

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Make sure that the post office clerk affixes the correct mailing address on the envelope:

Address of Life Time Club where you have your membership: ______________________________________________________________

City, State and Zip Code: _________________________________ – It must match the club mailing address exactly as provided on the official website. If it differs from the club’s official site, ask the post office for clarification.

If available, check the club’s official website for specific postal addresses listed under the contact us section of their website.

Be sure not to send your letter to the following locations:

  • Regional offices (listed on Life Time Fitness website)
  • Different clubs or locations other than your local lifetime fitness club.

👉 Step 6: Take a copy of the return receipt from the post office and send it to Life Time Club management by regular mail, along with a note explaining why you are canceling. Also, include a copy of your original letter that you sent by certified mail.

People who want to cancel Life Time Fitness membership via certified mail must inform club management that they have already canceled their membership successfully while requesting written confirmation of the company’s policy violation.

Can you freeze your LifeTime membership?

Although you can place your Life Time membership on hold for up to 30 days, the process is no less complex than canceling it. You must notify your club at least 30 days before you want to suspend your membership. This can only be done in person.


How do I cancel my lifetime fitness membership?

Life Time members have a 30-day cancellation policy. You can cancel in person or by calling Member Relations at 1-877-583 6818.

Can I cancel my lifetime membership at any location?

By providing written notice, you can cancel your Life Time Fitness membership at any time. This termination must be completed at the “Member Service” area of your local Life Time Fitness franchise. Or, you can send a certified letter.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the Lifetime Fitness Cancellation process.

Check out the given all details which helps you to know about the Lifetime Fitness.

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Disclaimer: We gathers actual Lifetime Fitness cancellation information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The process reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources.  the Lifetime Fitness membership cancellation process reported on this website may not be current and may vary by locations. To obtain current details, contact the individual Lifetime fitness location of interest to you.

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