Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass & Free Day Pass

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The lifetime fitness guest pass gives you a great test of its facilities, services, gym equipment and administration, The best way to truly discover a gym is to bring a list of questions that you want to be answered And then ask one by one to the gym manager to get a satisfactory answer.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass & Free Day Pass

Lifetime Fitness Free Pass

Each Lifetime fitness member receives a guest passes as part of their membership benefits, except for the monthly membership.

The member can use one guest pass per person per month, and the status of this guest passes can be verified at any time through the Lifetime Fitness mobile app.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Policy

  • All guests must have a valid photo ID with them.
  • Guest hours and guest fees may vary depending on the club’s location, for which you should visit the official site of the club.
  • Guests 18 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a Parental Agreement.
  • If a guest can bring small children with them, they do not need an additional guest pass.
  • Lifetime Fitness has the authority to change the benefits of your guest pass, including the trial duration, time of trial, date of trial, facilities available, and other parameters. They may or may not change your trial during off-peak hours.
  • Only adults (those over 18) can visit Lifetime Fitness as guests.

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How to Get a Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass?

Lifetime Fitness offers day passes for non-members. You can get one online or in person.

Go to their website and fill out the form. They’ll need your name, email address, cell phone number, birth year, and favourite Lifetime Fitness club.

After submitting your request, you’ll receive a date for your day trial.

You can also go there directly instead of online. Visit your chosen club’s front desk and ask.

Does Lifetime Fitness allow guests?

Yes, you can bring a guest to Lifetime Fitness. You can get a guest pass through a current member, by signing up on their website, or by walking in.

A guest pass lets you check out a club’s facilities so you can decide if you want to join the gym or not.

Can You Bring A Guest To Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, you can bring a guest to Lifetime Fitness if you are a member. You can have one guest a month, and you can have the same person over and over again every 60 days.

But remember that if you join Lifetime Fitness on a month-to-month basis, you may not be able to bring a guest.

But this is the rule in general. Some clubs, but not many, may also let members who pay by the month bring guests.

How Does Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Work?

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass

The Lifetime Fitness guest pass is intended for visitors who want to try out the gym once before deciding whether or not to purchase a membership.

Members can invite guests, and other members can acquire an hour-long pass by joining them.

On their app, Lifetime Fitness members can invite visitors once per month. Unused passes will not be earned or carried over to the next month.

Keep in mind that month-to-month members cannot use the guest pass option.

If you are not a member, they will send you the ticket and sign up for a guest pass. It will include a specific date and hour when you can attend the club.

It takes you on a virtual tour of the club. Their personnel will guide visitors around their facility, and you can exercise for a few hours there.

Going to the gym or spending time with family members is feasible, and lifetime Fitness is acceptable.

Every club may have its pricing strategy when it comes to day passes, and it is dependent on the club’s facilities, location, and a variety of other factors.

Remember that if a guest is under the age of 18, parents or a guardian must accompany them. However, if an adult possesses a guest card, they can bring their children. Each guest must provide an ID with a photo, preferably a driver’s license.

How to Use Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass?

If you are already a member of Lifetime Fitness, you can use their mobile app to invite someone to join you.

You can choose who to invite, and that person can work out with you once a month. But remember that a person can only come as a guest to the club once every 60 days.

You can also get a day pass if you are not a member of Lifetime Fitness and don’t have a friend or family member who is a member. Visit their website and sign up for the pass to do this.

The guest pass is a great way to check out the club’s facilities and feel for yourself. In a Lifetime Fitness club, you can use a day pass once every 60 days.

How much is Lifetime Fitness guest pass?

The price of a Lifetime Fitness guest pass varies from club to club and also depends on what kind of pass you want.

When bought through an existing member, a typical Lifetime Fitness day pass costs between $20 and $40 at different clubs. But some other clubs may charge up to $50, while clubs that charge $15 are hard to find.

Now, if you want to get a pass on your own instead of through a member, it might cost you a little more, like $10 more than if you got it through a member.

In other words, if you buy a guest pass on your own and are not already a member of Lifetime Fitness, it will cost you between $30 and $60.

Prices vary because of things like the club’s facilities, its location (bigger cities may be more expensive), management decisions, and so on.

Also, junior guest passes at Lifetime Fitness are even cheaper, costing only $10 at most places.

Are Lifetime Fitness Guest Passes Free?

No. At the moment, there is no such thing as a free day pass for Lifetime Fitness. To get the pass, you will have to pay a fee of between $20 and $60.

But because each Lifetime Fitness club is a franchise owned by a different person, some clubs may offer a free day pass. Talk to a Lifetime Fitness near you to find out about free passes.

FAQs For Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass

FAQs For Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass

▶ Can I bring a guest to lifetime fitness?

If you are a current Lifetime Fitness member, you can invite a guest to join you. You may bring one guest per month and the same individual for a period of 60 days.

If you are a month-to-month Lifetime Fitness member, you may not be permitted to invite guests. This, however, is a general policy. Clubs may allow month-to-month members and guests, but this is uncommon.

▶ How much is lifetime guest passes?

Lifetime Fitness guest pass rates vary by club and depend on the type of guest pass purchased.

Lifetime Fitness day pass fees for existing members typically range from $20 to $40 across different gyms. However, some other clubs may charge up to $50, and it is uncommon to discover other clubs that charge $15.

If you want to get a pass without going through a member, you may have to pay a bit extra, say $10 more, than if you go through a member.

In other words, a visitor card obtained independently and not through a current Lifetime Fitness member will cost you between $30 and $60.

Prices vary according to various reasons such as club amenities, location (which may be more expensive in larger cities), management decisions, and so on.

Junior visitor passes at Lifetime Fitness are considerably cheaper, costing $10 at most locations.

▶ How much is a day pass for lifetime fitness?

The 3-day passes price of lifetime fitness may vary by club’s location, but usually, it is $40 also waive the initiation fee for the day.

▶ Can you buy a day pass at Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, the Lifetime Fitness Day pass is great for family and friends.

▶ Does Lifetime Fitness allow guests?

Yes, guests are welcome at Lifetime Fitness. A guest pass can be obtained through a current member by registering on their website or simply walking in.

A guest pass allows you to learn about the amenities offered at a club before deciding whether or not to join.

▶ Are Lifetime Fitness Guest Passes Free?

No. There is currently no such thing as a Lifetime Fitness complimentary day pass. To obtain the pass, you must pay between $20 and $60.

However, because each Lifetime Fitness club is independently operated, some locations may provide a free day pass. To learn about free passes, contact your local Lifetime Fitness.

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