Does LA Fitness Have Showers? 2024

Introduction: LA Fitness is a franchise box gym that offers a high-end fitness club experience at a price that most people can afford.

They have a wide range of cardio machines, resistance machines, power racks, free weights, dumbbells, and cable machines.


Unlike most box gyms, they almost always have open areas with other fitness equipment like kettlebells, balance balls, and medicine balls if machines aren’t your thing.

They even have extras like personal trainers, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and a variety of group fitness classes.


Does LA Fitness Have Showers?

la fitness

Yes, Every LA Fitness location has private showers and clean locker rooms with a lot of space. Inside the shower stalls, there is usually a soap dispenser, but you’ll usually need to bring your own towel from home.


Let’s find out more about the locker rooms, showers, and other rules at LA Fitness.

You can save time and, believe it or not, money by using the showers at the gym.

You can save time and make your daily life easier if you don’t go home after working out. You’ll also save money on gas, which can add up if you go to the gym more than once a week.

Do All LA Fitness Locations Have Showers?

There are showers at all LA Fitness locations. You can find them at all of this club’s locations. They do this because they think it’s a basic thing that every gym should have.

The showers at LA Fitness are clean and well-built. So you can easily wash away all the sweat after a hard day at the gym.

There are different kinds of showers at different gyms. You should know which showers LA Fitness has if you don’t like washing in front of other people.

What are LA Fitness showers like?

  • LA Fitness has shower stalls with shampoo and a showerhead that can be moved a little bit.
  • Even though sizes vary from place to place, most stalls are about 48″ x 36″.
  • The shower curtain is inside the lip of the stall, so you will have privacy and won’t have to worry about it flying up or not covering you all the way.
  • Tiles look different in different places, but they are almost always blue, white, gray, and orange with a little bit of orange.
  • In addition to being a good size, the shower stalls look more open because of the colors, so you won’t feel as cramped or closed in.
  • In the locker room, which is just a few feet away, there are at least 60 half-size and full-size lockers, each with at least one shelf.

Who Can Use The Shower At LA Fitness?


After using one of LA Fitness’s services, all of its members can use their private showers. For example, at this club, kids can clean up after swimming in the pool.

When adults work out or play basketball, they can use the showers. You can use the facility whenever you want to.

Guests who come to the club with a member can also use the showers. Aside from that, kids under the age of 12 are not allowed to use the gym or showers without an adult.

You can also keep shoes, bags, and other things in lockers near the showers at LA Fitness. If you want to find out who can use them, keep reading.

Does LA Fitness provide soap or shampoo?

Soap and shampoo are available at all LA Fitness locations. They are usually kept in a simple dispenser that is attached to the shower wall.

If you have allergies to certain brands or ingredients, visit or call your local LA Fitness to find out more.

The Showers At LA Fitness

It’s great to be able to take a shower after a workout, but did you know there are different kinds of shower rooms?

Shower rooms may be shared at many cheaper gyms. But there are no public showers at LA Fitness.

Private Showers:

Private Showers:

People who don’t like taking showers in front of other people will love that LA Fitness has private showers.

There are large shower stalls with full-length curtains to make sure you don’t accidentally show yourself while you’re getting ready.

The curtains won’t fly up, and you can be completely hidden by them.

Most showerheads can also be moved a little bit so you can control where the water goes.



In the shower rooms, there are also places to get shampoo and soap. But if you want to, you can still bring your own shampoo and soap.

The shampoo and soap they give you will be different brands at each location. You should call them to find out which one they have.



The only thing the shower rooms might be missing are towels. Not every LA Fitness location has shower towels.

Some LA Fitness gyms, on the other hand, might even have towels.

Bring your own if you can. It’s better for your health anyway.

You can also buy a towel from LA Fitness Brand at the gym if you want to.

Size Matters!:

The size of the showers at LA Fitness is something to be proud of. The size of the shower stalls could be a little different in each place, but they are usually about 48 inches by 36 inches. This gives you plenty of space to clean yourself in comfort.

The showers have simple designs as well. Most of the time, they come in blue, white, or gray.

They are made of tiles, and the designs change from place to place.

Does LA Fitness provide towels for the shower area?

  • Some LA Fitness clubs give out small sweat towels, but they aren’t usually made for the shower.
  • LA Fitness suggests that if you can, you bring a towel from home to make things easier and more comfortable for you.
  • At each location, you can also buy a bath towel made by the LA Fitness brand.
  • In addition to towels, they sell other workout gear like breathable shirts, athletic shorts, gym bags, and headgear.

LA Fitness Wrapping Up

The showers at LA Fitness are easy to use, clean, and private. If you need it, they will even give you soap and shampoo.

Even better, LA Fitness is known for having modern locker rooms with a lot of space. They are a comfortable place to change before and after a workout.

What more could you want?

LA Fitness Hours


Days Hours
Monday 9 AM–06 PM
Tuesday 9 AM–06 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–06 PM
Thursday 9 AM–06 PM
Friday 9 AM–06 PM
Saturday 9 AM–06 PM
Sunday 9 AM–06 PM

LA Fitness Near Me Location

FAQ – Does LA Fitness Have Showers


Are the showers private at LA Fitness?

The locker rooms and showers at LA Fitness are clean and well taken care of. There are large locker rooms, but you’ll need to bring your own padlock if you want to store your things in a locker while you shower.

How do you shower at LA Fitness?

Every LA Fitness location has private showers and clean locker rooms with a lot of space. Most shower stalls have soap dispensers built in, but you’ll usually have to bring your own

Disclaimer: Does LA Fitness Have Showers above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. All prices and information provided on this website are averaged and should only be used as estimates. To confirm current information, please contact Does LA Fitness Have Showers.

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