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There are numerous gyms and health centers that care for the most part on men’s fitness while some give extra facilities to ladies. In any case, here’s a gym center that does precisely the inverse. This is solely for ladies while men additionally have a few open doors in a couple of their branches.

Curves International, also known as Curves Fitness, Curves for Women or just Curves, was founded in 1992 by Gary and Diane Heavin and now has 367 franchise locations in the United States. Curves prices and membership fees are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer.

Let’s discover how things charge up here.

Curves Prices

Curves Gym Prices

Curves Prices – Monthly Basis 

Basic Prices

Initiation Fee $149.49
Monthly Fee $34.49
Cancellation Fee $0.00

Premium Prices

Initiation Fee $149.49
Monthly Fee $49.59
Cancellation Fee $0.00

Curves Prices – Annually Basis

Basic Prices

Initiation Fee $149.59
Annual Fee $419.99
Cancellation Fee $0.00

Premium Prices

Initiation Fee $149.99
Annual Fee $549.99
Cancellation Fee $0.00

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Curve Membership Prices

Curves membership fees may vary at different locations, but most locations charge a weekly fee of $12.95, including meal planning, training, and coaching.

There are two options to pay the membership fee, which are monthly and annually. The initiation Fee of each plan is $ 149.49, while there is no cancellation fee.

If you choose a monthly plan, you will have to pay $ 34.49 for basic and $49.59 for Premium.
And the yearly plan will cost $419.99 for Basic and $549.99 for Premium.

Curves offer On-Demand Fitness Programs that allow you to enjoy a 30-minute fitness program at home for which you have to pay $24.99 if you choose the monthly option and $249.99 for the annual plan.

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Curves Near Me

FAQs About Curves Prices

1. Does my membership include group fitness classes?

Each of the Curves classes is a group class, the professional trainers of the Curves ensure that you get the most out of it,

2. Where can I buy Curves Supplements / Vitamins Information?

If you would like to purchase Curves’ supplements such as Curves Protein Shake or Vitamins, visit the Curves Center near you and talk to Curves Coach to find out.

3. How much do I have to pay for Curves membership?

Curves Annual Fitness Membership RRP is $ 59 per month plus joining fee
Since Curves is individually owned and operated, prices may vary by location; visit the Curves Club near you for more specific information. You can click here to enter your City Pin code and find the Curves Club near you.

4. What membership options Curves have?

Besides their in-club Fitness Membership, they also offer MyCurves On-Demand, Curves at-home program, a range of courses from their Health and Wellness Education series, and our Nutrition and Weight Management program,
Talk to your nearest Curves Coach for more membership fees and pricing information

5. What is the minimum membership period?

The terms may vary as each Curves Club operates independently, but the annual fitness membership is usually at least 12 months.

6. Is there a fee to join the curves?

Yes, the Curves Club registration fee RRP is $ 99. Sometimes Curves Club offers special discounts. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page or visit Curves Club near you.

7. Do Curves offer a free trial?

Yes. Curves offer your 7-day free trial for the club
Click here to book an appointment with a Curves Coach and get your free trial pass

8. How do I cancel a Curves club membership?

Since each Curves club operates independently, the cancellation policy may vary by location
You can visit the Curves club near you to discuss the cancellation policy.

9. If I have a few billing errors, account information needs to be changed. Who should I contact?

Visit the Curves club near you to solve billing errors and to change your account information.

10. I’m interested in buying a Curves franchise; where can I get more information?

Curves are always looking for new owners; visit their Buy Curves page for more information.

11. How much will it cost me to open a Curves franchise?

Visit their Buy Curves page for information.

12. How Much Money Can I Make From Curves Franchise?

Visit their Buy Curves page for more information.

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Disclaimer: curves Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local curves center.

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