In-Shape Gym Membership Prices, Fees And Cost 2024 ❤️ Official

In-Shape Gym Membership Prices, Fees And Cost 2024

In-Shape Gym Membership Prices are affordable and reasonable for the services and facilities they provide.

In the In-Shape Gym you will be equipped with the most modern fitness equipment, top of the line personal trainers, and lavish facilities included with an In-Shape Gym membership for an affordable price.

In-Shape Gym

Concerning the cost, they provide various membership options that are based on the facilities offered at the club as well as the amenities you wish to have access to.

In essence, they offer membership options for members with various requirements.

Let’s take a review of the In-Shape Gym Membership Prices and see how the prices cost here.

In-Shape Gym Prices & Membership Cost

In-Shape Gym Lifestyle Membership

Initiation fee $49.99
Monthly fee $44.99
Annual enhancement fee $49.99

In-Shape Gym Local Network Membership

Initiation fee $29.99
Monthly fee $54.99
Annual enhancement fee $49.99

In-Shape Gym Network Plus Membership

Initiation fee $29.99
Monthly fee $99.99
Annual enhancement fee $49.99

In-Shape Gym Core Membership

Initiation fee $29.99
Monthly fee $34.99
Annual enhancement fee $49.99

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In-shape Membership Price

The cost of the In-Shape Gym will be based upon the program you select.

They have a range of plans, such as the lifestyle plan, their core plan as well as The local networks plan and the option to add life.

If you choose an ordinary lifestyle option , there is an annual cost of $44.99 as well as an annual cost that is $49.99.

The annual upgrade fee will be charged on the 15th day after joining.

In addition, when you are arranging for the In Shape Gym lifestyle membership you must be a first payment of $49.99.

If you opt for the lifestyle-based plan then you’ll only be able to only use one particular club and it’s just your club.


In-Shape Gym membership cost for the local network plan is $59.99 for the monthly cost or $49.99 to cover the year-long fee.

If you decide to purchase the plan for membership, you will be charged a membership fee in the beginning in the amount of $29.99.

In-Shape Gym pricing for the lifestyle network includes membership, which is $99.99 per month.

Additionally, there is an initial cost at $29.99 plus an annually renewed charge of $49.99.

They are the most popular plans of membership that In-Shape Gym offers.

The monthly price is $34.99 starting with $29.99. Starting at $29.99 as well as an annual cost that is $44.99.

In-Shape Gym rates are applicable to those who pay by check, transfer or In-Shape Gym rates are applicable to those who pay with a direct check, transfer or cash.

If you decide to use your credit card to payfor your purchase, you’ll incur an additional amount for each transaction of $ 6.

In-Shape provides two primary kinds of memberships:

In-Shape Basic Membership and Blue Membership. Let’s discover more about both memberships.

In-Shape Basic Membership

  • Cardio Theater
  • TRX System
  • Virtual Run Club Events
  • Strength & Weight Training
  • 360FIT Functional Training Area
  • Core Fitness: Stretch & Recovery Area

In-Shape Blue Membership

The Blue Membership Includes Everything In Basic Membership Plus

  • Access to all Non-Resort Clubs
  • Access to all Group Fitness Classes
  • Indoor & Outdoor Pools
  • Partnership Discounts
  • Retail Discounts
  • Racquetball – Open Play, Clinics & Tournaments
  • Spa, Sauna, Steam Rooms
  • In-Shape Outdoors
  • Family Fitness Night
  • Annual In Body Scan

In-Shape Membership Levels

In-Shape has four different types of membership levels.

  • Gold Network
  • Platinum Network
  • Diamond Network
  • Double Diamond Network

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In-Shape Gym Deals & Discounts

In-Shape Gym often comes up with appealing deals and discounts. Most of the time, they reduce or even eliminate the initial cost.

There are also reductions in the monthly costs when you choose certain kinds of plans.

By using coupons, you’ll be able to cut down the cost of your Inshape charges, including your membership’s initial or monthly charges, dramatically.

You can also contact the local club and ask them if they have special discounts.

How much is a membership at Inshape?

In-Shape membership cost

In-Shape Gym’s monthly Membership cost depends on which plan you choose.

Below are the monthly Membership fees you will pay for different kinds of plans:

  • In-Shape Gym lifestyle membership: $44.99
  • In-Shape Gym local network membership: $54.99
  • In-Shape Gym network plus membership: $99.99
  • In-Shape Gym core membership: $34.49

Can I go to any In-Shape Gym with my membership?

However, you can go to any of their locations when you have the higher-level In-Shape Gym membership.

  • In the In-Shape Gym lifestyle program, you will be able to go to only your local gym.
  • As part of the basic plan, you are able to go to all the core (basic facilities clubs) In-Shape Gym gyms.
  • If you have a local network plan that allows you to visit any of their clubs, except their top clubs.
  • With the In-Shape Gym lifestyle plus membership, however, you are able to visit any of their 45 gyms throughout the state.

How to Cancel In-Shape Membership?

In-Shape offers the most premium & excellent services, but if you want to cancel your membership for any reason, you need to know how to cancel In-Shape membership?

Below is all the information you need to know to cancel In-Shape membership.

In-Shape Membership can be cancelled in four main ways.

Cancel In-Shape Membership Online (Fastest and Preferred Method)

  • To cancel online Membership, first, and for their online cancellation form, click here.
  • When the new form opens, enter the Member number or Scan Code, enter the first name, last name, date of birth, email address, and click on “find my account.”
  • Now when the new form opens, enter the details and click on submit button.
  • That’s all

Cancel In-Shape Membership by sending a letter via First Class Mail

To cancel In-Shape Membership by sending a letter from First Class Mail, you must first send the Cancellation Request to your club’s address.

Add the name, address, phone, email address and Account number / Key Tag number in the letter.

To cancel membership in person.

You can go to your In-Shape Club and ask their manager or support staff to cancel your membership.

They will make further arrangements for you.

To Cancel In-Shape Membership via Email

To cancel an in-shape membership by Email You will need to mail Your cancellation request to with Name, address, phone number, email Address and account number/Key Tag number.

Can you cancel in shape membership online?

Yes, You can cancel In-Shape Membership online

  • For in-shape membership cancellation, visit their cancellation page click here.
  • enter the Member number or Scan Code, enter your first name, last name, date of birth, email address, and click at “find my account.”
  • Now when the latest application opens, insert the details and click at submit button.

Can I bring a guest to In-Shape Gym?

It is true that In-Shape Gym does offer guest passes which lets members invite a family or friend member to join them.

The guest has to be accompanied by a member and be required to sign a waiver prior accessing the gym.

Some restrictions that may be put implemented, like limit on the number of visitors that can be accommodated each month.

You should check with the nearby In-Shape Gym for specific details on their guest pass programs.

Does In-Shape Gym offer childcare?

In-Shape Gym does offer childcare at certain locations.

In-Shape Gym’s Kids Club program offers an enjoyable and safe place for children to play while their parents exercise.

The program is for children aged between six weeks and 12-years old.

Kids Club is available to In-Shape Gym members for a minimal cost, which is usually about the amount of $10 per month.

Parents must stay on the premises during the time their children participate taking part in their Kids Club Program.

Certain locations might have a limited number of spaces or require reservations So it’s best to contact the neighborhood In-Shape Gym for more information.

Does In-Shape Gym offer classes?

In-Shape Gym offers a wide range of classes to its members. The classes offered could include cycling, yoga and kickboxing, Zumba and strength-training.

The types of classes offered differ based on location, so it’s recommended to contact the nearest In-Shape Gym to see what classes are offered.

Apart from the group class, In-Shape Gym also offers private training sessions at an additional cost.

Can I freeze my In-Shape Gym membership?

Yes, it is possible to freeze your In-Shape Gym membership. In-Shape Gym allows members to put their memberships in storage for upto three months in a year.

The moment you put your membership on hold, the price is suspended, and you won’t be able have access to the gym.

To stop your membership from being frozen then you’ll have to call your local club or go to your club personally.

There could be a cost for freezing your membership and you’ll be required to provide reasons for the freeze, for example, injuries or illnesses.

Is In-Shape Gym open on holidays?

Yes, the In-Shape Gym is typically open all year round However, some locations might be closed or have hours that are reduced.

be closed for certain holidays.

It is always a good idea to inquire with the In-Shape Gym’s local In-Shape Gym to confirm their hours of operation during holidays.

Furthermore, In-Shape Gym may offer special holiday classes or special events for members.

Does In-Shape Gym have a pool?

Yes, a lot of in-shape Gym areas have swimming pools.

The availability of pools could vary based on the location and therefore it is recommended to contact the nearby In-Shape Gym to confirm if they have a pool and the hours of operation.

Swimming is an excellent kind of exercise that is low-impact and can give your body total exercise and is particularly useful for people suffering from joint injury or pain.

What kind of equipment does In-Shape Gym have?

In-Shape Gym has a wide selection of equipment, which includes cardio machines, weight machines free weights and other fitness equipment for functional use.

They also provide classes for fitness groups, individual training sessions, as well as amenities like steam rooms, saunas or swimming pools.

The facilities are well-maintained and designed to meet different fitness levels and objectives.

Can I pay for In-Shape Gym membership with cash?

Yes, you can purchase an In-Shape Gym membership with cash. Accepts various payment options like cash credit card, debit cards.

But it’s better to verify at the location you’re in to confirm their payment methods.

Does In-Shape Gym offer student discounts?

In-Shape Gym offers student discounts.

To take advantage of this offer You’ll have to present the proof of your student status when you register.

The discount can vary in light of the area and season.

It is therefore recommended to call In-Shape Gym In-Shape Gym for more specific details.

When you avail the student discount and students, you’ll enjoy all the benefits associated from In-Shape Gym for a lower cost.

that makes it easier to concentrate on your fitness and health with a limited budget.

In-Shape Hours


Days Hours
Monday 6 am – 8 pm
Tuesday 6 am – 8 pm
Wednesday 6 am – 8 pm
Thursday 6 am – 8 pm
Friday 6 am – 8 pm
Saturday 8 am – 4 pm
Sunday 8 am – 4 pm

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In-Shape Locations

 Social Media Links

In-Shape Official: Facebook
In-Shape Official:  Instagram
In-Shape Official:  YouTube
In-Shape Official:  Twitter
In-Shape Official:  LinkedIn
In-Shape Official:  Pinterest

FAQs – In-Shape Gym Membership Prices

What are the different membership options available at In-Shape Gym?

In-Shape Gym offers several membership options which include Basic Premium, Premium as well as VIP and Basic memberships. Each one of them offers varying degrees of access to fitness facilities, gym classes and other amenities.

How much does a VIP membership cost at In-Shape Gym?

The price of an elite Membership in In-Shape Gym varies depending on the location and length for the subscription. The typical price range is 60 to 100 per month.

Are there any initiation fees for joining In-Shape Gym?

It is true that In-Shape Gym charges an in-person initiation fee for new members. The amount charged varies according to where you are located and the membership plan selected.

Can In-Shape Gym memberships be canceled or put on hold?

Members can choose to end their membership, or put it on hold for a certain amount of time. But, there could be charges for making this decision.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the In-Shape Gym Membership Prices, Fees And Cost with its services you get.

Check out the given all details which helps you to know about the In-Shape.

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Disclaimer: We gathers actual In-Shape Gym Membership Prices, Fees And Cost information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources.  the In-Shape Information reported on this website may not be current, and may vary by location. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual In-Shape location of interest to you.

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