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Many people expect Equinox to have a sauna because it is a high-end gym with many amenities. And Equinox does not disappoint!


Equinox doesn’t just have saunas but high-end saunas that look like they came from Scandinavia. Besides that, they have swimming pools, hot tubs, and steam rooms.

Does Equinox Have A Sauna


Does Equinox Have A Sauna?

Equinox is a well-known gym chain with a sauna room where you can relax after a workout. You must be a gym chain member to get this perk. The sauna room is enormous, and there are benches made of wood where you can sit and enjoy the heat.

They are known for having high-end amenities like pools, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. Their goal is to give their members a better experience when they work out or use their facilities.

That’s about right since their membership fees aren’t cheap. They are considered one of the most expensive gym memberships, especially if you get their most costly and all-inclusive membership program.

Equinox wants its members to think that their high membership fees are worth it. Because of this, most of their gyms have saunas.

Equinox Sauna Rules

The most important rule set by the management is that when you enter the sauna, you must be dressed properly. For example, you can’t walk around the room without a shirt. Usually, you should wear swimwear or clothes you can move in.

Besides, it would be best if you didn’t walk into the room in sneakers or without shoes. When going to a sauna, sandals and slippers are the best shoes.

Equinox Nordic Inspired Sauna

Equinox knows how to make its amenities feel high-end. Some gyms are already thought to be high-end because they have a sauna, but Equinox beats them all by not only having a sauna but also a sauna with a Nordic design.

It is offered in the winter and is meant to be a unique way to relax and heal during that time. It takes place outside, which is a common thing to see in Norway and Iceland.

Equinox Nordic Inspired Sauna

This one-of-a-kind experience is available to gym members and hotel guests only in the winter.

The outside and the inside of these barrel saunas look great. Most of the time, they are heated to a maximum of 184°F and have a full view of city.

The dry heat sauna isn’t just good for relaxing. If you’ve been working out, it can help your body in many ways.

Benefits Of Using A Sauna at Equinox

People use the sauna not only to relax but also because it is suitable for their health. First of all, research shows that using a sauna could lower the risk of fatal heart diseases and the death rate.

Many people also go to the sauna to lower their risk of getting dementia. People also go there to help with the pain and swelling caused by arthritis.
As a gym-goer, using a sauna after your workout also has many benefits. These are some of them:

Improves Immunity

If you go to the sauna often, it will help your immune system get more robust. The number of white blood cells seems to increase as soon as you spend at least 15 minutes in the sauna.

The most important thing is that the sauna has a more substantial effect on people who exercise regularly than on people who don’t.

Relaxes Arteries

Your arteries will loosen up after about 30 minutes in the sauna. Regular treatment will prevent arterial stiffness, the leading cause of heart and blood vessel diseases, in the long run.

Keeps Blood Pressure Under Control

One study shows that after 30 minutes in the sauna, the average blood pressure of 100 people who participated in the survey dropped from 137/82 mmHg to 130/75 mmHg. The reason is that the blood vessels get more prominent, which makes the blood flow faster.

Since their systolic blood pressure didn’t go up even after 30 minutes, we can talk about how sitting in a sauna can help people in the long run.


Going to the sauna is a great way to relax after working out. In this way, it helps not only your body but also your mind. It’s a chance to get hot with no phone, no devices, and nothing else. It allows you to think, meditate, and be at peace for a short time.

Reduces Stress

Your body will be better able to deal with stress if you use the sauna. Because of this, the risk of many mental disorders, like depression, decreases. The truth is that focus is insufficient for your health and can even lead to heart disease.

Whether you use a traditional or infrared sauna, the heat will help your blood flow and make your body feel more relaxed. As a result, it will start putting out endorphins. They will help you think more clearly, making you feel better.

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