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Actually, It’s a mixed bag. Some locations have pools, but not all.

Higher-tier gyms, accessible with higher membership fees, are more likely to have a pool than the basic gym. The best way to figure this out is to visit a gym or call them.

Does Equinox Have A Pool

Does Equinox Have A Pool in All their Locations?

Equinox has many amenities, and pools are one of them. However, not every location has a pool.

Smaller Equinox gyms are less likely to have a pool for you to use while you work out.

It’s not too hard to find out which Equinox locations have pools.

If you Google your location along with the words “Equinox” and “pool,” you should get a good idea of whether or not there’s a pool nearby.

The Equinox website also has a page about group fitness classes in the pool. This, of course, will only show places that have pools.

Even if you’re not interested in the group classes, this page is a great way to find out if there’s a pool near you.

This method, however, does not show every place with a pool. To find out for sure, you should call or go to your local Equinox locations.

There are also different kinds of pools in other places. Some have pools on the roof, some have pools that are heated, some have cool pools, and some have pools with saltwater.

Checking out the Equinox clubs in your area will tell you precisely what you can do.

Equinox Gyms Pool Location

Some Equinox gyms around the country have swimming pools as part of their services, but not all Equinox gyms have pools. About 300 gyms in the US and about 35 are in New York City.

But even so, most of them don’t have pools.

As of this writing, only about 7 of New York’s 35 Equinox gyms have standard pools for their members to use. Some of these places would be the Hudson Yard, the Printing House, West 67th, East 61, East 63rd, and Greenwich Avenue.

Even though not every gym has a pool, all Equinox gyms have great features like Nordic-style saunas, cooling towels, Kiehl’s products, and more.

But if you want to work out in a pool, the places listed above should be your primary goals.

If you don’t live in New York City and want to know if the Equinox gym near you has a pool, you can call or go there to find out. There isn’t a list of all pool locations right now.

And no matter what, Equinox will give you a chance to try out the gym for free.

Equinox Pools Review

People have said that Equinox pools are the nicest at any gym.

That’s not out of the ordinary for this chain’s perks.

But they look very different from one another. Some are inside, some are outside, and some have lap lanes while others do not.
Most pools with lap lanes have three or four of them, and these are some of the biggest pools at Equinox.

All the pools are at least 7 feet deep, which is the minimum depth required for a gym.

In terms of width, they’re usually wide enough for at least three lanes, but the width of any pool isn’t given.

Length is another thing that varies a lot. Like many gyms, Equinox doesn’t have an Olympic-sized pool or one close to that size.

During my research, I have seen lengths of 69 feet, 75 feet, 85 feet, and even 32 feet.
All of them are suitable sizes for swimming for fun, but if you want to swim competitively, you might want to look elsewhere.

Even though most people use the pool areas to work out, they have a relaxing atmosphere because of the moody, luxurious lighting.

Most of the time, there are lounge chairs near the outdoor pools. The indoor pools are quieter and have soothing colors and a friendly atmosphere that will help you relax while you work out.

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Disclaimer: We gather actual information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The Information reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. The Equinox pool information reported on this website may not be current and may vary locations. To obtain current details, contact the individual Equinox location of interest to you.

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