Crunch Fitness Membership Cancellation – How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership

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The Crunch fitness chain offers a variety of fitness classes. Unfortunately, consumers have reported having difficulties canceling their memberships. Crunch Fitness does not impose penalties on members who have been members for at least one year.

If you wish to cancel your membership from a distance, you may send a letter or give them a phone call. It is possible to cancel your membership in person if you still live near one of their locations.

If you want to cancel your membership at Crunch Gymyou have three options. Three options to go about it. You can contact Crunch Gym via the form on their website or by phone or go to any nearby Crunch Gym and cancel the membership in person.

Crunch Fitness Membership Cancellation

Crunch Gym Membership Cancellation Through A Contact Form

👉 Step 1: Perform a web search and visit Crunch Gym’s official website. On the home page, you will find three different tabs over there- one says ‘Press,’ the second says ‘Jobs,’ and the third says ‘Careers.’ You have to click on the tab that says ‘Contact Us.’ 

👉 Step 2: Once you have clicked on it, a new web page will be opened, and you have to fill in the details of your Crunch Gym Cancellation request. First of all, select a valid reason for cancellation from the drop-down list.

👉 Step 3: Now, enter your personal information like name, address, etc., which will be used for verification purposes by the company officials before processing your request to cancel your membership. Next, write down a brief message mentioning why you wish to cancel your club membership against the given box that says ‘Cancel my Membership.

👉 Step 4: Press the ‘Submit’ button, and the company will contact you soon through a phone call or an email to further discuss your request for membership cancellation.

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Cancel your Crunch Gym membership by phone

👉 Step 1: Select the phone number of the gym you want to cancel. Go through their website or a phone book if there aren’t any online listings available.

👉 Step 2: Write down all your information before making the call, including:
If it’s not given, ask for someone who has the authority to cancel memberships.- The name of the person you are talking to. If that isn’t possible, find out whether they have an automated system to process cancellation requests and what procedures are in place. If you need to speak with someone else who can help You or give you more details on this, go ahead and contact them about canceling Your membership at Crunch Gym instead of trying to do it over the phone.

  • Date of birth, length of membership.
  • Any “personal” information about yourself that could be useful to help you avoid being billed again in the future.

This might include knowing your date of birth or social security number. It can help immensely.

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👉 Step 3: Decide what reason you are canceling the account because You don’t feel comfortable giving them this information over the phone if You wouldn’t otherwise share it with anyone for any other reason, but make sure whenever possible to be truthful, they will likely ask why you’re canceling Your membership at Crunch Gym and having an explanation prepared will help keep things professional between yourself and the person on the other end.

If You aren’t forthcoming with Your reason for canceling, they may not take You seriously or be more inclined to push You into staying with the gym.

👉 Step 4: Determining whether any free sessions will be refunded if you cancel your membership at Crunch Gym and what payment methods can lead to a successful cancellation of Your membership at Crunch Gym is an important factor in deciding whether or not You want to cancel it.

When you call, ask questions about how refunds work if offered and find out whether a certain method of payment results in a quicker cancellation of Your membership at Crunch Gym.

If they request any personal information over the phone, now would be the time to give it so that their records can be updated immediately except for social security number because this could potentially place Yourself in danger by giving away valuable information unless required for cancellation of Your membership at Crunch Gym which is not recommended unless You feel it’s necessary.

👉 Step 5: If You’d like to avoid calling and canceling all Your memberships over the phone, then consider using the internet and websites that offer cancellation services for a fee. For example, if you’re canceling your gym membership at Crunch Gym,

👉 Step 6: Read the terms and conditions of your contract with Crunch Gym, noting any important information about whether they can make deductions from your refund if you cancel within ‘x’ amount of time before the end of your membership and if they can automatically bill you in future.

👉 Step 7: Make sure You’ve got all the information necessary to cancel Your membership at Crunch Gym, including when You want it canceled, whether there is a waiting period, or any special requirements. If you Cancelled Your membership at Crunch Gym over the phone, make sure they give you written confirmation.

Emailing them with this information may be useful for proof of cancellation should You need it later on down the line to show companies that might try to keep charging You or re-enrolling You without Your knowledge due to not having received written notification from the gym themselves about canceling Your membership at Crunch Gym.

👉 Step 8: Do not provide personal financial details to anyone who contacts You claiming to be from Crunch Gym unless You feel 100% certain that it is legitimate and safe to do so.

Scams such as these are common, especially in Australia, which means You should always take precautions if contacted unexpectedly by someone that claims to represent an organization with which You have a membership.

👉 Step 9: Keep Your written evidence of canceling membership at Crunch Gym in a safe place. However, don’t ever send the original through the post or hand it over to anyone representing Crunch Gym, or you may never see them again.

If they claim someone needs to come and pick up the confirmation note, then only give it to them once you’ve had them verified whether they’re really working for Crunch Gym, such as by calling their head office number (provided on their official website) to check they’re legit.

👉 Step 10: In the unfortunate case where You have had money deducted from Your bank account without Your knowledge for a service that you’ve canceled and no longer use, it is important to act quickly and report the company to your bank as soon as possible.

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Cancelling Crunch Gym Membership Through the Email

You are not alone in thinking that canceling a gym membership is next to impossible. However, Crunch Fitness makes it easy for their members to cancel their contracts through written notice.

This means that if you know what steps to take, it should be relatively painless for you. To cancel your contract by mail, follow these steps:

👉 Step 1: You must have already signed up for this service online or in-person at a local gym location. If you never signed up yourself, there is no way to cancel your account!

👉 Step 2: Start sending emails with the subject “Member Request” and copy/paste the body of the email below into each one: I would like to request that Crunch Fitness cancel my membership effective immediately upon the receipt of this email. My membership number is __________ and my user password is _________.

👉 Step 3: Keep copies of each email you send in case the company needs proof that you made the request. It may take up to two weeks for your account to be canceled, but it will not be renewed after that time has passed. Since you are canceling through the mail, there should be no charge for making this change!

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How to cancel a Crunch Gym membership via mail

Canceling your Crunch gym membership is easy. Follow these simple steps to cancel your Crunch gym membership through mail.

👉 Step 1: Fill out the cancellation form that came with your monthly statement.

👉 Step 2: Mail it back to Crunch via certified mail; return receipt requested. Make sure you keep a copy of the form for yourself! Note that some members have reported they’ve had no issues canceling their gym memberships by faxing or emailing this same form!

👉 Step 3: Wait 10 days for the written confirmation of cancellation to come back in the mail, then mark on your calendar when this is – you must allow up to 10 business days for this process! If, after 10 days, confirmation has arrived, call up Crunch Customer Care at 888-732-6697 to confirm your cancellation.

👉 Step 4: You are all set! Cancel any automatic payments or withdrawals with your bank.

You can also cancel by logging into Crunch’s website, but not via phone – Email, or Fax. The process for canceling via phone is different from that of written confirmation received in the mail, so it may take longer before your membership is canceled! This same form to request a “Cancellation Form” be mailed to you if you’d rather not fill out the form online.

Points To Remember Which You Need To Include While Writing The Letter

  • Your membership number is provided during the making of the booking.
  • Your name as per documents.
  • Your primary billing address.
  • The address of where the address where your Crunch fitness can be found.
  • Your signature should be as per the documents you have received.
  • Any ID with 3 numbers, including your last 4 digits on your driver’s license, birth date, the final four numbers of your account, the date you joined.

Crunch Gym Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the crunch gym states that if a person wants to end the membership of another member, the following guidelines should be followed.

  • The member is required to make the payment due in monthly installments.
  • The member is required to return their member’s card at the crunch fitness gym in their area.
  • The member could also be required to pay for any unpaid dues before the day of cancellation.

Crunch gym Cancellation Fees

According to the crunch gym cancellation policies and outlines, the cancellation cost is charged to cancel the membership at a crunch gym. It states that anyone who wants to end their membership must pay a cancellation fee for the crunch gym membership.

A written notice needs to be sent together with a fee of $175. If you cancel your membership before one year, an additional fee of $25 will be charged as the early penalty for canceling the crunch gym.

After the free trial expires for the live crunch gym, and if the user doesn’t cancel, an amount of money is imposed on the users.

Thus, the above-described steps and the procedure for executing the crunch gym cancellation can benefit gym-goers.

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