24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer cost is affordable. If you want to scale up your health fast and safely, 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer is a great option.

24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers are highly trained and certified. Moreover, they provide proper guidance for exercise and help you to create your diet plan. How about we additionally take a look at the 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer cost and discover how things charge up here.

24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer cost

24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer cost depends on each session’s length and how many sessions you have purchased. Personal trainer session lasting approximately 25 to 50 minutes. You get a discount if you buy more sessions.

24 hour Fitness also offers partner training packages whose price is up to $ 500 TO $ 1,500

24 Hour Fitness Personal Training Packages may vary by location. More in 24 hours Fitness Personal Training Cost depends on the length of sessions and the number of personal training packages you purchase

You cannot purchase a single personal training session at 24 Hour Fitness. All purchased packages must be used within 6 months.

Express Training Sessions Cost (25-Minute Sessions)

  • 5 training sessions – $245 to $350
  • 10 training sessions – $460 to $650
  • 20 training sessions – $920 to $1,200

One-on-One Training Sessions Cost (50-Minute Sessions)

  • Starter package (includes 4 sessions; For the first-time trainees only) – $200 to $270
  • 4 sessions (returning trainees) – $330 to $520
  • 8 sessions – $610 to $950
  • 12 sessions – $850 to $1,400
  • 24 sessions – $1,500 to $2,500

Partner Training Sessions Cost

Two 24 Hour Fitness members can train together during a partner session. Partner sessions are available in two packages:

  • Five 50-minute sessions – $500 to $800
  • 10 50-minute sessions – $900 to $1,500

24 Hour Fitness Personal Training: Is It Worth It?

According to our research, personal training at 24-hour Fitness is about $80-$100 per hour. Although this pricing is comparable to other gyms, it may be lower for some.

Life Time personal training sessions cost between $75 and $150 an hour, and expert trainers in major cities such as New York charge the highest fees. As previously reported, Anytime Fitness charges $35-$70 an hour for personal training and $25-40 for a monthly subscription, and this is a cheaper option than 24 Hour Fitness.

You might also want to look at the cost per hour of training.

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