Equinox Prices & Membership Cost 2024

Equinox is widely considered one of the most luxurious fitness clubs and high-end gym memberships available. As an exclusive workout facility with top-notch amenities, Equinox commands membership fees that are higher than average. However, fans of the brand believe the services, features, and boutique fitness center environment make the cost worthwhile.

This guide will break down Equinox prices for various membership types, locations, and services. It also explores whether Equinox membership cost is worth it compared to lower-cost alternatives. Read on to learn if Equinox’s premium gym membership aligns with your fitness goals and budget.


Equinox prices

Equinox Membership Cost Overview

Basic Equinox membership rates typically start around $200 per month with an initiation fee of $500 or more. However, actual Equinox prices can vary significantly based on your location, membership tier, and current promotions.


The table below provides a general overview of average Equinox membership pricing:

Membership Type Monthly Fee Initiation Fee
Basic $200+ $500+
Premium $250+ $500+
Signature $300+ $500+

Equinox also offers short-term memberships, family add-ons, student discounts, and other specialized plans with different price points. Continue reading for more details on Equinox’s fee structure.


Monthly Membership Fees

Equinox’s standard monthly membership fee starts at over $200 per month for a basic “Destination” access plan. This gets you into a single Equinox gym location.

Upgrading to the mid-tier “All Access” plan runs around $250 monthly. This grants you access to all Equinox clubs within a designated state or region.

At the top tier is Equinox’s “Premier” plan with unrestricted nationwide access for $300+ each month.

So, at minimum, expect to pay over $200 per month in Equinox membership monthly fees. Premium tiers with multi-location access can cost $100+ more monthly.

Of course, exact Equinox prices will depend on your club’s location, membership level, and current promotions. For example, clubs in major cities like New York and San Francisco tend to charge higher rates.

Initiation and Enrollment Fees

In addition to ongoing monthly dues, most new Equinox members pay an initiation fee of around $500 or more. This one-time charge helps secure your membership and activate your account.

However, Equinox often waives or reduces initiation fees as part of seasonal promotions. It pays to ask about any current deals that allow you to join without paying the customary $500 Equinox initiation fee.

You may also incur minor enrollment fees during the membership sign-up process. This covers direct expenses like processing your paperwork and creating ID cards. However, administrative fees tend to be small (around $20-50) compared to Equinox’s standard initiation charges.

Equinox Membership Cost Comparison

How do Equinox’s membership rates compare to other gyms in your area? Expect to pay a significant premium over basic or budget clubs like Planet Fitness.

Equinox Membership Cost Comparison

For context, the average monthly cost for a standard gym runs $30-50 in most places. Even nice multi-purpose fitness centers like LA Fitness typically top out around $100 per month.

By contrast, Equinox price comparison shows this luxury brand demands $150-250+ in monthly fees. Boutique studios offering amenities similar to Equinox often max out around $125-175 each month.

Clearly, Equinox sits at the top end for premium fitness club memberships. You’ll pay roughly 2-5x standard gym rates for access.

Equinox Discounted Membership Options

What if Equinox fits your lifestyle goals, but the steep standard pricing exceeds your budget? The good news is Equinox does offer several discount programs that significantly reduce monthly fees for qualifying members.

Equinox Discounted Membership Options

Popular reduced-rate Equinox memberships include:

  • Equinox Student Discount – Full-time students under 26 can join Equinox for roughly half off standard pricing. Exact discounted student rates vary locally, but expect ~$100 per month.
  • Equinox Corporate Discount – Many companies subsidize gym memberships for employees. Check if your workplace provides discounted Equinox access, often $100-150 monthly.
  • Equinox Military Discount – Both current military personnel and veterans qualify for reduced Equinox rates of around $100-150 on average.
  • Equinox Senior Discount – Guests 55+ pay just $135 per month for an Equinox gym membership.
  • Equinox Family Membership – Add up to 3 family dependents like a spouse or children over 12 for $125 each per month. Kids under 12 join free.

Even with 50%+ discounts, reduced-rate Equinox pricing still exceeds average gym membership costs. However, these specialized deals make access more affordable for students, employees, armed forces, and older adults committed to joining. Qualifying for slashed rates can determine whether Equinox fits your budget or not.

Equinox Spa Services Price List

Most Equinox gyms offer luxurious spa-like amenities included with standard memberships like eucalyptus steam rooms, cedar saunas, cold plunges, and hot tubs.

Equinox Spa Services Price List

However, the gym also offers clinical health and beauty treatments from partner wellness brands for an additional fee. Options may include:

  • IV NUTRIENT THERAPIES – Intravenous vitamin formulations cost ~$200 per session
  • CRYOTHERAPY – Whole body cryo chamber sessions run ~$90 each
  • PRESSOTHERAPY – Compression boot treatments run ~$30-90
  • INFRARED SAUNA – Low-EMF heat therapy sessions cost ~$50
  • NORMATEC – Dynamic compression massages run ~$25-40
  • HYPERVOLT – Powerful percussive massagers cost ~$25-50 rental
  • STRETCHMED – Assisted stretch sessions run ~$30-75
  • ASSORTED MASSAGES – Massage modalities like deep tissue or sports massage run ~$150+ per hour
  • FACIALS – Anti-aging, hydrating and cleansing facials run ~$200+
  • WAXING/GROOMING – Hair removal and grooming services cost ~$50+ per area

So, while basic gym facilities are free, upgrading with clinical beauty, wellness, and recovery services at Equinox incurs pretty substantial a la carte pricing. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 for a quick massage gadget rental to $200+ for advanced IV treatments, massage sessions, or facials.

Equinox Personal Training Costs

Equinox sells personal trainer packages for one-on-one coaching at an extra charge on top of basic membership fees. However, expect to pay a premium.

Equinox Personal Training Costs

Single training sessions start around $150-175 per hour, depending on your coach’s experience level. Buying discounted packs lowers per-session rates to around $125-150 each.

So, at minimum, signing up for personalized Equinox fitness plans and coaching will add another $125-175+ to your monthly gym spending. Of course, the high-caliber trainers with celebrity clientele command rates exceeding $300+ per hour in major cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Rest assured, all Equinox coaching staff meet rigorous certification and skill standards – albeit at a price. For members seeking specialized guidance, personal training sessions offer an in-depth way to refine skills, achieve goals, and prevent overuse injuries. Just account for the considerable additional fees in your budget.

Equinox Guest Pass Prices

Want to test out the luxury Equinox experience before fully committing to a paid membership? The fitness company offers single-day guest passes.

Equinox Guest Pass Prices

Pricing for Equinox guest pass typically runs $50-75 per person, depending on location, so it’s not cheap. Still, it’s a worthwhile splurge if you want to evaluate the facilities and workout offerings before signing any long-term contracts.

Equinox sometimes provides targeted guest passes for free or discounted rates, but general public pricing falls in that $50-75 range for 24 hours of access.

Call your local Equinox club directly to check guest pass availability for a specific date. As an exclusive gym, Equinox limits the number of non-members permitted per day. So passes often sell out days or weeks in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Once you purchase a pass, you may access Equinox for the entire day to sample various classes, amenities, and equipment, just like a regular member.

It serves as a cost-effective way to experience Equinox’s five-star services with no strings attached before paying hefty membership fees. Or consider it a special occasional splurge if you can’t afford regular Equinox access.

Equinox Class Packages & Pricing

Basic Equinox membership grants unlimited free access to the full GX class schedule, including cardio kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and indoor cycling. So you won’t pay additional class fees as a member.

However, certain specialty Equinox class series do incur separate registration charges. Popular paid options include:

  • PRECISION RUN – An eight-week training workshop for runners costs $350.
  • WELLNESS WORKSHOPS – Four-week lifestyle habit courses around sleep, nutrition, etc, cost $175.
  • EQUINOX IMMERSIVE – Intensive four-day wellness retreats cost ~$3,000.
  • SIGNATURE SERIES – Quarterly four-class workshops from visiting celebrities/pros cost ~$500.

While traditional gym formats prove complimentary for members, these exclusive Equinox offerings demand additional workshop enrollment fees due to their intensive nature.

Expect to invest $250+ for multi-session packages guiding specialized topics like sport-specific training, wellness habits, life coaching, and athletic skills.

But the high-end classes led by famous trainers, subject experts, and stars offer unmatched access for members seeking elite-level instruction.

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Equinox Swimming Pool Access

Many Equinox gyms provide complimentary access to lap pools and aquatic areas for all gym members. So, you can use pools for free swim exercises as part of your standard membership.

Equinox Swimming Pool

In clubs without pools, Equinox partners with external facilities to offer included water workouts. For instance, Equinox prints pass granting members complimentary admission into a hotel or community center pool nearby off-site.

The only exception involves certain Equinox locations hosting third-party swim school programs during select daytime hours.

If so, pools operate reserved just for scheduled classes then – much like using studio spaces when group fitness classes run. Otherwise, standard memberships include recreational swimming and aquatic classes at no extra charge where available.

In short, enjoy every Equinox gym’s pools and water areas without paying additional fees over your base membership dues. Lap swimming, splashy aerobic classes, and leisurely soaking all become worry-free.

Equinox Membership Benefits and Amenities

For those willing and able to pay $200+ in monthly access fees, what exact fitness club amenities and member perks do you get through Equinox?

As a luxury brand, Equinox goes above and beyond typical gym amenities with plenty of exclusive membership benefits:

Equinox Membership Benefits and Amenities

State-of-the-Art Exercise Equipment

From cardio machines to resistance training zones, Equinox outfits each gym with the absolute best equipment from leading fitness brands.

Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and rowers feature internet-connected touchscreens with streaming entertainment. Resistance machines like Selectorized and plate-loaded units accommodate serious strength training.

Free weights include dumbbells up to 175 pounds plus Olympic lifting platforms, bars, bumper plates, and strongman-style implements.

Group Fitness Classes

Equinox schedules dozens of daily GFX classes spanning standard formats like HIIT, boxing, dance, cycling, and Pilates to trendier options like Beatback, Shockwave, and Tread & Shred workouts. The Pablo, Precision Run, and Rumbledance classes were developed in-house exclusively for Equinox.

Personal Training

All Equinox locations offer personal training packages for one-on-one guidance. Though certainly not cheap, it does grant access to proven coaches.

Indoor Pools

Many Equinox gyms feature indoor saline pools for swimming lanes and aquatic fitness classes.

Basketball Courts / Rock Climbing

Select clubs include regulation-size hardwood basketball courts and towering indoor rock climbing walls for crosstraining.

Boxing Studios & Rings

Heavy bags, speed bags, mitt work, and full-size boxing rings accommodate both cardio kickboxing classes and technical training.

Yoga & Pilates

Spacious studios with specialized flooring host popular yoga, barre, and Pilates modalities.

Steam Rooms & Saunas

Co-ed wet areas offer eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, cedar wood saunas, cold plunges, hot tubs, and lounge areas.

Luxe Locker Rooms

Equinox locker rooms feature luxury amenities like high-end vanities, hair styling tools, face toners, and toiletries from Rituals brand, along with chilled eucalyptus-infused towels.

Fancy extras like fresh fruit infusions, aromatherapy showers, and lounges with live plants elevate the experience.

Alternative Wellness Options

In addition to traditional gym equipment and classes, Equinox also offers select wellness programming like in-house massages, acupuncture, IV nutrient therapy, cryotherapy, compression therapy, and assisted stretching services.

Personal Nutrition App

Members get access to Equinox’s proprietary nutrition and lifestyle app, which is packed with recipes, wellness tips, customizable meal plans, and more.

Member Events

Equinox hosts member-only events like DJ’ed-themed rides, athletic competitions, celebrity workouts, masquerade parties, and athlete-led training sessions unavailable elsewhere.

This extensive list of amenities and programming makes Equinox a uniquely luxurious fitness club experience catered to serve their clients’ every health, wellness, and beauty need.

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How much is equinox membership NYC?

Here are some key details about Equinox gym membership costs in New York City:

  • Standard membership: Starts at $260 per month. This includes access to all Equinox locations and basic amenities.
  • All-access membership: Starts at $345 per month. This tier includes extra services like personal training, spa treatments, Priority reservations, etc.
  • Initiation fee: Equinox charges a one-time initiation fee that ranges from $0 to $500+ depending on special offers and membership type.
  • Tiered pricing: Equinox offers lower prices for students/teens ($160+ per month) and higher pricing for its more premium clubs like Equinox Hudson Yards ($410+ per month).
  • Contracts: Most Equinox memberships require you to commit to a 12-month contract when you first sign up.
  • Promotions: Equinox often runs promotions like waived initiation fees for a limited time or 1-2 free months when you join. This can lower the upfront costs.

So in summary, regular individual membership tends to start around $260 per month for the standard Equinox experience, going up significantly for add-ons, premium locations, and shorter commitment contracts. The initiation fee and 12-month commitment also add to the overall membership costs.

Is Equinox Membership Worth the High Cost?

Given the steep Equinox prices, many prospective members rightly wonder: “Is Equinox membership worth it for the money?”

It depends on your budget, fitness priorities, and how much value you place on luxury gym amenities.

Equinox certainly offers an unmatched workout experience for serious fitness devotees. The stunning multi-level clubs feature enormous state-of-the-art equipment spaces with top-of-the-line machines.

Group fitness class studios have spring-cushioned wood floors optimized for dance, yoga, and Pilates. Lap pools, professional boxing rings, indoor rock climbing walls, and regulation basketball courts provide unique cross-training options.

Members also enjoy ultra-pampered locker rooms with eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, 25-yard lap pools, complimentary grooming products, chilled fruit infusions, and more.

Equinox even offers occasional personal trainer sessions, nutrition counseling, and fitness assessments to keep members on track.

Beyond world-class facilities, Equinox captures exclusive partnerships with cult-favorite brands like SoulCycle to host studio classes on-site. The luxury gym also holds members-only events like masquerade yoga parties, acro workshops, and DJ-soundtracked group rides.

In short, Equinox spares no expense to provide an unparalleled membership experience. For hardcore gym-goers seeking the very best in fitness infrastructure, amenities, and programming, Equinox delivers in spades.

But more casual exercisers may balk at paying $200+ in high-end gym membership fees each month – especially considering cheaper alternatives. After all, you can get a solid full-body workout at most standard commercial gyms that offer extensive equipment and classes for $20-50 per month.

Joining boutique fitness studios a la carte typically costs less than an Equinox membership for unlimited access to specialty workouts like yoga, Pilates, boxing, and cycling.

Classpass bundles unlimited classes at various local studios for $90-150 monthly in many regions – often cheaper than Equinox.

So, while Equinox offers an unmatched workout experience, its hefty fees limit memberships mostly to affluent fitness devotees. More budget-conscious exercisers can likely find cheaper gym and studio alternatives to enjoy group classes, amenities, and great workouts at just a fraction of Equinox prices.

Pros and Cons of Equinox Membership

Given the significant cost commitment required, should you sign up for Equinox? Here’s an overview of key advantages and potential drawbacks to weigh when considering membership:


  • Unparalleled amenities like luxury locker rooms, towel service, pools, specialty equipment, and streaming entertainment systems
  • Hundreds of weekly group classes spanning unique proprietary formats plus trendy external brands like SoulCycle
  • Globally recognized for elite skill coaching with both group instructors and personal trainers.
  • Prime real estate locations in the heart of major cities, financial districts, and posh neighborhoods
  • Generous opening hours catering to busy schedules
  • Reciprocal nationwide access at all US clubs
  • High-end spa treatments and medical therapies are administered directly on-site.
  • Member events like masquerade parties, DJ performances, and celebrity-led classes
  • Exclusive access is difficult to obtain at competitors


  • Extremely expensive compared to average gyms, with monthly fees from $200 to $300+
  • Steep initiation fees around $500+ during enrollment
  • Personal training, specialty workshops, and spa treatments incur additional costs.
  • Often crowded at peak hours, given the hip popularity.
  • The upscale vibe may feel overly scenery or pretentious among luxury labels.
  • Blackout policies blocking access to reciprocal clubs on holidays
  • Requires long commutes from outer residential neighborhoods
  • Difficult to cancel without paying a hefty termination fee

Overall, Equinox memberships best suit wellness-conscious professionals and socialites living and working in major cities who are willing to pay premium rates for unmatched amenities, instruction, convenience, and cachet.

Casual budget exercisers often find comparable results and satisfaction at far cheaper gym alternatives. Assess your budget, priorities, and commitment to high-performance training when determining if costly Equinox access makes sense long-term.

Equinox Alternatives: Similar Luxury Gyms

If Equinox membership ultimately exceeds your budget or needs, consider high-end competitor brands that offer similar world-class amenities for relatively less. Top options include:

Equinox Alternatives

Life Time Fitness – This full-service gym and spa chain sells premium memberships from $150-$200 monthly with comparable perks like pools, studios, salons and cafes. Signature locations feature luxury extras like professional sports courts, family entertainment zones and Cowboy Jack’s sports bars.

EXOS – Founded by pro athletes, EXOS overlays state-of-the-art equipment spaces with advanced personalized training powered by wearables data, blood biomarker testing, DEXA scans and dedicated wellness coaches. They command premium rates from $200-300 monthly for the high-performance personalization and medical support.

UFC Gym – The MMA organization’s signature gym franchise offers luxury amenities like Octagon training cages, boxing rings, personalized programming and Hypervolt massage lounges priced from $100-150 on average per month.

High-energy classes, legendary pro instruction and premium equipment cater to serious athletes.

While slightly more affordable than Equinox, these brands still demand around double traditional gym dues in exchange for luxury-level spaces, staff and services. But they provide solid alternatives at 10-25% savings for high-end seekers unwilling to pay Equinox’s steepest fees.

How To Cancel Equinox Membership

What if you join Equinox but later wish to cancel the expensive membership? The gym does make terminating your contract fairly straightforward.

You must cancel in writing via Equinox’s contact form or certified mail with a return receipt.

Simply provide a notice of intent to cancel along with your name and membership details. Per the cancellation policy terms, your membership will then officially terminate 45 days after the written cancellation notice receipt.

Note that you remain responsible for paying any dues still owed during this final 45-day notice window before actual contract termination.

Equinox typically charges exiting members a cancellation fee equal to two monthly membership charges (excluding taxes and initiation fees). So expect to pay around $400-600 in termination fees when you cancel, depending on your membership level.

The gym may waive cancellation fees for certain exceptions like medical reasons or military relocations. But in most voluntary cancellations, you will incur these final exit dues.

On the plus side, Equinox does not lock new members into lengthy, automatically renewing contracts. So, you retain the flexibility to cancel relatively quickly after joining if you change your mind or can no longer afford the high monthly membership fee. Just budget for the pricey cancellation penalty charges. 

The Bottom Line: Is Equinox Membership Worth the Cost?

There’s no denying Equinox operates the gold standard for luxury fitness experiences…reflected in their premium $200+ monthly membership rates. You certainly pay for the privilege through hefty dues rivaling many people’s rent or car payments.

However, devoted high-performance athletes, fitness fashionistas and wellness aficionados find the unparalleled amenities, elite coaching, trendy classes and uber-convenient locations well worth budget-busting prices.

Plus, discounted rates help students, employees, military and older adults access Equinox for relatively more reasonable $100-150 monthly fees.

More casual gym-goers on tight budgets achieve similar results for less at value fitness centers like Planet Fitness or YMCAs costing under $50 monthly.

And thrifty exercisers willing to join separate budget gyms and boutique studios a la carte can access similar amenities as Equinox just far more affordably.

Ultimately, determining true Equinox value depends hugely on your personal finances and passion for excellence in fitness experiences.

Check out guest passes to gauge if the luxury facilities and services make the steep investment worthwhile for your needs before committing.

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