Does LA Fitness Have Childcare? Kids Klub Awaits! 2024

INTRODUCTION: LA Fitness is a great gym with many locations and options for parents who want to get in better shape.

But what if you want to work out but have a young child and no one to watch them? Does LA Fitness have a place for kids?


LA Fitness has a program for children as young as three months old. The Kids Klub is a fun place for kids to play while their parents work out.

Even though the Kids Klub costs extra on top of the normal membership, LA Fitness gives you a lot of ways to pay, like a monthly Kids Klub membership or a “pay as you go” option.


What is LA Fitness?

la fitness

LA Fitness is a gym with more than 600 clubs in the US and Canada that you can join.


In 1984, Southern California was the place where the fitness club franchise got its start. The gyms are open seven days a week and offer personal training, group classes, and a variety of workout equipment.

In many places, you can also find a pool, basketball court, racquetball court, spa, and cafe.

We should point out that most LA Fitness gyms are franchises that are owned and run by different people. This means that the standards and amenities may change depending on who owns and runs the gym.

Does LA Fitness Have Childcare?

children care

Most of LA Fitness’s gyms do have places for children to play. This Kids Klub is a safe place for kids to play with other kids and do activities while their parents work out.

Parents can easily leave their kids in this safe area with the staff for the time allotted, go enjoy their session, and then come back to get their kids before their time is up.

It’s a great extra benefit of membership, and you should think about it if you’re new to LA Fitness and know that taking care of your kids at home might keep you from getting the most out of your time there.

SafeSplash Swim School may also be offered at LA Fitness locations with swimming pools that have them.

This could be a great way for your child to get two things done at the same time. They can take swimming lessons with coaches and friends while you go do your own workout. Then, after your sessions, you can both use other places.

What is Kids Klub at LA Fitness?

The Kids Klub at LA Fitness is a great place for kids to play while their parents work out. Parents can use this service to watch their children for up to two hours while they stay at the gym.

In general, the Kids Klub has play mazes, games, arts and crafts, and reading time, but the activities do change depending on where it is.

Background checks are done on all babysitters, so parents can feel safe leaving their kids with them while they work out. Also, if you need to be reached, the babysitters can let you know through the LA Fitness app.

Does LA Fitness Charge For Childcare?

The childcare facilities at LA Fitness do cost money. The cost of using the fitness facilities does not include the price.

You can get to this in two ways. The first is to sign up for a monthly pass, which lets you drop off your child at the center as many times as you want during that month.

The other option is to pay a one-time fee, which will be explained below.

How you sign up changes how much the monthly pass costs. The lowest price is $10 and the highest is $15.

This is a nice $5 bonus to add to your membership package when you join the gym. It might not seem like much at first, but if you go to the gym for a year, that could save you $60 on child care.

So, keep this in mind when you’re thinking about how to join.

Is LA Fitness Kids Klub worth it?

Parents answer this question in different ways. Some parents have wonderful lives, but others don’t. Obviously, the answer to this question depends on things like the LA Fitness location and the staff at the Kids Klub.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the LA Fitness Kids Klub to help you decide if it’s right for your family.

In the end, we suggest that you go to the LA Fitness near you, take a tour, and even meet the babysitters at the Kids Klub.


  • Choice of a monthly membership or a visit every day
  • Convenient for parents who want to work out but need a place for their children
  • Background checks must be passed by babysitters.
  • Compared to hiring a babysitter to stay at your house, it’s pretty cheap.
  • Children from 3 months to 12 years old can join.
  • Kids Klub memberships can be put on hold for free and indefinitely.


  • Kids can stay at Kids Klub for no longer than two hours.
  • There are kids of all ages.
  • No mid-day hours
  • Parents say they were told to come get their kids if they needed their diapers changed.
  • Parents say they were told to pick up their children if they cried for five minutes.
  • Parents say that the nannies don’t have CPR certification.

What Age Is LA Fitness Kids Klub?

Like the lists of activities, the details can change depending on where you are. In general, kids from 3 months to 12 years old can join Kids Klub.

Some gyms might not be able to take babies this young because they don’t have the right equipment or staff with the right training.

Or, you might find that some don’t let kids as old as 12 because of how the activities are set up or to limit the number of kids.

Is LA Fitness Childcare Any Good?

Even if there is childcare available at the gym, you might not want to use it. There are different reviews and thoughts from parents.

Some people have had bad experiences with the Kids Club at LA Fitness, but others have had great ones.

If you want to be sure and feel good about leaving your child with them, you should call and talk to them about your worries. You should also find out what they have for the kids to do.

If your kids have special needs or instructions, you should talk to the staff first to see if they can do it.

What Do You Get For Your Money At LA Fitness Kids Klub?

You want to know that your child has access to great facilities and opportunities while you work out, whether you pay the lower rate of $5 or the higher rate of $15.

Depending on where an LA Fitness center is, there will be different things to do there. So, don’t expect your child to be able to do everything their nieces and nephews can do in another state.

Still, you should be able to find a lot of fun things to do with kids to keep them busy and moving.

The staff can tell them stories, help them with arts and crafts projects, and play games with them.

There should also be a lot of activities for each age group, which is important given the age limits.

Is There A Time Limit On A Kids Klub Visit?

Yes. You can’t leave your child at a LA Fitness childcare center for more than two hours at a time. This is to make sure that parents don’t abuse the service when other parents are trying to use it.

You should have more than enough time to warm up, finish your session or class, take a shower, change, and go back to the childcare area in two hours.

The company doesn’t want parents to drop off their kids, work out, run a few more errands in town, and then pick up their kids whenever it’s convenient for them.

What Is The Single-Visit Cost To LA Fitness Kids Klub?

The good news is that you don’t have to sign up for a monthly pass if you don’t use LA Fitness as often as other parents.

You might not be a member but want to use a LA Fitness gym when you’re away from home, or you might use their gym when you can’t get to your usual workout spot.

You can pay $5 for a single visit and be sure that your child will be taken care of well while you work out.

Here, the value depends on how likely it is that you will come back to the facility within a month.

For example, if you think you might go to the gym once a week and pay the single-visit fee, you will end up paying more than the $15 maximum for the monthly pass. If you think the monthly pass will save you money in the long run, it might be better to pay for it.

History of LA Fitness

LA Fitness was founded in 1984 by Chin Yol Yi and Louis Welsh. The two men were interested in fitness and saw a chance to start a chain of health clubs that met the needs of the average person better.

Yi and Welsh thought that people should be able to use good fitness facilities no matter where they lived, so they started a national chain of health clubs.

 Kids Klub Hours

Parents can use Kids Klub all week long, on the following days and times:

Day Time
Monday 8AM – 12PM, 4PM – 8PM
Tuesday 8AM – 12PM, 4PM – 8PM
Wednesday 8AM – 12PM, 4PM – 8PM
Thursday 8AM – 12PM, 4PM – 8PM
Friday 8AM – 12PM, 4PM – 8PM
Saturday 8AM – 12PM
Sunday Closed

LA Fitness Hours


Days Hours
Monday 9 AM–06 PM
Tuesday 9 AM–06 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–06 PM
Thursday 9 AM–06 PM
Friday 9 AM–06 PM
Saturday 9 AM–06 PM
Sunday 9 AM–06 PM

LA Fitness Holiday Hours

holiday hours

The gym is open on most major holidays, which is good news. Again, this is different in different places. On Christmas Eve, they are open from 8 am to noon. On both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, they are open from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • New Year’s Day (1st of January)
  • Valentine’s Day (14th of February)
  • Easter Monday (varies depending on the year)
  • Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May)
  • Father’s Day (third Sunday in June)
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Halloween (31st of October)
  • Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November)
  • Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Christmas Eve (24th of December)
  • Boxing Day (26th December)
  • New Year’s Eve (31st December)

LA Fitness Near Me Location

FAQ – Does LA Fitness Have Childcare? Kids Klub Awaits!

How much does LA Fitness charge for childcare?

There are several ways to pay, including a monthly option and a one-time option. The cost is between $10 and $15 per child per month, depending on whether you sign up for it when you join or later as an add-on. Or, they offer as an alternative…

How much does Kids Klub cost?

Cost to join Kids Klub. If you sign up for LA Fitness and choose the monthly option, it will cost $10 per month, per child. If you decide later that you want to add it, it will cost $15 per child, per month.

Disclaimer: Does LA Fitness Have Childcare above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. All prices and information provided on this website are averaged and should only be used as estimates. To confirm current information, please contact Does LA Fitness Have Childcare? Kids Klub Awaits!

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