Gold’s Gym Prices & Gold’s Gym Membership Cost 2021

Gold’s Gym Prices & Gold’s Gym Membership

Gold’s Gym Prices

The Gold’s Gym Prices are reasonable considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Gold’s Gym Membership.

If you are a fitness lover and love going through hours at the gym center for a solid body, then certainly you know about Gold’s Gym. Gold Gym is the most popular chain of fitness centers headquartered in the US and operates in various parts of the world.

Gold’s Gym Prices & Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

Gold’s Gym Monthly Membership Prices

Start Up Fees Per Person$74
Facility Maintenance Fee$39
Late Fee$19.50

Gold’s Gym 12 Month Contract

Individual Membership$29
Couple (2 Adults) (2nd person $25)$54
Couple with 1 Minor Includes Children Program$62

Gold’s Gym 24 Month Contract

Individual Membership$25
Couple (2 Adults) (Second Person $24)$49
Couple with 1 Minor Includes Children Program$55


Gold’s Gym Annual Membership Prices

No Start Up Fee & No Facility Maintenance Fee
Individual Membership$348
Couple (2 Adults) second person $300$648


Gold’s Gym Cancellation  Fees

Cancellation Fees$89
Cancellation Fees Move 15 miles + w/ 30 day notice$80
Cancellation Fee Transfer to another Individual$50
Cancellation Fees Medical Reasons & Proof$20

Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

Gold’s Gym Monthly Membership

Speaking of Gold’s Gym membership, Gold’s Gym has something special for everyone. In Gold’s Gym’s month-to-month membership, you can avail of their services without any commitment, in which their Start-Up Fees Per Person is $74. along with that facility, the maintenance fee is $ 39, and the Late Fee is $19.50.

  • Set-Up Fees Per Person – $74
  • Facility Maintenance Fee – $39
  • Late Fee – $19.50

Gold’s Gym 12 Month Contract Membership

Gold’s Gym 12-month contract membership is also available; Gold’s Gym’s 12-month contract Individual Membership costs you $29.

If you love to workout with your life partner, there is good news for you, you can take advantage of the Gold’s Gym couple membership Offer, which costs $ 54, with your partner paying only $ 25.

Not only that, by adding just $ 8, you can take your child with you by taking advantage of Gold’s Gym children’s program.

  • Individual Membership – $29
  • Couple (2 adults)(2nd person $25) – $54
  • Couple with 1 Minor (Children Program) – $62

Gold’s Gym 24 Month Contract Membership

Gold’s Gym prices decrease for long commitments; for example, Gold’s Gym Gold’s Gym’s 12-month contract Individual Membership costs you $ 29 while the same membership costs only $ 24 for a 24-month contract.

24-month contract membership cost for a couple (2 adults) is reduced to $ 49, and by adding just $6 more, with Gold’s Gym children’s program, you can take your child with you to the gym for only $ 55.

  • Individual Membership – $24
  • Couple (2 adults)(2nd person $24) – $49
  • Couple with 1 Minor (Gold’s Gym Children Program) – $55

Gold’s Gym Annual Membership cost

In Gold’s Gym Annual Membership, there is no Startup or Facility Maintenance Fee; if we talk about Gold’s Gym Annual Membership for Individual, it is $ 384 annually, and Gold’s Gym Couple membership costs you $648 with the second person need to pay only $ 300.

  • Individual Membership – $384
  • Couple (2 adults)(Second person $300) – $648
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How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership

Gold’s Gym offers the best services & a huge variety of classes, but if you want to cancel your membership for any reason, you need to know how to cancel gold’s gym membership.

Below is all the information you need to know to cancel gold’s gym membership.

After your Gold’s Gym contract expires, your membership automatically changes from month to month, which you can cancel at any time of your choice. But to cancel the membership from the middle of the contract, you may have to pay a cancellation fee to terminate the membership.

You can only cancel the initial contract due to a medical condition. Otherwise, you may have to pay the remaining amount of the contract.

Gold’s Gym membership only has to be canceled in person; it cannot be canceled by email or phone.
The best advice is to go to your nearest Gold’s Gym and talk to the gym’s manager and explain to them why you want to cancel Gold’s Gym membership and ask them how to cancel gold’s gym membership; They will make further arrangements for you.

For Gold’s gym Membership Cancellation Portal  Click Here 

  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees – $89
  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees (Move 15 miles + w/30 day notice) – $80
  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees (Transfer to another individual) – $50
  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees (Medical Reasons with proof) – $20

Gold’s Gym Hours

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Gold’s Gym Near Me

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FAQs For Gold’s Gym prices & Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

1. How much is the monthly fee for Gold’s Gym?

Gold’s Gym Monthly Fee is 29.99 + Initial fee

2. What does a Gold’s Gym membership include?

  • Gold’s Gym Membership Include.
  • strength training and cardio equipment.
  • Exercise programs include Pilates, group cycling, endurance training, mixed martial arts, yoga, and Zumba.
  • Certified personal trainers and staff.
  • personalized workout plan.
  • Exclusive cardio cinema.
  • unlimited guest privileges.
  • 50% off cooler drinks daily.
  • Travel Pass to Express Gyms.
  • Unlimited tanning

3. Is Gold’s Gym worth it?

All of Gold’s Gym’s personal trainers and staff are highly skilled and certified; besides, they run classes such as endurance training, Pilates, mixed martial arts, group cycling, yoga, and Zumba in the presence of a skilled supervisor.

Gold’s Gym is running various programs to grow your fitness, including the Gold’s Gym Challenge, webinar training, cycling competitions, etc.

Looking at all these benefits, it can be said that, yes, Gold’s Gym is definitely worth it.

4. Does Gold’s Gym have a family membership?

Yes, Gold’s Gym have a Family Membership.

5. How much is a Gold’s Gym membership 2020?

Annual membership of Gold’s Gym basic membership(one club access) costs $348, and only $29 per month. You’ll have to pay the $74 initiation fee.

6. How much is Gold’s Gym Monthly?

Gold’s Gym Monthly cost

  • Start-Up Fees Per Person – $74 monthly
  • Facility Maintenance Fee – $39 monthly 

This article provides the complete information about Gold’s Gym Prices and its Cost.

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