OrangeTheory Fitness Prices and Membership Cost

d OrangeTheory Fitness Prices and OrangeTheory Membership

Are you looking to get in shape but wondering about the cost of OrangeTheory Fitness Prices?

You’ve come to the right place OrangeTheory Fitness is a popular gym that combines the high intensity interval workout (HIIT) Along with the monitoring of your heartbeat to assist you in Meeting the fitness objectives you have set.

With many membership options choosing a plan that fits Your budget and fitness requirements is simple.

Orangetheory Fitness Prices

This article will take you through a more in-depth review of OrangeTheory Fitness Prices and membership costs to assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to joining.

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices and Membership Cost

Membership Option Price
Basic Membership (4 classes per month) Monthly fee: $69
Initiation fee: Nil
Cancellation fee: Nil
Additional session fee: $18
Elite Membership (8 classes per month) Monthly fee: $109
Family add-on: $99
Elite corporate: $99
Initiation fee: Nil
Cancellation fee: Nil
Additional session fee: $18 (Extra)
Premier Membership (Unlimited classes) Monthly fee: $169
Family add-on: $159
Premier corporate: $159
Initiation fee: Nil
Cancellation fee: Nil (unless late)
Late cancellation fee: $12
No shows fine: $12
Sessional Packages 10 Sessions: $199
20 Sessions: $359
30 Sessions: $499
Drop-in Rate 1 Session: $28

OrangeTheory Fitness Different Memberships and classes Prices Overview

OrangeTheory provides three different membership options and also a package of 10, 20 and 30 classes package

so, let’s take a look at OrangeTheory Fitness prices and membership options

  • Orange Basic Membership
  • Orange Elite Membership
  • Orange Premier Membership

as well as the sessional package available.

Remember you have to pay extra for guest

Orange Basic Membership

This OrangeTheory Basic membership includes 4 classes per month and costs $69 per month. This membership is an Excellent alternative for those who wish 🤞 to experience OrangeTheory Or wish to attend a handful of classes each month.

This membership allows You to take part in OrangeTheory workouts on an informal basis but still enjoy the benefits of high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) as well as heart rate monitors which the studio is famous for.

If you purchase this OrangeTheory Basic membership it is possible to attend four classes each month. This could be a Great way to try out the OrangeTheory exercise and determine whether it’s the best suit for you.

Suppose you decide you’d like to upgrade your membership from OrangeTheory Basic Membership to an OrangeTheory Elite membership which offers 8 classes every month.

The procedure for upgrading your membership may differ based upon Your location and the specific policies of the studio but generally will require a fee to Upgrade to a higher membership level.

Orange Elite Membership

OrangeTheory Elite membership OrangeTheory Elite membership includes 8 classes per month and costs $109/month.

This plan is a great choice for people who want to work out regularly but can only make it to a few classes per month.

As part of your OrangeTheory Elite subscription, you can go to 8 classes each month. This is a great way to keep track of your fitness goals and stick to a regular workout routine.

Suppose you want to upgrade your OrangeTheory Elite membership to the OrangeTheory Premier membership, which offers unlimited monthly classes.

In that case, you are able to upgrade your membership by consulting your nearest orangetheory studio. The procedure to upgrade your membership can differ based on your location and the policies specific to your studio.

However, upgrading to the more expensive membership level usually involves paying an additional cost.

Orange Premier Membership

Orangetheory’s Premier Package includes unlimited classes and a discounted rate for families of $ 169 per month.

Except for a few extra perks, members at the orange premier level receive all of the benefits that members at the orange elite level do.

Furthermore, as an orange premier-level member, you receive special supplement pricing and 15% off any supplement packages purchased.

This is an excellent value at this level because it means you are getting even more benefits than an orange elite member for only $9 more per month!

Orangetheory’s class Packages

In addition to these membership options, OrangeTheory Fitness also offers sessional packages, which allow you to purchase a certain number of classes upfront at a discounted rate.

Three sessional packages are available: the 10 class package, the 20 class package, and the 30 class package. Here is an overview of each package:

  • 10 class package: This package includes 10 classes, and the price for 10 classes is $199 and may vary by location. This is a good option for those who want to try out OrangeTheory or only attend a few classes per month.
  • 20 class package includes 20 classes, and the price for 20 classes is $359 and may vary by location. This is a good option for those who want to attend a moderate number of monthly classes and are looking to commit to a regular workout routine.
  • 30 class package: This package includes 30 classes, and the price for 30 classes is $499 and may vary by location. 

One of the benefits of the sessional packages is that they offer a discounted rate compared to purchasing classes individually. 

In addition, sessional packages are not eligible for monthly payments or holds, so you will need to pay for the entire package up front.

If you’re looking to commit to a regular workout routine and attend a moderate number of classes per month, the Orange Elite membership or the 20 class package could be a good fit.

And suppose you want to attend OrangeTheory as often as possible and have the most flexibility and convenience. In that case, the Orange Premier membership or the 30-class package could be the way to go.

Ultimately, the best membership option or sessional package for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. 

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How much does it cost to cancel Orangetheory membership?

Here are the most important things to be aware of when you decide to cancel an Orangetheory membership and the associated charges:

  • Orangetheory Fitness memberships can be terminated at any point and without long-term contracts or cancellation charges.
  • If you choose to end your membership before the close of the present billing cycle, then you will continue to have access to Orangetheory courses and facilities until the end of the cycle.
  • If you choose to end your membership before the billing period has expired, the membership will not be charged for the following cycle, and access to the programs and amenities will cease immediately.
  • If you are a member of a prepaid membership, you could be entitled to a prorated refund for any unfulfilled classes or remaining time in your membership.
  • If you are a member of an installment plan subscription, you’ll need to settle any outstanding balance due on your account prior to when you can terminate your membership.
  • If you decide to cancel your membership but decide to join at a later time, you could be subject to current prices and promotions.

Initiation Fee

The best part about signing up for the Orangetheory membership is that you will not have to pay any initiation costs. The only cost you pay is for the monthly subscription.

Drop-in fee

You can choose to drop into an Orangetheory session that costs $28. The session will provide you with what the curriculum will beconducted, as well as other details.

Can I go to any Orangetheory with my membership?

With the purchase of an OrangeTheory Fitness membership, you are able to attend classes in any location.

This is an awesome benefit for people who frequently travel or have several OrangeTheory Fitness locations near their homes or workplace.

You can utilize OrangeTheory Fitness’ OrangeTheory Fitness app or website to reserve courses at the facility you prefer.

Remember that the availability of classes may differ according to place, which is why it’s best to verify beforehand and reserve ahead to ensure that you’ll have the time you’d like.

Can I freeze Orangetheory membership?

Orangetheory Fitness allows members to keep their memberships frozen for a specified duration of time.

The time period and costs related to freezing a membership will vary dependent on the location as well as the type of membership.

It is recommended to inquire with the nearby Orangetheory Fitness studio for their specific policies and procedures in relation to freezing memberships.

Be aware you can freeze your subscription and can prolong the duration of your contract. Therefore, it’s crucial to take into consideration your options prior to making an informed decision.

How much does an OrangeTheory Fitness class cost?

The price associated with the cost of an Orangetheory Fitness class may vary according to a variety of factors, the location, membership status, and the package of classes purchased.

Here are some guidelines to be aware of:

  • Orangetheory Fitness typically offers various package options, with the cost per class decreasing when you sign up for larger packages. For instance, one class could be priced at around $28, and the cost of a 10-class package could be approximately $200, which makes each class about $20.
  • Certain Orangetheory Fitness locations may offer special rates for new members or discounts for certain groups, like the military or students.
  • Orangetheory Fitness also offers membership plans that may provide classes at a lower price than purchasing individual classes. Membership plans typically have the payment of a monthly fee. It could comprise a specific amount of sessions per month or the ability to access classes for an unlimited period of time.
  • The cost of membership can differ based on the location but can vary from $59 and $159 per month, dependent on the plan chosen and the location of the studio.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that these estimates are general, and the actual costs could differ based on the locations and promotions offered. It is recommended to contact any nearest Orangetheory Fitness studio for specific price information.

What Is Orangetheory?

OrangeTheory Fitness is all about making the most of your exercise. Their approach relies on the idea of “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption” (EPOC) that is also known in”the “afterburn effect.”

In essence, during an OrangeTheory exercise, you’ll try to remain within”the “Orange Zone” heart rate for at minimum 12 minutes.

This could increase your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently even after you’ve completed the workout which will enhance your fitness levels and endurance.

If you’re looking to push your fitness to the highest step, OrangeTheory could be a ideal choice for you!

Is There Any Special Equipment Involved in Orangetheory?

In your OrangeTheory Fitness workout, you’ll generally use a variety of equipment like treadmills as well as indoor rowing machines as well as free weights.

Also, you’ll be wearing an  OrangeTheory Fitness heart rate monitors throughout the class to monitor your progress and ensures that you’re working at the appropriate intensity.

Certain OrangeTheory studios may offer additional equipment to use during classes, like TRX suspension trainers, bikes or kettlebells.

It’s generally the case that you don’t have to be equipped with any particular equipment or attire to participate in an OrangeTheory class. simply wear your fitness clothes and sneakers, and you’ll be good to start.

But, it’s recommended to consult with the local studio to find out whether there are any particular guidelines or requirements for the course. you earn a “Splat point,” which you can track using the app.

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge

The Orangetheory Transformation Challenge is a program for fitness that is offered by OrangeTheory Fitness which is created to help you meet your fitness goals, and to see impressive results in just a few weeks.

As part of the course, you’ll take part in Orangetheory Fitness classes. 

You’ll be on an exercise bike, a rowing machine and using weights all while having your heart rate tracked by an electronic Heart Rate Monitor.

Alongside the exercises In addition to the exercises, in addition to the workouts, Orangetheory Transformation Challenge also includes personal coaching to keep you on track and achieve your goals.

This can include help with nutrition-making goals and being held Accountable. The Goal of this challenge is to help You make big strides on your Path to exercise and get the results you’ve been Working toward.

The Orangetheory Transformation Challenge is open to everyone regardless of fitness level or previous experience in Orangetheory Fitness.

If you’re seeking a structured and supportive program that will assist you in reaching those fitness targets, then the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge may be the perfect choice for you.

Orangetheory Student Discount

It’s possible that some OrangeTheory Fitness locations may offer student discounts. It is crucial to keep in mind the fact that OrangeTheory Fitness is a franchise which means that the pricing and policies can differ depending on the location.

So, it’s a good idea to reach out to the closest OrangeTheory Fitness studio to inquire about discounts for students and other promotions offered.

If you’re an undergraduate student who is looking to join OrangeTheory Fitness, it’s worth looking into any discounts for students which are available. A lot of studios provide discounts for students in order to draw new members in and to help their community.

But, it’s crucial to remember the fact that even when a discount for students is not offered There are other membership options as well as sessional plans that might be cheaper for you.

Orangetheory Coaches

Orangetheory coaches work in Orangetheory fitness saloons to Help Orangetheory clients with their workouts, schedules, diets and other Things that make a full workout.

And, Orangetheory coaches work with many clients at once, and they Do more than help their clients with their workouts In the gym they Also plan exercises for them To do. If you have experience As a fitness coach, You can apply for a job at orangetheory, Here are complete details of How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make

So,they have a lot to Do to ensure Orangetheory clients have the best experience Possible. They are certified Trainers Who know how to take care Of your physical and mental needs.

Orangetheory Discount Offers and Deals

Orangetheory has something for everyone, with tons of offers and discount plans, and if you want to take your health and fitness to the Next level, Orangetheory Discount plans are a Great place to start. As previously stated, discounts are available under two conditions.

Assume you decide to add a family member Of your choice to your membership. This option is available for both premier and elite memberships.

In both cases, the membership add-on member will receive an additional discount of Up to $10 off the monthly price.

Joining corporate memberships is another way to get discounts. When a large group of people Or employees of a business (10 or more) plan to attend Orangetheory classes together, the cost is reduced by $10 per person.

The membership will be available in two levels: elite and premium. Furthermore, a corporate membership can make your workouts more enjoyable because you’ll Be working out with other members.

Orangetheory Discount offers to include the First Free Workout / Class offer, the Try 2 Free Workouts offer, the Free Bottle of Water offer, the Retail Discount offer, the Membership Discount offer for both members and non-members, and the Membership Discount offer for both members and non-members.

Pack discount, Black Friday deal, Holiday present Other promotions, such as bundles, are available On Orangetheory’s official website.

For ongoing Orangetheory promotions

Please visit this page:

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Members Review

It’s not unusual to find OrangeTheory Fitness members to have mixed opinions about the program.

Other members may have had less positive experiences for instance, being concerned that the workouts were not enough intense and not seeing the results they had hoped to see, or feeling the expense associated with the training program is unjustified.

It’s crucial to be aware that every person’s experience with OrangeTheory Fitness will be different What is effective for one person might not be the same for someone else.

Then, It’s also important to note that the intensity and efficacy of the exercises may be contingent on the instructor’s individual style and the location of the studio.

It’s recommended to test a one or two classes prior to signing up to a membership in order to determine whether it’s a good choice for you.

A lot of people have praised  Orangetheory DriTri program (which contains six bodyweight exercises),

OTF must increase a person’s heart rate to at least 85% of its maximum. This results in “excess post-exercise oxygen intake.” This, in turn, accelerates a person’s metabolism for the rest of the day.

OrangeTheory Fitness Locations 

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Final Thoughts

The price for membership at Orangetheory is not one of the lowest prices to Join a gym. But, when you consider The rigorous efficient workouts, as well as the group workouts and group exercises, An Orangetheory membership could Be worth the cost.

In addition, you should contact the Orangetheory gym closest to you for more information about the pricing.

Since, prices can vary from one location to the next but it will generally be based around the prices we’ve talked about here.

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FAQs About OrangeTheory Prices

What are the membership prices for OrangeTheory Fitness?

Prices for membership at OrangeTheory Fitness vary depending on the location and kind of membership you select. The monthly cost ranges from 60-159, and there are low fee for enrollment.

Are there additional costs beyond the membership fee?

Yes there are other fees beyond the membership cost like wristbands for monitoring heart rates, glove and other items that are available for purchase.

Can I cancel my OrangeTheory Fitness membership at any time?

Members can change the OrangeTheory Fitness membership at any anytime without cost. The cancellation process must be completed via the online member portal or in person at the gym.

Can I freeze Orangetheory membership?

Orangetheory memberships can usually be frozen under certain circumstances, such as for medical reasons or extended travel. You’ll need to contact your local studio to freeze your membership and provide the necessary documentation.

Is it hard to cancel Orangetheory membership?

The process for canceling an Orangetheory membership may vary depending on your location and the specific policies of your studio, but it is typically possible to compensate with notice. It is generally not considered difficult.

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