OrangeTheory Fitness Prices & OrangeTheory Membership Cost

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices and OrangeTheory Membership

Orangetheory Fitness Prices

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer. As a recently settled fitness and health club in the United States, OrangeTheory Fitness has just become famous. Established in 2010OrangeTheory Fitness prides itself on being a stand-out fitness experience that spotlights offering individuals a customized training experience.

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices incorporates access to fitness coaches who instruct little bunch sessions using heart screens that help screen a member’s pulse guaranteeing that they consume the most significant number of calories conceivable.

In spite of the fact that the main area was opened in Florida just a couple of years prior, the fitness focus has since opened establishments in 38 distinct areas all through the United States. How about we additionally take a look at the Orangetheory Prices and discover how things charge up here.

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices – OrangeTheory Fitness Membership Cost


Orangetheory One Adult Prices

Initiation Fee $0
Monthly Fee (8-Sessions) $100
Monthly Fee (Unlimited Sessions) $160
Prepay Annually (8-Sessions) $1300
Prepay Annually (Unlimited Sessions) $2000

Orangetheory Two Adults Prices

Initiation Fee $0.00
Monthly Fee (8-Sessions) – Additional Family Member $99.99 $200
Monthly Fee (Unlimited Sessions) – Additional Family Member $149.99 $300
Prepay Annually (8-Sessions) $2500
Prepay Annually (Unlimited Sessions) $3800

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OrangeTheory Fitness Prices Overview

Orangetheory fitness prices may vary by location, but typically, they offer four different packages, Orange Premier, Orange Elite, Orange Basic and Class Packages.

  • Orangetheory’s Premier Package has Unlimited classes, and a Reduced rate for families and It costs you $ 159 per month.
  • Orangetheory’s Elite Package includes eight classes/month, and it offers Extra classes at a reduced rate which is priced at $99 per month.
  • Orangetheory’s Basic Package offers four classes/month and Extra classes at a reduced rate which is priced at $ 59 per month.
  • Orangetheory’s class Packages – 10 sessions for $199.00,  20 sessions for $ 359.00,  30 sessions for $499.00 and individual sessions costs you around $28.00.

Unlike all popular fitness centres, OrangeTheory Fitness has no initial fee.

The OrangeTheory Fitness monthly membership fee for unlimited classes for one person is only $160, which means that if you work five days a week, you will have to pay only $8.00 per day. Isn’t it great ?

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Orangetheory Student Discount

Many popular gyms and fitness centers offer student discounts, with special discounts for students or student offers.
Although there are currently no offers or discounts for students in Orangetheory fitness.

For new upcoming student offers, you can visit their official website; besides, you can also visit Orangetheory fitness near you and ask for student offers and other offers in the future.

Orangetheory Discount Offers

Orangetheory offers something special for everyone, they offer tons of offers and discount plans, and if you want to go one step further towards your health and fitness Orangetheory Discount plans is a great option to get started.
Orangetheory Discount offers like First Free workout / Class offer, Try 2 Free Workouts offer, Free bottle of water offer, Retail Discount offer, Membership discount offer for both members and non-members, Pack discount, Black Friday offer, Holiday gift Other offers like bundle are available on Orangetheory’s official website.
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OrangeTheory Fitness Locations

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FAQs About OrangeTheory Prices

1. How much is a 10 pack of classes at Orangetheory?

Orangetheory’s 10 pack of classes Price is $ 199.00.

2. Does Orangetheory have family rates?

Orangetheory’s Orange Premier package offers discount rates for families. Family members added to the same plan can get a discount of about $ 20 per month. The discount rate may vary by location.

3. Does Orangetheory offer student discounts?

No, Orangetheory Fitness does not offer student discounts. For new offers, You can check out their official website.

4. Is Orangetheory unlimited worth it?

Yes, OrangeTheory Fitness Monthly Fee for Unlimited Sessions is $ 160. Even if you attend a class only five days a week, it will cost only $ 8.00 per day, which is reasonable.

5. How much is Orangetheory fitness per month?

OrnangeTheory Fitness per month: OrangeTheory prices depend on the locations and which package you choose. But it is usually as follows.

  • Orangetheory’s Premier Package (Unlimited classes) – $59 per month
  • Orangetheory’s Elite Package (eight classes) – $99 per month.
  • Orangetheory’s Basic Package (four classes) – $59 per month
  • Orangetheory’s class Packages – 10 sessions for $199.00, 20 sessions for $ 359.00, 30 sessions for $ 499.00 and an individual sessions costs you around $ 28.00.

6. Does Orangetheory have drop in rates?

Orangetheory drop-in rates: The first class of Orangetheory is free for everyone. Its packages range from $ 59 (four classes per month) to $ 499.00 (30 sessions per month). 

Orangetheory drop-in rates vary by location, but the average drop in rates for a member is $ 28.00.

7. How much does Orangetheory cost?

OrangeTheory Cost: 

  • Orangetheory’s Premier Package (Unlimited classes) cost is $59 per month
  • Orangetheory’s Elite Package (eight classes) cost is $99 per month.
  • Orangetheory’s Basic Package (four classes) cost is $59 per month

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Disclaimer: Orangetheory fitness Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Orangetheory fitness center.

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