Just Fitness 4U Prices and Membership Cost


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The Just Fitness 4U prices 💰 are very affordable and highly reasonable, considering the state-of-the-Art physical fitness equipment, world-class Personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Just Fitness 4U fitness membership.

The fitness centers run by Just Fitness 4U are Dedicated to helping their members live healthier lives and get fitter.

Just Fitness 4U Prices

The facilities are in six Different areas of metro Atlanta: East Cobb, Johns Creek, Lil Burn (Buckhead), Roswell, and Sandy Springs.

Each location has qualified staff, excellent services that help people reach their goals, and high-quality equipment.

There is always something new Going on here, whether CrossFit WODs or circuit training.

Here are some details about how much it will cost to workout with them.


Just Fitness 4U Monthly Membership

24-Month Contract

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (24-Month Contract) $40.00
Monthly Fee (Single) (Per Person) (24-Month Contract) $19.99
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (24-Month Contract) $0.00
24-Month Agreement (24-Month Contract) $0.00

Month To Month

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Month To Month) $40.00
Monthly Fee (Single) (Per Person) (Month To Month) $23.99
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Month To Month) $0.00
24-Month Agreement (Month To Month) $0.00

Dual (Two Adults)

24-Month Contract
Initiation Fee (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $40.00
Monthly Fee (Dual) (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $39.99
Cancellation Fee (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $0.00
24-Month Agreement (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $0.00

Just Fitness 4U Annually Membership

Initiation Fee (Per Person) $0.00
Annual Fee (Per Person) $199.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) $0.00

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Just Fitness 4U Membership Benefits

☑️ Free Childcare: At Just Fitness 4U, there is always someone there to watch Your child while you work Out (even if you go During early morning hours).

Your child will be watched for 30 to 60 minutes while you work out or play in our ball pit and jungle gym.

☑️ Personal Training: Just Fitness is happy to offer professional and Inspiring one-on-one training. Our trainers are very Qualified and Have a lot of experience.

They will Make you a Personalized fitness plan and Push you to reach your Goals. Sessions of Personal training cost $20 or $30 per hour, and there are no contracts to sign.

“I’m so impressed by how knowledgeable and encouraging they are as my coaches. They can help anyone reach their fitness goals, no matter how advanced they are.”

☑️ Group Ex Classes: We know it can be hard to get to the gym after a long day At Work and we also know it can be Hard to stay motivated at home On Your own.

Because of this, we Have classes like Yoga, Pilates and Just Curves. You can Meet new people and get in shape at the same time.

☑️ Low-Price Memberships: The best thing about our memberships Is that there are no extra fees or hidden costs. For a low monthly Fee, You can go to all locations and Get all of the other benefits listed Above.

If you decide that JF4U isn’t right for You at any Point during your membership (even if it’s been less than a month Since Your last visit), we’ll give you a full refund.

All we ask is that you let us know at least 24 Hours in advance. So, How much would it be worth to pay one low price and get everything above?

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🤔 Why Just Fitness 4U?

You Might think a gym Is just a place to work out, but Just Fitness 4U is much more.

It’s a place where you can Meet new People who are interested in the same things you are and Help Each other out.

So that our members will come back again and Again, they want our club To Be clean and Safe.

We offer child care So that Moms can work out without worrying that their kids are in a dangerous place.

You can hire a personal trainer if you need help meeting your fitness goals. Group Exercise classes after work are a great way to unwind after a long day at the office.

You can work out with Other people or Go to One of our many youth Sports events that happen all year long.

Last but not least, Their Experienced staff is here to help you feel comfortable with the equipment and answer any questions you may have.

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Just Fitness 4U Membership Models

Just Fitness 4U has different kinds of memberships to meet the needs of people with different budgets and ways of life.

You can choose a monthly membership as well as a group fitness class or Monthly fitness Assessments that you think are best for you.

VIP membership is a one-year, 24-month contract that gives members access to all club facilities.

It gives you access to modern fitness equipment and gives you two private training sessions for free. As a VIP member, you can Access both group fitness classes and cardio cinema.

There is also a monthly membership called Diamond Membership.

It also has the same Benefits as VIP membership, such as access to all club locations, use Of Modern exercise equipment, two individual training sessions, access to all group fitness and cardio cinema classes and a free fitness consultation Every month.

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Just Fitness 4U Membership Fees

The website doesn’t say how much it costs to join. But someone from Just Fitness 4U will get in touch with You to tell you more About your membership.

Go to their official Site to find Out more.

They also give free 14-day Passes to people who are interested but haven’t made up their minds yet.

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About Just Fitness 4U

The slightly costly Just Fitness 4U prices are justifiable given the outstanding customer service, the latest Fitness equipment and machines and the variety of fitness classes for groups.

Fitness enthusiasts can get the best assistance from fitness trainers and personal trainers to help them take their fitness journeys to a highest stage.

From the very first time You visit, you’ll be impressed by the warm, friendly , and professional Attitude from the staff, particularly from our personal trainers.

You are able to take advantage of a complimentary and no-obligation training session with a personal trainer – simply fill in a form.

It is not necessary to be a member to use the service , however, if you discover the fact that Just Fitness 4U is a excellent place to be, you’ll soon join!

The group fitness classes differ in terms of duration and difficulty, however, we’re able to declare that there is a class for all tastes.

They include the Body Sculpt, Boo Camp, Zumba yoga, as well as Chachersize.

Just Fitness 4U Promo

Just Fitness 4U – FAQ

Just Fitness 4U

↪️ Is a monthly gym membership worth it?

It’s going to cost the cost of a monthly membership for a gym membership, but it provides access to many more machines, equipment and space than what you could have at home.

The majority of gyms also provide benefits that aren’t available or afford at home like tanning beds, pools and steam rooms that makes a membership more worth it.

↪️ Can I go to gym for free?

A lot of gyms provide free memberships to those with low incomes or elderly, or who have other criteria.

Even if you’re not in the running to receive a gym membership for free You may be eligible to receive a guest pass or trial passes at the local gym.

☑️ This article helps you to get the complete information about Just Fitness 4U Prices and its feedback from their members.

☑️ For More Information Visit Their Official Website www.justfitness4u.com

☑️ Read the post carefully and check out the membership pricing of Just Fitness 4U. For more information about other gym prices check out our website gympricelist.com.

↪️ Disclaimer: Just Fitness 4U Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Just Fitness 4U center.

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    • Whether a monthly gym membership at Just Fitness 4U is worth it depends on several factors, such as your fitness goals, budget, and availability to use the gym.

      If you are someone who enjoys working out regularly and values having access to a gym with a variety of equipment and amenities, a monthly membership at Just Fitness 4U may be worth it. The gym offers a range of equipment, including cardio machines, free weights, and strength training equipment, as well as group fitness classes and personal training services.

      However, if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym or prefers other types of exercise, a monthly gym membership may not be the best investment for you. It’s important to consider your fitness routine and preferences before committing to a gym membership.

      Additionally, it’s important to evaluate the cost of a monthly gym membership at Just Fitness 4U and ensure that it fits within your budget. While the gym offers competitive pricing, it’s still important to factor in any additional costs, such as initiation fees or cancellation fees.

      Ultimately, the decision to sign up for a monthly gym membership at Just Fitness 4U or any other gym should be based on your personal fitness goals, preferences, and budget.


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