Just Fitness 4U Prices and Membership Cost

The Just Fitness 4U fitness prices are very affordable and highly reasonable, considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Just Fitness 4U fitness membership.

The Just Fitness 4U fitness centers are committed to helping their members achieve a healthier way of life and a higher fitness level. The facilities have competent staff, great services needed for success in reaching goals, top-quality equipment available on site at all locations across six different areas within metro Atlanta – East Cobb; Johns Creek; Lil Burn (Buckhead); Roswell & Sandy Springs. Whether it be Crossfit WODs or circuit training sessions- there’s always something new happening here! 

Below is pricing information about what you can expect while workout with them.


Just Fitness 4U Monthly Membership

24-Month Contract

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (24-Month Contract) $40.00
Monthly Fee (Single) (Per Person) (24-Month Contract) $19.99
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (24-Month Contract) $0.00
24-Month Agreement (24-Month Contract) $0.00

Month To Month

Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Month To Month) $40.00
Monthly Fee (Single) (Per Person) (Month To Month) $23.99
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Month To Month) $0.00
24-Month Agreement (Month To Month) $0.00

Dual (Two Adults)

24-Month Contract

Initiation Fee (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $40.00
Monthly Fee (Dual) (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $39.99
Cancellation Fee (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $0.00
24-Month Agreement (Two Adults) (24-Month Contract) $0.00

Just Fitness 4U Annually Membership

Initiation Fee (Per Person) $0.00
Annual Fee (Per Person) $199.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) $0.00

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Just Fitness 4U Membership Benefits

Free Childcare: With no exception, there is always someone watching your child while you work out at Just Fitness 4U (even if you go during early morning hours). Your child will be supervised for between 30 to 60 minutes while you exercise and even play in our jungle gym and ball pit.

Personal Training: Just Fitness is happy to provide expert and motivational one-on-one personal training. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers will create a personalized fitness plan and motivate you to meet those goals. Personal training options include $20 sessions or $30 per hour sessions, with no contracts required.

“I am so impressed with how knowledgeable and motivating they are as my coaches! They can help anyone reach their fitness goals at any level!”

Group Ex Classes: We know that sometimes it’s hard to make it to the gym after a long day of work; we also know that sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated on your own at home. That is why we offer group exercise classes like Yoga, Pilates, and Just Curves. These classes allow you to meet new people and work out together.

Low-Price Memberships: The best part about our memberships is that there are no hidden costs or extra fees! One low monthly fee includes your access to all locations as well as all of the above benefits.

If for any reason, at any time during your membership, you decide that JF4U isn’t right for you (even if it has been less than a month since your last visit), we will refund 100% of the membership money paid; we only ask that you cancel 24 hours in advance. So, what would it be worth to get everything mentioned above included in one low price?

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Why Just Fitness 4U?

You may think that a gym is just for working out, but at Just Fitness 4U, it’s much more than that. It’s a place where you can meet new people who have the same interests as you and motivate one another.

They want our members to feel comfortable in our clean and safe club so that they will return again and again. We offer childcare so mommies can work out without having to worry about their child being somewhere unsafe.

Personal trainers are available if you need help reaching your fitness goals. Group ex classes after work allow you to relax after a long day of work by exercising with others or attending one of our many youth sports events held throughout the year. And last but not least, our experienced staff is here to help you feel comfortable with the equipment and answer any questions you may have.

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Just Fitness 4U Membership Models

There are various types of memberships offered by Just Fitness 4U to meet the needs of people with different budgets and different lives. You can pick monthly memberships as well as a group fitness class or fitness assessments on a monthly basis which you believe is ideal for you.

VIP Membership is a one-year, 24-month contract that grants members access to all club facilities. It provides access to modern fitness equipment, as well as two complimentary private training sessions. Included in your VIP Membership is access to fitness group classes as well as cardio cinema.

Additionally, there is Diamond Membership, which is a monthly arrangement. It also comes with the same advantages as VIP members, such as access to all club locations and use of modern exercise equipment and two individual training sessions as well as access to all classes in group fitness and cardio cinemas, as well as a complimentary monthly fitness consultation.

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Just Fitness 4U Membership Fees

There is no membership fee posted on the website. However, a representative from Just Fitness 4U will contact you to provide more membership information. To learn more, head over to their official site! They also offer free 14-day trial passes for those who are interested but cannot fully decide yet.

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