Orangetheory Transformation Challenge 2024

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge Information: The OTF studios hold an 8-week transformation challenge every few months, and this year I chose to take part! I’m ready for a challenge to get me back on track and perhaps win some prizes after the crazy holidays.

The Orangetheory Transformation challenge is an eight-week programme that emphasises physical fitness.


orange theory fitness

With the advent of the latest inbody scanners, the challenge’s winners are now chosen on amount of fat removed rather than percentage of weight dropped.


Depending on the studio, the top 3 male and female competitors will each get a cash award of up to $500. The contest begins on January 20 and lasts until March.

I like that the challenge is held in each studio separately so that there aren’t thousands of competitors and you actually know who you’re up against. If you are planning to join orangetheory but need to figure out their prices, you can check out the latest orangetheory cost.


What Is The OrangeTheory Transformation Challenge?

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge each year. This entails participants signing up and promising to attend at least three classes each week.

They are only required to participate in at least six of the eight weeks of this challenge, which lasts for eight weeks.

It could sound intimidating to some people. However, it is OTF’s method of encouraging their players to start the year off getting fitter.

OrangeTheory Transformation Challenge

The OrangeTheory transformation challenge will take place in January, as it does every year.

The competition begins on January 17.

This challenge is not exclusively focused on the physical transformation, even though it may help you lose weight or see improvements in your measurements.

This challenge aims to improve healthy behaviours, sleep quality, happiness, energy levels, and mental health in order to improve participants’ lives.

For those who don’t want to try Orangetheory Transformation Challenge, they can try Orangetheory Dri Tri.

Preparing for the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge

I started by doing some research on the keto diet. Although it’s not for everyone, I am aware that wheat has a negative impact on my body.

It looked like a chance to at the very least observe how my body reacted to cutting it out of my diet. I chose to get the following things to begin started after doing some research on Google.

Orangetheory Transformation Challenge

  • Coconut oil (buy from Costco!)Olive oil (buy from Costco!)
  • Ghee
  • Collagen peptides
  • Lankanto monkfruit sweetener (this is the BEST brand!)
  • Eggs (buy from Costco!)
  • Bacon (buy from Costco!)
  • Avocado/guacamole
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Natural peanut butter
  • Heavy cream (buy from Costco!)
  • Bone Broth

Week 1

I was ecstatic for the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge to start after weeks of anticipation and planning.

I was completely prepared for my three workouts, including what to wear and what to eat. I had to take a “before” picture, of course. This is it!


  • Orange pekoe tea with 1 TBSP heavy cream
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bomb
  • Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy Almonds (14)


  • Bacon and Eggs


  • Chicken wings, cucumbers, and a salad

transformation challenge

Every night, I made sure to finish my meal by 7 o’clock. I like to drink tea before bed, so I chose to make a Lemon Zinger or Turmeric Tea without any additional ingredients.

This way, my body would be in a caloric deficit until around 11 a.m. the following day. I was able to fast intermittently for about 16 hours as a result of this.

(You can try Splat Points to track how much time is spent in the Orange and Red zones. Orangetheory co-founder Ellen Latham and the OTF fitness experts say that we should try to get at least 12 Splat Points in every class to burn the most calories, even if we only work out for an hour.)

I would have felt like I was going to pass away if I had tried to fast while eating normally. This method made it simple, especially since I slept for the majority of the hours. In the first week, I dropped 11 pounds.

Week 3

On my body, three workouts per week were demanding. As a means to incorporate a fourth, softer workout that would also serve as a stretch and recovery session, we started doing hot yoga.

I was a wreck emotionally at the time due to personal and family issues, but I was determined to attend class. I was aware that if I didn’t put my health first that day, I would only feel worse.

tansformation challenge

Yoga might bring up some issues, even if you’re not going through a difficult moment. Actually, I’m pleased I went that day because, instead of going for a bag of chips, I found a healthy approach to dealing with the initial pain.

Find a constructive outlet for your emotional junk, such as yoga. I returned the following week feeling so inspired that I attempted a handstand and pushed up into Wheel pose.

Despite all of my difficulties, I was proud of the changes I was making.

Weeks 4-5

I had already lost 20 pounds when I checked in at the halfway point. I started off by losing 11 lbs in the first week, then I dropped 4 lbs in Week 2, 3 lbs in Week 3, and then 3 lbs in Week 4. Then, out of nowhere, I put on two pounds. I was absolutely shocked by that!

Despite the fact that I had the shortest menstrual cycle in years—possibly ever—I did have some bloating and water retention. It slightly confused me, but I was able to get through it. Simply staying hydrated was crucial (I drink roughly 100 ounces of water each day!).

By Week 5 of the keto diet, my dietary cravings had almost completely vanished. I had quit eating fat bombs for breakfast, and now I only drink heavy cream tea, which keeps me full for hours.

I used to experience severe mood swings if I skipped breakfast. If I had to wait too long for food, I’d grow irritable. To feel as though my blood sugar was so perfectly under control all of a sudden was incredible. It was

Weeks 6-7

After having the majority of my colon removed, one of the health issues that had troubled me for more than 20 years was (TMI) chronic diarrhoea.

That has altered thanks to the keto diet. I have created crap right now. The first time this occurred, I actually texted my family from the bathroom to let them know. It was amazing.

orangetheory fitess

The following is a partial list of other things I no longer go through:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Heavy periods
  • Severe hunger
  • Blood sugar regulation issues
  • Gas or bloating (unless it’s hormone-related)
  • Cravings

I used to find it impossible to spend four hours without eating. By Week 6, I had learned that I could go a full day—or longer!—without eating. It’s crazy. When I’m completely on the ketogenic diet and fat acclimated, I rarely feel true hunger.

I would eat almonds, macadamia nuts, or a Slim Jim to quell my appetite whenever it struck (rarely). However, I found that hunger was rarely the cause of the issue.

Occasionally, if I hadn’t drank enough water that day, I would get cravings. It was occasionally boring. So, before reaching for the food, drink a cup or two of water and find something to do!

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Who Can Benefit From This Challenge?

This challenge might be useful for a wide range of people. First of all, when students routinely attend lessons three times per week, they are better able to observe the consequences or changes that occur.

Orangetheory Coaches manage time and motivate customers in a group setting and can teach people of all skill levels. You’ll create a studio culture, get more people to work out, and get more people to join the studio.

Attending courses regularly will help students behave better when it comes to maintaining the discipline required for class participation.

It is suggested that you arrange your class attendance on days other than consecutive ones if you feel that it will be too much for you or if you need extra time to recover.

You can easily reduce your effort and strive for the proper heart rate zone if you start to feel too exhausted.

Those who took part in such challenges actively can still gain from it. It is a fantastic method to re-challenge yourself to achieve new goals for the year and a fantastic subject for the brag board!

By encouraging themselves to stick to their workout routine, even those who fall somewhere in the middle may profit from the challenge.

No of what level of physical fitness you already possess, anyone is welcome to participate in the challenge. The challenge is a fantastic method to be motivated to work out and get fitter.

Top 8 Tips Enjoying The Transformation Challenge

Pre-book The Classes

When you sign up for classes ahead of time, you can see your schedule more clearly. When you plan ahead and make time for something, you don’t just go whenever you feel like it.

That makes it more likely that you’ll have time for it, since you’re making time for it. You should pack your gym bags in advance so you can just grab them and go.

Find A Buddy

Finding a workout partner is always a good idea, whether you are in the challenge or not. They might be someone who holds you responsible.

They can help you stay motivated, especially when you want to give up or don’t feel like going to class.

Simply Sign-up

If you are still on the fence about taking part in the challenge, don’t. It’s a great way to challenge yourself, and it’s okay if you can’t finish or do well in the challenge.

Hydrate And Rest

It’s great to work hard to reach your goals, but don’t forget that you also need to rest. It’s fine to take a break, so do so when you need to.

Also, make sure you drink enough to stay hydrated. Bring a lot of fluids and don’t forget to drink them, especially if you are really pushing yourself to do your best.

Be proud of yourself

Our goal is for members to finish the challenge feeling proud of what an amazing thing they have              done.” “Even if your body shape or weight doesn’t change much, you now know you have the ability and willpower to stick with your fitness plan and keep going.”

Check in with your WHY

Scott tells you, “Remember why you are doing this.” “Write yourself a note, take a picture of it, and then use it as your phone’s screensaver. It can be about you and be deep, or it can be silly and funny. It gets you going and helps you remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

Shift your mindset

Scott says, “Pay attention to the parts of the workout you don’t usually like.” “If you don’t like rowing, it might be because you don’t do it very often.” During the challenge, try to get better.

This brings us to a second tip, an Orangetheory idea that is simple in its complexity…

Anticipate roadblocks

Taking three classes a week is hard; there’s no doubt about that. Rachel says that the key to success is to accept that no plan will ever go exactly as planned.

Instead of thinking, “I’m too sore to go to my last class this week,” think, “Wow, I’m sore!” “Today in class, I’m going to slow down and lift lighter weights.”

Challenge Requirements

You have to be a member of Orangetheory and sign up at the front desk to take part in the Transformation challenge.

The cost of the challenge is $35, but it includes 3 in-body scans, which cost $15 each. If your studio doesn’t have the new inbody scanner, you’ll have to pay $25 and measure yourself with a scale.

For the transformation challenge, you have to weigh in at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. There’s also a rule that you have to go to at least 3 classes for 6 of the 8 weeks.

I think this is so that members can still go on vacations and spring breaks.

Here is my list of things you should NOT do to win the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge

Do NOT let any coach push you past your limits

You don’t want to hurt yourself or hurt someone else because a stranger told you to work harder. Watch the heart rate monitor and try to keep it in the orange zone as much as possible.

Don’t overdo the workouts

People who worked out five or more times a week were almost killing themselves. Your body needs rest and time to heal. I only worked out three times a week and still won.

Don’t worry about anyone else

Pay attention to your own path. Keep your eyes on your own treadmill or the screen that shows your heart rate. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t let other people do it either.

Don’t share your progress

I think it’s a good idea to keep your weight loss and how you did it to yourself. This may be a matter of opinion. People love to make others feel bad about themselves. Try as hard as you can not to talk about the challenge.

Skip the running if it hurts or feels like too much

Really, I walked most of the time when I worked out. It was the best my body could do, and that’s all that counts.

The Secrets to Success OTF Challenges

Stack purpose

Putting together purposes from different parts of your life turns goals that aren’t important to you into ones that are.

People differ in terms of how competitive they are by nature.I’m probably on the higher end. Still, adding a purpose makes the overall motivation and long-term effects stronger.

Any competition like this is based on a pretty random goal. Once you’re in a healthy range, one percent less body fat doesn’t mean that much.


But if you can make it more about you, it becomes more important. My stacking of purposes happened by accident, but I was able to see it and use it.

First, I had signed up to do a Ragnar Race before I signed up for the Transformation Challenge. I would run 22 miles in this team relay.

The way I trained for the race was just as hard as the race itself. During my OTF workouts, I thought of my time on the treadmill as a chance to train, which gave me more motivation to work hard.

Based on my running schedule, I added one long run on the weekends and made it longer every week. I didn’t want to let my relay team down, and I knew I had to do the long run to get ready.

I don’t think I would have been as committed, consistent, or gone as far if I didn’t have a real reason for this extra workout.

The second way I stacked purposes was even more random, but it worked even better. Before the race, I went to Philadelphia to see some friends.

On their coffee table, I was looking at something. “It’s a blood pressure machine; feel free to try it out.”

Focus on Differentiators  

You should make your habits around the things that help you the most. It wasn’t going to come down to working a little harder in each class or even taking more classes.

Even though the Orange Theory is about how you work out, the contest is really about what you eat.

Again, I was lucky to have some help with this. When I told my friend Dan about the competition, he said that his girlfriend was a dietician and knew about the Transformation Challenge. After one text message, Sofia made a plan based on what she knew.

orange theory fitness

“Follow a ketogenic diet for four weeks, but don’t eat too much fat or you won’t lose weight.” Do your body fat scan for week 4 while you’re on keto. It might say you lost muscle, but that’s fine. In week six, start adding carbs slowly. Weeks 7 and 8, eat even more carbs and work out harder.”

I see a lot of Keto ads on Facebook, but I’ve never been interested in trying it. Someone I trusted gave me advice that was relevant to the challenge, and the time frame was enough to get me on board.

I had piled on the purpose by focusing on how far I could run and how I ate as ways to stand out. The last step was to make sure that my habits were changing as I did.

Adapt Habits

Focusing on habits isn’t the same as getting lazy. For habits to work, they need to change along with you. As my long runs started getting longer, I just felt shot.

I was running more than 10 miles at a time without eating any carbs. Since the diet didn’t work with the exercise, I changed it to something I like to call “keto-ish.”

adapy habits

Before the weekend, I started eating more carbs to get ready for my long runs. It changed things.

Before I changed what I ate, it took me 8:46 to run 12 miles. After changing what I ate for two weeks, I was able to run 14 miles at an 8:11 pace.

My smartwatch helped me find another way to change my habits for the better. On days when I didn’t have workouts planned, I was hardly moving at all.

Some days, the only exercise I got was walking from the kitchen to the couch, since I worked from home.

I needed to rest, but I didn’t need to stay in bed all day, so I added another habit to make sure I took at least 10,000 steps every day.

FAQ – Orangetheory Transformation Challenge


What is OrangeTheory transformation challenge?

Change is a challenge. This event happens once a year, and people who sign up promise to go to three classes every week for six out of eight weeks.

How much does the OrangeTheory transformation challenge cost?

For the class, you have to work out three times a week for six of the eight weeks. The cost for members to join the challenge is $35.

Can OrangeTheory transform your body?

Members of Orangetheory Fitness may lose fat mass and gain muscle mass as a result of their workouts, but these changes do not always show up in their weight or body mass index (BMI). In other words, if you only look at how much weight you.

What is the 8 week transformation challenge?

In our most popular programme, the 8-Week Transformation Challenge, you will get a personalised workout plan, a fully developed nutrition guide, access to email support 24/7, accountability through a Facebook group, new recipes every week, weekly motivation, and the tools you need to be successful.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the Orangetheory Transformation Challenge  with its services you get.

Check out the given all details which helps you to know about the OrangeTheory. Get detailed information about membership at

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Disclaimer: We gathers actual OrangeTheory cost information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. the OrangeTheory cost reported on this website may not be current and may vary by location. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual fitness centre of interest to you.

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