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Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive?

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive? – Anytime Fitness is considered as an elite gym chain and is well-known for its broad variety of amenities and services that it provides to its members.

It provides 24/7 access to its gym facilities, cutting-edge equipment and group fitness classes, individual training and child care, steam rooms and saunas as well as online training courses online, virtual classes shower and locker facilities as well as conveniently located places.

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

The amenities and services are offered at an expense, making it more expensive contrast to gym memberships that are basic.

In addition, Anytime Fitness operates as an franchise, meaning that prices may differ depending on the location. With the facilities and convenience, many customers feel that the expense is worth it.

Reason Anytime Fitness So Expensive (10 Reasons)

Anytime Fitness is costly because it is possible to use your membership from anywhere in the world. You are able to go to the gym anytime, and they also spend an enormous amount of money in for training their staff.

If You enter the Anytime Fitness gym, you’ll be welcomed with a warm smile and a cheerful mood.

However if You sign up with Anytime Fitness, you won’t have the same advantages like other gyms. The majority of gyms don’t offer basketball courts or yoga studios, saunas or places for kids to play, or any other facilities.

You’ll have access to a Variety of fitness equipment as well as a huge space to workout. Group classes can differ from one location to the next and not all locations provide group classes such as Pilates, Zumba and other classes.

1. Independently Owned

Reason Anytime Fitness So Expensive

One of the reasons Anytime Fitness is Expensive is because each of them has one owner. Although Anytime Fitness is a national chain of gyms, it Is actually more than an franchise.

It is preferential that independent owners control each gym. The owner has the ability to set Certain rules and fees for their gym. Anytime Fitness likely has a set of rules that all owners must follow.

For instance, they Could be able to limit the amount Owners can charge. The gym wants to stay on top of the competition with other gyms. The gym owners can determine their own rates.

It is possible to find that the cost of an Anytime Fitness gym is more expensive than the other. Certain gyms might be more expensive due to their amenities.

Some might have higher Operating expenses that they must cover with higher costs.

If the gyms were not owned by private owners, they’d probably all be at the same cost, no matter their place of operation.

The business would like cohesion to ensure that its employees were aware of what to expect.

Because Different people are the owners of each gym, they are in a position to determine pricing based on the needs of their particular gym.

2. Family Memberships

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

One motive Anytime Fitness is expensive is the fact that it offers families with memberships. In many gyms, you can sign up for an individual or family membership.

It allows other people who are part of your family to access your card to gain an access pass to your gym. It’s a great way to save money , since not everyone requires an individual credit card.

However, family memberships are more expensive than independent memberships. You’re basically buying several additional cards.

The benefit of a group membership for families is, if your family is large family you can save money. There will always be more cards than people.

However, if you’re an incredibly small family, it might make sense to avoid the cost. You could save even more cash if everybody has their own credit card.

There aren’t many gyms that offer family memberships. They are aware of the possibility that certain individuals could profit from the additional cards. However, Anytime Fitness does offer family memberships.

As they’re taking a little small risk, they charge more money into those joint memberships. Anytime Fitness is expensive because of the family memberships it offers.

3. Private Training

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.One of the major reasons Anytime Fitness is expensive is because it gives private training. There aren’t many gym chains with coaches.

There are gym staff who are able to offer suggestions or supervise a person’s exercise. However they are often not physically fit and capable of giving advice.

This is Where Anytime Fitness is different. They also have personal trainers who are available for one-on-one sessions with you.

They Will give you advice and ensure you are doing your workout correctly and suggest specific diets or exercises at home to help make your workouts more efficient.

This Kind of one-on-one therapy is not often available at other fitness centers. If You want to get the extra attention and attention will have to pay more to get it.

Private Coaches make Anytime Fitness a bit more costly because they have to recruit trained employees.

The employees need to be experienced or to be able to demonstrate Some qualification in fitness. Because some of them hold an education, they’ll get more money.

The Costs for labor are higher which means that the gym has to make more cash to pay its employees.

While the cost of Anytime Fitness might Put Some people off having a personal fitness coach will allow you to maximize your exercise.

4. Free Trials

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

A further factor Anytime Fitness is expensive is the fact that it gives free trials.

There are many opportunities to get an seven-day trial Which doesn’t cost anything for your membership. The trial lets you enter of the gym so you are able to experience it for yourself.

You can see the equipment is available for the gym as well as what their trainers are like as well as the general atmosphere in their gym.

This is great for those who are interested in joining a fitness center, it also adds some risk to Anytime Fitness.

First of all, the gym is not earning any money while the person is on an initial trial. They depend on members to pay membership fees in order to make money.

Because the Person is entitled to an unpaid trial, they’re contributing to the expenses of Anytime Fitness and not helping the company cover their costs.

The Most effective way Anytime Fitness can help reduce the chance of offering free trials is to offer high-priced memberships.

If One decides to not the membership following the trial period, they will not lose any cash.

They can count on the high fees from the members they pay to help them get through it. Anytime Fitness is expensive because it provides free trial.

5. Open 24/7

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

Another reason for why Anytime Fitness is expensive is the fact that the gym is open all hours of the day for members.

It is possible to do an exercise session late into the night or an early morning workout according to your schedule and the gym will be available for you.

Of course there’ll be fewer people around in the event that you come at night and could have the gym by you. People who are busy and don’t have the enough time to exercise regularly will benefit the most.

The gym is open throughout the day also adds the cost of Anytime Fitness. Therefore you’ll have to pay for this with the membership.

6. Members Can Use Any Anytime Fitness Gym With A Membership

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

Another factor Anytime Fitness is expensive is the fact that you can access any gym you’d like through the membership. Anytime Fitness makes going to the gym simple.

If you’re not in your normal area You can still make use of the gym at your local location. Just need your credit card.

This means that Anytime Fitness expensive because they do not charge any fees for members who prefer to use an alternative gym. There’s no charge.

Instead this, it’s included in the price of your membership. Some gyms could charge an additional fee to use an alternative gym to your local one.

Anytime Fitness skips that and only is included in the price of the membership instead.

7. Showers And Lockers

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.


Anytime Fitness is expensive because it offers lockers and showers. Showers and lockers can add to the costs of running your company in several ways.

The main reason is that it decreases the floor space of the gym. The lockers and showers are a big use of space.

The gym should have enough space for customers to be able to feel confident that they will have shower or lockers in the event that they need it.

Since these things are heavy which means there is less space for equipment. The majority of people visit Anytime Fitness primarily to work out on the machines. If there’s not enough space to meet the needs of everyone, customers might conclude that the gym is over full.

They’ll join a different gym where they won’t need to stand in line for the equipment. Therefore, Anytime Fitness faces the possibility of losing funds.

Another reason lockers and showers are what make Anytime Fitness expensive is that showers are expensive to use. The gym should have a large plumbing system to power every shower.

Also, they require a powerful water heater so that each person can enjoy their shower. This means higher water and electricity prices.

The more showers are available in a gym more showers, the more expensive the fees. To cover these expenses, Anytime Fitness needs to be charged a high amount of membership costs.

8. Tanning And Hydromassage Beds

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

Anytime Fitness is expensive because it offers tanning beds and hydromassage beds at some the gyms.

The gym you visit There may be an area for you to relax in which you can tanning session or recuperate from your exercise with massage. These are top features that Anytime Fitness allows all of its members to take advantage of.

In other gyms, sometimes you require for a higher-priced membership for access to saunas and massage beds. his isn’t the case with Anytime Fitness. So long as the Anytime Fitness gym has the beds, members are able to utilize the beds.

This means that the fees for membership for Anytime Fitness more expensive for various reasons. The first one is the cost of these services. the gym.

Tanning beds require lots of energy. Tanning lights can be used to replace the sun. Some are stronger as they are designed to give you a an instant tan.

This type of draw could be quite costly in particular in gyms that have multiple beds. Hydromassage beds can also be costly.

They make use of water to push, vibrate and massage the body. The idea is to massage muscles that are sore and exhausted after exercising.

It helps you recover quicker so you’re ready to go back to the gym on the next day.

9. No Contracts

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

Anytime Fitness is also expensive because it doesn’t have contracts. Some gyms require you join for a specific period of time. It could be in the club for three or six months, or even a full year.

For the duration of your membership you must pay the gym for your membership. If you decide to terminate the terms of your contract, you typically have to pay more in order to do it.

Gyms employ contracts to motivate people to stay to the program. Without an agreement it’s more likely of people doing a workout once and not returning.

Anytime Fitness faces this sort of risk since it doesn’t have contracts. The members can terminate their membership at any time. gym at anytime.

Certain gyms have cancellation fees, so make sure you read the fine print prior to enrolling in a gym membership.

The absence of contracts is one cause Anytime Fitness is expensive because they require additional compensation to cover the risk they take on.

They are also more likely break on their contracts when they have to pay more for the use of the gym.

Doing not require clients to sign the contract for a predetermined time frame can pose a risk for companies. To reduce the danger, Anytime Fitness has higher costs.

10. Different Workout Equipment

Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive.

One of the most important features of any gym is the kind of equipment it offers. The issue with Fitness equipment is that it’s not at a reasonable price. Some equipment is even subscription-based.

A gym must invest a Significant amount of money on the most efficient equipment available for their clients. In the event that they don’t, they will decide to move on.

Because they must Spend an amount of funds to serve their customers, they have to return that money. They do it by charging very high prices.

How Much Is Membership At An Anytime Fitness Gym?

The membership isn’t the most expensive but it’s quite expensive. The typical membership costs between $54 to $59 each month without tax and other charges. If You add on additional expenses and fees, the total cost will be greater.

Membership/Costs Price
12-Month Plan $29.50 plus tax every two weeks
24-Month Plan $27.50 plus tax every two weeks
Success Kit Cost $99 fee
Key Fob $25 fee

This is the cost that you pay for a membership with Anytime Fitness. You can choose between plans that last between one and two years, based on the plan you choose.

The cost could Vary in accordance with the location at which you want to join. These are however the average costs you will encounter when you sign up for a membership for Anytime Fitness.

Is Membership At Anytime Fitness Worth It?

A membership with Anytime Fitness will be worth it if you’re an active professional who is searching for random hours to work out at. The reason is that the facility is well-equipped however it’s not anything unusual.

In addition, it does not Provide the same amenities that other gyms with the same or lower cost range. For instance, you won’t not be able to use saunas, pools or various other facilities that nearly every gym has.

Anytime Fitness is a Great option for exercising at the time you choose. People who have strict and busy schedules may get a good bargain from It however not every person.

This is the reason You should consider these facilities and decide if the gym is worthwhile for you. If you are not a busy professional who is frequently on the move then it may not be beneficial for you over time.

Anytime Fitness Vs. Other Gyms

Anytime Fitness is not an expensive gym when you compare it to some other gyms. However, it is not the most affordable option either. The gym has middle-tier pricing for anyone looking to train with equipment.

Gym Monthly Membership
Anytime Fitness $59
Gold’s Gym $50
LA Fitness $45
Planet Fitness $23
Crunch Fitness $149
Equinox $285

Anytime Fitness is not an Expensive gym When compared with other gyms. It is just not the most affordable choice also. The gym Offers middle-range pricing for those looking to Work out using equipment.

Anytime Fitness also has more than 4000 locations that you can take advantage of. If you’re someone who enjoys going to the gym and travel frequently and are a frequent traveler then you might be the biggest user of the membership.

Whatever Membership you pick, You Will be able to use all gyms that belong to this Chain. This is an Ideal choice for you if you’re in another location.

Make Sure that the gym equipment is not overly Extensive. You Will be able to benefit from the normal equipment. The gym is not equipped with many equipment specifically designed for the various fitness objectives.

Therefore you should Weigh each of these alternatives and then choose which gym membership is the best fit for your needs. There are a Variety of affordable gyms to choose from even if you don’t have a huge budget.

In a Nutshell;

So, why is Anytime Fitness so expensive? First, the franchise is among the most widespread gym chains, with over 4000 studios globally and over the US. On top of that, you can always access one at any time of the day. Therefore, the gym has the convenience of place and time, which overrules most other factors.

FAQs – Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive?

FAQs - Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive?

Q: Why is Anytime Fitness so expensive?

A: Anytime Fitness is considered a top gym with the latest equipment, amenities and services like individual instruction, classes for groups and 24-hour access. Membership fees also include the use of all Anytime Fitness locations worldwide. The cost of membership could differ based on location, contract duration and the additional services or facilities.

Q: Are there any discounts or promotions available for Anytime Fitness memberships?

A: Anytime Fitness may offer discounts or special offers to new members, or for certain lengths of contracts. It is recommended to inquire with the nearby Anytime Fitness location for current offers or discounts.

Q: What are the benefits of a Anytime Fitness membership?

A: The Anytime Fitness membership includes access to the latest equipment, amenities and services like private instruction, classes for groups and access to the gym 24/7.The membership also gives accessibility to every Anytime Fitness locations worldwide. Certain locations might also provide additional services like sauna, pool, or child care.

Q: Does Anytime Fitness offer a trial membership?

A: It’s true. Some Anytime Fitness locations might offer the opportunity to try a trial membership for a certain amount of duration.It is recommended to inquire with the nearby Anytime Fitness location for availability and the terms that apply to the trial.

Q: Is it worth the cost to join Anytime Fitness?

A: If a Membership at Anytime Fitness is worth the cost will be contingent on the individual’s fitness goals and needs.The top amenities and services provided by the gym with the convenience of access 24/7, could make it worthwhile for some individuals. It’s always beneficial to visit the facility visit, go on a tour and talk with the staff prior to making a choice.

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