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Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor 2024

Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor

INFORMATION: In Orangetheory Fitness studios, everyone needs an Orangetheory heart rate monitor.

Aside from that, the heart rate monitor works with other workout apps like FitBit, Peloton, UnderArmor 39, iCardio, Nike+, and MapMYFitness.

When compared to other brands of heart rate monitors, it comes out as one of the best. The only thing that holds it back is that it only works with certain workout apps. If you want to join orangetheory, check out the complete details of orangetheory membership prices.

It is so accurate that Orangetheory Fitness studios used to recommend it as the only HRM until recently.

orange theory fitness

What is Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is basically a group of workout studios that are spread out across the US and beyond.

They are part of a franchise, which means that even though they all work toward the same goal, each studio is run differently.

This is a place where you can try an 8-week transformation challenge every few months or Dri Tri for some awesome results.

At Orangetheory Fitness, you can do HIIT workouts that all focus on your heart rate. When you walk into the studio, the staff will ask you about your height, weight, age, and how active you are to figure out your level.


The heart rate monitor shows your heart rate on screens in the studio. This helps you figure out which workout zone you are in.

To reach your fourth goal, which is often called the orange zone, you will work out based on zones. In the orange zone, you are already using more than 83% of your total heart rate.

This means that you are getting a good workout.

TOP 3 Different Types of OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitors

There are three kinds of heart rate monitors at OrangeTheory. You will also find their coaches are wearing these kind of Heart Rate Monitors.

Each monitor has its own features and costs a different amount. Here are the three monitors, from the oldest to the newest.

  • OT Beat Flex
  • OT Beat Core
  • OT Beat Burn

OT Beat Flex

The OrangeTheory Fitness color scheme goes well with the orange strap that comes with the OT Flex monitor.

Since the strap is wide, it will be easy to put on. You can put it on your bicep or your forearm.

The OT Core doesn’t let you know when the battery needs to be charged, but the OT Flex Heart Rate Monitor has a red light that flickers when the battery is getting low.

Users can get up to eight hours of use out of one charge, which is enough for a full day of working out.

The monitor is also waterproof, so even if you sweat, it will still work correctly.

On the other hand, you have to charge the monitor every four to seven classes. If you forget to turn it off, you will have to charge it sooner.

This heart rate monitor also has a special place to charge it. If you lose the charging station, the monitor is no longer useful.

Some of the people who used it before had to wait up to eight seconds for the monitor to show their heart rate.


Pros of OT Beat Flex :

  • Highly comfortable strap
  • Accurate readings
  • A battery that lasts longer
  • Both Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible

Cons of OT Beat Flex :

  • Uses a particular charging station
  • Some users felt the OT Flex had the longest lag time
  • Requires charging after 4-7 classes

OT Beat Core

This is Orangetheory’s oldest heart rate monitor that they still sell. It works so well that even though its siblings are newer, it is still a major competitor.

It is also the cheapest OT Beat heart rate monitor, making it a good value.

Core has a chest strap, which some users like more than OT Beat Flex and OT Beat Burn. You also get a removable pod, which makes it easier to clean.

The strap comes in two sizes, small and large, so that you can get the right size for your chest. The straps are soft and stretchy, and the fabric can be washed and closed with a clasp.

The heart rate monitor works with most smartphones, bike computers, and GPS watches, but it only works with the OTBeat app.

ot core

Pros of OT Beat Core:

  • Consistent and has the least amount of Bluetooth lag time.
  • It doesn’t need charging
  • Provides the most accurate heart rate results

Cons of OT Beat Core:

  • Difficult to tell when the OT core will die
  • It might not fit people with very small or huge chests.
  • Can rub on any scars around the chest

OT Beat Burn

The OT Burn is the newest monitor from OrangeTheory Fitness. It came out in 2019 and is the newest addition to their line of gear. It costs more than other heart rate monitors, but the features it has make it worth every penny.

The OT Burn is different from the Flex and OT beat Core because it keeps track of your calories, splat points, steps, and distance. Apple Watch can be used with the newest monitor.

Once you connect the monitor to your Apple Watch, you can use both devices to track, manage, and compare your heart rate.

You can wear the monitor around your wrist without any trouble. You can also wear it on your arm, like the Flex monitor, on your bicep or forearm.

The heart rate monitor works with treadmills that have screens. You can see your heart rate, splat points, total calories burned, average incline, moving time, and more while you’re on the treadmill. You don’t have to work hard to see all of your stats on a big screen.

OT Beat Burn

Pros of OT Beat Burn:

  • Excellent battery life
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Simple to wear on your wrist or forearm
  • Experiences few lags
  • Allows you to track steps in the OT beat app

Cons of OT Beat Burn:

  • Doesn’t have a light that turns on when the battery needs to be charged.
  • Expensive
  • The band is shorter and stiff

What’s The Best Orangetheory Heart-Rate Monitor?

In a perfect world, I’d combine the OT Burn’s wristband with the OT Core’s quick response time (which also gets bonus points for only needing a battery replacement about once a year).

But since we don’t live in a perfect world and most of us aren’t made of money, I’d probably go with the OT Core if (a) I got it for free when I joined Orangetheory Fitness and (b) I tried it out in an Orangetheory studio to make sure it fit and felt comfortable during the one-hour HIIT workout.

best monitor

But if you could skip the free offer and put $50 toward the OT Flex or OT Burn monitors instead, and you knew you didn’t want a chest-strap HR monitor I’d always choose the Burn over the Flex.

From my list of pros and cons above, it seems pretty clear that between OT Flex and OT Burn, the Burn has a lot more going for it overall, even though it costs more at first.

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Are OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitors Accurate?

Most people who used the OT Burn heart rate monitor thought it gave them an accurate reading of their heart rate.

But some people thought that, compared to the Apple Watch, the other OrangeTheory monitors were often slow and might not get the heart rate right. You can count on being 90% right.

Orangetheory Deals and Discounts

As we’ve already talked about, there are two ways to get a discount.

One of them is if you add a family member to your membership. Both the Elite and Premier memberships let you get this.

In both cases, the person who goes with the add-on membership will get a discount on their monthly fee of up to $10.

Taking out a corporate membership is another way to save money. If 10 or more people or employees from the same company plan to go to Orangetheory classes together, the price per person will go down by $10. Both the Elite and Premier memberships will be able to use it.

Getting a corporate membership also makes your workouts more fun because you will be doing them with your coworkers.

Do You Have To Have a Heart Rate Monitor For Orangetheory?

For orange theory, you usually don’t have to wear a heart rate monitor. HRM is not required if all you want to do is take a class, challenge yourself, and have fun.

You could also use a Fitbit or an Apple Watch to track your fitness.

A heart rate monitor from Orangetheory will give you a lot of fancy data and metrics. It also lets you keep track of your progress from month to month.

TIP: You can track other metrics showing your progress if you want to save money and still measure your results.
  • Energy levels
  • Appetite level
  • Willingness to exercise
  • Sleep quality
  • Mood quality
  • Pain perception
  • Hunger level
  • Appetite level
  • Stress perception
  • Outlook

You can use the RPE scale (1–10) for all of them and check your progress every day or every week.

How to Use An OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class

Connect your phone to the monitor and get moving!

Step 1: The monitor’s battery needs to be fully charged 

Make sure the battery is fully charged to avoid having to wait to connect. As soon as you get your new heart rate monitor, plug it in to make sure it works.

Here, you should be careful because not all heart rate monitors will tell you when the batteries are getting low.

Step 2: Connect your phone to Bluetooth and turn on the monitor

To find the heart rate monitor, you need to turn on your monitor so that the LED light shows. This means it is ready to connect to Bluetooth.

Bring up the Bluetooth settings on your phone or iPhone and look for nearby devices.

Connect the things.

Step 3: Put on the strap for the heart rate monitor 

Put on your monitor of your heart rate. It will either be an armband or a chest strap.

Your heart rate can only be measured accurately if the pod is touching your skin directly.

It is also suggested that you clean the monitor’s strap every time you use it. It doesn’t matter if you have to wash it with tap water.

The pod sensor should also be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth. As a result of the cleaning, sweat will be removed, which improves the monitor’s ability to read and its overall quality.

Step 4: Download the app

If you haven’t done so already, you can get the Orangetheory Fitness app. You can use the app to get to a number of Orangetheory Fitness workouts. Just so you know, some of these can be done outside of class.

Use the search bar in the Google Play Store or Apple Store to find Orangetheory Fitness. You can download the app to your phone and then click on it to open it.

On the app’s left side, you should see orange slashes that blink. Tap this to go to the list of Orangetheory Fitness workouts. Click on “At-Home Workout” as the next step.

You’re ready to burn some calories outside of the gym! Just remember that you need to keep your phone with you to keep the Bluetooth connection and track the data.

Which is the Most Accurate Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor?

It depends on the person, but I would use the OT Beat Burn as the most accurate Orangetheory heart rate monitor.

The OT Beat Burn has the latest technology, which makes it more accurate, and it works with the Apple Watch. So, it guarantees that you will always get real results.

Can You Buy a Used OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor?

Yes, if you don’t have enough money to buy a new OrangeTheory heart rate monitor, you can buy a used one.

People at OTF classes might be willing to sell their extra monitors, which might be an excellent place to start. Some people sell their old screens on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

But you should know that there are risks when you buy a used monitor. If you buy something used, it won’t come with a warranty, which means the manufacturer won’t pay for any damage.

It’s also hard to test a used monitor because you have nothing to compare it to.

Final Thoughts

OrangeTheory gives you three choices for heart rate monitors, depending on your needs and budget.

After looking at the differences between the three monitors above, you can choose the one that you think will help you improve your OrangeTheory Fitness workouts the most.

FAQ – Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor


What heart rate monitor does Orangetheory use?

He then started Polar Electro, which made the first heart rate monitors that regular people could use. Early on, Orangetheory used this technology.

If you’ll pardon the pun, heart rate monitors are at the heart of our workouts. Training based on optimal heart rate zones is what makes us different.

How do I activate my Orangetheory heart rate monitor?

1) Turn on the Bluetooth on your computer.

  • Turn on your Heart Rate Monitor. When you log in to class, you will be given the option to pair it with your computer (last icon to the right).
  • The next window will open in the top right corner of your browser. Click Pair when you can see your OTbeat Burn.

How long do Orangetheory monitors last?

The OTbeat Burn heart rate monitor can be worn on the wrist, forearm, or bicep. The battery will last up to 24 classes (hours) before it needs to be recharged.

How Long Does Orangetheory Battery Last?

The battery life of an Orangetheory heart rate monitor depends on what kind of heart rate monitor you have. The OTBeat Flex, for example, can last up to eight hours.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor with its services you get.

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