How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make? ❤️ Official

How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?

How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make

Orangetheory Coaches Make Information: Orangetheory Fitness is a well-known fitness company that is known for its heart rate-based interval training.

It has more than 1300 locations all over the United States.

orange theory fitness

They are always looking for skilled coaches who can give their clients a great training experience and teach them how to eat and what to do in their everyday lives to get the most out of their training.

With all of this in mind, how much do Orangetheory coaches make?

In this article, we’ll answer that question. Orangetheory Fitness Coaches lead up to 45 people through exercises that have been planned out scientifically.

They are good at managing time and motivating customers in a group setting and can teach people of all skill levels. You’ll create a studio culture, get more people to work out, and get more people to join the studio. If you are planning to join orangetheory, you can check out the latest and complete Orangetheory prices.

Who Are Orangetheory Coaches?

Orangetheory coaches work in Orangetheory fitness saloons to help Orangetheory clients with their workouts, schedules, diets, and other things that make a full workout.


Orangetheory coaches work with many clients at once, and they do more than help their clients with their workouts in the gym—they also plan exercises for them to do.

So, they have a lot to do to ensure Orangetheory clients have the best experience possible.They are certified trainers who know how to take care of your physical and mental needs.

What do you need to be a coach at Orangetheory?

Certification as an Orangetheory coach is an important part of the coaching curriculum. For coaches to be eligible, they must have finished the Coach Training Program and passed a certification test. The test covers coaching philosophy, how athletes grow, and training techniques.


  • You need to know about physiology, workout technique, and how the body works.
  • The ability to do more than one thing at once while staying organised.
  • Positive, inspiring, and successful interpersonal communication skills.
  • Want and be able to coach people with different levels of fitness.
  • Current fitness certification from an OTF-approved education provider, like ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA, or AFAA.
  • Certified in CPR and AED.
  • More than a year of experience as a fitness trainer, group fitness trainer, or personal trainer in the fitness industry.
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
  • Be able to lift and move up to 40 pounds safely.

Can Anyone Become a Coach at Orangetheory?

Not exactly. Not everyone has the drive and energy you see in an Oranegtheory class. You have to work for it and learn more than what meets the eye about fitness.

Orangetheory coaches say that they have to know how fitness works on a physiological level and that they have to keep learning about fitness on the job.

So, you must have a background in fitness, a desire to learn more, and a desire to help other people reach their fitness goals. You can also check out complete details about Orangetheory Dri tri.

Highest Salary Of Orangetheory Coaches

Let’s say you’re a very experienced Orangetheory coach who knows a lot about how things work in the real world and how to handle your clients in the best way possible.

In that case, you can expect to make about $60 an hour, which is about twice what the average Orangetheory coach makes.

This, of course, could be more than $60 an hour, depending on which state you live in.

How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?

Some teachers are paid a flat rate, while others are paid based on how many students are in class. Others are paid a salary.

According to the ads and coach reviews, the Orangetheory coaches make between $25 and $75 per hour on average. The wide range is caused by some different things, such as:

  • Location
  • Work time
  • The number of people in the class
  • Level of experience

▶ Location:

Coaches in places with more people, like New York, will definitely make more money than coaches in places with fewer people, like Illinois. Also important is whether it’s a corporate studio or a franchise.

▶ Work Time:

There are both full-time and part-time jobs at Orangetheory. Part-time coaches make less money than full-time ones.

▶ The Number of People in the class:

There are studios where the pay increases in levels depending on how many people are in the class. So, if the class hits a certain number, they get extra money.

▶ Level of experience:

Coaches with more experience make more money than coaches who are just starting out. There are different levels of advancement at the gym, each with a pay raise.

Beginners usually start with a basic salary of $25 per hour, while more experienced coaches can make up to $65 per hour.

What skills does a head coach need?


  • Leadership skills.
  • The skill of showing students how to do something.
  • Patience and the ability to stay calm when things are hard.
  • The ability to keep track of your own and other people’s work.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Know how to teach and be able to come up with courses.
Guide How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?
Average Income $26 per hour
Highest Income $60 per hour
Qualification Needed
Training Needed

How long does it take to be an Orangetheory coach?

In the past few years, Orangetheory has become a famous fitness company. The company has a lot of different programs, but the most popular ones are the Orangetheory cardio classes.

The goal of these classes is to be hard and give you a high-intensity workout.

To become an Orangetheory coach, you must have worked in the fitness field for at least five (5) years. It would help if you also wanted to help people reach their fitness goals and be able to support and encourage them.

How To Become An Orangetheory Coach?

▶ You can become an Orangetheory Coach by doing the following:

These are the requirements:

  • You should know a lot about physiology, workout technique, and the way your body works.
  • You should also be able to do more than one thing at once, since you work with more than one client at once.
  • During coaching, you should be able to talk back and forth with all of your clients.
  • You should be able to work with clients at every level of fitness to help them get better.

▶ You can become an Orangetheory Coach by doing the following:

  • You only need a certification from an OTF-approved education organization like ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA, or AFAA CPR/AED to work as an Orangetheory Coach.
  • You need to be certified because you can’t work at Orangetheory without them.
  • Once you meet their requirements and have the proper certificate, you can apply for an interview, and, if you get the job, you can be an Orangetheory Coach.

Qualifications required in addition to certificates

  • Intermediate knowledge of physiology, how to work out, and how the body works.
  • Able to do many things at once and stay organised
  • Positive, motivating, and practical skills for talking to other people
  • want and be able to train people of all fitness levels
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills; can lift and move up to 40 pounds safely.
  • Heart rate-based training is something you should know how to do.

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What Does an Orangetheory Coach Do?

Orangetheory coaches are an essential part of OTF theory and training. They make sure that the company’s corporate dream comes true. Check out more information about Orangetheory .

Because of this, they must have the highest standards of honesty and performance.


The following are the responsibilities of an Orangetheory coach:

  • Give the clients exercises that are of an outstanding level.
  • Make sure that the class can be done by people of all fitness levels in the hour it takes.
  • Get people excited about making it through all the class steps.
  • Help each member reach their own goals.
  • Know how to use all the OTF equipment and extra pieces and show that you can.
  • Learn the science behind the link between your heart rate and how to fit you are.
  • Please ensure the members exercise correctly to keep them from getting hurt.
  • Be a part of the Orangetheory community and work as a team.

Pros And Cons Of Being Orangetheory Coach


  • Energetic enviroment
  • Good money
  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Get free membership


  • No benefits
  • Difficult to call in sick
  • Take time to move up

If you are curious about Splat Points, you need to understand what is actually Orangetheory Splat Points.

Final Word

To be a good coach, you need to have some empathy, understanding, and insight.

Many companies are now hiring trained Orangetheory coaches to help their employees reach their goals, which is a good thing.

If you want to move up in your career or life, you might want to hire a coach from a company like Orangetheory.

FAQ – How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?


▶ How much do Orangetheory coaches make in NYC?

As of November 9, 2022, an Orangetheory Fitness Trainer in New York makes an average of $41,422 a year.

If you need a simple way to figure out how much that is, it comes out to about $19.91 an hour. This equals $796 per week or $3,451 per month.

▶ How much do Orangetheory coaches make in Texas?

How much does an Orangetheory Fitness Coach in Texas make? The average Orangetheory Fitness Coach hourly wage in Texas is about $40.81, which is 173% more than the average hourly wage in the rest of the country.

▶ How much does an Orangetheory coach make in Oregon?

How much does an Oregon Orangetheory Fitness Personal Trainer make? The average hourly pay for an Orangetheory Fitness personal trainer in Oregon is about $43.15, which is 89% more than the average pay across the country.

▶ Whats it like to be an Orangetheory coach?

Members are great, and workouts are great, but there isn’t enough communication, and the owners don’t seem to care.

Managers constantly have something terrible to say about their jobs. Staff turnover at the front desk is a big problem.

Every coach has a second job because they can’t always find enough classes, or they get too tired if they take on too many.

This article I have created to give you the complete information about the How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make  with its services you get.

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Disclaimer: We gathers actual OrangeTheory cost information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. the OrangeTheory cost reported on this website may not be current and may vary by location. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual fitness centre of interest to you.

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