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Virgin Active London is a top health and fitness center located in United Kingdom.

With locations across in the capital city area, it has an array of facilities and services to aid members in reaching the fitness objectives they have set for themselves. Yoga and Pilates as well as HIIT and spinning, there’s something to suit all.


In addition, the gym has modern equipment and facilities that include sauna, a pool as well as a steam area.

With an experienced staff and a friendly environment, Virgin Active London is an excellent choice for those who wants to be healthy and active.

Virgin Active London


Why Choose Virgin Active London?

There are a Variety of reasons People pick Virgin Active London as their preferred gym. One of the Most important reason is the Range of classes and programs offered.

In everything from Yoga to Pilates or spinning to HIIT classes and spin, there’s something to suit all. In addition the gym has modern equipment and facilities such as sauna, a pool steam room and sauna.

The Experience of Virgin Active London

  • A Variety of classes and activities that are offered
  • Modern equipment and facilities
  • Staff Who are friendly and knowledgeable
  • A Warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Personalized Workouts through personal training
  • Childcare services are available
  • Charity runs and special events
  • Saunas steam rooms, lounges and cafes
  • Fit for all levels of fitness
  • Discounts and special deals all through the year
  • Personalized workout plans that can be customized via personal training
  • Inclusive environment
  • A great Place to network With fellow members
  • Multiple locations throughout London
  • Provides a holistic wellness experience.

Membership Options At Virgin Active London

Virgin Active London offers a range of membership options to meet the requirements for its customers.


No matter if you’re seeking either a short-term commitment or long-term commitment, you can find an option for you.

The most well-known membership options are:

  • Monthly membership: Members can pay month-to-month with the option of cancelling at anytime.
  • An annual membership is a commitment of 12 months that usually includes discounts and other benefits.
  • Corporate membership is a choice of membership for organizations and companies to cover their employees.
  • Membership for families: allows several members of the family to join one membership.
  • Students’ membership is a reduced membership option for students who are full-time.
  • Off-peak membership: An option for those who would like working out outside of peak times.
  • Flexible membership: Members are able to freeze or terminate the membership they have at any point.

Members can also avail special deals and discounts all through the year.

Membership Benefits in addition to the access to its gym facilities, classes and activities members from Virgin Active London also have access to many advantages, such as:

  • Exclusive invitations to events for members only
  • Discounts on personal trainers and other services.
  • Priority bookings for classes and other activities.
  • Access to exclusive areas for members only of the fitness center
  • Special discounts on products and services by Virgin Active partners
  • Access to the exclusive app for members that allows members to schedule classes, keep track of their fitness, and stay connected to other members.

Classes and Activities

Virgin Active London

Virgin Active London Offers a diverse range of activities and classes to assist members in reaching your fitness targets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build muscle, shed weight or just stay active, there’s something to suit all in Virgin Active London.

The gym’s modern technology and equipment along with its friendly and knowledgeable staff make it the ideal spot to get fit and remain healthy.

▶ Group Fitness Classes

One of the most important characteristics that is unique to Virgin Active London is its group fitness classes.

The classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who assist you in a range of workouts such as resistance training, cardio and stretching. The most popular fitness classes for groups include:

  • Yoga and Pilates The classes are focused on balance, flexibility and the strength of the core.
  • Spinning: A high-intensity aerobic class that involves cycling on stationary bicycles.
  • HIIT classes: High-Intensity Interval Training Which combines short bursts intensive exercise with periods of relaxation.
  • BodyPump: A Full body exercise that incorporates Weightlifting to strengthen and tone muscles.
  • Zumba is a fun and lively cardio class that is based on dance.

▶ Swimming Pool and Aquatic Classes

Virgin Active London also features the pool and provides a variety of water-based classes for members.

These include:

  • Swimfit is a course that focuses on increasing overall fitness and endurance by swimming.
  • Aqua Aerobics: A low-impact class that incorporates cardio and strengthening exercises within the water.
  • Family Swim, a program which allows participants to take their children to join them for a an enjoyable and engaging swimming experience.

▶ Special Events and Charity Runs

In addition to routine classes, activities and events Virgin Active London also organizes special events and charity runs.

These events are a fantastic opportunity for members to be involved in their local community and connect with other members who share similar interest. Examples of events that are special and charity races include:

  • Fun Runs: These are short charitable runs that are held in parks in the neighborhood and in local parks.
  • Charity Challenge A multi-day event that raises funds to support a particular charity.
  • Community Day: A day which is dedicated to celebrating your local community while promoting healthy living.

▶ Childcare Services

Virgin Active London also offers childcare services, making it simple for parents to take their children along as they exercise. The services offered include:

  • Creche: A play space for children ranging from 3 months to 3 Years old.
  • Kids Club: A safe playground for children ranging from between 4 and 12 years old.
  • Teen Zone is a controlled zone for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

Personal Training At Virgin Active London

Virgin Active London understands that each person’s journey to fitness is unique and that’s why they offer personal training for its members.

Personal training is an excellent option to define and meet your goals for fitness The gym’s skilled personal trainers will assist you in every step of the journey.

▶ One-on-One Training

Personal training sessions with a one-on-one trainer are customized to meet the specific requirements and goals of each participant.

The trainer will collaborate with you to design an individual workout program which is specifically designed to meet your fitness level and objectives.

If you’re trying to shed weight, build muscle or simply keep yourself active A personal trainer is capable of guiding and supporting you throughout you fitness plan.

▶ Small Group Training

In addition to individual training, Virgin Active London also provides small-group training. This is an excellent alternative for people who want the advantages of personal training but like working out with close family members or friends.

Small-sized training sessions for groups are restricted to a limited amount of participants, which allows your personal coach to provide each person a personal focus and provide a more personal training experience.

▶ Virtual Training

If you prefer to exercise from the convenience of their home, Virgin Active London also provides virtual training.


It allows members to train with a personal trainer online, via video conferencing or telephone calls. Virtual training is a fantastic option for those with hectic schedules or prefer working in their own time.

▶ Nutrition Coaching

Training with a personal trainer at Virgin Active London is not restricted to exercise only and nutritional coaching.

Personal trainers can assist you in creating healthy eating plans that is compatible with your workout and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

They can offer guidelines and suggestions regarding how to make healthier eating choices and also assist you in staying focused and on the right track with your eating habits.

Special Events At Virgin Active London

Virgin Active London is more than just a fitness center, it’s a group of fitness enthusiasts that come together for many special activities.

These events are designed to give members the opportunity to have fun and social ways to keep active while challenging themselves in achieving your fitness targets.

▶ Yoga and Pilates Classes

Virgin Active London

A few of the well-known special events offered at Virgin Active London are yoga and Pilates classes. These classes are a fantastic opportunity to build the flexibility, balance and core strength and are appropriate for people of all levels of fitness.

Classes are conducted in a an ambiance that is peaceful and tranquil and taught by skilled instructors who assist you in each exercise.

▶ Spin Classes

Another popular and popular occasion at Virgin Active London are spin classes. These are intense workout that gets your heart racing and help you burn calories.

Classes are conducted in a dim space with music and lights creating an immersive and enjoyable experience. The spin classes are an excellent method to increase endurance and cardio fitness and they are appropriate for all levels of fitness.

▶ Dance Classes

Dancing is an excellent option to be active and enjoy yourself while having fun that’s why Virgin Active London offers dance classes in a special event.

The classes are appropriate for people of all levels of fitness and can be a great method get rid of calories, enhance coordination, and improve your mood.

The classes are taught in a lively and fun atmosphere, and taught by skilled instructors who show you the most recent moves.

▶ Bootcamp Classes

If you’re looking for an intense and intense workout, Virgin Active London’s bootcamp classes are ideal for you.

These classes take place in a natural setting and offer a fantastic way to increase your fitness level and increase your the strength. The instructors are expert trainers who push you to the limits and help you reach those fitness targets.

Amenities at Virgin Active London

Virgin Active London offers a variety of facilities for its members, making sure that each part of the fitness experience is handled.

From the latest equipment to luxury fitness facilities to spa services, the facility offers everything you require to meet your fitness goals, and then relax after your workout.

▶ State-of-the-Art Equipment

Virgin Active London is equipped with the latest fitness equipment in order to satisfy the various requirements of its members.

The gym is equipped with a range of cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes, as for weight training equipment such as dumbbells barbells and other resistance equipment.

The gym also features an area for functional training as well as a separate stretching areato ensure that each aspect of your exercise routine is taken care of.

▶ Luxurious Spa Facilities

After working out the members are able to relax and relax in the lavish Spa facilities of Virgin Active London.

The gym features saunas, steam rooms and a hydro-pool which allows users to relax and enjoy all the advantages of warm waters.

The gym also offers a variety of spa treatments like facials, massages, and manicures, so that the members feel indulged and rejuvenated after working out.

▶ Group Exercise Classes

Virgin Active London offers a large variety of group exercise classes, catering to different needs of its members.

Classes like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and spinning are offered and members are able to choose the one that best fits their level of fitness and goals.

The gym also features an exclusive cycling studio which allows members to participate in intense spinning classes.

▶ Childcare Services

Virgin Active London understands that most members are busy with their lives and families to care for This is the reason it provides childcare.

The gym is equipped with a child care area where children are supervised and entertained while parents exercise. The service is offered for members at an extra cost and allows parents to concentrate only on their goals for fitness and not worry about their children.


In the end, Virgin Active London is an excellent choice for those Seeking to remain active and fit.

With a variety of activities and classes with modern facilities and an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, it provides everything you need to reach the fitness you desire.

No matter if you’re a beginner an avid fitness fanatic, Virgin Active London has everything for every person.

 FAQs – Virgin Active London

 FAQs - Virgin Active London

What are the membership options at Virgin Active London?

Answer: Virgin Active London offers various membership options that can be adapted to various lifestyles and budgets. They offer monthly memberships or annual memberships as well as corporate memberships. Members can also select personal training plans with one-on-one sessions with a trained personal.

What are the opening hours of Virgin Active London?

Answer: The hours of operation at Virgin Active London vary depending on the location, however generally the gym is accessible all day long and closes in the evening 7 days a week. Members can find the opening hours for their closest Virgin Active London location on the website of the gym.

Are there any age restrictions for membership at Virgin Active London?

Answer: There aren’t limitations on age for joining Virgin Active London, however those who are younger than 16 must be with an adult at all times.

Does Virgin Active London offer any discounts for students or senior citizens?

Answer It is true that Virgin Active London does provide discounts for students as well as seniors. The members who qualify can present their valid senior or student ID when signing up to take advantage of the discount.

Is there a cancellation policy for membership at Virgin Active London?

Answer It is true that Virgin Active London has an cancellation policy that is in place. If a member wants to end their membership, they must give an unwritten notice. This is subject to a notice period of minimum according to the agreement with members.

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