Orangetheory Daily Workout 2024 ❤️ Official

Orangetheory Daily Workout 2024

Orangetheory Daily Workout

Orangetheory Daily Workout Information: Orange Theory Fitness is looking for a studio manager (SM) who is energetic and can lead one of our unique studios.

The fitness franchise world is exploding, and the infinity workout is happening at all. The training is broken up into blocks of work, and seeing your heart rate% on a screen motivates you to do the best you can.

orange theory fitness

Orangetheory Daily Workout

At the moment, orange theory fitness is looking for a dynamic assistant studio manager (asm). Have you tried orangetheory fitness (of) yet if you like to work out in a group?

The director of fitness, Jean Sherfick, said that group fitness classes would start on Friday. Orange Theory changed my life in every way.

Even though orangetheory fitness is a franchise and the daily workouts are the same all over the country, the trainers and clients are different, so my experience here in Richmond might be slightly different from what you have had elsewhere.

The treadmill is used in the class. Orangetheory is a group fitness HIIT workout that is very structured and research-based. It has one million members all over the world.

Treadmill Workout



  • Jog 2-3 minute at an easy pace
  • Run 1 minute at base pace
  • Run 90 second at push pace
  • Recovery walk or jog 30 second
  • Run 1 minute at base pace
  • Run 60 second at push pace
  • Run 30 second at all out pace
  • Walking recovery 30 second to 1 minute

Rowing and Plyos

Rowing and Plyos

  • Row 200 Meters
  • 10 squat jump
  • Row 150 Meters
  • 15 squat jump
  • Row 100 Meters
  • 20 squat jump

Strength Rep count

Strength Rep count

  • Bicep curts
  • push ups
  • Shoulder press
  • Tricep Dips
  • Row
  • Full sit ups

Rowing and Plyos

Rowing and Plyos

  • Row 200 Meters
  • Lunge Hops 10
  • Row 150 Meters
  • Lunge Hops 16
  • Row 100 Meters
  • Lunge Hops 20

Repeat strength section


  • Cool Down and Stretch

“People of all ages and fitness levels” go to orange theory fitness. See more ideas about fitness, orange theory workout, and fitness motivation. You probably know what an orangetheory fitness studio is or have been to one.

Orangetheory Inspired Wokout


Incline 1%



1000 meters 15 iso squat
800 meters 20 iso squat
500 meters 25 iso squat



  • 15 Bicep curls
  • 15 plank row
  • 15 tricep extension
  • 15 squat jump


  • 15 upright row
  • 15 push up
  • 15 seated twist
  • 15 plank jacks

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