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Do you think of taking part in CKO Kickboxing Prices but are wondering about membership fees and costs?

CKO Kickboxing is a popular fitness brand that provides high-intensity kickboxing classes that will assist you in gaining weight and reaching your fitness targets. 


Everything you need to know about the CKO Kickboxing prices and membership fees including the many membership types, the price of each membership and any benefits you might be able to anticipate—will be covered in this post.

CKO Kickboxing Prices


CKO Kickboxing Prices and Membership cost




One Club Access

Initiation Fee $49.99
Monthly Fee $89.99
Cancellation Fee $199.99


One Club Access

Initiation Fee $49.99
Annual Fee $1,079.99
Cancellation Fee $199.99

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How much does it cost to attend a CKO Kickboxing class?

The cost of the CKO Kickboxing class varies according to the location and the membership choices. The cost of a class is between 15 and 25 dollars.

Monthly membership fees can range from $100 to $200 per month. But it’s essential to inquire with the studio in your area for specific pricing policies and any discounts or promotions that might be offered.

How much does a monthly membership cost at CKO Kickboxing?

The cost of a monthly subscription to CKO Kickboxing varies depending on the location and kind of membership. 

You can anticipate paying between $100-$200 monthly for unlimited training. Certain locations might offer discounts to military personnel, students, or first responders. 

It is recommended to inquire at the local CKO Kickboxing studio for their specific prices as well as membership plans.

Is there an initiation fee to join CKO Kickboxing?

Certain CKO kickboxing facilities might charge an initiation fee to new participants. The cost can vary based on the location; however, the typical range is between $50-$100.

It is typically an all-in-one charge that will cover the cost of establishing your membership account as well as the provision of any needed equipment, like gloves or hand wraps.

If you’re considering signing up with CKO Kickboxing, be sure to inquire with your local studio about the specific fee for initiation and prices for membership.

Are there any additional fees associated with CKO Kickboxing memberships?

Yes, there are additional charges associated with the CKO Kickboxing subscription. The fees could include equipment rental and late cancellation charges, as well as personal training session fees and other fees. 

It is important to inquire with the local studio to get all the additional charges that could be added to your membership. 

If you are aware of these charges upfront, it will help you budget for your CKO Kickboxing membership and avoid any surprise charges or fees.

What is the cost of a prepaid membership at CKO Kickboxing?

Prepaid memberships can be purchased at certain CKO Kickboxing facilities and generally offer a discounted rate in comparison with monthly subscriptions.

The cost of a prepay membership may differ depending on the location and the length of membership. But be ready to spend between $200 and $600 for a membership ranging from 3 to 12 months.

It is recommended to inquire with any nearby CKO Kickboxing studio for their particular membership plans and prices.

Can I cancel my CKO Kickboxing membership anytime?

The cancellation procedure for CKO Kickboxing memberships varies depending on the location. 

Some studios may require a certain amount of notice prior to canceling a membership, while others will allow cancellation at any time and without cost. 

It is recommended to inquire at your local studio to find out the cancellation policy they have in place.

What is the cancellation policy for CKO Kickboxing classes?

A cancellation rule The cancellation policy for CKO Kickboxing classes is different based on the area of the class. 

Certain locations require the submission of a certain amount of time prior to a class being cancelled, and others will allow the cancellation of classes up to a specific time before the class begins without cost. 

It is recommended that you check with your local studio to find out their cancellation policies. 

Make sure you know the rules in advance so that you can be sure you are not paying any charges or penalties for classes missed.

What are the different membership options available at CKO Kickboxing?

Here are the many membership options that are available at CKO Kickboxing.

  1. In-person classes are available; you are able to make payments for every class separately without having to sign up for the cost of a membership.
  2. Membership for a month: This type of membership permits you to attend a variety of classes per month at a predetermined cost.
  3. Membership for an annual period: This type of membership provides a discount rate when purchasing a whole calendar year with unlimited classes in advance.
  4. A family membership type is specifically designed for families and provides a discount for multiple members.
  5. Corporate Membership: This type of membership is designed for companies and other organizations. It offers reduced prices for employees.

Is there a family membership option available at CKO Kickboxing?

It is true that CKO Kickboxing offers a family membership, which lets multiple family members participate in classes at a discounted price. 

The cost of a family membership is contingent on how many people participate in addition to the place of residence; however, the typical cost is around $199 for two people. 

It is an ideal alternative for families that want to put fitness and health first for each other and benefit from the benefits of exercising together. 

Visit your local CKO Kickboxing Studio for more information about membership options for families.

Does CKO Kickboxing offer corporate memberships?

Indeed, CKO Kickboxing offers corporate memberships for businesses and other organizations. 

They offer reduced rates for employees and offer a fantastic method to encourage fitness and health within the workplace.

The cost of corporate membership is dependent on how many employees you have as well as the location; however, you should expect to pay about $79 per employee for a month. 

Make contact with your regional CKO Kickboxing studio or visit the website of the company to inquire about options for corporate memberships.

How much does a family membership cost at CKO Kickboxing?

The cost of a family membership with CKO Kickboxing varies based on the number of members as well as the location. 

On average, expect to pay $199 for a month with two members. Prices can vary in relation to location and the number of members that are included in your family-friendly membership. 

Always check with the local CKO Kickboxing Studio to get the exact price and membership choices. 

If you join a family membership, you and your family members will benefit from group fitness classes and save cash on membership costs each month.

How much does a corporate membership cost at CKO Kickboxing?

The cost of corporate membership with CKO Kickboxing varies depending on the number of employees as well as the location. 

Corporate subscriptions typically cost $79 per month for per employee.Corporate memberships can be a great way for businesses and organizations to encourage physical fitness and wellness at the office and offer savings to employees.

Visit your nearby CKO Kickboxing studio for more details on their membership options for corporate clients and prices.

Are there any age restrictions for joining CKO Kickboxing?

Yes, there are restrictions on age to join CKO Kickboxing to ensure the security of its members. The majority of locations require that members be at least 18 years old in order to join.

However, certain locations may have classes for teens and children. It is crucial to inquire at your local studio to determine their age requirements as well as the classes offered. 

Classes are designed to suit any level of fitness, and no previous experience is required. 

The instructors at CKO Kickboxing have been trained to adapt exercises to suit different levels of fitness and capabilities; however, it is recommended to talk with your doctor prior to starting a new workout program if you suffer from an existing medical condition or injury.

Can I put my CKO Kickboxing membership on hold?

Certain CKO Kickboxing venues may permit members to put their membership on hold for a specific duration. 

This could be beneficial if you require breaks from your classes for medical or personal reasons. 

The specific rules regarding membership holds can differ based on the location you live in, so make sure to contact the studio in your area for more details. 

Remember that there might be limitations or charges associated with placing your account on hold, which is why it is important to read the conditions in your contract with the studio prior to making any modifications.

Can I transfer my CKO Kickboxing membership to another location?

Yes, certain CKO Kickboxing locations may allow the transfer of your membership to another facility.

This is a good alternative for you if you are thinking about moving or are unable to attend classes elsewhere due to unforeseen circumstances.

But it’s essential to consult with your local studio to find out the specific rules regarding the transfer of membership, since certain places may have limitations or additional charges for transferring memberships.

It is important to discuss the possibility of transferring with your local studio prior to making any modifications to your membership.

How long is a CKO Kickboxing class?

The majority of CKO Kickboxing classes run approximately one hour; however, the exact duration may differ according to the location of the class.

The Workout is anticipated to involve a mix of bodyweight workouts, kickboxing, boxing, and shadowboxing, as well as cardiovascular and strength training.

Instructors will walk students through the many methods and exercises in the classes, which are created to accommodate students of any fitness level.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothes that let you move freely. Also, bring water bottles and a towel. CKO Kickboxing also offers a free trial class for first-time customers at several locations.

How do I sign up for CKO Kickboxing classes or membership?

CKO Kickboxing

To enroll in CKO Kickboxing classes or to join the membership, go to the website of the company or call the studio in your area.

You can enroll in classes via the CKO Kickboxing application. As soon as you’ve decided on a location and a course, you’ll have the option of creating an account and enrolling in classes online.

Some studios may offer a trial class for free for first-time visitors. Make sure to inquire at your local studio about this offer.

Can I try a CKO Kickboxing class before signing up for membership?

Indeed, CKO Kickboxing offers a free trial class for first-time customers. It’s a fantastic Opportunity to test the classes and see whether they’re suitable for you prior to making a decision to sign up.

Call your local studio or go to the site of the company to determine if this service is offered at the location you prefer.

Be aware that certain locations might have a limited number of spots to offer free classes; therefore, it is recommended to make a reservation early.

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Does CKO Kickboxing offer special discounts and offers?

Indeed, CKO Kickboxing offers special discounts and offers all through the year. This could include reduced rates for membership as well as free trial classes, discount referrals, and many more.

Visit the company’s official website, follow their multiple Social media pages or sign up for their email newsletter to Stay informed about the newest Offers and Promotions.

It’s recommended to inquire with your local studio because they might have their own discounts and promotions.

CKO KickBoxing Equipment and Facilities

Here are a few examples of CKO equipment and facilities for kickboxing:

The punching bag: This is a large bag specifically made for kicks and punches. They’re typically made from synthetic or leather as well as filled with foam and other substances to cushion the impact of kicks and punches.

Gloves: gloves with padding used during kickboxing workouts ?️‍♂️. They are typically made from synthetic or leather materials and can be designed in order to safeguard wrists and hands.

Hand wraps: These are pieces of fabric that are placed under the gloves to shield the wrists and hands. They are typically constructed of stretchy fabric that is adjustable to accommodate different sizes of hands.

Shin guards padded protectors which are placed on the shins in order to shield them from injuries. They are generally composed of foam or other padded materials and are fixed by elastic bands.

Mats: Mats are cushioned mats used to train and for sparring. They are generally constructed of foam or other flexible materials and are designed to absorb the force of hits and falls.

Lockers: Lockers are safe storage spaces in which you can store your personal belongings when you train. They are generally found within the locker rooms and come with locks for additional security.

Showers: They are places that allow you to wash and rinse off your body after the training session. They usually are found in the change rooms. They have both cold and hot water ?.

Changing rooms: The changing rooms are areas where you can switch into your gear for training and keep your personal belongings. They usually have showers and lockers.

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CKO KickBoxing Membership Benefits and Privileges

CKO Kickboxing offers a differrent membership Options to meet the preferences and needs of different clients.

Here are a few benefits and privileges you get when You join the CKO Kickboxing memberships:

Access to facilities

As an active member, you Be able to use the club’s facilities during regular hours. It includes gyms, the training areas and changing rooms.

You are Able to come and go at your leisure and use these facilities For training or exercise whenever you want to.

Professional instruction

As an active member, you’ll get professional guidance By certified and trained coaches.

They will help you improve Your abilities, develop your technique,and help you reach Your fitness goals .

Group training

As an Active member, you’ll be able to take part in training sessions for groups with fellow members.

These training sessions are a Great opportunity to learn From each other and motivate One another, and enjoy yourself while training.

Personalized training

As members, you may take advantage of individualized sessions of training with a coach.

The sessions are tailored to address Your particular goals and needs. They can be tailored to suit your personal fitness level.

Special events

As an active member, you could be able to take part in events that are special, like tournaments, demonstrations, or workshops.

These events provide a fantastic opportunity to Push yourself, demonstrate your abilities, and gain from Other members.

Special discounts

As a CKO Kickboxing member, you could be eligible to receive special discounts on products, services and other items of CKO Kickboxing.

These discounts could aid you In saving money as well as gain more value from your membership.

Referral rewards

As a CKO Kickboxing member you might be able to earn referral rewards for inviting your friends and family members For a membership with CKO Kickboxing. Rewards can come in the form of credit, discounts and other benefits.

Overall all, a CKO Kickboxing membership offers a number of advantages and privileges To aid you in getting maximum benefit from your training and achieve those fitness objectives.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your skill, stay in shape or just enjoy yourself CKO Kickboxing offers something for everyone.

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CKO KickBoxing Prices Overview 

CKO KickBoxing offers two membership Options: monthly and Annually.

The monthly plan comes with an initial cost of $49.99 a monthly charge of $89.99 and a cancellation cost of $199.99. The initial fee is a single cost you pay when you sign up ? for membership.

Monthly fees are what that you pay each month to keep your membership active and use the club’s facilities.

This is the cancellation cost you could be required to pay if you choose to terminate your membership before the expiration date of your contract.

The annual option comes with an initial cost of $49.99 as well as an annual fee of $1,079.99 and a cancellation charge of $199.99. The cost of initiation is a one-time fee that is due when you sign up for an annual membership.

It’s crucial to take into consideration your budget as well as your fitness goals when you decide on the best membership for you.

CKO Kickboxing Location 

About CKO Kickboxing

It’s no surprise that kickboxing is now among the top sought-after ways to get fit. In all likelihood, you won’t typically see out of shape martial artists generally (with an exception for sumo-wrestling).

The majority of fighters must be in good shape and agile to avoid being struck or pinned. They require muscle to generate energy for their strikes.

All of these are applicable to kickboxing, which utilizes both legs and arms for hitting. You must be physically fit to do well in.

The good thing is that if You perform an exercise based on kickboxing there are a lot of health benefits.

  • It increases your endurance in the cardiovascular system as well as making your body more efficient at absorbing oxygen and utilizing it.
  • The strength of your muscles will increase on both your lower and upper body.
  • This is a distinct difference when you box, as many boxers have spindly legs.
  • It enhances balance and coordination.
  • It is a great way to burn calories, which can aid in weight loss. Just half an hour of training in kickboxing will be able to burn off 372 calories.
  • It helps you feel more confident in yourself.
  • The training of kickboxing can improve sleep.
  • It improves mental health.

All of these benefits are available when you sign up to CKO Kickboxing.


In CKO Kickboxing, it’s Not only about instructors and students. CKO is a gym for the community in which You can Meet new people and exercise with others.

The support and encouragement you receive from your community will to Ensure that You stick with the gym to achieve Your fitness Goals and keep Your fitness.

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CKO Kickboxing – FAQs 

How much does it cost to attend a single class at CKO Kickboxing?

An individual class in CKO Kickboxing typically costs around $20, however prices could differ based on the location.

How much does a monthly membership cost at CKO Kickboxing?

The cost for a monthly account at CKO Kickboxing varies depending on the location as well as the kind of membership, however you should expect to pay between $100-$200 per month.

What is CKO cancellation policy ?

Cancellation applications before the term of the membership are complete have an early termination fee unless you have a medical cause to cancel or leaving more than 25 miles from any CKO locations, Medical condition Proof and the new address are also required.


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