CKO Kickboxing Prices and Membership cost

CKO Kickboxing prices are reasonable considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your membership. If kickboxing is something that you’re energetic about, at that point CKO Kickboxing is for you.

CKO Kickboxing centers are known for making the kickboxing energizing and fitness-focused. how about we additionally take a look at the CKO Kickboxing cost and discover how things charge up here.

CKO Kickboxing Prices

Service Cost

CKO Kickboxing Monthly Prices

CKO Kickboxing Prices For Single

Initiation Fee $49.99
Monthly Fee $89.49
Cancellation Fee $199.99

CKO Kickboxing Prices For Two Adults

Initiation Fee $99.99
Monthly Fee $159.49
Cancellation Fee $399.99

CKO Kickboxing Annually Prices

CKO Kickboxing Prices For Single

Initiation Fee $49.49
Annual Fee $1079.49
Cancellation Fee $199.99

CKO Kickboxing Prices For Two Adults

Initiation Fee $99.49
Annual Fee $1907.49
Cancellation Fee $399.49

Company Overview

CKO Kickboxing was started in November 1997 by Joseph Andrew in Hoboken, NJ as “Take It To The Max” designed for intense workout. Kickboxing specializes in weight management and stress management. There are currently 69 clubs in the United States.

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CKO KickBoxing Prices Overview 

Do you want to know, how much does CKO kickboxing cost?
Full details about CKO kickboxing cost is bellow

Like all popular gyms, CKO Kickboxing has a starter fee. But for this, you don’t need to be worry because its Initial price is very reasonable.
The CKO prices for a one-person plan is only $89.49, which means that if you work five days a week, you will spend only $4.47 per day, Which is very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer.
For two adults, You have to pay $159.49 per month, in which two persons over the age of 18 can access the CKO Kickboxing for one month.
If we talk about CKO Kickboxing membership fees (annually), it is $1079.49 for one person and $1907.49 for two adults.

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CKO KickBoxing Equipment and Facilities

CKO KickBoxing utilizes a combination of both plyometric and callisthenic exercises to create the most exciting workout.

Kickboxing focuses only on kickboxing and uses very little equipment such as

  • banana bags – banana beg is Muay Thai heavy bag used for low kicks and knee strikes.
  • Punching bags – punching bags This heavy-duty cylindrical bag used in the gym for boxing-style workouts to burn calories and relieve stress.
  • Speed bags -Speed bags are small, light, and air-filled begs primary purpose of this bag is to increase your timing, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination. CKO Kickboxing Prices are likewise truly sensible for the administrations they offer

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CKO Lyndhurst Schedule

CKO KickBoxing Membership Benefits and Privileges

CKO Kickboxing, helps you to burn fat, reduce stress and tone up by punching and kicking real heavy bags.

Their kickboxing classes are for both beginner, and advanced levels individuals, each member of CKO kickboxing can work out at their own pace.
CKO Kickboxing offers a one-hour class on various schedules. This one-hour punching and kicking workout offer a whole body workout. An individual can burn up to 1200 calories with CKO’s trained coaches. For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because CKO Kickboxing Prices are very affordable.

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CKO Kickboxing Location (CKO Kickboxing near me)

FAQs About CKO Kickboxing Prices

1. What is CKO cancellation policy ?

Cancellation applications before the term of the membership are complete have an early termination fee unless you have a medical cause to cancel or leaving more than 25 miles from any CKO locations, Medical condition Proof and the new address are also required.

2. How much does CKO cost per month?

CKO Kickboxing prices for a month-to-month basis Start at $69 and can be as high as $139.

3. What does CKO Kickboxing stand for?

CKO Kickboxing stands for Club Knock Out Kickboxing.

4. What are kickboxing classes prices?

Kickboxing studios usually charge around $10 per class.

5. What is CKO monthly cost ?

CKO Monthly cost:

  • $89.49 for one person
  • $159.49 for two persons

6. What is CKO Lyndhurst schedule ?

Click Here For CKO Lyndhurst schedule

8. What is CKO Lyndhurst Prices ?

Your first class in Lyndhurst costs only $ 20, and with it, you get a Free Pair of Gloves.

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Disclaimer : CKO Kickboxing Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local CKO Kickboxing center.

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