CKO Kickboxing Prices 2020

If kickboxing is something that you’re energetic about, at that point CKO Kickboxing is for you. CKO Kickboxing centers are known for making the kickboxing energizing and fitness-focused. Hence, regardless of whether you are not a kickboxing fanatic, however are still in some way or another a wellbeing devotee; you will love CKO kickboxing.

Here we are going to discuss step by step everything you want to know like CKO Kickboxing cost, CKO Kickboxing plans, CKO Kickboxing price etc.

CKO Kickboxing Prices

CKO is a short name of the Central Kickboxing Organization. From extremely old occasions, Kickboxing was considered as the most all-around presumed type of hand to hand fighting. The originators of Cko have this harsh conviction that kickboxing is unquestionably more helpful than other combative techniques structures.

This is on the grounds that kickboxing helps in decreasing the weight and consuming the fat viably and quickly. In this way, go get yourself the CKO membership and see yourself changing into a fit person in an extremely brief span. You can appreciate this at worthwhile CKO Kickboxing Prices.

CKO Kickboxing Prices

CKO Kickboxing Prices

Service Cost



Initiation Fee $49.99
Monthly Fee $89.49
Cancellation Fee $199.99


Initiation Fee $99.99
Monthly Fee $159.49
Cancellation Fee $399.99



Initiation Fee $49.49
Annual Fee $1079.49
Cancellation Fee $199.99


Initiation Fee $99.49
Annual Fee $1907.49
Cancellation Fee $399.49


Company Overview

CKO Kickboxing was started in November 1997 by Joseph Andrew in Hoboken, NJ as “Take It To The Max” designed for intense workout. Kickboxing specializes in weight management and stress management. There are currently 69 clubs in the United States.

CKO KickBoxing Equipment and Facilities

CKO KickBoxing utilizes a combination of both plyometric and calisthenic exercises to create the most exciting workout.

Kickboxing focuses only on kickboxing and uses very little equipment such as

  • banana bags – banana beg is Muay Thai heavy bag used for low kicks and knee strikes.
  • Punching bags – punching bags This heavy-duty cylindrical bag used in the gym for boxing-style workouts to burn calories and relieve stress.
  • Speed bags -Speed bags are small, light, and air-filled begs primary purpose of this bag is to increase your timing, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination.

CKO KickBoxing of Membership Benefits and Privileges

CKO Kickboxing, helps you to burn fat, reduce stress and tone up by punching and kicking real heavy bags.

Their kickboxing classes are for both beginner, and advanced levels individuals, each member of CKO kickboxing can work out at their own pace.
CKO Kickboxing offers a one-hour class on various schedules. This one-hour punching and kicking workout offer a whole body workout. An individual can burn up to 1200 calories with CKO’s trained coaches.


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