Blast Fitness Prices and Membership Cost

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Blast Fitness prices are very affordable and highly reasonable, considering state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment and upscale facilities that come with your membership.

If you are looking for a great and reasonable fitness center for your full-body workout, Blast Fitness is one of the best options for you.
Blast Fitness is committed to providing you the world class facilities, quality equipment, and skilled trainers and staff to give you a dream body.

For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because Blast Fitness Prices are very affordable.

blast fitness prices

Blast Fitness Gold Membership Prices

Gold Membership (Per Month) (One Year Membership) $8.88
Gold Membership (Paid At Once) (Three Month Membership) $58.88

Blast Fitness Platinum Membership Prices

Platinum Membership (Per Month) (One Year Membership) $19.99
Platinum Membership (Paid At Once) (Three Month Membership) $88.88

Blast Fitness Membership Plans

Blast Fitness has something special for everyone. There are two kinds of memberships, Gold Membership and Platinum Membership that you can choose from.

If you sign up for Blast Fitness’s Gold Membership for a year, it costs just $8.88 per month and gives you access to basic services.

The Gold Membership at Blast Fitness costs $58.88 every three months, which is very fair when you think about the services and facilities they offer.

The Platinum Membership at Blast Fitness costs $19.99 per month and costs $199 per year. It gives you access to their best services, like group exercise classes, babysitting, and tanning.

The Platinum Membership at Blast Fitness costs $ 88.88 every three months.

So, if you look at the prices above, you’ll see that an annual subscription is cheaper and easier to afford than a quarterly subscription.

Featured Classes And Needed Gear

You can take a lot of different kinds of classes from Lana. Some of these are Core, Glutes, and Low Back Release Workout Classes and Total Body Strength Workout Classes.

You’ll need the following things to join the classes.

  • There are different weights of dumbbells. For beginners, you’ll need a set of 5, 10, and 15-pound dumbbells. If you’re more experienced, you can go heavier.
  • Work your glutes and core with a mini band exercise tube.
  • Different exercises will be done on a stable chair, exercise bench, coffee table, or aerobic step.
  • Any kind of mat or cushioned floor for work on the floor.
  • You can use a yoga block or a rolled-up towel to stand on and squeeze between your legs for various core exercises.
  • Any large tube with a loop or handles will work.

Operation Restoration

When aches, pains, and injuries keep them from working out, a lot of women give up. The problem is that this time-out doesn’t usually last as long as they might have thought at first. Not working out soon becomes a habit, and then it becomes a way of life.

If you’re afraid that working out will make your pains worse, this class will put your mind at ease. It will give you the detailed steps you need to set up a routine that will help you get stronger and more mobile in a safe way.

This is great because each routine only takes 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you can safely and effectively work out. Even better, these workouts don’t require complicated moves, expensive personal training, or high-tech equipment.

The whole class is more or less a 90-minute workshop that you participate in. It’s not much of a workout. It’s a warmup routine that ensures you’re ready to exercise afterward. It’s great for moms and grandmas who want to be more active and have less pain and more mobility.

Awesome Aarms

Lana’s 12-week course is for women who want to get more defined muscles in their arms and upper body. Women get stronger and have more stamina when they work on their arm muscles. It also makes them look better.

This course is good for beginners because it has lessons on basic things like how to lift weights safely and effectively. But even people who have worked out before can use Awesome Arms because it has a challenging and effective program.

It works for women who have access to a gym and those who only have a few things to work out at home. Every workout is less than 40 minutes long.

The program comes with 12 printable worksheets, 12 videos showing how to do exercises, and a 12-week calendar. Each week, you can switch between monster circuits, targeted overload training, and accelerated supersets as ways to build strength.

You also get videos for warmups and cooldowns, as well as tutorials for the right way to breathe and stand, among other things.

Return to Impact

Impact workouts can be helpful, but it’s easy to make mistakes when doing them. Many women end up doing too much, too soon, and too fast. And when they don’t work, these mistakes can make people angry or even hurt themselves.

It’s pretty common for women to have run in the past, even if they stopped because of work or family obligations. This program can help you get back to running by ensuring you are ready and know how to do it safely.

This is a careful, step-by-step plan to help you get back to the strength and stability you had before. It has full-length classes and homework every week.

The workouts will get harder and harder as the plan goes on. This will help you get back to running safely. You can strengthen your pelvic floor, core, hips, legs, and feet by following this plan. When you work out for real, you’ll get stronger and feel less pain afterward.

This 6-week course can really help women start working out again.

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How much does a Blast Fitness gold membership cost?

Gold Membership (Per Month) (One Year Membership) is $8.88 per person.

Gold Membership (Paid All at Once) (Membership for Three Months): $58.88 per person.

How Much is Blast Fitness?

The prices at Blast Fitness are fair, if not cheap. Monthly memberships start at just $8.88! There are two types of membership: the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. The Platinum Plan is the cheaper choice.

How much does Blast Fitness’ Platinum Plan cost?

  • Platinum Membership (Per Month) (One Year Membership) is $19.99 per person.
  • Platinum Membership (Paid All at Once) (Membership for Three Months): $88.88 per person.

Here I have provided complete and proper information about Blast Fitness Prices and its review.

Read this article and get all the details you want to know about Blast Fitness.

You can get the membership online at or directly at the location.

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Disclaimer: We gathers actual Blast Fitness prices from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. the Blast Fitness Prices reported on this website may not be current, and may be vary locations . To obtain current pricing, contact the individual Blast Fitness location of interest to you.

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