Soul Cycle Prices and Membership Cost

Soul Cycle prices and membership is very affordable then any its compitator, Cycling has moved indoors, with intensive workouts that have made it the most trendy fashion in group fitness since 2006.

The gym was started by the founders Elizabeth Cutler, Julie Rice, and Ruth Zukerman (left to set up an alternative operation at the end of 2009). The first indoor cycling facility in a dark funeral house on the city’s Upper West Side.
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Soul Cycle Prices

A successful account demonstrates “location, location, location” as the company was launched at Bridgehampton, the Upper East Side, Tribeca, Union Square, and Bridgehampton. The opening exposed office workers of a high-end and the glamorous crowd of the Hamptons to the notion of sweating.
Here are the latest Soul Cycle prices.

Pay Per Class

First Time Ride

First Class (Expires in 30 Days) $20.00
After First Class or Regular Class Price (Expires in 30 Days) $30.00
Five Classes (Expires in 45 Days) $145.00
Ten Classes (Expires in 3 Months) $280.00
Twenty Classes (Expires in 9 Months) $540.00
Thirty Classes (Expires in 12 Months) $780.00


Fifty Classes (Expires in 12 Months) $3,500.00

Hamptons Supersoul

Fifty Classes (Expires in One Year) $4,000.00

SoulCycle Membership Rates

SoulCycle is a pay-by-class class basis and does not provide memberships. The standard class, lasting 45 minutes, starts at $40, making it the most expensive fitness class for groups. In addition, SC offers $165 for 45 days, $320 for ten classes spread over three months or $600 for 20 sessions for nine months, and $500 for 50 lessons in 12 months at the luxurious Bridgehamptons barn.

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Concept of SoulCycle

The secret to SoulCycle is that the stationary bikes provide an all-body workout that includes inspirational guidance and high-energy music that is played continuously for 45 minutes. It is not a hassle to transition from one exercise station to the next and take some time to breathe.

Instead, the instructors bombard the whole class with inspirational phrases and vary the weights of the bikes to give them the upper body workout and do not ever sit down. The ardent fans don’t have to stop for water or other isotonic drinks until the music stops at three-quarters of an hour. This is total fitness that can accommodate a range of ages between 12 and the age of 81.

Throughout the course, the loss of a pound (and the sensation of sweating a gallon) keeps each SC participant an avid believer in energetic music and workout that the instructors say benefits the body and mind. SoulCycle helps teachers (176 to date) to instruct how to teach the SoulCycle way of leading every group of enthusiastic cyclists.

Soul Cycle Prices

Research suggests that, generally, SoulCycle users burn 500 to 700 calories during an hour of workout. A few reports indicate that SoulCycle participants are keen to return the next day to reap cardio benefits.

SoulCycle defines its classes as the equivalent of a “dance party on a bike.” SoulCycle employs custom bikes as well as cycling shoes that clip in for classes.

The Soul Cycle class starts with the bike set up according to the person for the seat’s height and fore/aft position of the heart, and the height of the handlebars. Additionally, you can choose 1 lb, 2 lbs 3, 3 lbs 5 lb, and 2 pounds of weights for the arm part of the series.

The class goes through approximately six different songs that last about five minutes each. It could involve increasing the resistance when you’re climbing an enormous hill or lowering the resistance when you’re aiming for an endurance race. After the 7th track, the class will begin the arm series.

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This is a combination of the weights chosen from class start to be a lengthy piece. The class is concluded with two songs. Every class taken is different.

There’s no shortage of well-off and Cadillac-riding customers looking to get in good shape, even if that involves exposing one’s French manicure, well-dressed hair, diamonds, and Rolex to an influx of sweat from the bike that is close to. It is a matter of self-confidence to join the usual SoulCycle crowd.

Soul Cycle Prices

Trainers themselves confirm that you must be confident, sexy, and sturdy in the beginning. In a house-remix to Annie Lenox about having everything money can buy, minus love, trainers encourage cyclists to keep going by saying that everybody is sexy and that the SC session is a “sexy-ass sport!”

Affiliates include Chelsea Clinton, J. Crew’s Mickey Drexler, Katie Holmes, and Lady Gaga. She rented two custom-designed $2,200 Soul Cycle bikes on her tour and held her 26th birthday celebration in the SoulCycle studio located in West Hollywood.

As she waits in line for the “double,” as sadistic back-to-back classes are known, Lena Durham says. “I love the music, I love the sweat, I love the handsome gay teachers shrieking in your face–I’m super cult-y about it.” 

On the more great part, the more fanciful 20,000 riders who ride at SoulCycle each week and 440,000 active members can also browse for fashionable items which vary by store’s launch and seasonality patterns and colors of clothing, t-shirts, leggings bras, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a myriad of other things that are available from Lululemon as well as Nike to create unique items.

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Soul Cycle Video


Soul Cycle Locations

In the present, SoulCycle is all across New York City and New Jersey. Still, it’s also available throughout Washington D.C., Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, California, Greenwich, Connecticut, San Francisco, and 49 other places across the country.

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FAQs For Soul Cycle Prices

How much does SoulCycle cost?

One class of regular duration will cost the student $36, and you can purchase a range of classes, such as the 10-pack at $340. If you live in Los Angeles and Miami, the cost for your first class is $20. A single class costs $30, and a ten pack is $265.

How much is a SoulCycle monthly membership?

Unlimited Sweat. For only $39.99/month, you can access an expanding selection of classes available through the Equinox+ app. This includes SoulCycle live classes and online classes with your favorite instructors, the music, and the packs that you love. Plus, accessibility to Equinox, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Rumble, and many more.

Does SoulCycle do monthly memberships?

No. SoulCycle does not offer memberships.

How much is it to rent shoes at SoulCycle?

SoulCycle requires that participants wear shoes that attach to the pedals. This isn’t uncommon for an indoor class. It costs $3 for hire shoes that another has worn.

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