UFC Gym Prices and Membership Fees

The UFC Gym prices are reasonable considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your membership. Founded in 2009, UFC is one of the fastest-growing fitness brands in 150 countries with 150+ locations.

UFC Gym Prices

Each of the locations at the UFC Gym offers essential features such as mixed martial arts and inspired fitness experience, where you can take advantage of a variety of fitness classes, including MMA-fitness classes with personal training opportunities with top coaches.

how about we additionally take a look at the UFC Gym Prices and discover how things charge up here.

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UFC Gym  Prices & Membership Cost

UFC Gym Limited Membership

Enrolment Fee $25
Processing Fee $49
Monthly Due $39

UFC Gym Fitness Membership

Enrolment Fee $25
Processing Fee $49
Monthly Due $89

UFC Gym Ultimate Membership

Enrolment Fee $25
Processing Fee $49
Monthly Due $99

UFC Gym Champion Membership

Enrolment Fee $25
Processing Fee $49
Monthly Due $129

UFC Gym Virtual Membership

Monthly Fee $9.95

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UFC Gym Virtual Membership Prices & Facilities 

UFC Gym membership cost: $9.95 per month


  • Livestream Classes
  • Video on Demand – UFC FIT
  • dotFit Nutrition Platform
  • Online Personal Training

UFC Gym Fitness Membership Prices & Facilities

  • Enrolment Fee – $25
  • Processing Fee – $49
  • Monthly Due – $89


  • Access to Kendall
  • Strength + Cardio Equipment
  • 24/7 access
  • Class Reservations
  • Group Fit Classes
  • Ultimate Conditioning Classes

UFC Gym Ultimate Membership Prices & Facilities

  • Enrolment Fee – $25
  • Processing Fee – $49
  • Monthly Due – $99


  • Access to Kendall
  • Strength + Cardio Equipment
  • 24/7 access
  • Class Reservations
  • Group Fit Classes
  • Ultimate Conditioning Classes
  • Ultimate Skills/Technique Classes
  • Kids Club Included
  • 10% off in gym purchases
  • Access to All Corporate UFC Gyms

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UFC Prices Overview

UFC Gym offers a variety of membership options, which is an attractive feature to consider when deciding where to join. They provide opportunities for people seeking the cheapest membership to an elite gym, those interested in MMA training, and frequent travelers.

When you join up for a UFC Gym membership, you must pay an enrollment fee and a processing charge. UFC Gym’s enrollment fee is $25, while the processing charge is $49. Both of these costs apply to all plans.

Typically, UFC Gym provides four different plans, which include:

  • Limited plan
  • Fitness plan
  • Ultimate plan
  • Champion plan

The “UFC gym limited plan is the most basic membership plan,” which costs $39 per month. This is an excellent alternative if you are searching for an affordable gym membership that includes the convenience of exercising at home.

However, as the name suggests, your membership advantages are restricted to specific facilities; you may utilize their weight-training and cardio equipment. However, you cannot participate in group exercise classes or conditional training.

Only a United Football Club Gym membership is superior to the package’s contents. The plan grants you access to extra alternatives, such as group lessons. As its name suggests, this program is a good option for people wanting advanced instruction.

After paying the initial charge ($25 enrollment fee plus $49 processing fee), you can get a fitness membership at UFC Gym for $89 per month.

In addition to the fitness membership, the above plan includes an ultimate membership to UFC Gym. It provides access to additional services such as technical and skill enhancement programs and a children’s club. If you intend to bring your child to the UFC Gym ultimate gym, UFC Gym ultimate may be your best option.

Monthly fees for UFC Gym Ultimate Membership are $99.

Contrary to its name, however, the “ultimate” membership is not the most coveted membership given by the UFC Gym. Champion membership is the highest expensive membership option offered by UFC Gym.

This UFC Gym champion membership is available for $129 per month. This subscription includes all the features of the Ultimate Plan, including access to all UFC Gym locations.

For each of these UFC Gym subscriptions, you must pay an enrollment charge and a processing fee. The cost of enrollment usually is $25, but the processing fee might reach as least $49

There are various membership options available at UFC Gym. This virtual UFC Gym membership does not allow access to any physical UFC Gym club.

Instead, they will provide you with video lessons and other services. You can utilize the classes while exercising at your speed. The monthly subscription fee for the UFC Gym virtual membership is $9.95.

Not all UFC Gym clubs offer Virtual memberships, though. To see whether a particular club offers this Virtual membership, you may call them or visit their website.

Another cost you should anticipate from UFC is the cancellation fee. If you wish to terminate your subscription, you will be charged a price or two.

The typical cancellation cost for a UFC Gym membership is $250 plus the remaining balance.

However, understand that individual UFC Gym clubs may have membership cancellation rules, and you should therefore contact them to inquire about additional fees.

As with everything things, the ultimate price may vary from club to club. Therefore, you should always contact them directly for day rates. Also, inquire about discounts and specials. Occasionally, you will be able to find unbelievable offers.

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How much is UFC Gym initiation fee?

Almost every plan at UFC Gym has the same initial fees. Your total membership enrollment charge will be $74, comprising a $25 enrollment fee and a $49 processing fee.

Can I go to any UFC Gym with my membership?

You can go to any of their clubs if you have a UFC Gym champion membership.

You can typically only attend your home club if you have a Limited, Fitness, or Ultimate membership.

How much does the UFC gym Membership cost?

How much your UFC Gym membership costs each month depends on your chosen plan.

Here are the typical monthly costs for each type of UFC Gym membership.

  • UFC Gym limited membership- $39
  • UFC Gym fitness membership- $89
  • UFC Gym ultimate membership- $99
  • UFC Gym champion membership- $129

Some clubs may also offer virtual membership at $9.95 per month.

UFC Gym Personal Trainer cost

The average hourly rate for a personal trainer at UFC Gym ranges between $65 and $100.

However, the cost of a personal trainer is highly dependent on the club’s location and other variables.

Additionally, several UFC Gym plans to provide complimentary specialist trainer advice. Contact your local club for additional information.

UFC Gym Military Discounts

UFC Gyms offer discounts to military members.

For example, people in the military, whether they are active or veterans, can sign up for 30 days of free UFC Gym classes. Technically, this is not a discount. Instead, it is a sign of respect.

Some clubs also offer discounts on their monthly membership fees. Prices at UFC gyms will go down by 10% for military members.

Contact them directly and ask about discounts for military members if you want more information.

UFC Gym Membership Deals

UFC Gym membership costs, deals, and discounts vary by location, but you can easily understand from the following information,

Many online websites offer UFC Gym discount coupons. It is the easiest way to save on UFC Gym membership costs.

Sometimes Gym also offers official promos to boost sales. You can find the information on their official website.

Also, keep in mind that the discounts offered by the websites apply to your location or not; some coupon codes are only for specific locations.

Read each store-specific coupon code policy carefully so you can get the best gym discounts. In addition, you can check if UFC Gym offers stackable coupons, military deals, student discounts, or senior discounts.

Most special offers and discounts on UFC Gym memberships are offered through coupons and vouchers. Obtaining these vouchers is likely the most excellent way to reduce your UFC Gym membership fee.

In addition to these reductions in membership fees, you can receive additional incentives with your existing UFC Gym membership. For instance, if you have their ultimate membership, you can receive a 10 percent discount on gym sales.

Does UFC Gym offer student discounts?

Yes, though UFC Gym doesn’t have a regular discount for students, They do occasionally have attractive offers. These discounts are not offered for all facilities, and some clubs offer discounts that they have on their own.

Contact the UFC Gym club in your area. UFC Gym club is the most effective way to find out about student discounts.

UFC Gym membership Cancellation cost

The typical cost for canceling the UFC Gym membership is $250 or 50 percent of the minimum membership due. Whichever is less.

If you decide to end your membership before the cooling-off period has expired, you do not need to pay any cancellation fees. The cooling-off period usually lasts 7 or 15 days, based on your chosen membership plan and the club’s policies.

How difficult is it to cancel a UFC Gym membership?

The most challenging aspect of canceling a UFC Gym membership is having to travel there and make your request in person, and they usually do not accept cancellation requests via mail, phone, or online.

You must also submit your request to cancel your UFC Gym membership at least 28 days in advance.

UFC Gym Membership Benefits

UFC Gym prices vary depending on the location. Still, the enrollment fee is generally around $ 150 to $ 200, while the fitness package cost is about $ 80, giving you access to strength and cardio training equipment at the club you have signed up for.

Remember, these prices are only estimated; for more information, you can visit your nearest UFC Gym and get specific details on costs and upcoming discount offers.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to UFC Gym’s monthly subscription, which includes $ 69.00 + $ 99.00 an initial fee, in which you can enjoy unlimited group classes and MMA training.

Apart from this, as UFC Gym Members, you get access to all the fitness classes, which are as follows:

  • Ultimate Classes
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Youth Program
  • Group Fitness

UFC Gym Ultimate Classes

UFC Gym Ultimate Classes may be the best option if you want to train yourself as a champion. These include boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, sparring, and wrestling.

In which Includes

  • high-intensity interval training session
  • Learn boxing skills and techniques while improving your muscular and cardio strength.
  • Essential skills and techniques that combine punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.
  • self-defense training
  • MMA conditioning class builds endurance, strength, mobility, and flexibility, core stability.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will empower you with the skills and techniques required to defeat any challenger and a self-defense practice with a total body workout.

The UFC Gym creates the required environment for Jiu-Jitsu Classes so that you can experience the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a comfortable environment. They offer Level 0 in a diverse programming range, including only women, youth, and advanced classes.

UFC Gym Youth Program

UFC Gym Youth Program is designed to build a strong foundation of athletic skills that apply both in and out of the gym, and it helps improve coordination, speed, and strength. UFC Gym’s certified Youth Coach helps to Train, learn, and grow, and its Classes go further than physical fitness.

UFC Gym Youth Program includes

  • Youth Boxing
  • Youth daily ultimate Training
  • Youth Wrestling
  • Youth MMA
  • Youth KickBoxing
  • YOUTH Brazalian JIU-JITS

UFC Gym Group Fitness

If you are looking for a group fitness class regulated by an expert coach and includes an exercise that covers all parts of the body, then UFC Gym Group Fitness Class may be the best option.

The UFC Gym Group Fitness Classes are divided into six main categories as follows:

  • HIIT
  • Mind / Body
  • Strength
  • Cycle
  • Cardio
  • Dance

UFG Gym top group classes Include

  • High Octane
  • Fusion flow
  • Killer cycle
  • Zumba
  • PowerPilates
  • Kickass Kick

The UFC Gym is regulated by highly trained and certified coaches. Apart from this, the UFC Gym membership offers other facilities like a sauna, kids club, locker room, retail gym store, and café. However, gym facilities and services may vary by location

Other Privileges For Members

Members of UFC gyms can also buy the chain’s signature supplements, called dotFIT. Members of UFC gyms have access to these supplements and meal replacements.

Fitness bars and sticks from DotFIT are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply maintain good health.

A sports nutritionist can also design custom diet programs and suggest recipes designed specifically for you.

UFC Gym Social Media Links

UFC Gym Official: Facebook
UFC Gym Official: Instagram
UFC Gym Official: YouTube
UFC Gym Official: Twitter
UFC Gym Official: LinkedIn
UFC Gym Official: Pinterest

UFC Gym Hours

Days Hours
Monday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Friday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday 9 AM–01 PM
Sunday 9 AM–01 PM

UFC Gym Locations

UFC Gym Rocklin

UFC Gym Rocklin Address

6684 Lonetree BoulevardRocklin, CA 95765

UFC Gym Rocklin Contact (916) 288-9098


UFC Gym Rocklin Amenities

  • Turf
  • Strength Training Equipment
  • Personal Training
  • Olympic Lift Platforms
  • Octagon
  • Mixed Martial Arts Classes
  • Gym Store
  • Functional Equipment
  • Free Weight Room
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Bag Room

UFC Gym Hoboken

UFC Gym Hoboken Address

316 Sinatra DriveHoboken,

NJ 07030

UFC Gym Hoboken Contact

(201) 332-4269
UFC Gym Hoboken Amenities

  • Turf
  • Personal Training
  • Octagon
  • Mixed Martial Arts Classes
  • Gym Store
  • Functional Equipment
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Bag Room

UFC Gym Merrillville

UFC Gym Merrillville Address

5206 East 81st AvenueMerrillville, IN 46410

UFC Gym Merrillville Contact

(219) 947-2269


UFC Gym Merrillville Amenities

  • Turf
  • Strength Training Equipment
  • Personal Training
  • Octagon
  • Mixed Martial Arts Classes
  • Gym Store
  • Functional Equipment
  • Free Weight Room
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Bag Room

UFC Gym Lansdale

UFC Gym Lansdale Address

2333 Welsh RdLansdale,

PA 19446

UFC Gym Lansdale Contact

(215) 361-1269


UFC Gym Lansdale Amenities

  • Turf
  • Strength Training Equipment
  • Personal Training
  • Octagon
  • Mixed Martial Arts Classes
  • Gym Store
  • Functional Equipment
  • Free Weight Room
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Bag Room

FAQs For UFC Gym Prices & UFC Gym Membership Cost

Can you bring a guest to UFC Gym?

Yes, the UFC gym gives you seven days free trial, and if you bring a friend, you both get two weeks free, and if you bring three friends together, you can enjoy a month’s free gym.

How to cancel UFC gym membership?

UFC Gym Cancellation Procedures –

UFC Gym Cancellation Requests via phone, fax, and email is not accepted. Any request for cancellation of membership must be made in person at the UFC Gym.

How much is the UFC gym personal trainer cost?

UFC gym personal trainer cost for a one-hour session is generally $65–$75.

Does UFC Gym have a student discount?

Yes, UFC Gym offers student discounts, but remember that student and other discounts are varied by location.

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