UFC Gym Prices & Membership Cost

UFC Gym is internationally renowned for its top-quality training facilities for martial arts.

Yet, at the same the UFC Gym is also an excellent location for weight training as well as cardio exercises and many other activities.

And for those who have different goals in fitness, UFC Gym has a range of memberships. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and start your way to fitness.

UFC Gym Prices

UFC Gym prices start just $39 per month and can rise to $129 or more. So, choosing the right membership plan is essential.

This article is in order to assist you understand UFC Gym’s cost of membership We’ve compiled UFC Gym prices and other details for various kinds of plans.

Read the article and then decide on the plan you’d prefer.

UFC Gym Different Membership Prices

UFC Gyms offer different ways for you and your family to become members and enjoy their fitness facilities.

There are four membership options, each with varying prices depending on your chosen location.

Here are the four types of UFC Gym memberships:

UFC Gym Limited Membership Plan

Enrollment fee $25
Processing fee $49
Monthly dues $39

UFC Gym Fitness Membership Plan

Enrollment fee $50
Processing fee $50
Monthly dues $89
Last month dues $89

UFC Gym Ultimate Membership Plan

Enrollment fee $50
Processing fee $50
Monthly dues $149
Last month dues $149

UFC Gym Champion Membership Plan

Enrollment fee $50
Processing fee $50
Monthly dues $149
Last month dues $149

UFC Gym Prices Overview

UFC Gym UFC Gym has 4 memberships for those who want to exercise in a relaxing and cool space.

The First and most basic membership is UFC Limited Membership, the most affordable option.

To join UFC Limited membership, you’ll need to pay an initial enrollment fee of $25 for enrollment plus a processing charge of $49, as well as the monthly dues for the first and last month in the amount of $39 for each month.

To join a UFC fitness membership, you’ll need to pay an annual fee of $50 for enrollment plus a processing charge of $50 and the monthly dues for the first and last month in the amount of $89 for each month.

In total, you’ll have to pay $296.42 in the present.

UFC Gym Prices

This membership lets you use all gym equipment, including cardio and weights machines, and participate in group fitness classes.

For the UFC Ultimate Membership, you’ll need to pay $50 as an enrollment fee, a processing fee of $50, and the first and final month’s fees of $149 each.

In total, you’ll pay $424.37 today.

You’ll also be in the Best’s Club and get a discount on gym equipment.

The UFC Champion Membership offers the most extravagant gym membership plan that grants access to all the facilities at UFC Gyms, plus some additional cool things!

For the UFC Champion Membership, you’ll need to pay $50 as an enrollment fee, a processing fee of $50, and the last and the first month’s dues of $149 per month.

In total, you’ll have to pay $424.37 today.

These are the different kinds of memberships within the UFC Gym. Based on your fitness goals and budget, you can pick the most suitable for your needs.

UFC Gym Personal Trainer cost

If you’d like to employ a personal trainer from UFC Gym, the cost may vary depending on the gym’s location and the trainer’s expertise.

Hiring a personal trainer at UFC Gym costs between $65 and $100 per hour. However, the price can change depending on your gym or trainer.

Some UFC Gym locations may also offer free advice from specialist trainers as part of the membership plan.

You should check with your UFC Gym and ask about their rates and applicable conditions.

How much is the UFC Gym initiation fee?

If you’re interested in joining UFC Gym, you might be required to pay an initial fee.

The initial fee depends on two factors membership type and gym location

For example, the initiation cost of a UFC Gym Limited membership is $25, and the UFC Gym Fitness membership is $50.

The UFC Gym Ultimate membership is $50, and the UFC Gym Champion membership is $50.

You can contact your nearest UFC gym or visit the site for more accurate pricing.

Are UFC Gym prices negotiable?

UFC Gym prices are generally non-negotiable as the gym’s corporate office decides them.

However, there are some options with the help of which you can save money on your UFC membership.

One method is to search for any current promotions or discounts the gym might offer.

UFC gyms may offer occasional events throughout the calendar, like reduced fees for initiation or discounted prices for new members.

Also, you can ask about discounts you can avail through your employer since certain companies have agreements with fitness centers that offer discounts to employees.

If you want to benefit from personal training or other services, you can save money by buying services as a package instead of spending separately.

Can I go to any UFC Gym with my membership?

It’s all dependent on the membership you have.

If you have UFC Gym Ultimate or Champion membership, you can visit any UFC Gym facility worldwide.

However, if you have a UFC gym limited or Fitness membership, you can only work out at the location you initially signed up for.

It’s best to inquire with your gym or visit their website.

How much does the UFC gym Membership cost?

The price to join UFC Gym can differ depending on where you are and which membership you choose. Here are some examples:

  • Limited membership: $39 per month
  • Fitness membership: $89 per month
  • Ultimate membership: $149 per month
  • Champion membership: $149 per month

However, Checking with your nearest UFC gym for any extra enrollment or processing fees is advisable.

Does UFC Gym offer student discounts?

Not all, but specific UFC may provide student discounts. However, they aren’t guaranteed.

If you want to know whether discounts are available, check the website of UFC Gym, contact them by phone, or visit the gym personally and inquire.

Always double-check before joining a club to ensure you get the most competitive price and student discount.

What Equipment and Amenities are Available at UFC Gyms?

UFC gyms come with an array of equipment and facilities that comprise equipment for gyms, like cardio equipment and weight machines along with practical training equipment like kettlebells and battle ropes.

They also offer fitness classes for groups which include MMA-inspired classes, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing and cycling, yoga and HIIT workouts.

Certain UFC gyms also provide facilities such as a sauna steam room, sauna, and recovery centers for relaxation and recovery after workouts.

How Long is the Contract for a UFC Gym Membership?

The duration of the contract for an UFC gym membership is contingent upon the area and membership.

Some gyms offer memberships for month-to-month without a long-term commitment however, others might require a 12 month contract.

It’s crucial to go through the membership agreement and comprehend the terms prior to signing to join.

Certain UFC gyms might also offer discounts or promotions for long-term commitments.

Can I try UFC gym before joining as a member?

Yes, you can try UFC gym before joining as a member by purchasing a day pass or a week pass.

Almost every location offers free trial periods, allowing you to try out the gym for a set amount of time without paying anything.

UFC gym free trial is a great way to determine whether it fulfills your fitness needs.

Can I freeze my UFC gym membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership for one week to four weeks for a 12-month term of membership.

To freeze your membership, call your UFC gym customer service department or visit in person and ask to freeze your membership.

Some gyms might charge a fee to freeze your membership, whereas others will allow it at no cost for a specific time.

It is important to note that policies and conditions for freezing your membership may vary by club location.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The majority of UFC gyms do not have any hidden costs, but it’s best to read the terms of membership thoroughly before signing to join.

Some gyms could require an initiation fee or an annual fee for maintenance. Be sure to know all the costs related to your membership prior joining.

Can You Get a Free Trial?

A lot of UFC gyms offer a no-cost trial to new members. You can try out the facilities and classes prior to committing to joining.

The length of the trial trial is contingent on the location, however generally, it runs between three and seven days.

Certain gyms require you sign up for a the trial on their website, whereas other gyms allow you to visit and try the facilities.

UFC Gym Military Discounts

UFC Gyms offers special deals for military personnel to honor their service.

For example, military personnel (active and veterans) can take advantage of 30 days of no-cost UFC Gym classes.

Many UFC locations offer discounts on monthly membership fees which can amount to up to 10 percent off.

The best way to check out military discounts is to ask your UFC gym for an available discount.

UFC Gyms frequently provide special offers and deals to attract new members or offer rewards to existing members.

Remember that all the deals are changed frequently and depend on the time of the year and location.

Here are a few examples:

  • Special deals specifically for new members, like lower initiation costs or no enrollment costs
  • Monthly memberships with discounts
  • Annual memberships with discounts and added benefits include free personal training sessions and no yearly fee. Complimentary personal training session
  • Discounts for families or groups of friends that join together
  • Discounts are available to current members who invite an individual friend to join.
  • Special offers for seniors, students, citizens and military personnel

If you’re curious about what offers are in your area’s UFC Gym, you can contact them or go to their website.

UFC Gym membership Cancellation cost

UFC Gym membership Cancellation cost may vary by UFC location and your membership type.

Many UFC gyms might require you to pay the cancellation fee and provide an email request, giving them 30 days’ notice before you can cancel.

Knowing the specific cancellation policy for your UFC gym and any additional costs is crucial.

This can be done by visiting their website or calling their gym to request information.

Remember that membership cancellation terms and conditions differ for short-term and long-term memberships.

UFC Gym Membership Benefits

Here are a few benefits of joining UFC Gym:

State-of-the-Art Equipment

UFC Gym provides members with access to a range of the latest fitness equipment.

If you love building your muscles, increasing flexibility, or boosting your exercise intensity, UFC Gym is the place to meet your goals.

Personal Training Sessions

One of the most significant advantages of joining UFC Gym is access to individual training sessions.

The sessions will assist you in reaching your fitness goals through customized workout plans and guidance.

Group Fitness Classes

Another advantage to being a member of UFC Gym is the access to fitness classes for groups.

These classes are an excellent opportunity to improve your fitness and have enjoyment.

UFC Gym offers various classes, including yoga, kickboxing, and high-intensity interlace exercise (HIIT).

MMA Training

If you love mixed martial art (MMA), the UFC Gym is the ideal place. UFC Gym offers MMA training programs specifically designed for all skill levels.

Nutritional Counseling

UFC Gym also provides members with nutritional advice.

This service is created to help you reach your fitness goals by offering individual nutritional plans and coaching.

Kids Programs

If you have children, you’ll be glad to learn that UFC Gym also offers kids programs.

The classes help kids build their fitness levels while having fun.

Online Workouts

UFC Gym also provides members with online exercises. This is an excellent option for those working and needing more time to attend the gym.

You can work out at any time, from anywhere, through UFC Gym’s workouts on the internet.

UFC Gym Store Discount

If you are an active participant in UFC Gym, you will also enjoy a reduction on products at UFC Gym. UFC Gym store.

A discount for gym gear, supplements, and other fitness-related items is available.

Community Support

In addition, joining UFC Gym means becoming part of a friendly community of fitness people.

This group motivates you and helps you to meet your fitness goal.

UFC Gym Hours 


Days Hours
Monday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Friday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday 9 AM–01 PM
Sunday 9 AM–01 PM

UFC Gym Locations 

Bottom Line

In short, UFC Gym may not be the cheapest gym you can join.

But it’s worth the cost if you have big fitness goals and want a comfortable workout environment with many amenities.

UFC Gym membership prices are reasonable, considering what you get in return.

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UFC Gym Prices – FAQs

How much does it cost to join UFC Gym?

It is cost-effective to joining the UFC Gym membership varies, depending on the amount of membership along with the area. The Limited membership begins at $39 per calendar month, and the Fitness membership begins at $59 per month. The Ultimate membership begins at $99 per month as well as the Champion membership begins at $129 a month.

What is the cancellation policy for UFC Gym memberships?

The cancellation policy for cancellation of UFC Gym memberships varies depending on the level of membership. The Limited membership includes the option of canceling within 30 days. The Fitness membership has the option of 60 days for cancellation. Ultimate membership has 30 days to cancel, and the Champion membership includes 60 days to cancel.

How do I sign up for a UFC Gym membership?

To apply to sign up for the UFC Gym membership, you are able to visit UFC Gym’s website. UFC Gym website or go to your local UFC Gym. You’ll be required to provide basic information, including the address of your business and contact information. You’ll also have to select a level of membership and pay the appropriate charges.

Is there a contract for UFC Gym membership?

Yes, many UFC Gym memberships require a contract commitment of at minimum 12 months.

Which is better, a monthly or yearly UFC Gym membership?

It’s dependent on your individual preferences and goals for fitness. A year-long membership can save you money over the long term, and a monthly subscription offers more flexibility when you’re not sure of how often you’ll visit the fitness center.

This article helps you to get the complete information about UFC Gym Prices and its feedback from their members.

Read the post carefully and check out the membership pricing of Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Visit the official website of UFC Gym to know more about the gym at www.ufcgym.com.

For more information about other gym prices check out our website gympricelist.com.

Disclaimer: The above prices are only estimates and may vary depending on the location. The prices may also change over time. To get the most up-to-date pricing information, please contact your local UFC Gym directly.

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    • UFC Gym may offer student membership discounts at certain locations, but it’s not guaranteed. The availability and amount of discount may vary depending on the gym’s policy.
      It’s best to check with your local UFC Gym to see if any student discounts are currently available. You may need proof of your student status, such as a student ID, to qualify for the discount.

    • Yes, UFC Gym offers student discounts at many of their locations. The exact discount and availability may vary depending on the location, so it’s best to check with your local UFC Gym to confirm their student discount policy.

      To qualify for a student discount at UFC Gym, you will typically need to provide a valid student ID or proof of enrollment in a college or university. Some locations may also have specific age requirements or restrictions for their student discount.


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