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Virgin Active Singapore is a Chain that operates a number of fitness clubs in Singapore. It offers a range of classes, personal training and gym facilities.

Virgin Active a South African company that manages fitness clubs around the world, owns and operates the clubs. It was established in 1999 and has grown to be one of the most Popular health and fitness club chains worldwide.

They offer many membership options and classes to suit the needs of each Client. They have multiple locations in Singapore.

Virgin Active Singapore

Virgin Active Singapore Membership

Virgin Active Singapore offers a variety of membership options including:

  • The Classic Membership allows you to access all Virgin Active clubs, facilities and activities.
  • Elite Membership: This membership includes access to all Virgin Active facilities and clubs, plus additional perks like a personal training package or priority bookings for group fitness classes.
  • Corporate Membership: This membership is available to companies and organizations and allows employees to access all Virgin Active clubs, facilities and activities.

These memberships’ prices can vary depending upon the length of the contract, the type of membership and other factors. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is best to visit their website.

Facility Of Virgin Active Singapore

To assist people in achieving their fitness objectives, Virgin Active Singapore is a leading fitness club network that provides a variety of fitness classes, personal training and gym amenities.

A Wide Range of Facilities and Services

Virgin Active Singapore’s wide variety of services and facilities is one of its most distinctive features. This fitness club has something for everyone whether you are a veteran or just starting out.

There are many options from cardio and strength training equipment to group exercise classes and personal training sessions. The club has a large swimming pool and sauna as well as a dedicated yoga studio and Pilates studio.

Personalized Training Programs

A personal training program is another advantage to being a Virgin Active Singapore member. The club’s certified personal trainers can design a program that suits your needs.

To help you reach your goals, the trainers combine strength training, cardio and functional training.

Technology-Enabled Experience

virgin active singapore - Technology-Enabled Experience

Virgin Active Singapore uses virtual reality technology to create immersive workout experiences. You can choose from a range of virtual classes including indoor cycling, yoga, body combat and more.

Online booking: Members Can book classes and sessions online. This makes it easy to plan their workouts.

Mobile app: Virgin Active Singapore offers a mobile app for members that allows them to view their membership information view class schedules and book sessions. They can also track their progress.

Virtual tours: Visitors can take Virtual tours of the clubs on the company’s website. This allows potential members to see the facilities and get an Idea of what they can expect.

Virgin Active Singapore Offers interactive fitness trackers that allow members to track their progress set goals and track their achievements.

Tracking fitness: Club members can use the fitness trackers to track their Progress.

Virtual personal training: Members have the Option to take advantage of virtual personal coaching sessions with certified personal coaches. This makes it possible for members to get guidance and support even when they are unable to attend the club.

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals

  • Virgin Active Singapore is a welcoming environment that welcomes all members regardless of fitness level, age or background.
  • Virgin Active Singapore staff are friendly, approachable and always willing to assist members with any questions.
  • Clubs have a wide range of members including people from all walks of life, fitness levels and backgrounds.
  • Members feel at ease and motivated to reach their fitness goals by the focus on creating a welcoming environment.
  • Members have the opportunity to learn from and connect with other members of the community, creating connections and support networks.
  • Virgin Active Singapore’s community component encourages accountability and motivates members to keep on track with their fitness goals.
  • This community atmosphere encourages friendly competition and fosters a supportive environment for all.

A Convenient Location

Virgin Active Singapore has several locations throughout the city. This makes it easy for members to locate a club close to their workplace or home. These are the key points about the convenience of Virgin Active Singapore’s locations:

  • Multiple locations: Virgin Active Singapore offers multiple locations, including popular areas like Tanjong Pagar, Bugis and Orchard. It is easy for members find a club close to their workplace or home.
  • Accessible by public transport: Many locations in Virgin Active Singapore can be reached easily via public transportation. It makes it easy for members to travel to the club even during rush hour.
  • Plenty of parking: Virgin Active Singapore locations provide ample parking for members Who choose to drive. Members can park easily and walk to the club to get their workout.
  • Virgin Active Singapore offers convenient class schedules. There are a variety of classes available, including evening, midday and early morning classes. It allows members to choose a class that suits their needs, regardless of whether they prefer to exercise after work or in the morning.
  • Childcare facilities: Many locations of Virgin Active Singapore provide childcare services for members. Parents can bring their children along and don’t have to worry about finding babysitters.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Virgin Active Singapore

  • Virgin Active Singapore is Committed towards reducing its environmental footprint through sustainable practices.
  • The Company uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and has recycling programs in its clubs.
  • To reduce their carbon footprint, they Source sustainable suppliers for products and services.
  • Their clubs have been equipped with energy-efficient lighting systems and heating systems.
  • Members are encouraged to use environmentally-friendly transport options to get to the clubs.
  • They educate their members about sustainability and the effects of their actions on the natural world.
  • The company encourages members to live a sustainable lifestyle in every day life.
  • They continue to look for ways to make their club more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Virgin Active Singapore promotes a sustainable lifestyle by prioritizing sustainability.

Expert Trainers

Virgin Active Singapore is well-known for its skilled trainers, who are committed to helping members reach their fitness goals. These are the key facts about Virgin Active Singapore’s trainers:

  1. Experts and Qualified: The trainers at Virgin Active Singapore have many years of experience and are highly qualified. They are certified in the relevant fields and continue to update their skills and knowledge to offer the best training.
  2. Personal Training: Virgin Active Singapore trainers work with each client to develop a customized training program that addresses their goals, fitness level, and any injuries or other health concerns.
  3. Motivational: Your trainers will motivate you and push you to the limits.
  4. Diverse Expertise: Virgin Active Singapore’s trainers have a wide range of skills, from strength and conditioning to yoga or Pilates. Members can choose the trainer that specializes in what they are interested in.
  5. Supportive: Trainers are available to answer questions and provide guidance to members during their fitness journey.
  6. Virtual Training: Virgin Active Singapore offers virtual training sessions with expert trainers so that members can work on their fitness goals even when they are unable to make it to the gym.

FAQs – Virgin Active Singapore

FAQs - Virgin Active Singapore

Q: What are the membership options available at Virgin Active Singapore?

A: Membership options from Virgin Active Singapore include Classic, Elite, and Corporate. Access to all clubs and facilities is available with a Classic membership; Elite membership offers additional benefits like personal training and first dibs on group exercise classes; and Corporate membership is available for businesses and organisations and gives employees access to all clubs and facilities.

Q: How can I join Virgin Active Singapore?

A: Virgin Active Singapore accepts membership applications online, over the phone, in one of their clubs, or through their website.

Q: How much does a membership at Virgin Active Singapore cost?

A: The price of a Virgin Active Singapore subscription might change depending on the type of membership and factors like the length of the contract. The best way to get the most recent and correct pricing information is to visit their website or get in touch with them directly.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for members at Virgin Active Singapore?

A: All ages are welcome to join Virgin Active Singapore, but minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: What facilities are available at Virgin Active Singapore?

A: The majority of Virgin Active clubs in Singapore have a variety of amenities, including swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, cardio and weight training equipment, group fitness programmes, and these. Some clubs might also provide extra features like a spa or bistro.

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