Big Sky Fitness Prices And Membership Cost July 2024

Are you searching for an affordable gym with flexible and affordable membership options? Big Sky Fitness Prices might be the ideal choice for you.

The Big Sky Fitness prices are Pretty high at first, especially when you look at the prices Per session.


In fact, when You think about the benefits of being a Member and the Expert Advice you get from licensed fitness instructors, you will see that you are Getting the most for your money.

big sky fitness prices


In this post, we’ll review the membership fees and prices fees of Big Sky Fitness, along with other pertinent information.

Here are the most Up-to-date prices and membership costs for Big Sky Fitness.


Big Sky Fitness Prices And Membership Cost

Big Sky Fitness offers two types of membership options, green and blue, Let’s see the difference between the two memberships


Monthly Membership

Initiation Fee $10.58
Monthly Fee $21.22
Fees $42.49


Per Month
All clubs $3.19
Kids club 1 $10.58
Kids club 2 $21.16
Kids club 3 $31.75
New tanning $10.58

What are the monthly membership fees for Big Sky Fitness?

The monthly fee for membership at Big Sky Fitness is $39.99.

Members have the access to every Big Sky Fitness locations, classes for group fitness as well as cardio and weight-training equipment, private training sessions and tanning.

Memberships are paid monthly and in advance, for a year-long membership at a reduced rate. There is an annual fee for enrollment for new members, however there are no penalty for cancelling your membership at anytime.

Are there any enrollment fees for new members?

Yes, there is an initial enrollment fee that is $49.99 to new customers to Big Sky Fitness. The fee is a once-off payment to cover administration costs associated with creating an account.

Although it might appear to be an additional cost, however, it helps guarantee that the fitness center will provide top-quality amenities and services for its members.

It is important to remember that the fee for enrollment is not included in the annual or monthly fees for membership and only applies to joining Big Sky Fitness for the first time.

What are the cancellation policy at Big Sky Fitness?

Big Sky Fitness has an extremely flexible cancellation policy that is very flexible. Members are able to cancel the membership they have at any point without charges or penalties.

There are many options to end your membership which include making a visit to the local Big Sky Fitness location in person or writing an email directly to their customer support team, or submitting an online cancellation request via your member account on the Big Sky Fitness website.

It’s essential to be aware that if you’ve signed up for a Contract that runs monthly, you must end Your Subscription at least five days before the due date to avoid being in a position to be charged the entire month due.

Being charged for the next month that follows. If you’re paying yearly for your subscription, it is possible to cancel your subscription at any time.

To cancel it at any time you’d like and receive a prorated amount over the remainder of your month.

In addition, Big Sky Fitness allows members to keep or pause their membership for a maximum of three months at a single time at the cost of 5 dollars per month.

What is the different Membership Option in Big Sky Fitness?

Here are the Membership Option:

Big Sky Green Membership Prices and It’s Benefits

  • First 2 Months: FREE
  • Monthly Dues: $ 19.95
  • Start-up: $ 0
  • Processing Fee: $ 0

Note: Club Improvements Fee (1x/year) only $39.95


  • Access to ALL (5) of the gyms ranked #1 in Hartford county
  • Super Clean
  • Plenty of space to spread out & feel comfortable.
  • Reinvestments are made back into the clubs every single Year
  • The only clubs designed so you can actually combine Functional and Circuit training into your workouts.
  • Wide open turf areas with kettlebells, ropes, sleds, and TRX.
  • All the best Group-X classes
  • Free Guests, and when your friends join, you get free months!
  • Free coaching sessions get you better results faster than you would on your own.
  • 7-day “no questions asked” guarantee

Big Sky Blue Membership Prices and It’s Benefits

  • First 2 Months: FREE
  • Monthly Dues: only $ 29.95
  • Start-up: $ 0
  • Processing Fee: $ 0

Note: Club Improvements Fee (1x/year) only $39.95

Big Sky Blue Membership gives you all the benefits of Green Membership, and additionally, you will get extra benefits like

  • Unlimited Tanning
  • Unlimited Hydromassage**
  • Unlimited Guests OR Unlimited Indoor & Outdoor Pool Access

Big Sky Fitness Extra Add-Ons (12-Months (Per Month))

  • All clubs – $3.19
  • Kids club 1 – $10.58
  • Kids club 2 – $21.16
  • Kids club 3 – $31.75
  • New tanning – $10.58

Can I suspend my membership if I need to take a break from working out?

Yes, you are able to suspend you membership with Big Sky Fitness if you have to take an absence from your workout.

Members are able to revoke their membership for up to three months at a single time and for a fee of five dollar per month.

This is a great option to members who are travelling or have injuries that are temporary. If you want to cancel your membership, call the local Big Sky Fitness and they will assist you with the procedure.

Can I try out Big Sky Fitness before committing to a membership?

Absolutely, Big Sky Fitness offers the opportunity for members who are new to the gym. This allows them to try their facilities, amenities, and services prior to making a commitment to join.

The trial pass allows members to access the gym and all its equipment, participate in group fitness classes and talk to an instructor.

The trial time varies with the location but generally runs between 3 and 7 days. To start, go to Big Sky Fitness’ website Big Sky Fitness website or visit a store to register for a no-cost trial pass.

 Are there any penalties for canceling a membership?

There aren’t any penalties for canceling your membership with Big Sky Fitness. Members can end their membership at any point without cost or penalty.

This applies to all membership options, which include annual and monthly memberships.

It’s important to know that any portion not used up of a membership fee that is prepaid will not be reimbursed after cancellation.

However, members won’t be charged additional fees or penalties. In addition, if a member decides to cancel their membership but decides to join at a later time and subsequently joins again, they could be charged current rates for membership and enrollment fees.

Can I transfer my membership to a different Big Sky Fitness location?

Yes, you are able to change your Big Sky Fitness membership to any other location without extra charges or fees.

This is a fantastic alternative for those who travel frequently or relocate and wish to keep their exercise routine in an alternative location.

Contact the staff at the existing Big Sky Fitness location, and they’ll help you through the process of moving. Remember that certain services or amenities may differ among locations.

It’s best to confirm the location you’re moving to before you go to ensure that they provide everything you need.

Big Sky Fitness Facilities

Big Sky Fitness, which is in downtown Hartford, is the place to go if you want a gym with everything from fitness classes and new equipment to clean facilities and Helpful staff.

Since 2003, Readers of The Hartford Advocate have chosen this health club as one of the “Best Health & Fitness Centers.”

The gyms at Big Sky Fitness are So motivating that they Have helped many people get in shape.

Customers love how friendly and caring everyone on staff seems to be, and they also like that there are great amenities like a daycare for parents who need a Break from their kids or pets.

With Big Sky Fitness, you can work Out in a fun place with exciting classes and features. Plus, everyone can find great deals here.

Every day of the week, the Perfect place To get fit is right in front of your eyes at a gym in Montana. There’s no better time than now.

When I walked into this excellent fitness center, I felt at home because everyone was so friendly.

You also don’t need any Equipment Because each member has a trainer who shows them how to do all the exercises correctly and helps them reach their weight loss goals.

big sky fitnesss prices

What amenities are included in a Big Sky Fitness membership?

Here are some things You can expect to get from being a member of Big Sky.

Access to all locations:

There are over 20 Big Sky Fitness centers in the United States, so you can always find one nearby. And because they are easy to get to, you can go to any of them as often as you like!

No contracts Or commitments: Unlike other gyms, Big Sky Fitness does not ask for long-term contracts or commitments. You are free to cancel your membership at any time.


Big Sky Fitness has a lot of different ways to work out, like Zumba classes, yoga sessions, and other unique fitness services.
Big Sky Fitness members can also get free child care At many of its locations. This means you don’t have to worry about your kids while you work out.
Healthy meal Options: Most locations have healthy meal plans and discounts on supplements and vitamins. You can get more information from certain places.

Personal trainers:

A lot of Big Sky Fitness locations offer their members, personal trainers.

And the Best part is that these Personal trainers will do workouts for You that are Based on your strengths and weaknesses.

The only bad thing is that they cost more, But they are well worth it.

Free showers:

At Most Big Sky Fitness locations, members can use the showers for free. This is a great way to feel refreshed and energized after a workout!

*Please note that free showers may not be available at all locations. For More information, please get in touch with Your specific location.

Their wide Range of equipment and amenities means that everyone can Find something they like, no matter how fit they are. Visit Their website for more Information and contracts.

Big Sky Fitness Location

Big Sky Fitness – FAQ

How much does it cost to join Big Sky Fitness?

The cost for joining Big Sky Fitness varies based on the type of membership you choose and the location. In general, monthly memberships range between $29.99 and $49.99 per month.

Likewise, annual memberships can range between $299.88 to $479.88 annually. You should contact Big Sky Fitness in your area. Big Sky Fitness for specific prices.

Does Big Sky Fitness offer any discounts on membership fees?

Absolutely, Big Sky Fitness offers discounts on membership costs for seniors, students as well as military members. The discounts are based on the location, so it’s best to inquire with Big Sky Fitness in your area. Big Sky Fitness for more details.

Are there any hidden fees or charges associated with a Big Sky Fitness membership?

There aren’t hidden charges or fees associated with the Big Sky Fitness membership. The only costs you might face are the fee for enrollment for new members, and the cost to stop or freeze your membership.

Does Big Sky Fitness offer a free trial membership?

It’s true, Big Sky Fitness offers an opportunity to trial a free membership for new members who want to check the facilities and services before signing up to an account. The duration of the trial could vary based on the your location, so be sure to contact the nearby Big Sky Fitness for more details.

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