American Family Fitness Prices and Membership Cost

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American Family Fitness Prices are very reasonable considering the cutting-edge physical fitness equipment and world-class personal trainer services with your American Family Fitness membership.

American Family Fitness has monthly Membership plans that cost between $39.95 and $72.95 for one person and two people, respectively. Members can pay for their plans once a year, which costs $720 for one person and $1,020 for two people. A $49 maintenance fee is added to each plan every year. There are family plans, but they vary by location.

This blog post will discuss pricing and what you can expect to pay when signing up.


American Family Fitness Monthly Membership

Single: One Adult Prices

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $0.00
Starting At (One Person) (Monthly) $39.95
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $0.00

Dual: Two Adults Prices

Initiation Fee (Two People) (Monthly) $0.00
Starting At (Two People) (Monthly) $72.95
Annual Maintenance Fee (Two People) (Monthly) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (Two People) (Monthly) $0.00

American Family Fitness Annually Membership

Single: One Adult Prices

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Annually) $0.00
Starting At (One Person) (Annually) $720.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Annually) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Annually) $0.00

Dual: Two Adults Prices

Initiation Fee (Two People) (Annually) $0.00
Starting At (Two People) (Annually) $1,020.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (Two People) (Annually) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (Two People) (Annually) $0.00

American Family Fitness Membership Fees

The plans for becoming a member of AFF are made to meet the needs of different people. For example, a corporate package can be bought by businesses that want to use fitness as a way to improve the health of their employees or just want their employees to be healthier.

Also, AFF has special deals for couples and families who want to go at their own pace and on their own time. It won’t break your budget either:) It also gives you options if you are in school or want to go to school. There are discounts for seniors all over town, and let’s not forget about students, seniors, and the police.

Prospective members should contact an AFF club in their area or the one closest to them to find out what the costs will be. Depending on where you live, American Family Fitness costs as little as $39.95 a month.

American Family Fitness Prices

American Family Fitness Deals and Discounts

American Family Fitness will sometimes run promotions that are unique to each location and what it has to offer.

There is no specific discount for seniors at American Family Fitness. But some places might, so the best thing to do is check with the gym closest to you.

The same is true for student discounts, since each place may offer a different discount at different times of the year. For example, there might be a sale for back-to-school, which you’d want to look out for!

You can also use promotions from third-party providers like Groupon.

American Family Fitness Hidden Fees

Personal training and team training are available at American Family Fitness, but they are not included in the price of general memberships.

As an incentive, most places will give you a coupon towards the cost of these classes when you sign up for a membership.

For example, when you become a member at one place, you get a free personal training session and a free team training session.

They say that the value is $50 and $25, so you could expect to pay about $50 for a personal training session and $25 for a team training session, which would still be pretty small.

American Family Fitness Guest Pass

Members can invite guests who want to use the club’s services. For their visit to happen, they would need to let the club’s management know early on. In accordance with the club’s rules, visitors must set up important proof.

American Family Fitness Guest Pass Policy

  • The standard guest fee per visit is $20. 
  • A member is allowed to bring the same guest, free of charge, once per month, and a different guest every day of the month. 
  • Upon entering American Family Fitness, guests must present a valid photo ID, provide contact information, consent to take a picture for our records, sign the guest register, and agree to a waiver of liability. 
  • A parent or guardian must sign a waiver for guests under 18 in person or notarized in advance for them to use the facilities.
  • An adult 18 or older must accompany guests under the age of 14, who must remain in the facility while the minor is there. 
  • American Family Fitness’ rules and regulations of conduct apply to all guests as well. 
  • Changes in these policies and rules are possible without notice.

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Personal Trainer Policy of American Family Fitness

American Family Fitness is committed to giving its members the best personal training services possible. It does this by giving its members a wide range of tools and programmes that are meant to improve their overall fitness.

The fitness trainers at American Family Fitness know a lot about these different programmes, which lets them make training plans for each member that is unique to them.

Personal Training Services:

👉  Personal Training Services are available to teach you one-on-one how to use American Family Fitness’s equipment, aerobics schedule, or other fitness programmes that will improve your quality of life.

👉  The main point of personal training is to improve health and well-being through different kinds of physical activity. This will be done by making a programme that fits the needs, goals, and skills of each member.

👉  Except for holidays and special events, personal training services are available Monday through Sunday. Check with your location to find out when it is open.

Personal Training Services: What You Need to Know

👉  Before starting a personal training programme, anyone who wants to work with a trainer must first meet with the trainer for an initial consultation. This is when the Personal Trainer will look at your medical history, talk to you about your fitness goals, and come up with a plan for you.

👉  If you need to be sent to another professional (like a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor) at any point during these sessions, we will let you know and make the necessary arrangements.

👉  If you need to cancel or reschedule your American Family Fitness personal training session, you must contact your trainer at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel this session with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for it.

👉  You need to show up to every training session with a good attitude and a willingness to coach.

👉  You must take full responsibility for how well you do in training and finish all tasks without help from anyone else. Personal trainers won’t be able to tell what exercises you are doing.

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How to Cancel My American Family Membership?

To cancel your membership to American Family Fitness, you’ll need to fill out online forms and visit the official website.

Requests sent by email or social media won’t be seen by the right people, which could put your cancellation at risk.

You can also put a hold on your membership if you need a break or if you have a medical condition that requires it. There is no charge for freezing for medical reasons. But if you choose to freeze your account, you will be able to pay very low monthly fees.

During a time when the account is frozen, annual fees are still charged as usual.

American Family Fitness Prices

American Family Fitness Membership Benefits

  • When you sign up for a plan, we not only make it easy to use, but we also give you an eight-week course called AmFamU. This explains the basics of exercises and workout training and talks about how American Family Fitness can help you get in shape.
  • Aside from this great deal, there will be more personalisation. Each plan will come with different workouts that are made to fit their needs. This is what ours has done, no matter which package they choose or how long they have been going.
  • American Family Fitness is a gym run by a family that has one of the best fitness centres in the United States. From their great customer service to their state-of-the-art equipment and classes (and the fact that more are coming soon), readers voted them “Best Place to Work Out.”
  • Families get together at AFF, where they can work on improving themselves through personal training sessions, injury screenings (like functional movement screening), figuring out which type of workout would be best for them based on this information, and getting advice about what it means if there are risks because of past injuries or not, etc.
  • This makes going to an event extra special because you’re working together and getting help along the way.
  • As a member, you can be sure that all of the locations will have high-tech cardiovascular equipment. You can work out with free weights, weight machines, or both. You can also take a lot of circuit training classes each week.
  • The gym also has a lot of other programmes, like Kidzone child care, so that kids can take part, too. This is always the case, even if they just want to play sports like swimming or court games.
  • At the Virginia Center Commons location, you can take part in hot yoga. Members of American Family Fitness can get this benefit without having to worry about extra costs.

American Family Fitness Prices

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No matter what your fitness goals are, you can find a class at American Family Fitness that will help you reach them. This gym has something for everyone, from low-impact yoga and pilates for people with sore joints to high-energy dance workouts with live bands on the weekends.

The facilities include racquetball courts (some of which have private rooms), basketball courts, pools with water slides and swim-up bars, weight training areas, and an aquatics department that offers basic scuba lessons if someone wants them. The instructors are trained professionals who are always around if anyone needs help during a class. Visit to get more information.

Kidzone and youth camps give young people a safe place to learn about fitness.

They can also go to the classes with their parents and do activities in the Kid Zone or other programmes made just for them that focus on structure quality, certainty, etc. Authorized experts will make sure that your child gets better and stays healthy.

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American Family Fitness Location

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