American Family Fitness Prices and Membership Cost 2024

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If you’re in search of an exercise facility that has top-quality equipment and facilities without breaking the budget, American Family Fitness Prices might be the ideal choice for you.

With multiple locations across Virginia, The gym has various membership options that will meet your budget and needs.


American Family Fitness Prices are very Reasonable considering the cutting-Edge physical fitness equipment and world-class personal trainer services with Your American Family Fitness membership.

American Family Fitness Prices


This article will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding American Family Fitness Prices and Membership Cost.

American Family Fitness Prices and Membership Cost


American Family Fitness Monthly Membership

Single: One Adult Prices

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $0.00
Starting At (One Person) (Monthly) $39.95
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $0.00

Dual: Two Adults Prices

Initiation Fee (Two People) (Monthly) $0.00
Starting At (Two People) (Monthly) $72.95
Annual Maintenance Fee (Two People) (Monthly) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (Two People) (Monthly) $0.00

American Family Fitness Annually Membership

Single: One Adult Prices

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Annually) $0.00
Starting At (One Person) (Annually) $720.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Annually) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Annually) $0.00

Dual: Two Adults Prices

Initiation Fee (Two People) (Annually) $0.00
Starting At (Two People) (Annually) $1,020.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (Two People) (Annually) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (Two People) (Annually) $0.00

American Family Fitness Membership Fees

The plans for becoming a member of AFF are made to meet the needs of different people.


For example, a corporate Package can be bought by businesses that want to use fitness as a way to improve the health of their employees or just want their employees to be healthier.

Also, AFF has special deals for couples and families who want to go at their Own pace and on their own time.

It won’t break your budget either:) It also gives you Options if you are in school or want to go to school.

There are discounts for seniors all Over town, and let’s not forget about Students, seniors, and the police.

Prospective members should contact an AFF club in their area or the one closest to them to Find out what the costs will be.

Depending On where you live, American Family Fitness costs as little as $39.95 a month.

What are the different membership options available at American Family Fitness?

There are a variety of membership options through American Family Fitness to cater to a variety of financial budgets as well as fitness objectives.

  1. Basic Membership: Basic Membership is the cheapest option offering access to strength and cardio equipment in addition to class for groups.
  2. The Elite membership offers all the benefits offered by the Basic Membership but with added access to facilities like saunas, pools, Steam rooms, and pools.
  3. Premier Membership The Premier Membership offers access to all the amenities and benefits, such as guests with unlimited guest passes, individual training sessions, as well as discounts on items from the pro shop.
  4. Corporate membership: This program is offered to companies as well as their employees. It offers discounts on rates as well as customized fitness programs.
  5. Senior Member: The program is designed specifically for senior citizens and offers discounted rates as well as individualized fitness programs.
  6. Students Membership American Family Fitness also offers discounts for students who have an active student ID.

It’s important to know that all memberships include an initial enrollment fee of one time when a new member joins.

In addition, some membership options might not be offered in all places. It is suggested to contact any nearest American Family Fitness location for specific pricing and membership options.

How much does a Basic membership cost?

The price to join a Basic Membership differs in relation to the location of the membership and the length of the contract.

A one-year membership will cost you around $25 per month. However, an agreement for two years costs about 20 dollars per month.

How much does a Platinum membership cost?

The price of the Platinum membership varies based on the location as well as the duration that the membership contract runs.

A one-year contract typically costs about $40 per month. However, an agreement for two years costs around 35 dollars per month.

How much does a Premium membership cost?

The price of premium membership will be the cheapest of the three options; however, it comes with the greatest advantages.

In general, a one-year membership is Priced at around $70 per month. The two-year option costs about 60 dollars per month.

Are there any additional fees in American Family Fitness?

Yes, there are additional charges for the American Family Fitness membership. New members of the membership are required to pay a one-time cost to join the club.

The cost varies depending on the type of membership and the place. There is also a cancellation fee if you stop your membership before the expiration of the term you have signed.

Additionally, certain amenities may require additional costs, like private training sessions and access to the tanning salon.

However, most amenities such as group fitness classes, as well as access to strength and cardio equipment include in your cost of membership.

How to Cancel My American Family Membership?

To cancel your membership to American Family Fitness, you’ll need to fill out online Forms and visit the official website.

Requests sent by email Or social media won’t be seen by the right people, Which could put your cancellation at risk.

You can also put a Hold On your membership if You need a break or if you have a medical condition that requires it.

There is no charge for freezing for medical reasons. But if you choose to freeze your account, you will be able to pay very low monthly Fees.

During a time when the Account is frozen, Annual fees are still charged as usual.

How can I sign up for a membership at American Family Fitness?

Here are the steps needed to enroll for an account with American Family Fitness:

  1. Go to the American Family Fitness website or visit one of their branches.
  2. Select the membership plan that is best suited to your requirements and budget.
  3. Complete the required information, like your address, name, and payment details.
  4. Review and then sign the agreement of membership.
  5. Be sure to pay any fees for enrollment or the first month’s payment.
  6. Get your membership card and begin using the services as soon as possible.

It’s that easy! In case you’ve got any issues or questions when signing up, Don’t hesitate to speak with someone on staff for assistance.

What is the minimum age requirement to sign up for a membership?

The minimum age to join membership for American Family Fitness varies depending on the location. The basic rule is that in order to use the facilities and services, one must be at least 13 years old.

For some services or activities, though, some institutions may have a lesser age requirement.

It is suggested to inquire with the nearest American Family Fitness location for specific requirements for age and guidelines.

Can I freeze American Family Fitness Membership?

Yes, you are able to keep your American Family Fitness membership for three months or more each year.

There is an expense for freezing your membership, and you must give, at minimum, the equivalent of two weeks’ warning prior to the beginning of the freeze time.

The fee for freezing is usually about the amount of $10 per month. If you have your membership frozen and you pay for it, then your account will be canceled, and you will not access our gym at this time.

When the freeze period expires, your membership will renew, and you’ll be charged again.

It’s important to know that freezing your account will not mean it is canceled, and you’ll be responsible for paying any dues remaining for the contract.

Can I transfer my membership to a different location?

Yes, you are able to change the American Family Fitness membership to another location in the event that you move or if there’s a nearby location to where you live.

There is a charge for the transfer of your membership. Additionally, you must give at minimum two weeks in advance. The amount charged varies according to the location and type of membership you choose.

Remember that if you move the membership of your current location to a costlier location, you’ll be accountable for the difference in membership costs.

It’s essential to call your current gym or visit this site, American Family Fitness website for more details on how to transfer your membership.

What happens if I cancel my membership before the end of the contract?

If you choose to end your membership before the expiration date period of the contract American Family Fitness, there will usually be a cancellation charge.

The amount of the fee can differ according to how long it remains in the contract.

It’s essential to read the conditions and terms of your contract thoroughly prior to signing to join a gym so that you know your cancellation policies.

If you have concerns or questions regarding canceling or rescinding your membership recommended to contact the customer service department at your gym to seek assistance.

Can I try out the gym before signing up for a membership?

The answer is yes. American Family Fitness offers the opportunity to try a free trial of 7 days for people who are looking to test the gym prior to signing up for an account.

This trial period lets you test gym facilities, equipment and amenities in person and test whether the gym is suitable to the fitness objectives you have set.

To avail this opportunity, go to American Family Fitness’ American Family Fitness website and submit a free trial form.

You will be issued an access card that can be used at any time. Be aware that the trial offer is only for new users and isn’t applicable to current or previous members.

American Family Fitness Prices

What amenities are included in the American Family Fitness membership?

All American Family Fitness memberships provide access to a range of facilities. The amenities offered as part of the membership include:

  1. Equipment for strength and cardio Members have access to various exercise and strength equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, bike bikes that can be stationary or weighted, as well as free weights.
  2. Fitness classes for groups: Members are able to take part in various fitness classes for groups, such as classes in yoga, Zumba as well as cycling, and much more.
  3. Locker rooms Members can use locker rooms that have secure showers and lockers.
  4. Childcare: A few American Family Fitness locations offer childcare on-site for an additional cost.
  5. Steam room and sauna: Certain locations offer saunas as well as steam rooms for guests to unwind and relax.
  6. Outdoor and indoor pools: Some places have both indoor and outdoor pools available to members.
  7. Basketball courts: Certain locations provide basketball courts for players to play games of different kinds.
  8. Tanning: Some locations provide tanning services at an additional charge.

Platinum and Premium memberships provide additional services, including towels and guest passes.

Are personal training sessions included in the membership?

American Family Fitness does not include personal training sessions in the cost of membership, but they offer separate personal training packages that can be purchased.

Prices differ based on the length and frequency of training Sessions as well as the level of expertise of the instructor.

If you’re looking to work with a personal trainer, you can contact the front desk or via online for more information about available options and costs.

Can I pay for my membership monthly or do I have to pay for the full year upfront?

To address your query, you may opt for payment for the American Family Fitness membership monthly or for the whole year in advance.

If you opt to pay on a monthly basis, you’ll be required to establish automatic payments. The price of your membership may vary in accordance with the location you choose and the length of the contract.

It’s always beneficial to look at the numerous options before you decide on the option that best suits your budget and preferences.

Pros and Cons of American Family Fitness Membership


  • Flexible membership options for members that accommodate a variety of budgets
  • Multiple locations across Virginia make it easier
  • Discounts on family memberships are offered
  • Membership benefits include perks like access to strength and cardio equipment as well as group fitness classes.
  • Program for referrals to current members


  • A one-time registration fee for new members
  • Fee for canceling membership prior to contract expiry

Is there a discount for family memberships?

American Family Fitness will sometimes run promotions that are unique to each location and what it has to offer.

There is no specific discount for seniors at American Family Fitness. But some places might, so the best thing to do is check with the gym closest to you.

The same is true for student discounts, since each place may offer a Different discount at different times of the year. For example, there might be a sale for back-to-school, which you’d Want to look out for!

You can also use promotions from third-party providers like Groupon.

American Family Fitness Hidden Fees

Personal training and team training are available at American Family Fitness, but they are Not included in the price Of general memberships.

As An incentive, most places will give you a coupon towards the cost of these classes When you sign up for a membership.

For example, when you become a member at one place, you Get a free personal training Session and a free team training session.

They say that the value is $50 and $25, so you could expect to pay about $50 for a personal training session and $25 for a Team training session, which would still be Pretty small.

American Family Fitness Guest Pass

Members can invite guests who want to use the club’s services.

For their visit to happen, they would need to let the club’s management know early on. In accordance with the club’s rules, visitors must set up important proof.

American Family Fitness Guest Pass Policy

  • The standard guest fee per visit is $20. 
  • A member is allowed to bring the same guest, free of charge, once per month, and a different guest every day of the month. 
  • Upon entering American Family Fitness, guests must present a valid photo ID, provide contact information, consent to take a picture for our records, sign the guest register, and agree to a waiver of liability. 
  • A parent or guardian must sign a waiver for guests under 18 in person or notarized in advance for them to use the facilities.
  • An adult 18 or older must accompany guests under the age of 14, who must remain in the facility while the minor is there. 
  • American Family Fitness’ rules and regulations of conduct apply to all guests as well. 
  • Changes in these policies and rules are possible without notice.

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Personal Trainer Policy of American Family Fitness 

American Family Fitness is dedicated to providing the greatest Personal training services to all of its customers.

It achieves this by Providing its members with a Vast array of tools and activities aimed at enhancing their General fitness.

The fitness trainers at American Family Fitness know a lot about these different programs which lets them make training Plans for each member that is unique to them.

Personal Training Services:

Personal Training Services are available to teach you one-on-one how to use American Family Fitness’s equipment, aerobics schedule, or other fitness programmes that will improve your quality of life.

The main point of personal training is to improve health and well-being through different kinds of physical activity.

To make a program that fits the needs, goals, and skills of each member, we will customize the program accordingly.

Except for holidays and special events, personal training services are available Monday through Sunday. Check with your location to find out when it is open.

Personal Training Services: What You Need to Know

Before starting a personal training programme, anyone who wants to work with a trainer must first meet with the trainer for an initial consultation.

This is when the Personal Trainer will look at your medical history, talk to you about your fitness goals, and come up with a plan for you.

We will inform you and make the necessary arrangements if we need to send you to another professional, such as a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor, during these sessions.

Also, If you need to cancel or reschedule your American Family Fitness personal training session, you must contact your trainer at least 24 hours in advance.

If you cancel this session with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for it.

You need to show up to every training session with a good attitude and a willingness to coach.

You must take full responsibility for how well you do in training and finish all tasks without help from anyone else. Personal trainers won’t Be able to tell what exercises you are doing.

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American Family Fitness Membership Benefits

  • When you sign up for a plan, we not only make it easy to use, but we also give you an eight-week course called AmFamU. This explains the basics of exercises and workout training and talks about how American Family Fitness can help you get in shape.
  • Aside from this great deal, there will be more personalisation. Each plan will come with different workouts that are made to fit their needs. This is what ours has done, no matter which package they choose or how long they have been going.
  • The American Family Fitness gym is owned and operated by a family and is renowned for being one of the best fitness centers in the United States. From their great customer service to their state-of-the-art equipment and classes (and the fact that more are coming soon), readers voted them “Best Place to Work Out.”
  • Families get together at AFF, where they can work on improving themselves through personal training sessions, injury screenings (like functional movement screening), figuring out which type of workout would be best for them based on this information, and getting advice about what it means if there are risks because of past injuries or not, etc.
  • This makes going to an event extra special because you’re working together and getting help along the way.
  • As a member, you can be sure that all of the locations will have high-tech cardiovascular equipment. You can work out with free weights, weight machines, or both. You can also take a lot of circuit training classes each week.
  • The gym also has a lot of other programmes, like Kidzone child care, so that kids can take part, too. This is always the case, even if they just want to play sports like swimming or court games.
  • At the Virginia Center Commons location, you can take part in hot yoga. Members of American Family Fitness can get this benefit without having to worry about extra costs.

American Family Fitness Prices

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No matter what your fitness goals are, you can find a class at American Family Fitness that will help you reach them.

This gym has something for everyone, from low-impact yoga and pilates for people with sore joints to high-energy dance workouts with live bands on the weekends.

The facilities include racquetball courts (some of which have private rooms), basketball courts, pools with water slides and swim-up bars, weight training areas, and an aquatics department that offers basic scuba lessons if someone wants them.

The instructors are trained professionals who are always around if anyone needs help during a class. Visit to get more information.

Kidzone and youth camps give young people a safe place to learn about fitness.

They can also go to the classes with their parents and do activities in the Kid Zone or other programmes made just for them that focus on structure quality, certainty, etc.

Authorized experts will make sure that your child gets better and stays healthy.

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About American Family Fitness

American Family Fitness isn’t about creating gyms throughout the whole US. They’re focused solely on serving members of their Virginia community.

That’s why they have a few gyms. They have seven gyms located in Richmond and one located in Fredericksburg and another Located in Williamsburg.

With just nine gymnasiums American Family Fitness employs more than 1200 trainers, dieticians, instructors, and other Employees. There are nearly 110,000 clients who enjoy numerous benefits and benefits.

American Family Fitness Location 

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Final Words

American Family Fitness surely knows what they’re doing since it’s been operating since 1988.

They offer fitness and health services to the whole family, and offer activities that are Geared to both kids and adults.

If you reside in Virginia (especially located in Richmond) If So, you must seriously think about enrolling in this club for your whole family.

The membership includes advanced training and age-appropriate training for every member of the family.

American Family Fitness – FAQ

How much does a membership at American Family Fitness cost?

The cost of Membership at American Family Fitness depends on the type of membership you choose along with the location and the duration for the membership. 

A basic membership is priced between $20 and $25 per month. A Platinum membership will cost you between $35 and $40 per month, while Premium memberships cost around 60-$70 per month.

Is there a fee to enroll at American Family Fitness?

Yes, there’s one-time registration fee for new members. The amount varies according to where you live, however is usually about $50.

How much does a Basic membership cost?

The price for Basic memberships varies based on the location and duration that the agreement runs. In general, a one-year membership is around $25 per month, whereas an agreement for two years costs about 20 dollars per month.


This article I have created to give you the complete information about the American Family Fitness Prices with its services you get.

Check out the given all details which helps you to know about the American Family Fitness.

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