Snap Fitness Guest Pass

Guest pass gives you a great test of its facilities, services, gym equipment, and administration, Snap Fitness Guest Pass is an excellent opportunity to bring in someone who you know would love Snap Fitness to feel the workout firsthand. how about we additionally take a look at the Snap Fitness Guest pass and discover their Policies

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age limit Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Free fit pass
*$8.95 mailing fee
30 days 21 YES YES
Free trial
*only at certain locations
7-day 21 YES NO
Best Fitness Friends (BFFs)
1-day 21 YES NO

Snap Fitness Guest Pass Policies

  • Snap Fitness always welcomes their guests, but the guest has to get their permission from the club’s manager and staff and sign a waiver later for safety and insurance purposes.
  • Guests will not be able to use members’ membership cards.
  • Members will have to pay a charge for unauthorized guests.

Snap Fitness Guest Pass Benefits

As you’ll see in the above table, Snap Fitness offers several different guest passes based on your chosen club. Each of them gives access to the exclusive amenities offered by the club.

The passes for 7 and 30 days provide you with extended time to visit the various facilities, so you can pick the one that works ideal for you. Even with the modest cost of mailing, you can save money with the free passes.

The only issue could be that Fit Pass enrols you as a member once the month is finished. If you decide against joining, you must make sure you cancel your membership, or else you’ll be charged the monthly cost. 

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Refer a Friend Guest Pass

Your membership lets you invite your guest to exercise together with you. It’s what Snap Fitness calls the BFF (Best Fitness Friends) Program. It is essential to schedule your visit before time with the staff at the club you belong to.

Your guest must be checked in and meet an employee before their exercise. They will receive a guest pass that is valid for one day. Members are charged a cost for guests who don’t follow this process.

30-Day Fit Pass

This is called the fit card. It is the most common guest pass available throughout the company. It’s the best option to start with Snap Fitness as it allows you for a more extended period to learn about the entire process.

It is necessary to sign up for the pass online by filling out a profile with your name and sex, birth date, mailing address, phone number, and email address. You must provide an account number on your credit card to be charged the postage cost of $8.95.

Access cards will be delivered via mail and give the cardholder 24-hour access to any club for 30 days after the card is provided. Every household can apply for up to two cards.

Accepting this guest pass will automatically make you an active member of Snap Fitness. The membership, including its associated fees, will commence at the end of the 30-day trial unless you decide to cancel within the first month.

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FAQs For Snap Fitness Guest Pass

Can you bring a friend to snap fitness?

Yes, snap fitness loves and always welcomes their guest, You can bring a friend to snap fitness.

Does Snap Fitness have a free trial?

Yes, Snap fitness has a 7-Days free trial.

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