Bodyplex Guest Pass 2024

We’re pleased to present our review of the Bodyplex Guest Pass, where we’ll address all your questions regarding this great way to test the facility before you commit to the full membership. 

If you’re looking for an alternative gym and want to test the waters, it’s a good idea to consider the Bodyplex Guest Pass as an ideal way to experience the amenities and facilities before signing a long-term agreement. 

In this article, we’ll discuss all you must be aware of regarding the Bodyplex Guest Pass. Bodyplex Guest Pass, including how to obtain one, the facilities that are included, as well as more. 

Bodyplex Guest pass

Let’s get started and discover this world of Bodyplex fitness with this comprehensive guide!

What Is a Bodyplex Guest Pass?

The Bodyplex guest membership is free trial membership that allows non-members to visit the gym for themselves.

The pass is valid for one day and gives visitors the chance to visit the gym, play with the equipment and take part in fitness classes for groups.

By using the guest pass, you will gain a sense of the gym and decide whether it’s a suitable choice for you prior to committing to a full-time membership.

How to Get a Bodyplex Guest Pass

Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining a Bodyplex guests pass.

  • Go to Bodyplex’s website. Bodyplex website or drop by the Bodyplex fitness center in person.
  • Find”Guest Pass” or the “Guest Pass” option on the website, or request a representative in the gym to request guest passes.
  • Complete any required information, including your name and contact details.
  • Present a valid identification card to confirm your age and your identity.
  • Dress appropriately for workouts and carry any equipment you require, like sneakers for running.
  • You can use all the gym’s facilities and amenities for the duration of one day.
  • If you decide to join an entire membership, talk with a representative to get details, including pricing and options.

Can I bring a friend with me on the guest pass?

Unfortunately, the Bodyplex Guest Pass is available for one person. A guest who is a member of yours is not allowed under this guest card.

However, your guest can enroll for a guest pass to try the fitness center. This is a great chance to look around the facilities and decide whether they’re suited to your fitness objectives.

How long is the Bodyplex guest pass valid?

This Bodyplex guests pass can be used for a single day. This pass gives non-members to test the gym and its amenities prior to committing to an annual membership.

If you’re in search of an alternative club to join, a guest pass is an excellent alternative to try out its facilities, equipment, and amenities.

Be aware that every person is permitted to use the guest pass only once. It is not a possibility to renew or extend it.

Is there an age limit for the Bodyplex Guest pass?

Yes, there is an age restriction to use the Bodyplex Guest pass. Bodyplex guest pass. To be able to utilize this pass for guests, you must be 18 years old, which will be the age minimum to use the pass.

We suggest checking with the Bodyplex gym you’re interested in before getting an invitation to use the facility since they may have more stringent age requirements in effect.

Bodyplex sets an age limit to protect all gym-goers and comply with their policy on minors in the facility.

Can I bring a friend with me when I use the Bodyplex Guest pass?

You are not able to take a companion along with a Bodyplex Guest pass. Bodyplex Pass for guests.

Bodyplex created the guest pass specifically so that individuals can try out the gym’s facilities and services without feeling obligated to purchase a full membership.

In the event that you’ve got a family member or friend member who is interested in trying the gym, they’ll require a guest pass at the reception desk.

But, certain Bodyplex gyms might provide referral or promotion programs that allow members to bring their friends at a reduced cost or at no cost, which is why it’s important to check the specific location of your gym.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the guest pass?

Yes, you can, but this Bodyplex guests pass is available for one usage per person. The person who is granted the pass can utilize the guest pass for a single time to experience the facilities and gym.

If you’d like to use the facility after the expiration date of your guest pass, then you’ll have to enroll in an entire membership.

A staff member will be happy to provide you with details regarding membership options and prices.

Is there a fee for the Bodyplex guest pass?

There’s no charge to purchase this Bodyplex Guest Pass. It’s free and allows non-members the opportunity to test out the facilities and gym for a single day.

You can apply for the guest pass on the Bodyplex website or go to the fitness center in person. Make sure you present a valid ID and wear a proper workout outfit.

If you’re satisfied with your guest passes, you can sign up for an annual membership by talking to the agent. The agent will provide you with details on membership fees and options.

What facilities can I use with the guest pass?

With the Bodyplex guests pass, you’ll gain access to all the facilities and amenities that are available to members who are full.

It includes the equipment for the gym as well as classes for group fitness as well as locker rooms, and the other amenities offered by the fitness center.

You can use all the amenities and facilities as if you were a permanent member. You can visit the facility to assess if it’s the right option for you.

Therefore, make use of the privilege of a guest pass to discover everything Bodyplex offers!

Can I use the guest pass at any Bodyplex location?

Yes, it is true that this Bodyplex guest card is valid for every Bodyplex location. That means that you are able to utilize this pass as a guest to test out any location at Bodyplex that’s convenient for you.

You can try the closest location to your work or home, or you’re traveling and would like to try the gym in another region.

The guest pass allows you to go there without additional costs or limitations. Therefore, feel at ease to discover all Bodyplex can offer in each of the locations using this guest card.

Do I need to make a reservation to use the guest pass?

There is no need to reserve a spot to make use of your Bodyplex Guest Pass. Simply visit during normal office hours and show proof of identity to obtain the one-day pass.

The guest pass grants access to all facilities and amenities that are available to full members, which includes fitness equipment, classes, along with lockers.

Be sure to dress in appropriate clothing and bring along any other things, like a towel and water bottle.

If you decide that you’d like to sign up for a membership that is full-time on your next visit, A member will be more than happy to help you.

Can I upgrade to a full membership during my guest pass visit?

Bodyplex Guest pass

If you decide to join an all-inclusive membership on your visit, the guest pass and a representative will be glad to be able to help.

They’ll explain the pricing and options for membership as well as assist you in deciding on the membership best suited to your needs.

As a new member, Bodyplex offers you an initial 30-day trial before signing up for a full membership. This gives you ample time to decide whether Bodyplex is the right gym for you.

Do I need to bring any documentation with me to use the Bodyplex Guest pass?

Yes, you might require an official photo ID issued by the government as well as sign an agreement prior to making use of Bodyplex Guest passes.

Bodyplex guest pass. You typically need to provide valid identification documents like driver’s licenses, passports, or state-issued ID cards to prove your identity and age.

The gym may also ask you to sign a waiver in order to relieve this gym of any potential risk of liability in case of injuries or accidents.

Check with the gym’s specific location for the necessary paperwork before going to avoid any hassle.

Can I purchase a membership after my Bodyplex Guest pass expires?

If you choose to use the fitness center, you can purchase a membership once your Bodyplex Guest pass has expired.

Gym facilities developed guest passes to give potential members a glimpse of the amenities available and help them make an informed decision about joining.

After using your guest pass, you can decide to sign up for a full membership if you enjoyed your time at the gym.

Will I receive any promotional emails or calls after using the Bodyplex Guest pass?

In the previous post, as mentioned in the previous answer, you may be receiving messages or emails from Bodyplex after registering for a Bodyplex Guest pass.

Bodyplex Guest Pass. You can opt to opt out of these emails at any time by calling your fitness centre and request for your removal from the mailing addresses.

At Bodyplex, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and complying with all relevant laws and regulations regarding marketing and communications.

Can I purchase additional guest passes after using my initial Bodyplex Guest pass?

You can buy guest passes in the lobby at any Bodyplex fitness centre. The passes are valid for a short period of duration, typically between one and two weeks, based on the facility.

If you intend to use the gym often, you may find it more affordable to buy an entire membership instead of several guest passes. Contact the gym staff to find out the options available.

Can I use the Bodyplex Guest pass for personal training sessions?

It’s not true that the Bodyplex Guest pass doesn’t include individual training sessions. However, you might be able to purchase private training sessions at a cost.

Bodyplex created the guest pass to give non-members the opportunity to experience the gym’s facilities and services without committing to an annual membership.

It provides access to all amenities of the gym, such as cardio, weights equipment and group fitness classes, as well as locker room facilities.

Limitations and restrictions may be in place, and it’s advisable to inquire about the gym’s location.

Can I cancel my Bodyplex Guest pass?

Yes, you are able to end the Bodyplex Guest pass anytime by notifying the gym. Because it’s only valid for a specific amount of time, rescinding it could not have an enormous impact.

We recommend using the entire duration of the Bodyplex guest pass to fully understand the facilities and determine if a full membership is worthwhile.

If you decide not to use the pass, you can cancel it to avoid being charged for any fees.

Can I bring my children with me when I use the Bodyplex Guest pass?

Certain Bodyplex locations have childcare facilities. However, you’ll need to inquire with the particular gym to determine whether this is an option.

To ensure you are aware of the gym’s policies for children, it’s important to contact them before your visit and inquire about their specific policies.

Please note that youngsters Who are younger than 18 years old cannot use gym facilities, even when under the supervision of an adult.

Can I use the Bodyplex Guest pass during peak hours?

Yes, you are able to use this Bodyplex Guest pass during peak times. But, it’s important to keep in mind that peak times are busy, and you could experience waiting times for machines and equipment.

It’s best to ask the gym’s location in question for the hours that are most popular and make plans in advance.

Can I renew my Bodyplex Guest pass after it expires?

There is no way to do that. are not able to renew an existing Bodyplex Guest pass once it has expired.

However, you may apply for a new guest card in the event of a special offer that’s currently available.

It’s always good to speak with the desk personnel at the local Bodyplex gym to find out more details about current promotions and specials.

What are the benefits of using a Bodyplex Guest pass?


  • By using the Guest Pass you are able to test the gym and its facilities on your own terms and according to your own time.
  • You do not have to make an extended engagement or sign any contract, which makes it simple to experience the gym with no stress.


  • A guest membership is free, so you can test the gym without having to pay cash upfront.
  • If you choose to sign up for an entire membership, the 30 day trial period, as well as discounts for family and corporate members can help you save money.

Access to Amenities

  • With the guest pass you’ll be able to use all the amenities and facilities available to members in full, including the fitness equipment, classes and locker rooms.
  • This is particularly useful for those who want to test some specific classes or equipment prior to signing up for a full membership.

Personalized Experience

  • The guest pass permits you to use fitness and facilities with a more personal approach and you are able to spend time trying out the things that interest you the most.
  • This will help you decide whether the gym is a suitable fit for your individual fitness goals and needs.


  • A new gym is an effective way to stay engaged and enthusiastic regarding your journey to fitness.
  • The guest pass may provide you with the chance to experiment with different equipment and classes that can keep your workouts exciting and challenging.

In conclusion, having the Bodyplex guest pass provides numerous benefits, such as convenience and cost-effectiveness, access to facilities, an individual experience and motivation. 

If you’re considering trying out an exercise facility, a guest pass is the perfect opportunity to try the water and determine whether Bodyplex is the best choice for you.

Bodyplex Guest Pass – FAQs

How do I get a Bodyplex guest pass?

You are able to request guests passes by going to Bodyplex’s website Bodyplex website or visiting the fitness center in person.

Is there a fee for the Bodyplex guest pass?

The Bodyplex guests pass cost-free.

How long is the Bodyplex Guest pass valid for?

The Bodyplex Guest passes are typically valid for a period of one to two weeks, based on the gym’s location.

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