EOS Fitness Guest Pass - Free 7 Days Pass 2024 ❤️ Official

EOS Fitness Guest Pass – Free 7 Days Pass 2024


Are you searching for an exercise facility that has the latest equipment, numerous classes, and the best facilities? EOS Fitness Guest Pass might be the ideal fit for you.

With more than 25 facilities throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada, EOS Fitness offers a variety of options for those looking to build muscles or stay active.


One of the most effective ways to get a taste of EOS Fitness is through their guest pass program.

In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to be aware of concerning EOS Fitness guest passes, including frequently asked questions.

EOS fitness guest pass


What is an EOS Fitness guest pass?

An EOS Fitness guest pass is an access card that allows non-members access to EOS Fitness facilities for a short period of time.

It’s a chance for those who don’t have a membership to experience the facility and determine whether it’s the right fit for their fitness goals prior to making the commitment to join.

EOS Fitness Guest Pass Policies

  • Guest Passes are available for purchase Guest passes are offered for sale or purchase through membership promotions, but they are subject to changes at any point.
  • To be considered eligible attendees must have 18 years old or older, or between 13-17, with parental or guardian consent.
  • Identification: Guests must present an ID photo that is valid when they checking-in.
  • The guests may be denied limited access to some amenities or services, for example, exercise classes for groups.
  • Duration: The length for the pass could be different, and you can choose weekly, daily, or other passes with a time limit.
  • The renewal of guest passes can expire or be renewed.
  • Responsibility Members are accountable for respecting all rules and regulations of the club and are accountable for any damage or loss that might occur in their time within the club.
  • Revoked: EOS Fitness reserves the right to cancel guests’ passes at any time , for any reason, which includes but not limited tothe violations of the policy or disruptive behaviour.
  • Waiver: Guests might have to fill out a waiver form or an indemnity release.
  • The guest’s health and safety is paramount. are required to adhere to all safety and health procedures, including but not limited to wearing a mask, and social distancing.

How to get EOS Fitness Guest Pass? – Free 7 days Pass

To apply for an EOS Fitness 7-day guest pass to get one, do this:

  1. Go to EOS Fitness’ website: Visit the EOS Fitness website: Go to the EOS Fitness official website and search on”Ghost Pass, “Guest Pass” or “7-Day Trial for Free” offer. Trial” deal.
  2. Complete the form: Fill in all the mandatory information on the online form including the name of your email address address and telephone number.
  3. Verify your details: Verify your details and verify that you meet the requirements to be granted the guest pass.
  4. You must wait to hear from EOS Fitness: EOS Fitness will send you a text or email message to confirm the guest pass and give you instructions on how you can redeem it.
  5. Visit the club on the day and time indicated in your confirmation, you must visit EOS Fitness at the EOS Fitness club with a valid photo ID to begin your 7-day trial for free.

Be aware that the terms and availability for EOS Fitness guest passes can differ by location and are subject to changes.

Before you visit the club it’s recommended to visit the EOS Fitness website or contact your local club for the latest information regarding guest passes and policies.

How many guests can I take to EOS?

EOS Fitness guest passes are generally designed to be used only for one individual. That means you’ll only be allowed to bring one person with you on a guest pass.

However, certain places may have different rules regarding guests’ passes. Therefore, be sure to consult the nearest EOS Fitness gym for its specific policies.

If you’re planning to bring multiple guests, then you might want to think about getting an EOS Fitness membership, which might provide guest privileges based on the membership plan you select.

What should I bring with me when using an EOS Fitness guest pass?

If you’re applying for the EOS Fitness Guest pass, you must carry an acceptable photo ID that includes the driver’s passport or license.

This is necessary to confirm the authenticity of your name and to ensure only authorized users have access to the facilities.

It is also recommended to bring the appropriate fitness attire and footwear and a water bottle and towel. It is also recommended to have a lock in the locker area since EOS Fitness does not provide locks for guests to use.

When you’re prepared with essential items, you will be successful in your workout and maximize your experience as a guest.

How old does your guest have to be at EOS?

The minimum age required to be a guest at EOS Fitness can vary depending on the location and laws of the state. Some locations will permit guests who are as young as 13 years old or older with parental permission.

However, some locations may require that guests at least be 18 years older. It is important to inquire with the EOS Fitness location you’re planning to visit regarding the age requirements.

In addition, those who are younger than 18 may require the presence of parents or guardians when using the facilities.

How long is an EOS Fitness guest pass valid?

An EOS Fitness guest pass is generally valid for one full day, but the duration of validity can vary based on the location and promotions specials.

Some locations might offer longer validity, like a three-day pass, whereas others might restrict the use of the validity of the pass to a short time frame.

It is important to inquire with the nearest EOS Fitness location for specific information regarding guest pass validity. Be aware guest passes are designed to be used only by first-time visitors and should not be used more than once.

EOS Fitness Membership 

eos fitness guest pass

EOS Fitness Gray Membership

Startup Fee (Varies by Location) $149.00
Monthly Fee (Varies by Location) $9.99
Annual Membership Fee (Gray Membership) $49.99

EOS Fitness Blue Membership

Startup Fee (Varies by Location) $20.00
Monthly Fee (Varies by Location) $19.99
Annual Membership Fee (Blue Membership) $49.99

EOS Fitness Black Membership

Startup Fee (Varies by Location) $20.00
Monthly Fee (Varies by Location) $24.99
Annual Membership Fee (Black Membership) $49.99

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Are there any additional fees for EOS Fitness memberships?

There are additional charges related to EOS Fitness memberships depending on the kind of membership and the location.

These may include annual fees as well as cancellation charges.

It’s essential to read your membership agreement attentively to learn about any additional fees that might be applicable.

What are the benefits of an EOS Fitness guest pass?

There are numerous benefits of using the EOS Fitness Guest pass, for example:

  1. You can try before you buy Guest passes, allowing you to experience the facilities and decide whether it’s the right choice for you prior to committing to an account.
  2. There is no commitment: You do not need to be obligated to enter into a contract or commit to a membership fee when you purchase guest passes.
  3. Access to facilities Access to facilities: With the guest pass, you have access to all facilities accessible to members, such as fitness equipment, classes, and more.
  4. Doing a workout with a partner Guest passes permit you to bring a companion along so that you can exercise together and keep each other motivated.
  5. Cost-effective Guest passes are typically cheap or free, which makes them an affordable option to experience the fitness center.

What are the different types of EOS Fitness guest passes?

EOS Fitness offers different types of guest passes based on the area and the current promotions. In general, they offer an option to purchase a seven-day pass or 3 day or single day pass.

The passes differ in regards to the facilities they access and also their limitations, and therefore, it’s essential to inquire with the EOS Fitness local EOS Fitness to see which guest pass options are offered.

Can I use my EOS Fitness guest pass at any location?

This question could depend on the specific limitations of your EOS Fitness guest pass. In general, it’s likely guest’s pass is only applicable to one particular EOS Fitness location.

You should check with the gym or go through the conditions and terms on the guest pass to determine that it is valid in several locations.

What are the hours of operation for EOS Fitness?

The hours of operation at EOS Fitness may vary by location. However, most EOS Fitness locations are open at all times of the day, 7 days a week.

Certain locations might have limited hours on weekends or holidays. It is recommended to inquire about the local EOS Fitness for their specific operating hours.

What amenities are included with an EOS Fitness guest pass?

Here are some features that are usually included in the purchase of an EOS Fitness Guest pass

  • Access to cardio equipment and weight lifting equipment
  • Fitness classes for groups (vary according to location)
  • Locker rooms equipped with showers as well as amenities (towels, hair dryers, towels, etc.)
  • Private training sessions (may be subject to an additional cost)
  • Kids Club for Kids (varies according to the area)

Be aware that the facilities available to guests for guests with guest passes may vary based on location and at what time. So, it’s recommended to contact the neighborhood EOS Fitness gym to see what’s included.

Do I need to sign a waiver to use an EOS Fitness guest pass?

Yes, you’ll need to be able to execute a written waiver prior to applying for the EOS Fitness guest pass.

The waiver exempts EOS Fitness from any liability for accident or injury while visiting their facilities.

EOS Fitness Hours 

EOS Fitness Hours 

Days  Hours
Monday 7 am-7 pm
Tueday 7 am-7 pm
Wednesday 7 am-7 pm
Thursday 7 am-7 pm
Friday 7 am-7 pm
Saturday 7 am-7 pm
Sunday 7 am-7 pm

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San Diego, Oceanside & Santa Ana
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

Monday-Thursday: 5 am-10:30 pm
Friday: 5 am-9 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7 am- 7 pm

Riverside County & Redlands:
Monday-Friday: 5am-10 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7am-7 pm

EOS Fitness Locations

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This article helps you to get the complete information about EOS Fitness Guest Pass.

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Disclaimer: We gather actual EOS Fitness guest pass information from sources such as on-site visits,, and phone interviews. The Information reported on this webpage derives from one or more of those sources. The EOS fitness Guest pass Information reported on this website may not be current and may vary locations. To obtain current EOS Fitness Prices & guest pass Information, contact the individual EOS Fitness location of interest to you.

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