EOS Fitness Guest Pass – Free 7 Days Pass

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EOS Fitness guest pass gives a great taste of what to expect from their Fitness facilities. Considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and their upscale facilities, EOS Fitness is considered one of the best gyms. how about we additionally take a look at the EOS Guest pass and discover their Policies.

EOS fitness guest pass

EOS Fitness Guest Pass Policies

  • Guest Passes are available for purchase Guest passes are offered for sale or purchase through membership promotions, but they are subject changes at any point.
  • In order to be eligible, guests must be 18 or older, or 13-17 with parental or guardian permission.
  • Identification: Guests must present an ID photo that is valid when they checking-in.
  • The guests may be denied limited access to some amenities or services, for example, exercise classes for groups.
  • Duration: The length for the pass could be different, and you can choose weekly, daily, or other passes with a time limit.
  • The renewal of guest passes can expire or be renewed.
  • Responsibility: The guests are accountable to follow the club’s policies and guidelines and for any loss or damage that may occur during their stay.
  • Revoked: EOS Fitness reserves the right to cancel guests’ passes at any time , for any reason, which includes but not limited tothe violations of the policy or disruptive behaviour.
  • Waiver: Guests might have to fill out a waiver form or an indemnity release.
  • The guest’s health and safety is paramount. are required to adhere to all safety and health procedures, including but not limited to wearing a mask, and social distancing.

How to get EOS Fitness Guest Pass ? – Free 7 days Pass

To apply for an EOS Fitness 7-day guest pass to get one, do this:

  1. Go to EOS Fitness’ website: Visit the EOS Fitness website: Go to the EOS Fitness official website and search on”Ghost Pass, “Guest Pass” or “7-Day Trial for Free” offer. Trial” deal.
  2. Complete the form: Fill in all the mandatory information on the online form including the name of your email address address and telephone number.
  3. Verify your details: Verify your details and verify that you meet the requirements to be granted the guest pass.
  4. You must wait to hear from EOS Fitness: EOS Fitness will send you an text or email message to confirm the guest pass and give you instructions on how you can redeem it.
  5. Visit the club on the day and time indicated in your confirmation, you must visit EOS Fitness at the EOS Fitness club with a valid photo ID to begin your 7-day trial for free.

Be aware that the terms and availability for EOS Fitness guests passes can differ by location and subject to changes. Before you visit the club it’s recommended to visit on the EOS Fitness website or contact your local club for latest information regarding guest passes and policies.

How many guest can I take to EOS?

You are allowed to bring only one guest at each time They must be able to access the gym as soon as you do. Upon the first time they visit, EOS Fitness request that they present their photo ID to obtain the VIP guest membership.

Can you bring the same guest to EOS?

Absolutely yes! Black or Platinum Memberships come with unlimited VIP Guest privileges, that means you are able to bring a guest each time you visit the gym. It could be the same Guest or a different person each time, they have to be accompanied by an affiliated Member at the time of entering the fitness center.

How old does your guest have to be at EOS?

The guest must be at least 18 years old. Children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Can I bring a guest to EOS fitness?

EOS Fitness Guest Passes allow you to bring guests to the facility. However, they must visit the gym and show an ID to sign in for VIP Guest Membership.

EOS Fitness Membership 

EOS Fitness Gray Membership

Startup Fee (Varies by Location) $149.00
Monthly Fee (Varies by Location) $9.99
Annual Membership Fee (Gray Membership) $49.99

EOS Fitness Blue Membership

Startup Fee (Varies by Location) $20.00
Monthly Fee (Varies by Location) $19.99
Annual Membership Fee (Blue Membership) $49.99

EOS Fitness Black Membership

Startup Fee (Varies by Location) $20.00
Monthly Fee (Varies by Location) $24.99
Annual Membership Fee (Black Membership) $49.99

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This article helps you to get the complete information about EOS Fitness Guest Pass.

To know more about EOS Fitness Visit the official website https://eosfitness.com/free-7-day-pass-confirmation/

For more information about other gym prices & Guest Passes check out our website gympricelist.com.

Disclaimer: We gathers actual EOS Fitness guest pass information from sources such as on-site visits,, and phone interviews. The Information reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. The EOS fitness Guest pass Information reported on this website may not be current, and may be vary locations . To obtain current EOS Fitness Prices & guest pass Information, contact the individual EOS Fitness location of interest to you.

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