Top 8 Gyms with Free Passes July 2024

Gyms with Free Passes

Guest Pass gives a great taste of what to expect from their fitness facilities. A lot of gyms welcome new members into the door by offering you an opportunity to are able to test all the facilities without having to pay any money.

This article provides you with a list of the Top 8 Gyms with Free Passes.


If you’ve finished the test you aren’t interested in the exercise, you could go for something else. You might get the gym you’ve always wanted during the procedure.



The following are a few well-known gym chains to explore that provide free gym passes.

  1. 24 Hour Fitness
  2. Anytime Fitness
  3. Gold’s Gym
  4. Crunch Fitness
  5. Life Time Fitness
  6. Equinox
  7. Planet Fitness
  8. LA Fitness

There are numerous free passes, but they’re not all created equal. Therefore it’s helpful to know what you’re into before signing up to receive an offer to use a free pass.


It is possible to get several sessions simultaneously to evaluate and contrast the various options available to determine which one is the best fit for your needs

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness guest pass gives a great taste of what to expect from their fitness facilities.

It is possible to sign-up on the internet and use it in several locations. So, for three consecutive days, You can visit three distinct 24 hour Hour Fitness gym locations to determine which one is the best for your requirements.

It’s crucial to consider that amenities can differ based on place of residence.

With the ability to go to various locations, you’ll be able to observe the equipment each gym is equipped with and how busy each facility gets.

The membership gives you access to the essential equipment that the gym can provide.

The 24 hour fitness center is where you’ll find facilities such as cardio equipment, resistance devices, power racks, and more.

In the end, you can join this pass for as long as you’ve not been a guest or member during the past six months.

You can join for a three-day pass once and then sign up again six months later if you’d like to squeeze an exercise session for free again.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness gives potential members with passes for seven days.

This gives you a whole week to explore the facilities of the gym and facilities, and you can start your journey by accessing the gym’s website.

A pass grants you access to all essential amenities at these gyms, including bikes, treadmills, and weightlifting equipment.

The only drawback to this membership compared to 24 Hour Fitness is that it is only available one time. However, a week is long enough to make a solid assessment of the gym chain suitable for you.

Furthermore, some locations offer trial passes for free.

Enter your ZIP code on the internet and see whether any of the places in your area provide this service. If not, your options are limited.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym provides those interested in their service a complimentary Guest Pass.

The pass is granted once every six months, which means you can come back and see if you reconsider your decision to join going to the gym on occasion.

It is easy to Start by filling in your information on the internet.

The restrictions vary based on area. However, you should be able to access all essential amenities, including equipment for weight lifting and cardio.

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While you are engaged in working out and having a blast You can also profit by the personal tours provided by the staff.

They will provide the opportunity to get an understanding of what are likely to experience every time you walk into your fitness center.

Crunch Fitness

Based on feedback from members, the length of free access to Crunch Fitness will vary depending on the location.

While some sites offer a one-day pass, other locations offer seven days to look over all this chain’s options.

You can enroll to get your pass online and be part of a non-judgmental, no-pressure setting.

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Along with fitness equipment and weights, the membership also grants an opportunity for classes. Specific locations also provide HydroMassages and tanning beds.

Even if you possess a one-day membership, you could squeeze all of these facilities in one session to determine whether you can frequent this gym to justify a membership.

Life Time Fitness

Lifetime fitness centers are some of the priciest facilities in the area.

If you don’t join an account, you can at least taste a bit of the luxurious lifestyle by joining for a no-cost trial for one day.

You can get more details about the Lifetime Fitness guest pass and the benefits of joining by visiting the company’s website.

You need to attain the age of 18 to be able to join which means students in high school won’t be able to take advantage of the facilities even though it’s an excellent gym for families.

Check out the services Life Time has to offer often. The one-day free pass resets each 60-day period, which means you’ll be able to visit once a month to experience the luxury location.

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Equinox certainly has the best simple Equinox Guest Pass Program.

The best option is to visit their website and choose the closest gym to you. It is then possible to set an appointment time. The gym will contact you to notify you that it’s time to head to the gym for a an examination.

In return, you will get the chance to experience the facilities to experience the facilities the difference for yourself.

The whole thing is contingent on the gym’s decision on whether to allow you access for the length of time the access is at the discretion of the gym and therefore you may not be granted access to something.

It’s worth a try. Because Equinox is among the more expensive gyms there, it’d be beneficial to try it before committing to an account.

Planet Fitness

All Planet Fitness locations are operated and owned by an independent company; Therefore, you should determine if the location closest to you has complimentary passes.

If yes, you may request an initial Planet Fitness free trial via providing the necessary information on the internet.

You can apply for a new one-day pass every 90 days and access the entire facilities on offer at Planet Fitness.

If you stop by the location, the employee will assist you throughout the procedure and demonstrate the equipment available in most places which include massage chairs as well as tanning beds.

If you decide to return to try a second trial for free, You should be prepared to receive a second tour, even if you didn’t get it the very first time.

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Planet Fitness requires all trial members to go on the tour, which is essential to keep in mind if you plan to visit at no cost several times.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has one of the most extended Guest Pass available, offering you five days of exercise each six months.

You must reach at least 16 in Order to be eligible for this card. However, 13-15-year-olds are able to join with parental consent.

The specific amenities you can avail of vary depending on location, but anticipate using the equipment for cardio and weights throughout your visit.

There is an additional cost if you wish to participate in private training, leagues, and courts in your trial. You have 30 days to use your pass once you receive it via email.

Then, you’ll be able to go to the LA Fitness location nearest you for five consecutive days. Additionally, you can take a friend along with you on the same pass!

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Wrapping up

The primary distinction between the gyms’ free trials is their length.

Some only offer one day, while others offer you a whole week. It shouldn’t take long to determine if it’s the right gym for you, and it’s worthwhile to test one or two to discover what’s available.

Anytime Fitness has the most affordable deal, with a no-hassle trial of seven days. However, you must check with every gym close to you to determine what you can find.

While I have covered all of the big gym chains on this list, local research gyms and locally-owned gyms are willing to offer you no-cost trial sessions to get into the gym and start your business.

Go through this comprehensive review of the boxing gym for more gym tips.

I hope this can help!

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