Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices (LVAC Prices) and Membership Cost

Las Vegas Athletic Club prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer. The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so that everyone can reach their fitness goal easily and quickly.

It is a great place to find a membership for a gym in the Land of Entertainment. It was initially founded in 1977 as a racquetball team, but it has since become a popular destination for fitness in the state.

LVAC has less than seven clubs in Nevada. It is not a nationwide network of gyms, and it’s an excellent gym to join, especially in Las Vegas.

They provide excellent services at reasonable prices. The monthly fees start at $23 per month, but you can get even more if you choose to be a member.

The membership pricing is very straightforward, and you can choose the plan that best suits your needs from various options.

How about we additionally take a look at the Las Vegas Athletic club Prices and discover how things charge up here.

Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices

Las Vegas Athletic Club  Prices & Membership Cost

Las Vegas Athletic Club monthly membership

single person prices

Initiation fee $99
Monthly fee $23

Dual person prices

Initiation fee $99
Monthly fee $46

Las Vegas Athletic Club yearly membership

Single person prices

Initiation fee $99
Monthly fee $276

Dual person prices

Initiation fee $99
Monthly fee $552

Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices Overview

The prices for membership at Las Vegas Athletic Club are affordable and very straightforward. There are usually no hidden fees associated with other clubs’ memberships.

Prices for the Las Vegas Athletic Club start as low as $23 per person per month if you sign up for the monthly membership. This plan comes with a $99 initiation fee.

What if you want to travel to LVAC together? The couple membership is an option, and a single membership costs $46 per month if you are visiting with your partner. A start-up fee for the Las Vegas Athletic Club dual membership is $99.

These were the Las Vegas Athletic Club’s monthly membership fees. They are much cheaper than other gyms that offer similar facilities. The good news is that you can save even more if your yearly plan.

The annual plan allows you to sign up for a whole year rather than paying monthly. Las Vegas Athletic Club pricing is $276 per year for single memberships and $252 for dual memberships.

You will need to pay $99 for the initiation fee in both the monthly and yearly plans.

Which plan should you choose? It all depends on your situation. The Las Vegas Athletic Club annual plan is a better deal if you’re confident that you’ll be in Nevada for a longer time.

The monthly plan is for you if you frequently move or are only in the state for a short time.

Most LVAC clubs allow you to cancel your monthly membership at any time. They usually don’t charge cancellation fees.

You can also expect to see your monthly fees drop after being a Las Vegas Athletic Club member for a year or two.

This means that the LVAC membership fee will be lower the longer you are a member.

These are the Las Vegas Athletic Club prices that you can expect at most clubs. However, it would be helpful if you could contact them directly to inquire about the exact rates. It is good to contact them directly for information about the same rates and special offers.

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Las Vegas Athletic Club Discounts & Deals

LVAC’s prices are very reasonable considering the excellent facilities they provide and the group classes. They offer special discounts and deals for members who pay affordable membership fees.

Online coupons are the best way to lower your Las Vegas Athletic Club membership costs.

There are other ways to lower the cost of Las Vegas Athletic Club membership. You can also speak to them and ask for a waiver of the membership initiation fees; this could save you $99.

These deals are not the only ones. Always contact them to find out about any new deals or discounts.

These deals can lower LVAC prices, and a membership to the club can also provide discounts on additional purchases. They can also tie up with other firms and healthcare dealers.

You can also get discounts if you are a Las Vegas Athletic Club member.

LVAC Hours

Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Las Vegas Athletic Club Locations


What is LVAC monthly cost?

The monthly Las Vegas Athletic Club membership fee is $23 per month. This is quite reasonable.

How much is Las Vegas Athletic Club initiation fee?

The initiation fee for Las Vegas Athletic Club is $99. It applies to all plans, whether they are monthly or yearly.

Las Vegas Athletic Club is it month to month?

Las Vegas Athletic Club offers monthly plans. For more information about the packages available, contact your club.

How much is LVAC annual fee?

The annual fees for Las Vegas Athletic Club are rarely required. However, they recommend that you contact them directly to confirm.

Can I go to any Las Vegas Athletic Club with my membership?

It is not often. You can only visit your local Las Vegas Athletic Club club with a Las Vegas Athletic Club Membership. You can still visit your home club, but you may be able to visit other clubs.

You can quickly transfer your Las Vegas Athletic Club membership from one club to the next. You can also transfer your membership without paying a fee.

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