Flywheel Prices and Flywheel Classes and Membership Prices 2024

Flywheel Prices – Are you in search of an easy and enjoyable method to maintain your fitness? Flywheel Sports might be the best choice for you!

Its innovative method of indoor cycling, Flywheel offers a wide range of membership and classes to suit any schedule or fitness level.


But what are Flywheel Prices? We’ll examine Flywheel rates as well as membership and class options to help you decide whether Flywheel is the best choice for you.

Flywheel Prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer.


If you’re a fitness fanatic or are just beginning the path to fitness, Flywheel has something for all. Let’s explore this world at Flywheel and learn more about their rates and classes!

Flywheel Prices and Flywheel Classes and Membership Prices


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Flywheel Prices and Membership Prices


Pay Per Class

Flywheel Packages

1 Class (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $32.00
5 Classes (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $31.00
10 Classes (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $30.00
20 Classes (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $29.00

Flybarre Packages

1 Class (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $25.00
5 Classes (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $24.00
10 Classes (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $23.00
20 Classes (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $22.00

How much does a Flywheel membership cost?

The price of cost of a Flywheel membership can differ based on the area and the type of membership you pick.

In general, the cost of a Flywheel membership could cost anywhere between $20 and $36 per course.

But, Flywheel has discounted pricing for teachers, students as well as military members, making it accessible to a greater number of individuals.

In addition, Flywheel offers packages for buying multiple classes at one time which could aid in saving money over the long haul.

For more information on Flywheel pricing for membership, go to their website or reach out to the nearest Flywheel studio.

How much do Flywheel classes cost?

Like any fitness studio, Flywheel prices vary by location. They usually offer Monthly Membership and Class Credits.

Let’s find out the Flywheel cost.

Flywheel Monthly Membership Prices 

  • Flywheel Monthly Membership Prices
  • If you Want to attend only 1 class per week, i.e., four classes per month, then you have to pay $ 23 per class, which means $92 per month.
  • Two classes of the week, i.e., monthly 8 classes cost $ 21 per class, which means $168 Per month.
  • Three classes Of the week, i.e., monthly 12 classes cost $ 19 per class, which means $ 228 per month.

All the Memberships Auto-renews monthly.

The bottom line is that if you choose a higher number of classes of the week, the class cost is getting low.

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Flywheel Class Credits (If You Prefer a little Flexibility)

Also, Flywheel offers packages of 1 class, 5 classes, 10 classes, and 20 classes.

  • An independent 1 class package from Flywheel costs $ 30,
  • if you choose their 5 class package, you will have to pay $ 145, i.e., You have to pay $ 29 per class.
  • Their 10 class package costs $ 280, i.e., You have to pay $ 28 per class.
  • While your 20 classes package costs $ 520, that means you have to pay $ 26 per class.

Flywheel 1 class package expires 45 days from purchase, while 5,10, and 20 class packages expire 12 months from purchase.

What are the different types of Flywheel classes?

Flywheel offers a variety of classes that can be adapted to various levels of fitness and objectives. Here are a few of the various types of Flywheel classes that you can expect to see:

  1. Flywheel The first Flywheel class, it’s 45 minutes of interval training and energetic music and inspiring instructors.
  2. Flybarre: A full-body exercise which combines light weights dance-inspired movements, and fundamental exercises to shape and improve your physique.
  3. Flybeats: A rhythm-based exercise which uses the music of your choice to direct your moves and keep you focused throughout your training.
  4. Power 45: A high-intensity 45-minute workout that focuses on building endurance and strength.
  5. Fly 60 is a 60-minute run that blends the interval training of Flywheel with endurance training to improve stamina and strength.
  6. Florida: A class that blends Flywheel exercises with off-bike ones such as kettlebells and TRX to give you a total body exercise.

Whatever course you select, Flywheel’s highly skilled instructors will lead you through a demanding and enjoyable workout that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

Are there any additional fees associated with a Flywheel membership?

There could be additional costs for the Flywheel membership, based on the kind of membership you select.

For instance, some memberships can include additional benefits like the ability to attend FlyBarre and FlyOnDemand classes.

These may cost additional charges in the event that they are purchased separately. Furthermore, certain locations might require a one-time registration fee to new customers.

It is Crucial to read the terms of your membership prior to joining to ensure you are aware of any additional charges.

Can I cancel my Flywheel membership?

You can end or cancel your Flywheel membership at any time. In order to cancel the membership, you’ll have to log into your account through Flywheel’s Flywheel website or the mobile app and follow the cancellation steps.

However, there are some Cancellation charges that can be imposed according to the type of membership and the amount of duration you’ve been a member.

You should check the specifics of your membership agreement to determine Whether there are cancellation fees or other requirements.

Can I purchase a Flywheel membership online?

You can buy a Flywheel membership online on the Flywheel mobile or website. Choose the membership Plan that best fits your needs and follow the steps for completing the transaction.

You’ll have to establish an account and then provide the details about your payment in order for the purchase.

After your membership has been activated, you can access the app or website to schedule courses and control your accounts.

Are there any age restrictions for Flywheel classes?

Yes, there are age limitations to flywheel lessons. The riders must be 18 years old in order to take part regularly in Flywheel classes.

However, certain Flywheel locations offer junior classes for children with parental permission.

Junior classes are intended for those aged between 14 and 17 and must be accompanied by the waiver of the parent or guardian.

It’s important to remember that junior classes could have different schedules and pricing in comparison to regular Flywheel classes. It is recommended to contact the local studio for more details.

Can I share my Flywheel membership with a friend or family member?

The problem is that Flywheel Memberships cannot be transferred and cannot be transferred with family or friends.

The memberships are designed to be used exclusively for solely for personal use. Members are not permitted to take students to classes or use their membership for any other person.

The studio, however, Flywheel offers promotional programs and referrals, which allow members to enjoy discounts or even free lessons by inviting other members to classes.

How much does the Flywheel At Home bike cost?

Its Flywheel At Home bike costs $1,699. It’s a top-quality indoor cycling bike that comes with a 21.5-inch high-definition touchscreen, adjustable resistance, as well as a range of rides that are pre-programmed.

Along with the price that the bike comes with, customers have to pay a monthly fee for access to Flywheel At Home.

Flywheel At Home content, which includes live and online classes, individualized training programs, and much more.

The Cost for a subscription is $39.90 per month. It is a Flywheel At Home bike that also has a one-year warranty on the frame and a three-year guarantee on the bike’s parts.

How do you sign up for a Flywheel membership?

These are the steps needed to enroll for the Flywheel membership:

  1. Visit the Flywheel Sports website at
  2. Go to “Find a Studio” to locate the closest Flywheel studio to you.
  3. Once you’ve located the studio, click “Book an e-Bike” to sign up for an account.
  4. Input your personal details, including name, email, and telephone number.
  5. Choose a plan of membership that is suitable for your needs and budget.
  6. Select a payment option and input your billing information.
  7. Review your membership information and confirm your membership purchase.
  8. After your membership has been active, you can start scheduling classes online or via Flywheel Sports mobile app. Flywheel Sports mobile app.

Are there any discounts for Flywheel classes or memberships?

Yes, there are frequent discounts for Flywheel memberships and classes. Flywheel frequently offers special discounts for new customers or special events.

Many locations offer discounts for students, military personnel, as well as first emergency personnel.

Furthermore, Flywheel offers discounted class packs and memberships to those who attend classes on a regular basis.

It’s recommended to inquire with your local Flywheel branch or go to their website to check out which discounts are offered to customers.

What is included in a Flywheel membership?

A Flywheel membership usually provides access to all Flywheel classes that are available in the studio and on-demand and also discounts on Flywheel products and other special events.

Memberships may also offer benefits such as early registration for classes and exclusive events for members only.

The Flywheel membership specifics will vary depending on your chosen membership type and location. To obtain more details, we recommend contacting the nearest Flywheel studio.

What are the benefits of taking the Flywheel challenge?

The Flywheel Challenge is a workout program created to help people push the limits of their abilities and meet their fitness targets. Here are a few advantages of participating in a part in the Flywheel challenge:

  1. Motivation: The motivation Flywheel challenge is a well-planned program to keep participants engaged during their exercise journey.
  2. Accountability: When taking part at this Flywheel challenge, participants are accountable for their performance and will be more likely to adhere to the fitness program they have established.
  3. Community The Flywheel challenge gives participants the feeling of being part of a community as participants strive to achieve their goals in a team.
  4. Individualized coaching: Participants of Flywheel challenge receive personalized coaching. Flywheel challenge receives individual guidance and advice from Flywheel instructors to assist them in achieving their objectives.
  5. Results This challenge Flywheel challenge was created to assist people in getting tangible results in their overall fitness and health.
  6. Variety A variety of Flywheel challenges is a mix of exercises to keep participants interested and challenged throughout the course.
  7. Flexibility It is possible to modify the Flywheel Challenge can be tailored to suit the requirements and goals of every participant.

Overall it is clear that the Flywheel Challenge is a Welcoming and encouraging environment that can assist participants in reaching their fitness objectives and increase general health and well-being.

How much does Flywheel On Demand cost?

Flywheel On Demand is a virtual fitness platform that lets users take advantage of Flywheel classes on the Internet.

The cost for Flywheel On Demand is $39 a month, which grants the users access to a collection of classes available on-demand which can be streamed anytime.

In addition to classes on demand, the users are also able to access live-streaming classes at an additional fee which is $15 for each class.

You can book live streaming classes through the Flywheel website or mobile application.

Users can end or cancel their Flywheel On Demand subscription at any time. There are no commitments or contracts of any length needed.

Flywheel Sports App

If you are a fitness lover, you must have heard the name Flywheel Sports.

Flywheel Sports has launched App Known as “Flywheel Sports” to improve their members’ satisfaction and take their practices to the maximum height.

Flywheel Sports App is freely available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Key Features – Flywheel App

• You can bring their in-studio practice Home with the Flywheel Home Bike and Run Extensive live classes to your Android gadget.
• Additionally, you can reserve Flywheel cycling training classes.
• And You can buy gift cards, credits, and membership.
• You can track your performance data like speed and calories burned after each class and over time.

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Social Media Links – Flywheel


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Locations – Flywheel

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Flywheel Prices- FAQs

How much does a single Flywheel class cost?

The price of one Flywheel class may differ based on the location, however, generally, it is between $23 to $35.

What is the cost of a Flywheel membership?

The cost of a Flywheel membership varies based on the place and the type of membership, however, the average is $190s to 288s per month. Certain memberships could also include an initial fee or extra charges.


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Disclaimer: Flywheel Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Flywheel center.

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