Fitness Connection Prices and Membership Cost

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Fitness Connection prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer. Fitness Connection is one of the most tempting and rich spots where are the wellness related fun is there for you to be had at a considerably less cost than most different exercise centers.

Fitness Connection Prices

They start at $9.49 for a month. The Fitness Connection rates are less than any other budget gyms in the area and have top-quality facilities similar to those at the pricey gyms with $100+.

The first thing you notice regarding Fitness Connection is their big studios. In addition to more spacious gym floors than you would expect, Fitness Connection offers a variety of additional amenities such as pilates courts, yoga massagers, and more without cost.

They provide a variety of membership plans based not on the facilities you can use but on the length of time you’re willing to commit to. Additionally, the Fitness Connection prices depend on the plan you are able to decide to.

To help you understand the details of Fitness Connection membership costs and other fees, here’s an article dedicated to this issue.

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Fitness Connection Prices Check Fitness Connection Fees

Service Cost

Fitness Connection Prices – Monthly Basis

One Club Access

Initiation Fee $99.99
Monthly Fee $9.49
Due Today $108.49

All Club Access

Initiation Fee $49.99
Monthly Fee $19.49
Due Today $68.49

Fitness Connection Prices – Yearly Basis

One Club Access

Initiation Fee $0.00
Yearly Fee $249.99
Due Today $249.99

All Club Access

Initiation Fee $0.00
Yearly Fee $299.99
Due Today $299.99

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How much does Fitness Connection cost?

Despite offering impressive facilities available only in expensive fitness centers, Fitness Connection offers literally inexpensive membership plans. The exact cost of membership depends on the plan you choose.

The most well-known Fitness Connection membership plan is the monthly membership with 12 months of commitment. In addition, you can choose one club access membership or an all-club access membership.

Fitness Connection membership cost for 12-month commitment monthly plans is $9.49 for access to one club and $19.99 for all access to the club. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay an initiation fee of $99 before beginning your membership.

The cost for initiation will be the same for single access to clubs and for the entire club access plan.

One of the drawbacks of the monthly fee is that you’ll have to make it every month. However, if you don’t need to do this, you can opt for another option, the Fitness Connection yearly plan, in which you’ll pay fees for the whole year at one time.

Health Connection Pricing for their 12-month yearly package is $149 per single access to a club and $299 for access to all clubs.

It may appear like the annual plan isn’t more lucrative than the monthly plan. However, you won’t need to worry about paying every month. Moreover, you can avoid your extra credit card charges!

There will not be a charge for the initial enrollment for those who subscribe to the Fitness Connection yearly plan. You have to pay only one cost at the beginning of the year, which is the annual cost!

Those plans, viz. the monthly and annual plans, both require a commitment of 12 months. What if you are unable to commit to a long-term commitment? Then there’s the month-to-month, ‘cancel anytime’ Fitness Connection plan.

With the month-to-month plan, you can end your membership anytime you wish and without a cancellation fee.
Fitness Connection pricing for the month-to-month program costs $15/month and includes an enrollment cost of $69 as well as an annual cost of $49.

These were the most popular plans offered at various Fitness Connection clubs. Additionally, some clubs provide special membership options or discounts on current-used plans. Therefore, you should contact them directly to get better prices!

Fitness Connection Monthly Cost

Fitness Connection Monthly cost varies based on the plan you select. Here are the monthly prices for various plans:

  • Fitness Connection single club access plan: $9.49 per month
  • Fitness Connection all club access plan: $19.99 per month
  • Fitness Connection month-to-month single-club access plan $16

We think that their monthly charges aren’t just reasonable. However, there is also among the lowest in the entire United States of America.

Fitness Connection Deals & Discounts

Fitness Connection often comes up with discounts and attractive offers. By taking advantage of these discounts, you’ll be able to lower your costs even more.

Another method to bring down the Fitness Connection membership cost is with coupons. They have coupons available that you will be able to avail amazing discounts. The discount you get at Fitness Connection through coupons may be between 15% and 60%, based on your coupons.

However, Fitness Connection prices are significantly lower for the services they provide. Even without a discount, a membership at Fitness Connection is an excellent value for you.

Fitness Connection Nearby Me Location

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FAQs Related to Fitness Connection Prices

How much is a Fitness Connection membership?

For One Club access, it is $9.49 per month.
For All Club Access, you have to pay $19.49 per month
Click here for more information.

Can I bring a guest to Fitness Connection?

A member can bring a guest 18 years of age or older with them every day, and that guest can only come once every four months.

Does Fitness Connection Offer Military Discount?

The truth is that Fitness Connection prices are already the lowest. Therefore, military personnel can enjoy great gym membership discounts even with a regular monthly subscription.

Does Fitness Connection Allow Guests?

Fitness Connection does indeed allow guests. Members can invite guests for up to two days per month.

If you don’t have a buddy who is a member of Fitness Connection, you can join for a 5-day free trial. You can test the facilities at any of their centers for free.

How Much Is Fitness Connection Initiation Fee?

The fitness Connection initiation fee for the typical 12-month commitment is $99.99. For the month-to-month membership, there is an initial cost of $69.

But, if you’re purchasing a year-long membership with Fitness Connection, you won’t be required to pay a cost to start your membership.

Is Fitness Connection Month To Month?

It’s not exactly true. However, Fitness Connection does offer month-to-month plans, too. In addition, compared with the other fitness centers around Fitness Connection’s month-to-month plans, Fitness Connection has a lower cost per month of $15.

However, since the membership does not require a commitment, you’ll need to pay an initiation cost of $69 as well as $149 annually as an annual cost.

Does Fitness Connection have showers?

Fitness Connection features sauna and showers with large locker rooms at Nevada, North Carolina, and Texas locations.

Does Fitness Connection Pay weekly?

10th and 25th of each month.

How much is Fitness Connection Annual Fee?

Fitness Connection annual fee is $49.

What does Fitness Connection offer?

Fitness Connection’s wide-open workout floors, and their advanced cleaning system, sanitation procedures are enough to give you a safe workout.

How do I quit Fitness Connection?

To terminate Fitness Connection, You can contact their Member Services section at 800-922-7898

Or you can visit your nearest Fitness Connection location

Send them a certified letter. Include your name, membership ID, annual fee date, and request to cancel the PO Box listed on your membership agreement.

Does Fitness Connection have punching bags?

Fitness Connection Garland offers a $5 million-dollar facility equipped with state-of-the-art cardio and resistance machines, including punching bags.

Does Fitness Connection offer a military discount?

Fitness Connection prices are very reasonable, so they do not offer military discounts.

Bottom Line

Fitness Connection is perhaps the most affordable gym you could find in America. If you’ve visited a Fitness Connection studio, you will be amazed at their facilities. You wondered about how they operate the gym with such low costs.

The Fitness Connection membership cost is far more affordable in light of the many facilities. But, one disadvantage is that they’re not available in all locations.

There are currently 43 clubs across Texas, North Carolina, and Nevada. As they increase, be sure to see whether they have a location near you. If so, you got a great gym deal!

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