Fitness Connection Prices and Membership Cost 2024

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Fitness Connection prices are very affordable and highly reasonable for the facilities and services they offer.

Fitness Connection is one of the most tempting and rich spots where are the wellness related fun is there for you to be had at a considerably less cost than most different exercise centers.

They start at $9.49 for a month.

Fitness Connection Prices

The Fitness Connection rates are less than any other budget gyms in the area and have top-quality facilities similar to those at the pricey gyms with $100+.

They provide a variety of membership plans based not on the facilities you can use but on the length of time you’re willing to commit to.

Additionally, the Fitness Connection prices depend on the plan you are able to decide to.

To help you understand the details of Fitness Connection membership costs and other fees, here’s an article dedicated to this issue.

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Fitness Connection Prices Check Fitness Connection Fees

Service Cost

Fitness Connection Prices – Monthly Basis

One Club Access

Initiation Fee $99.99
Monthly Fee $9.49
Due Today $108.49

All Club Access

Initiation Fee $49.99
Monthly Fee $19.49
Due Today $68.49

Fitness Connection Prices – Yearly Basis

One Club Access

Initiation Fee $0.00
Yearly Fee $249.99
Due Today $249.99

All Club Access

Initiation Fee $0.00
Yearly Fee $299.99
Due Today $299.99

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How much does Fitness Connection cost?

Fitness Connection offers cheap membership plans. The cost of membership will depend on the plan you select.

The most popular Fitness Connection membership plan is the monthly membership which comes with twelve months commitment.

Additionally, you can select a single club access or all-club access plan.

Fitness Connection membership cost for 12 month commitment packages is $9.49 for one access club and $19.99 for access to all the club.

You’ll also have to pay an initiation cost of $99 prior to beginning your membership.

One disadvantage of the monthly fees is that you’ll be required to pay it each month.

If you don’t have to make this commitment it’s possible to choose another option, which is the Fitness Connection yearly plan, where you pay the fees for the entire year in one go.

Fitness Connection

Prices for Health Connection’s 12 month annual package is $149 for one access for a gym and $29 for all accesses to clubs.

There will be no cost for the initial registration for people who sign up to the Fitness Connection yearly plan. There is only one price at the start of the year.

This is the annual price!

Those plans, viz. the annual and monthly plans, require commitments for 12 months.

The month-to-month program allows you are able to end your membership at any time without having to pay a cancel fee.

Fitness Connect pricing on the month-to-month plan cost $15/month and comes with the cost of enrollment at $69 along with an annual fee of $49.

These were the most sought-after plans offered by various Fitness Connection clubs.

Some clubs also offer special membership plans or discounts on plans that are currently in use. Thus, you must call them directly to obtain lower prices!

Fitness Connection Monthly Cost

Fitness Connection Monthly cost varies based on the plan you select.

Here are the monthly prices for various plans:

  • Fitness Connection single club access plan: $9.49 per month
  • Fitness Connection all club access plan: $19.99 per month
  • Fitness Connection month-to-month single-club access plan $16

We think that their monthly charges aren’t just reasonable. is among the cheapest of all options in the United States of America.

Fitness Connection Deals & Discounts

Fitness Connection often comes up with discounts and attractive offers. You can further reduce your expenditures by utilizing these Special offers.

Another method to bring down the Fitness Connection membership cost is with coupons.

They have coupons available that you will be able to avail amazing discounts.

The discount you get at Fitness Connection through coupons may be between 15% and 60%, based on your coupons.

However, Fitness Connection prices are significantly lower for the services they provide.

Fitness Connection memberships are a great deal for you even Without a discount.

Is Fitness Connection Month To Month?

It’s not exactly true. However, Fitness Connection does offer month-to-month plans, too.

In addition, compared with the other fitness centers around Fitness Connection’s month-to-month plans, Fitness Connection has a lower cost per month of $15.

However, since the membership does not require a commitment, you’ll need to pay an initiation cost of $69 as well as $149 annually as an annual cost.

What are the monthly fees for Fitness Connection?

The monthly costs of Fitness Connection vary depending on the location and the membership type.

In general, the monthly charges vary from $10 to $30 for basic memberships.

You can also pay the cost of premium memberships, which include additional facilities like personal training as well as groups fitness sessions.

Some facilities may also offer special promotions or discounts for specific groups, like military or students.

It is recommended to inquire the local Fitness Connection for specific pricing details.

What is the cost of a day pass at Fitness Connection?

The cost of a daily passes for a day pass at Fitness Connection may vary depending on the location, however it generally, it ranges between $10 and $20.

You should contact the local Fitness Connection gym to confirm the exact price of their day pass.

Furthermore, some gyms provide free trials or special deals that allow you to test out the fitness center for a day free of charge.

Is there an initiation fee for Fitness Connection?

Yes, there is generally an initial cost of $99 for Fitness Connection. The amount will vary based on the location and plan selected.

It is essential to ask about any initiation costs prior to joining an account with Fitness Connection.

Also, it is possible Fitness Connection may offer promotions or specials that eliminate or lower the initial cost.

What is the cost of a Fitness Connection family membership?

The price of the Fitness Connection family membership can differ based on the location and current promotions.

In general, the prices for family memberships vary from $40-$60 per month and include an additional one-time cost for the initiation.

You should inquire with the nearest Fitness Connection gym for specific prices and membership choices.

Family memberships usually allow several members of the same household to utilize the gym facilities at a reduced cost.

What is the cost of a Fitness Connection passport membership?

The price of cost of a Fitness Connection passport membership may differ based on the location you are in and the membership plan you select.

Passport memberships typically grant access to several Fitness Connection locations and might include additional benefits like guest passes or discount on training sessions.

For specific pricing details for a membership with a passport, you should visit the Fitness Connection website or contact the gym in your area directly.

What payment methods are accepted at Fitness Connection?

Fitness Connection accepts various payment options for its membership charges.

It is possible to pay by cash debit or credit cards, or via automated bank withdrawals.

It is recommended that you inquire with the nearest Fitness Connection location for the particular payment options they accept.

Furthermore, some locations may require that you enroll in automatic payments or have the credit card details to be used for billing.

Does Fitness Connection have a corporate membership program?

It is true that Fitness Connection does offer an organization-based membership program.

The program is designed for businesses and organizations who want to offer their staff an exercise facility and wellness initiatives.

This program can be customized to match the unique needs of each organization and offers employees discounts on membership fees.

To find out more regarding the Corporate Membership program visit any nearest Fitness Connection location or visit their website.

What is the cancellation policy for Fitness Connection?

The cancellation policy of Fitness Connection varies depending on the kind of membership you’ve got.

In general, if you have an annual membership you can end your membership anytime by giving written notice to the organization within 10 days of the billing cycle that follows.

If you’re a member on an annual contract, you might be able to cancel your membership early by paying an amount.

Can I get a free trial at Fitness Connection?

It’s true that Fitness Connection offers a free trial to potential new members.

The duration and the availability of the trial offer will vary based on where you are and the time of year It is recommended to contact your local Fitness Connection location for details.

Certain locations might require you to give your contact details and register for the trial on the internet and in person.

The trial is free and is a great opportunity to experience the services and facilities provided from Fitness Connection before committing to the membership.

Does Fitness Connection offer student discounts?

It is true that Fitness Connection offers student discounts at selected locations.

In order to be eligible for the discount offered to students you must present an ID valid for a student or evidence of enrollment.

The amount of discount could vary depending on location and the type of membership and therefore it is advised to contact the neighborhood Fitness Connection to see what discounts are offered.

It’s an excellent way for students to remain active and healthy while making savings on their fitness membership.

Does Fitness Connection have a senior discount?

Many senior citizens are considering joining Fitness Connection and wonder if there are any discounts offered by the gym for those in their senior years.

This article we’ll examine the possibility that Fitness Connection provides a senior discount as well as what other benefits are available to seniors who are looking to join the gym.

What is included in the Fitness Connection membership?

Members of Fitness Connection have access to a range of fitness alternatives, including group exercise classes, strength and cardio training equipment, and personal coaching services.

Members also have the option of taking benefit of facilities like saunas, tanning, as well as hydro-massage.

Some locations also have indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Membership fees vary in terms of price and the features available based on the area.

Does Fitness Connection have a referral program?

It is true that Fitness Connection does have an incentive program for referrals.

Members are able to recommend family and friends for membership and if they opt to sign up for a membership that member who referred them can get a discount on their membership fee.

This is a fantastic way to save money while in addition, it can help encourage family and friends members to take care of their health.

Are there any hidden fees for Fitness Connection membership?

Fitness Connection offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs for membership.

But, other services like individual training as well as group exercise classes might be extra expensive. It’s an excellent idea to read the membership contract.

Does Fitness Connection Allow Guests?

Fitness Connection does indeed allow guests. Members can invite guests for up to two days per month.

If you don’t have a buddy who is a member of Fitness Connection, you can join for a 5-day free trial. You can test the facilities at any of their centers for free.

What is the guest policy at Fitness Connection?

Fitness Connection allows members to invite guests to join them for an additional charge.

The cost for guests varies based on the location of your gym, but typically, it ranges from the $10-$20 range per time.

Visitors must be accompanied members and are subject to the rules of the gym and guidelines.

Certain locations may have limitations regarding guest numbers permitted per member.

Fitness Connection Nearby Me Location

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Bottom Line

Fitness Connection is perhaps the most affordable gym you could find in America.

If you’ve visited a Fitness Connection studio, you will be amazed at their facilities. You wondered about how they operate the gym with such low costs.

The Fitness Connection membership cost is far more affordable in light of the many facilities. But, One disadvantage is that they’re not available in all locations.

There are currently 43 clubs across Texas, North Carolina, and Nevada. As they increase, be sure to see whether they have a location near you. If so, You got a great gym deal!

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 Fitness Connection Prices – FAQs 

How much does a Fitness Connection membership cost?

The price of the Fitness Connection membership varies depending on the location, the membership plan, and other aspects. The typical membership price ranges from 29.99 monthly.

What types of memberships does Fitness Connection offer?

Fitness Connection offers several membership choices, including month-to-month subscriptions, annual contracts as well as family-friendly plans.

How do I cancel my Fitness Connection membership?

You can terminate your membership by going to your nearest Fitness Connection gym and speaking with the representative. You could also opt to cancel online or by calling the phone, based on your location.

Are there any additional fees for a Fitness Connection membership?

Certain Fitness Connection memberships may require an annual or initial fee. There may also be additional charges for certain services, for example, individual workouts or classes for group members.

Can I cancel my Fitness Connection membership?

Members are able to end or cancel their Fitness Connection membership at any time. However, cancellation penalties or fees could apply based on the plan of membership.

How can I sign up for a Fitness Connection membership?

Individuals who are interested in joining are able to enroll to join a Fitness Connection membership online or visit the nearest gym in person.

Are there age restrictions for Fitness Connection memberships?

It is true that Fitness Connection has age limitations for certain memberships, like memberships in the Kids Club program. Check with your nearest gym for more details.


Check out this article which includes complete information about Fitness Connection Prices with its different services.

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