David Lloyd Prices and Membership Cost 2022

David Lloyd prices are reasonable considering the digital, physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and the advanced features that come with your membership.

David Lloyd Club offers all the things that help you improve your physical well-being.

David Lloyd Prices

This is the David Lloyd Leisure. As we get ourselves acquainted with the occasions of the David Lloyd Gym centers, how about we additionally take a look at the David Lloyd Prices and discover how things charge up here.

David Lloyd Prices

David Lloyd Prices


David Lloyd Monthly Membership

Vantage members have access rights to all DL Clubs, also receive 10% discount on food and drink, complimentary towel hire on each visit, one guest pass per month and access to our Celsius Spas available in various DL clubs

Indv. Monthly £94.50
Indv. Monthly (Vantage) £117.00
Indv. Yearly £1,021.00
Indv. Yearly (Vantage) £1,264.00
Indv. Flexible £113.50
Indv. Flexible (Vantage) £140.50
Couple Monthtly £77.00
Couple Monthly (Vantage) £95.00
Couple Yearly £832.00
Couple Yearly (Vantage) £1,026.00
Couple Flexible £92.50
Couple Flexible (Vantage) £114.00
Indv. Corporate Monthly £85.00
Indv. Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £107.50
Indv. Corporate Yearly £918.00
Indv. Corporate Yearly (Vantage) £1,161.00
Indv. Corporate Flexibile £102.00
Indv. Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £129.00
Couple Corporate Monthly £85.00
Couple Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £85.00
Couple Corporate Yearly £107.50
Couple Corporate Yearly (Vantage) £794.00
Couple Corporate Flexibile £986.00
Couple Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £88.25
Indv. Off Peak Monthly £109.50
Indv. Off Peak Monthly (Vantage) £79.50
Indv. Off Peak Yearly £102.00
Indv. Off Peak Yearly (Vantage) £1,102.00
Indv. Off Peak Flexible £95.50
Indv. Off Peak Flexible (Vantage) £122.50

David Lloyd Seniors Membership

Indv. 65+ Montlhy £73.50
Indv. 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £96.00
Indv. 65+ Yearly £794.00
Indv. 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £1,037.00
Indv. 65+ Flexible £88.25
Indv. 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £115.25
Couple 65+ Monthly £59.95
Couple 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £78.00
Couple 65+ Yearly £648.00
Couple 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £843.00
Couple 65+ Flexibile £88.25
Couple 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £115.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Monthly £84.60
Health & Fitness Indv. Monthly (Vantage) £107.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Yearly £913.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Yearly (Vantage) £1,156.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Flexible £101.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Flexible (Vantage) £128.50
Health & Fitness Couple Monthly £66.50
Health & Fitness Couple Monthly (Vantage) £84.50
Health & Fitness Couple Yearly £719.00
Health & Fitness Couple Yearly (Vantage) £913.00
Health & Fitness Couple Flexibile £79.95
Health & Fitness Couple Flexible (Vantage) £101.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Monthly £76.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £98.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Yearly £821.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Yearly (Vantage) £1,064.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Flexible £91.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £118.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Monthly £63.50
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £81.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Yearly £686.00
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate (Vantage) £878.00
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Flexible £91.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £97.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Monthly £71.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Monthly (Vantage) £93.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Yearly £767.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Yearly (Vantage) £1,010.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Flexible £85.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Flexible (Vantage) £112.25
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Monthy £57.50
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Monthly (Vantage) £75.50
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Yearly £621.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Yearly (Vantage) £816.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Flexible £69.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Flexible (Vantage) £90.50
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Monthly £61.50
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £84.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Yearly £665.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £908.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Flexible £73.75
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £100.75
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Monthly £51.95
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £70.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Yearly £561.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £756.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Flexible £62.25
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £84.00
Young Adult 18-22 yrs Monthly £55.95
Young Adult 18-22 yrs Yearly £605.00
Nanny Monthly £30.50
Nanny Yearly £330.00
Nanny Flexible £36.50

David Lloyd Children & Teens Membership

Child 3 Mths – 2 years Monthly £8.50
Child 3 Mths – 2 years Flexible £92.00
Child 3-4 Years Monthly £10.25
Child 3-4 Years Yearly £11.00
Child 3-4 Years Flexible £118.80
Child 5-13 Years Monthly £13.25
Child 5-13 Years Yearly £28.95
Child 5-13 Years Flexible £312.75
Child 14-18 Years Monthly £34.75
Child 14-18 Years Yearly £33.15
Child 14-18 Years Flexible £358.00
Junior 14-17 Years Monthly £39.80
Junior 14-17 Years Yearly £632.00
Junior 14-17 Years Flexible £70.25

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David Lloyd Gym Timing

Week Timing
Monday 7 AM–11 PM
Tuesday 7 AM–11 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–11 PM
Thursday 7 AM–11 PM
Friday 7 AM–11 PM
Saturday 7 AM–8 PM
Sunday 8 AM–8 PM

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About David Llyod

David Lloyd Leisure is Europe’s health, sports and leisure group with 123 clubs (100 clubs in the UK, 23 in the Republic of Ireland and Mainland), and 660,000 members.

David Lloyd Leisure provides the perfect destinations to stay fit and healthy as a family. It offers facilities like state-of-the-art gyms, top-class racquets facilities, heated indoor and outdoor pools, well-equipped group exercise studios, and luxurious spas.

David Lloyd Membership

David Lloyd has multiple membership options available so you can be sure you get the package that is most suited to you and your needs

David Lloyd price is different for each membership plan
Let’s see

1. Duration

  • Standard – Initial 12-month Interval and then 3 months’ notice
  • Flexible – Prices a Bit more each month and Provides more flexibility with the initial 3-month Interval and then one month notice

2. Type

  • The couple – For couples over 18 Age (must be a couple and agree to the terms and conditions of the David Lloyd Club)
  • Individual – This civility is for a person above 18 years of age
  • Child Membership (up to 2 years) – Children up to 2 years old can be added to the guardian’s individual membership for free
  • Child Membership (for 3 to 18-year-olds) – 3 to 18-year-olds can be added to guardian’s individual membership


  • Club Platinum – Unlimited and exclusive club accessibility, a free towel per trip, monthly guest pass, and a 10 percent discount on All-Stars and Clubroom drink and food. Facilities vary by club.
  • Club Plus – Accessibility to the club at all times, facilities vary by club.
  • Club Membership – Access to the club at off-peak times during the day, this does not include racquet sports.

David Llyod Gym Nearby Me Location

FAQs About David Lloyd Prices

1. Does David Lloyd do NHS discount?

David Lloyd offers a £30 NHS discount on all bookings. This offer is valid to NHS members only, and you need to be the lead passenger and travel on the booking.

2. How much is David Lloyd membership Emersons Green?

David Lloyd membership Emersons Green prices are reasonably priced at £ 129 per month for full club membership, and Its basic package is £ 66, while for children ages 3 to 18, it is £ 32 per month.

3. Are David Lloyd prices negotiable?

Sometimes market leaders like David Lloyd offer a 10% discount to their corporate members. For more information, visit your nearest club.

4. Can you get a day pass for David Lloyd?

Yes, sometimes you can get a David Lloyd free day pass; for more information, contact your nearest David Lloyd Club and ask if there is a free pass available

5. Is David Lloyd worth the money?

If you are really fond of swimming and want to use the tennis and social activities with your family then this place is like a paradise for you, it has a pool with very lovely lanes, which is very convenient for children to practice. Apart from this, David Lloyd comes with great amenities, and looking at all the services; it can be said that yes, David Lloyd is worth the money.

6. What is David Lloyd Platinum membership?

David Lloyd Platinum membership includes unlimited club access and monthly guest passes, a 10% discount at All-Stars and Clubroom food and drink, and complimentary towels per visit. However, facilities may vary by club location.

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