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How to Cancel UFC Gym Membership 2024

UFC Gym is a popular fitness franchise offering mixed martial arts (MMA) style group workout classes, personal training, and access to standard gym equipment.

Like most gyms, UFC Gym requires members to sign a membership agreement that commits them to a minimum term, typically 12 months. Canceling before the term is up results in early termination fees.

To properly cancel your UFC Gym membership, you must follow the gym’s cancellation policy and procedure. This involves giving notice, requesting confirmation, and possibly paying any outstanding fees. Review the cancellation requirements in your membership contract so there are no surprises.

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UFC Gym Membership Cancellation

Steps to Cancel UFC Gym Membership

Give Proper Cancellation Notice

Your first step is submitting a cancellation request within the gym’s notification guidelines. UFC Gyms typically require written notice 30 days before your next billing date. Check your contract for specifics.

To comply, submit a notice by the deadline via:

  • In-person – Speak to a gym staff member
  • Phone – Call the gym location or member services line
  • Email – Send to the address listed for membership support
  • Mail – Send a letter through certified mail to have delivery proof

Providing notice less than 30 days in advance means you may be billed again before the cancellation takes effect.

Request and Retain Cancellation Confirmation

After giving notice, follow up to verify your request was received. Make sure the staff provides written confirmation of the exact cancellation date. Keep this on file along with your original notice.

Without proper confirmation, you risk your membership staying active even after attempting cancellation. Having documentation protects you if any billing disputes arise later.

UFC Gym Membership Cancellation Policy

Before cancelling, understand UFC Gym’s membership cancellation policies outlined in your contract. These govern termination notices, early fees, refunds, and final bill calculations.

Membership Terms

UFC Gym membership agreements have a minimum 12-month commitment term in most cases. This means you are financially obligated for those 12 months unless you qualify for a special exception.

Attempting to cancel before completing the full term will trigger early termination penalties. Make sure you are prepared to pay these fees if cancelling prematurely.

Early Termination Fee

If you cancel before your 12-month minimum term is up, UFC Gym charges an early termination fee. This is typically $250, though amounts can vary by location.

Early fees are billed immediately upon processing your cancellation. You must pay this fee even if you already prepaid your full 12 months upfront.

Prorated Final Bill

In your final month, you will be billed a prorated amount based on the days used before your membership stopped. This prorated bill is charged on your next scheduled billing date after cancellation.

UFC Gyms do not offer refunds for any unused services after a prorated final bill. You only get credited for the remaining days left unused in the final month.

Getting a Refund on Cancelled UFC Gym Membership

If you properly cancel after completing your full 12-month minimum term, you are eligible for a pro rata refund. This refunds you for unused services by prorating fees to the exact cancellation date.

Here is how the UFC Gym pro-rata refund policy works:

  • This applies to prepaid dues unused after a minimum 12-month term
  • Covers only full months left, not partial months
  • Calculated from the day of the next billing cycle after cancellation
  • This does not include enrollment fees, annual fees, or early termination fees

If you believe the refund amount is incorrect, contact the gym immediately and request an accounting of the refund calculation. Be prepared to show your cancellation confirmation and contract as proof.

Help and Support for Membership Cancellation

If you encounter any issues cancelling your UFC Gym membership, contact customer support right away to resolve them.

You can reach the membership services team through:

  • Phone – Call 888-483-8263
  • Email – Email
  • In Person – Talk to a manager at your home gym location

Explain the cancellation problem clearly and have your contract ready to reference. Document whom you spoke with and what resolution they offered. If the problem persists, request to speak to a supervisor.

You may also submit a formal cancellation dispute by mailing a letter to:

UFC Gym Membership Services

3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500

Las Vegas, NV 89169

Be sure to request delivery and read receipt confirmation. Do not stop pursuing a cancellation request until you have written verification that your membership is terminated without further obligation.


Cancelling a UFC Gym membership involves giving proper notice, paying any termination fees, and ensuring you get written confirmation. Following the contract’s cancellation terms strictly prevents getting stuck paying unnecessary extra months or fees.

Allow at least 30 days to complete the cancellation process. Be proactive in contacting the gym if you encounter any issues or billing errors after cancelling. With persistence and documentation, you can successfully close your UFC Gym membership.

UFC Gym Hours 

Days Hours
Monday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Friday 6 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday 9 AM–01 PM
Sunday 9 AM–01 PM


What is the UFC Gym cancellation policy?

UFC Gym requires written notice 30 days before your next billing date to cancel without penalty. You must complete a minimum 12-month term or pay an early termination fee of approximately $250.

How do I cancel my UFC Gym membership?

To cancel, submit written notice by email, mail, in person, or over the phone. Request confirmation of your termination date in writing.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my UFC Gym membership early?

No, canceling before 12 months results in an early termination fee. You get no refund for unused services except a prorated final bill.

Can I cancel my UFC Gym membership anytime without fees?

No, you can only cancel without penalty after completing the minimum 12-month commitment in your contract.

What if UFC Gym keeps charging me after I cancel?

Contact customer service immediately if you get charged after your confirmed cancellation date. Have your written confirmation ready and dispute the charges.

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