Arena Gym Prices | Services & Its Cost 2024 ❤️ Official

Arena Gym Prices | Services & Its Cost 2024

The Arena gym offers a wide Range of indoor and outdoor facilities, and is one of the best gyms in England,

The Arena gym prices are among the most reasonable in the industry by considering facilities and services they offer.

how about we additionally take a look at the Arena Gym Prices and discover how things charge up here.

Arena Gym Prices And Membership costs

Arena Gym Prices

Arena Gym Single Monthly Prices

⏩ Anytime Prices

Initial  joining fee £30.00
Standard £27.75
Concessionary £21.75

⏩ Off Peak Prices

Initial  joining fee £30.00
Standard £24.75
Concessionary £18.75

Arena Gym Couple Monthly Prices

 ⏩ Anytime prices

Initial  joining fee £30.00
Standard £47.00
Concessionary £37.00

⏩ Off Peak prices

Initial  joining fee £30.00
Standard £42.00
Concessionary £32.00

Apart from this, Arena Gym also offers you an option of annual fee, in which you can pay £ 250.00 before the first session and use Arena Gym for years.

Unlimited use of the gym and automatically become a member of Arena Sports Center, you get more benefits.

Arena Gym offers another option which is Pay-as-you-go.

It means that you don’t want to commit annually or monthly, you have to pay an initial £ 30.00 then £ 5.00 per session or £ 4.00 if you can claim any concessionary discount.

Are there any additional fees to use certain equipment or services?

There aren’t charges for using certain facilities or services in Arena Gym.

Once you’ve bought an account or day pass and have access to the facilities and services of the gym without additional costs.

however, if you decide to sign up to have a Personal trainer, there will be an Additional charge depending on the Duration of the training session and the cost of the trainer.

What is the cancellation policy for Arena Gym?

Arena Gym has a flexible cancellation policy for members.

If you would like to cancel your gym membership, make it Happen by submitting an unwritten notice at the gym’s front desk.

You’ll be required to cover a cancel charge of $50 when you decide to cancel your membership before the expiration of the Agreed-upon period.

If you decide to cancel your membership Before the expiration of the term agreed upon, You don’t have to pay any cancellation fees.

Are there any discounts available for students, seniors, or military personnel?

There is a possibility that Arena Gym offers discounts for seniors, students, and military members.

Students can receive 10% off the monthly or annual membership with the valid student ID.

Seniors (over 65 years old) receive an additional 15% off their membership.

Military members and their spouses are able to receive 20% off their membership if they have an ID from the military.

This Price cut is the reason that can make Arena Gym an affordable option for backgrounds of all kinds.

What amenities are included in the membership fee?

Membership fees at the Arena Gym membership include access to the gym facilities and Services, including the cardio machines, weights for free group fitness classes and private training sessions.

Members also have access to the locker rooms of the gym As well as showers and sauna.

The gym also provides towels that are free as well as a variety of protein bars and other supplements for purchase.

Overall The Arena Gym membership offers a the full fitness experience and all the amenities you need.

Are there any restrictions On the use of the gym facilities?

There may be some restrictions on the usage of gym facilities based on the plan you select for membership.

For example, certain plans might stipulate specific access hours, restrictions On specific Equipment or classes or may require additional charges for specific services.

It’s essential to check Your plan’s terms and conditions to be aware of any limitations or Restrictions.

Furthermore, you may find specific rules and regulations that are in place to Ensure the security and safety of all gym participants.

How do I sign up for Arena Gym membership?

You can enroll for the Arena Gym membership by visiting their website Or visiting their gym on the Premises.

Fill in the membership Application, select the membership plan you want to Join, and Pay the initial enrollment Fee and the first month’s dues.

After your membership has Been processed you will be given your membership card and be able to Begin making use Of the gym facilities and services.

What is the process for suspending or cancelling my membership?

If you want to suspend, terminate, or cancel your Arena Gym membership, you must speak to the gym’s representative.

This can be done by going to the gym or by calling their hotline to talk with customer services.

Be aware that there might be a charge or a specific notice period that must be met to terminate or cancel your membership, according to the conditions of the contract you signed.

It is important to go over all the conditions and terms thoroughly prior to enrolling to join.

Arena Gym Hours

Arena Gym

Day Time
Monday 06:00 am – 22:00 pm
Tuesday 06:00 am – 22:00 pm
Wednesday 06:00 am – 22:00 pm
Thursday 06:00 am – 22:00 pm
Friday 06:00 am – 22:00 pm
Saturday 08:30 am – 18:00 pm
Sunday 08:30 am – 18:00 pm

Arena Gym History 

Arena Sports Center was started In 1999.

It was funded with a lottery grant of B 2.29 million through a combination of Resources from West Sussex County Council, Bognor Regis Town Council, Bognor Regis Community College, Arun District Council, local Parish Councils.

The Arena Sports Center Is closely connected with the Regis School. Regis School has a special status in the sport.

The Arena Sports Center has a vital role to play in granting this status.

Arena Sports Center received the ‘Investors in People’ award in November 2005.

And it has been honoured by Sport England As a facility and a ‘best practice’ facility In terms of ‘use and management’

Dance Studio – The arena has one of the best dance studios in the area. A fully air-conditioned and lightly ventilated marvellous dance studio can hold more than 40 people.

Main Hall – The magnificent main hall of the arena has a double spring beach wooden floor with seating for up to 800 spectators.

Except this:

  • Six badminton courts
  • Two 5-a-side football pitches
  • Six short tennis courts
  • Two basketball courts
  • One national league netball court

Can also be used for gymnastics, trampolining, dance shows, martial arts, antique fairs, wrestling & boxing competitions, archery, indoor cricket, conferences.

Arena Gym- Arena Gym is equipped with modern equipment, Including ‘Cybex’ and ‘Technogym’ treadmills, bikes & Arcs.

The Arena Gym is implemented with 80 workout stations including treadmills, free weights, bikes, steppers, arcs, rowers & conditioning facilities etc.

Classes – Erana Gym runs classes like yoga, tone, spin, fit step, spin, tone, low impact, body sculpt, aerotone, aerobics, HIIT, stretch.

Football Pitches – Arena has fantastic ‘3G’ Synthetic Turf All-Weather Pitch.

Multi-Use Games Area – Arena’s Multi-Use Games Area is a fully floodlit, hard surface area used for playing, Netball, Basketball and Tennis.

Swimming pool – The Arena Sports Center has a 25-meter indoor swimming pool that you can use for swimming.

And Much More,

For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket in light of the fact that Arena Gym Prices are very affordable.

FAQs – Arena Gym Prices

What is the cost of a monthly membership at Arena Gym?

A month-long membership varies based on the location as well as membership type. You can contact the nearest Arena Gym for specific pricing.

Can I cancel my Arena Gym membership at any time?

The cancellation policy for cancellation of Arena Gym memberships may vary in accordance with the particular membership type and the specific location. Review your terms and conditions in the membership contract to find out more.

Can I put my Arena Gym membership on hold if I am unable to use it for a period of time?

Certain Arena Gym memberships may have the option of being put in hold for a specific period of time. Check the conditions and terms of the contract you signed to join for more details.

What payment methods does Arena Gym accept for memberships?

Arena Gym may accept cash credit/debit cards, cash, or other electronic payment methods. For specific payment options, please inquire. methods that can be accepted by your nearby Arena Gym.


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