Onelife Fitness Prices And Membership Cost

If you’re considering joining an exercise facility, you need to take into consideration the costs of membership. Onelife Fitness Prices And Membership Cost is a popular gym chain that has locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia.

They provide a range of membership options that can meet the needs of different budgets including basic access to the gym, to virtual memberships as well as premium memberships that come with additional benefits.

This article will take you through a more in-depth review of Onelife Fitness Prices and membership charges, in addition to any other fees you might require to take into consideration.

Onelife Fitness Prices And Membership Cost

Onelife Fitness Prices

Onelife Fitness offers a range of membership options that can meet various budgets and needs.


Basic Membership Plan

Enrollment Fee (basic) $19.00
First Month’s Dues (basic) $25.99
Due Today – Down Payment (basic) $44.99
Monthly Recurring Payment (basic) $25.99
Annual Fees (basic) $39.00
Processing Fee (basic) $0.00
Group Training First Month Dues (basic) $0.00
Fitness Consultation (basic) $0.00


Childcare (per month) $10.00
Tanning (per month) $20.00
Hydro (per month) $10.00
Towel (per month) $10.00

Premier Membership Plan

Enrollment Fee (premier) $19.00
First Month’s Dues (premier) $35.99
Due Today – Down Payment (premier) $54.99
Monthly Recurring Payment (premier) $35.99
Annual Fees (premier) $39.00
Processing Fee (premier) $0.00
Group Training First Month Dues (premier) $0.00
Fitness Consultation (premier) $0.00

How Much Does A Onelife Fitness Membership Cost?

Onelife Fitness membership cost varies according to the location and the type of membership. The basic membership costs $20 per month. VIP memberships can cost up to $100 monthly.

It is recommended to contact the nearby Onelife Fitness location for more specific pricing details.

Are there any initiation fees or other upfront costs associated with joining Onelife Fitness?

Yes, there could be the initial fees as well as other charges upfront for signing up with Onelife Fitness, depending on the location and type of membership you select.

These costs can be different in nature, but could include charges for enrollment, initiation costs as well as equipment costs. It is recommended to inquire with the nearest Onelife Fitness for specific pricing and charges.

Can I cancel my membership at Onelife Fitness?

Certainly! These are the steps you need to follow if you’d like to terminate the membership of your Onelife Fitness membership:

  1. Visit Your nearby Onelife Fitness location and ask about their cancellation policy.
  2. Input your membership information, including your name along with your membership number. Also, provide the reason for cancelling.
  3. You should request a written confirmation that you have cancelled.
  4. Return keys or access cards to the nearest Onelife Fitness location.
  5. Make a payment of any outstanding balances or fees due.

It is vital to understand that you may be charged cancellation fees, and the amount you Pay will depend on the kind of Membership you are enrolled in and the area you are located in. It is best to inquire with the nearest Onelife Fitness location for specific information.

Does Onelife Fitness offer any discounts or promotions for new members?

It’s true Onelife Fitness often offers discounts and promotions to new customers. The offers may differ based on the location and at what time of year.

It’s a good idea to inquire with Your nearest Onelife Fitness for current offers.

Furthermore, some employers and health insurance plans will offer discounts for Onelife Fitness memberships, so ensure that you know whether you’re eligible to receive any discounts offered by your insurance company or employer.

Can I use my Onelife Fitness membership at any location?

The answer is yes; Onelife Fitness members have access to all Onelife Fitness locations. Therefore, if you sign up at one location, you are able to make use of your membership at the additional Onelife Fitness gym.

This is an excellent option if you often travel or prefer to exercise at various locations based on your timetable.

What payment options are available for Onelife Fitness memberships?

Onelife Fitness offers various payment options for their memberships. You can choose to Pay monthly either annually or semi-annually.

Certain locations might also provide the option of prepaying so that you make a payment for a set amount of months in advance.

The payment options you are able to select to make payments will vary depending on the place you live in and the kind of membership you choose.

It’s recommended to inquire with the nearby Onelife Fitness for more information regarding their specific payment options.

What happens if I have a problem with my Onelife Fitness membership or billing?

If you are having issues regarding the billing or membership of your Onelife Fitness membership or billing or billing, contact their customer support team.

They can help you with any Concerns or questions that you may have. You will typically find contact details regarding Onelife Fitness customer service on their website or at any local Onelife Fitness location.

It’s essential to take care of any issues as fast as you can to avoid expenses or complications.

Onelife Fitness Membership Options

These are the most commonly used options for membership:

▶ Basic Membership

The basic membership offered by Onelife Fitness gives you access to a single gym. It’s the most affordable membership and is ideal for those who plan to go to only one gym.

It includes the following:

  • Two Smart Start training sessions
  • Fitness classes for groups and shops
  • Guest passes
  • Indoor saltwater pool
  • Access to the locker room
  • You can access your mind/body as well as cycling studios
  • Access to all cardio and strength equipment

▶ Onelife Olney Premier

Plus taxes, this plan costs $49.99 per month. Initiation fees range from $149 to $9 depending on the offer you sign up for.

You receive the same benefits as the Basic plan, plus:

  • 15% off drinks
  • 15% discount at the pro store
  • access to the beds for HydroMassage
  • monthly study of body composition
  • Free small group training for one week
  • Access to the digital platform Onelife Anywhere Towel service

▶ Passport Membership

The membership for passports at Onelife Fitness gives you access to all gyms. This membership is perfect for those who would like to to exercise at various places, whether they frequently travel or desire to mix things around.

▶ Elite Membership

The membership for elite members of Onelife Fitness includes additional perks like access to private training sessions as well as group fitness classes as well as spa amenities.

This membership is more costly but it’s worthwhile if you wish to avail these additional amenities.

▶ Onelife Anywhere

Onelife Anywhere is a virtual membership that grants you access to Onelife Fitness app. It offers a collection of on-demand workout videos as well as live fitness classes and customized trainin

It provides a variety of workout videos that are available on demand and live fitness classes, as well as customized training plans.

This membership is ideal for those who enjoy working out at home or in the gym at the go.

▶ Corporate Memberships

Onelife Fitness also offers corporate memberships. These are created specifically for businesses that wish to offer gym memberships for their employees. The memberships usually come with discounts and advantages.

▶ What’s included in the membership?

Each membership includes a one-hour private session with a gym, no-cost trial for group training and two free 3-day card memberships, unlimited nutrition and meal scheduling, IHRSA travel benefits and hydro massages.

Towel services and tanning are membership benefits that can be added on as an option. According to our research could be priced at around $7 per session or about $40 for a month.

What types of memberships are available at Onelife Fitness?

➔ Couple + Family – A membership that caters to families of all sizes, comprising children under the age of 18 or a Couple’s members one that is designed specifically for you and your partner.

Members on a family membership plan can benefit from the club’s Teens and Health certification program which allows them to be taught how to use equipment safely and get a personalized fitness program.

➔ Multi-Club – Offering more than 30 clubs the multi club membership option allows members to join any of the clubs that have the benefits listed above.

➔ Corporate Wellness   A pricing tier specifically designed for companies that have more than 10 workers.

The Gym amenities offered (vary by location)

Onelife fitness prices and membership cost

  • Training options for athletes
  • Racquetball, volleyball and basketball courts
  • Cardio cinema room
  • Cardio equipment
  • Access to a certified fitness trainer (for an additional cost)
  • Fast Fit 20 Circuits
  • HydroMassage beds
  • Indoor Turf area for training
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Kids club that provides entertainment for children who are younger than 13 years old.
  • Outdoor training area
  • Studio for personal trainers
  • Walls of rock
  • Saunas
  • The spa-inspired locker rooms
  • Only women’s workout spaces
  • Access to numerous fitness classes for groups that include Apex, Aqua Aerobics, Piyo, Hot Yoga, Bodypump, Bodycombat, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Cycling, Les Mills classes, Aerobics and Kickboxing, to mention a few.

Onelife Fitness Annual Fees

Every April 1st, Onelife Fitness imposes a $39 club upgrade fee to all members. This fee is used to cover facility and equipment upgrades as well as the eventual hire of more staff members.

The best gyms for seniors on our list include Planet Fitness. See why we suggested it and who else made the list by clicking here.

Onelife Fitness Special Discounts

Certain Onelife Fitness locations offer discounts for students in college, veterans, and senior citizens. Prior to joining I suggest asking the staff members about discounts for these categories if you think you could be qualified.

Onelife Fitness also has a corporate wellness program for corporate wellness. If your employer is part of this program, you could save up to $5 per month on the cost of your membership.

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Onelife Fitness Free Trial

You can register for a free trial pass that is valid for five days on the Onelife website.

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Which Onelife Fitness Membership Is Best?

The two types of memberships that are offered by Onelife appear to be a bit costly If you’re searching for a low-cost gym. If we look at what they can offer as a reward, we think it’s worth it.

Between Two membership choices provided through Onelife Fitness, the premier membership appears to be the best choice. 

At just $10 monthly, the premier membership includes numerous benefits over the standard membership. The premium membership cuts down on the initiation costs significantly.

If you don’t often don’t require services like hydromassages or drinks discounts, then it is logical to choose the standard membership.

What benefits are included with a membership at Onelife Fitness?

Sure! Here’s the section about Onelife Fitness Membership Benefits:

  • Access to the latest exercise equipment, facilities and fitness machines
  • A variety of fitness group classes such as yoga, HIIT, and cycling
  • Fitness assessments that are personalized and guidance on setting goals
  • Expertly trained trainers and certified staff who provide support
  • A reviving aquatics space with water-based classes and pools
  • Relaxation facilities like steam rooms, saunas and Whirlpools
  • The latest technology to track fitness and progress
  • Childcare services to make it easy
  • Exclusive member events and social events
  • Different levels of membership that meet the individual’s preferences and requirements.

Gym Equipment

Within Onelife Fitness, you’ll find equipment from the majority of the top fitness equipment vendors. The Olney location is home to around two dozen treadmills from Precor along with Freemotion Fitness and about a dozen ellipticals from Precor along with Octane Fitness.

There’s also an hour of stationary bikes made by Precor and a few Life Fitness and Freemotion spin bikes, as well as Step climbers within the aerobic section.

The majority of the machines for resistance in Onelife Fitness are from Precor and Life Fitness. You can work out every part of your body with the wide range of equipment accessible.

There are two machines which means you are less likely of waiting around or share the space with another person in the event that the gym is full.

The grass area on the first floor houses an assortment of dumbbells in hex and Slam ball TRX, TRX medicine balls as well as resistance bands.

The free-weights section There are lots of incline and flat benches as well as three benches presses round dumbbells which are up to 100lbs and kettlebells made of cast iron which range from 9lbs to the hefty 88lbs. Additionally, there were EZ bar curls that could go all the way to 90lbs.

Additionally, there are kettlebells, slam balls and medicine balls within this section.

Alternatives to Onelife Fitness

You might want to look into any of the Possibilities listed below if you’ve come to the conclusion that Onelife Fitness isn’t the best gym for you or if you reside in a region without one.

1. World Gym

World Gym is one of my most favored chain gyms I’ve been to in the last couple of weeks. It’s got plenty of cardio equipment and group classes.

However, because of the large amount of free equipment and squat racks it is designed for powerlifters as well as Olympic weightlifters.

However, even if you’ve not used a barbell before you’ll feel at ease in World Gym. The staff is welcoming and friendly The gym is large and well-maintained, and the membership packages are reasonably priced.

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2. LA Fitness

LA Fitness isn’t the fanciest or the most modern gym in town however it’s not the most expensive. For around $35 per month you can access equipment for strength and cardio as well as free weights, an indoor pool, saunas and basketball courts.

LA Fitness has more than 700 locations across the US and, therefore, if you frequently travel and are a frequent traveler, this could be a suitable exercise facility for your needs.

It is possible to use your membership at almost every other club in the United States.

Take a look at our full analysis of LA Fitness

3. 24 All-N-All Fitness

Similar to Onelife Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness offers squat racks as well as lifting platforms, as well as high-end plates and barbells. It’s higher priced than Onelife however, price-wise it’s still within the mid-tier gym.

24 Hour Fitness has a pool and saunas, group classes as well as a pro-shop as well as basketball courts. Alongside the extensive variety of facilities It’s also a great fitness center for those who need accessibility to gyms during normal hours.

Onelife Fitness Opening Hours 

Opening Hours ⏱️of Retro Fitness

Days  Hours
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 09:00 PM
7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Onelife Fitness Near Me Location

Onelife Fitness Social Media Account

Final Thoughts

Onelife Fitness is a good fitness center for everyone because of the huge amount of equipment and facilities that you can access for a an affordable monthly cost.

The main problem is the fact that Onelife Fitness is only available in a very limited area within the US. If you’re fortunate enough to have nearby a gym I would suggest checking it out.

FAQs – Onelife Fitness Prices And Membership Cost

What is the cost of an Onelife Fitness membership?

Cost of Onelife Fitness membership varies depending on the location, the type of membership, as well as any relevant promotions. The prices generally are between 45 and $45 monthly.

Are there any hidden fees associated with an Onelife Fitness membership?

There aren’t hidden costs associated with a Onelife Fitness membership. However, certain locations might charge additional enrollment fees or charges for specific classes or services.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

The majority of Onelife Fitness memberships require a contract obligation. If you wish to terminate your membership prior to the expiration date of the contract, you could be liable for charges or penalties.

How can I sign up for an Onelife Fitness membership?

To join a Onelife Fitness membership, visit the website to find the gym closest to you, or go to the facility in person and chat with a representative for membership.

This article helps you to get the complete information about Onelife Fitness Prices And Membership Cost and its feedback from their members.

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