Yogaworks Prices And Membership cost 2024

are you ready to start your journey to total health and wellness by trying Yoga? There’s nothing better than Yogaworksto to help you out!

In this guide, we’ll check out the different Yogaworks pricing choices – they’re a big name in yoga and wellness.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, knowing what Yogaworks charges can help you plan your budget. And it will help you reach your goals of living a more balanced, healthy life!

So let’s dive into the pricing and see how Yogaworks can help you on your way to feeling amazing through yoga! We’ve got all the details you need coming up. Getting started with yoga is easy and affordable with Yogaworks!



We’re gonna check out the Yogaworks Prices so you can see how much it costs. I’ll tell you about the price to take yoga classes at Yogaworks and ways you can spend your money on getting fit without giving up quality.


I want to help you figure out if Yogaworks is something you can afford, so you can start improving your health through yoga. The prices are pretty reasonable, so it can definitely be worth investing your money into classes there.

Yogaworks Prices


Yogaworks Class Packages

Buy 11 Months, Get 1 Free. Classes are good for six months & practice at any YogaWorks studio in your region.

1 Class $25.00
10 Classes $189.00

Yogaworks Student Offer

New students only. Local ID required.

2 Weeks $25.00

Yogaworks YogaWorks+ Membership

Access all 60+ YogaWorks and 7 Yoga Tree studios. Prices do not include applicable taxes. Renews monthly until canceled.

Initiation Fee (Per Person) $0.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) $149.00
Annual Cost (Per Person) $1,788.00

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How to Sign Up for YogaWorks

YogaWorks Prices: Getting started with YogaWorks is easy – just go to their website and complete the signup process.

Yogaworks also has online classes if you’d rather stay home while the pandemic is still happening.

When you first go to their site, you’ll see info about their studio first. It shows the address and contact details.

Once you pick a class date, you need to make an account as a new student.

You can also choose a specific teacher for your class.

After making your account, just wait for your welcome message with more instructions on how to use your Yogaworks membership.

Signing up is super simple – just pick your class, make an account, and wait for details from Yogaworks to get started! Then you can begin enjoying all the benefits of being a member.

What You Get with a Yogaworks Membership

Joining Yogaworks as a member gives you some awesome perks and community benefits.

  • Tons of Classes: Members can take unlimited classes at the studios included in your plan. You also get discounts on special workshops.
  • Discounts: Get 10-20% off things like retail items, private lessons, and teacher training.
  • Community: You’ll be part of a group of like-minded yogis! Members get access to exclusive events.
  • Special Training Classes – Yogaworks has Specialty Training classes you can take online anytime. These help members learn more about different types of yoga. The training can be over 100 hours a month. It’s enough to turn an experienced yoga teacher into an expert yoga fitness instructor.
  • At-Home Online Classes – Yogaworks has online classes you can do from home. There are thousands of instructional videos to pick from. They also have live classes every day that you can join.
  • Yogaworks App – Yogaworks is a bunch of yoga studios with all kinds of classes for every level. They’ve got beginner classes all the way up to advanced.

Their teachers are super experienced and teach types like Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga.

Besides classes, Yogaworks also has teacher workshops, training, seminars, online classes, and retreats.

What Else Do You Get with a Yogaworks Membership? 

Along with all the classes, a Yogaworks membership comes with some cool extra perks:

  • You can attend different workshops and events they have.
  • Get discounts when you buy stuff at the Yogaworks store.
  • Members can sign up early for popular classes before they fill up.
  • Get free guest passes to bring friends to class.
  • Discounted private lessons and teacher training programs.
  • Some locations have extras like showers and locker rooms you can use.

So you get more than just the yoga classes! Things like early sign-ups, discounts, and free guest passes are nice bonuses you get as a Yogaworks member.

Check with your studio to see what kind of extra amenities and deals they offer members at your location. But most have some nice little extras that come with membership.

The Different Membership Levels

Yogaworks has memberships with different studio access.

  • Single Studio: Get unlimited classes at just one Yogaworks near you.

    • 1 Month: $185
    • 3 Months: $129 per month
    • 1 Year: $115 per month
  • Regional Studios: Access all Yogaworks studios in your region.

    • 1 Month: $215
    • 3 Months: $179 per month
    • 1 Year: $155 per month
  • All Studios: Practice at any Yogaworks nationwide.

    • 1 Month: $239
    • 3 Months: $199 per month
    • 1 Year: $175 per month
  • Online Only: Digital membership is $39 per month.

Memberships renew automatically at the best rate available.

Digital Membership

For online-only access, a digital membership is $39/month.

Memberships auto-renew at the best available rate.” make it in an informal tone in simple language that 12-year-old children FROM the USA can easily understand

How to Save Money at Yogaworks

Here are some awesome tips to get deals on Yogaworks classes and membership:

  • Buy Class Packages: Getting a package of 5, 10, or 20 classes saves you a bunch per class compared to just dropping in. Packages are the way to go to get the best rate on studio or online classes.
  • Find New Student Specials: Watch for 1-month trials at a discounted price when you sign up as a new Yogaworks student. Taking advantage of a cheap first month is a great way to save.
  • Ask About Discounts: Yogaworks offers discounts for certain groups like students, seniors, military members, and more. Be sure to ask if you qualify for any special membership rates based on your situation.
  • Join the Email List: Sign up on their website to get emails about all the latest deals, coupons, and Yogaworks sales. Being on the email list can score you some sweet savings.
  • Look for Referral Credits: Current members often get credits for referring new students. See if someone can refer you to get a discount on membership or classes.
  • Buy on Sale: Yogaworks will sometimes run sales on class packages or offer first month discounts. Jump on these limited-time deals when you see them!

Using class packages, new student/referral offers, and available discounts can really lower what you pay at Yogaworks for amazing yoga classes.

What is YogaWorks and What do they Offer?

YogaWorks is a group of yoga studios that offer different yoga classes accessible to everyone starting from beginners to experts.

They have a group of skilled instructors who teach a variety of styles including Vinyasa Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga.

Apart from yoga lessons, YogaWorks additionally offers instructor workshops, training as well as retreats, and online classes. Yogaworks prices: Yogaworks offers a variety of membership options which include:

What is the difference between a monthly and an annual membership at YogaWorks?

YogaWorks provides annual and monthly memberships for yoga classes. The major distinction between them is the length that the members are enrolled.

A monthly membership gives the use of classes for a month, whereas an annual membership lasts for the entire year.

In addition, an annual membership often includes special discounts and other advantages not covered in one annual subscription.

It is important to think about the frequency of your attendance and your budget when making a decision about the best choice for you.

How does the Yogaworks membership billing cycle work?

Yogaworks memberships bill monthly.

When you sign up, they’ll charge your card on the same day every month automatically.

You can cancel anytime, but make sure to do it at least 10 days before the next billing date. That way you won’t get charged again if you don’t want to keep going.

If you miss a payment, Yogaworks gives you a 14 day grace period to pay before your membership is frozen. So you have a little time to sort it out.

The monthly billing makes it easy – you don’t have to think about paying each month, it’s done for you! Just be aware of the billing date so you can cancel ahead if needed.

And if you ever have issues with your payment, get in touch with Yogaworks right away to work it out before your membership is put on hold.

Does YogaWorks offer any discounts on membership?

YogaWorks offers various discounts on memberships including discounts for students, military discounts, and discounts for corporations.

There are also special offers that are offered at times and offer discounts on membership costs.

They also offer an incentive program for referrals that could provide existing members with a discount on membership costs in exchange for referring new members to the studio.

It’s best to contact the nearby YogaWorks studio for information on discounts and special offers.

Are there any hidden fees for YogaWorks membership?

YogaWorks Prices: There aren’t extra charges for a YogaWorks membership.

The cost of membership provides an unlimited number of classes and discounts on retreats, workshops as well as other services.

Can I use my YogaWorks membership at other yoga studios?

Whether you can take classes at all the Yogaworks studios depends on what type of membership you have.

Some memberships give access to all the locations nationwide. But others only work at certain studios.

To find out, you should check with the Yogaworks place you normally go to. Or call the membership helpline. They can tell you exactly which studios you can use.

The best thing is to ask before you visit a new Yogaworks “Does my membership work here too?” That way you’re sure if you can just walk in and take classes or not.

Each studio can tell you the policy for people joining from other locations with different membership levels. It’s good to check so you know you can get into class!

Does Yogaworks Offer a Free Trial Membership?

YES, Yogaworks gives new members a free 1-week trial so you can try it before joining for real.

During the free week, you can take unlimited classes for zero dollars to see if you like the studio and the different class options.

This is the perfect way to get a feel for Yogaworks before deciding if a paid membership is right for you. You get to experience it all risk-free!

The free trial week lets you check out the classes, teachers, and vibe without any commitment. See if you look forward to your workouts there during the trial.

Taking advantage of the no-cost week is the best way to know if a Yogaworks membership fits your needs. Try before you buy!

How do I sign up for a YogaWorks membership?

To sign up for a YogaWorks membership, go to YogaWorks’ website. YogaWorks site and then click the “Join Now” button.

Select the Region that you’d like to join, and then select a choice to join.

After that, you can open an account by entering your personal details and details about your payment.

Follow the steps below to finish your registration.

It is then possible to take advantage of that come with the benefits of a YogaWorks subscription.

which include the possibility of taking Part In classes and workshops in addition to discounts On purchases from shops, and other advantages.

Is it possible to freeze my membership at YogaWorks?

It is possible to freeze your Yogaworks membership, but the rules depend on your specific studio.

Some Yogaworks locations allow members to freeze for a set time, while others might need a doctor’s note or charge a fee to freeze.

The best thing to do is ask your Yogaworks studio directly about their policy for freezing memberships. Each place can be a little different.

Call or stop by and say “I’m thinking of freezing my membership temporarily – what is your policy for that?” Then they’ll explain the steps at your studio.

There might be a time limit, fee, or forms required. Or they may not allow it at all. Check with your location to learn about putting your Yogaworks membership on hold.

The good news is many studios do offer to freeze, so just ask! They’ll give you the info on stopping payments for a bit while keeping your membership.

What is the cancellation policy at YogaWorks?

Canceling your Yogaworks membership is super easy – you can quit anytime without any fees!

Yogaworks just asks for 30 days’ notice before you want your membership canceled. That way they don’t charge you for another month if you don’t want it.

To cancel, you need to either email or go to your home studio and let them know. Tell them when you want your last day to be.

As long as you give 30 days’ warning before the next billing date, you can quit without paying anything extra. There’s no cancellation penalty or fee.

So don’t worry – if you decide Yogaworks isn’t right for you, you can back out of your membership smoothly! Just give them a heads-up in time before the next monthly charge.

YogaWorks Nearby Me Location

FAQs – Yogaworks Prices And Membership Cost

How Much Does One Yogaworks Class Cost?

A single drop-in class starts at around $25.

What’s the Price for a Yogaworks Membership?

The membership to take unlimited Yogaworks classes starts at $149 per month.

Does Yogaworks Have Student Discounts?

Yep! They offer student deals like 2 weeks of classes for only $25. New students have to show their local student ID to get the student rates.

Can I Get a Free Trial at Yogaworks?

You sure can! Yogaworks lets new students take their first week of unlimited classes for free to try it out.

What’s the Cheapest Yogaworks Membership?

The lowest-priced membership is for online classes only at $39 per month. To access their studio classes, the cheapest option is a single studio for $149 monthly.

When Does Yogaworks Have Sales?

They’ll sometimes run deals around the holidays and New Year when people have fitness goals. Keep an eye out for holiday sales or limited promos.

How Do I Cancel My Yogaworks Membership?

You can cancel anytime by emailing or going into your home studio. There’s no cancellation fee!

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