Yogaworks Prices And Membership cost

YogaWorks Prices are also extremely reasonable for the services they provide. This article was written by me to inform you regarding YogaWorks Prices.

YogaWorks provides many benefits for your health and wellbeing.

for example, improving the health of your muscles, flexibility, improving the circulation of blood, aiding you have a proper digestion and so on.


Take a look at the provided information that will allow you understand YogaWorks.

Check out the table below that lists the charges for the gym.

Yogaworks Prices


Yogaworks Class Packages

Buy 11 Months, Get 1 Free. Classes good for six months & practice at any YogaWorks studio in your region.

1 Class $25.00
10 Classes $189.00

Yogaworks Student Offer

New students only. Local ID required.

2 Weeks $25.00

Yogaworks YogaWorks+ Membership

Access all 60+ YogaWorks and 7 Yoga Tree studios. Prices do not include applicable taxes. Renews monthly until cancelled.

Initiation Fee (Per Person) $0.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) $149.00
Annual Cost (Per Person) $1,788.00

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How To Join YogaWorks

YogaWorks Prices: Signing up with YogaWorks is simple – all users must do is go to their website and finish the registration process.

Yogaworks also offers online classes for those who would rather remain at home during the pandemic continues to linger.

On the first visit to the website The first place that is displayed is that of the Santa Monica studio. The address will be displayed in addition to the contact details.

New customers must register an account once they have reserved the date of their class.

Customers are also given the option to select the instructor of their class.

After account registration, customers are able to sit and wait for their welcome message as well as further instructions on how to take advantage of the benefits of being an Yogaworks member.

Membership Tiers

Yogaworks offers three types of memberships for everyone to choose from. The unlimited membership, mini-membership as well as Drop-in Membership.

The third one is an one-time experience.

Unlimited membership is exactly the exact definition of it – unlimited classes every month. Mini-memberships can only be used for four classes per month.

Why Join YogaWorks

One of the reasons is that Yogaworks have skilled instructors who provide a variety of types of yoga.

On the first page of their website, there are schedules that also detail the types of yoga to be taught to the members.

Below are a few additional reasons you should know about Yogaworks:

Specialty Trainings

Yogaworks offers something known as Specialty Training. Specialty trainings are available accessible online and are available throughout the year.

The specialization training can help members understand the processes of yoga.

The program can run for at least 100 hours per month, which is sufficient to turn an experienced yoga instructor to a yoga fitness instructor.

The course covers yoga for women in pregnancy and restorative yoga to mention the few.

Virtual At Home classes

Yogaworks provides online classes for those who would rather stay at home.

You can find thousands of online instructional videos to choose from. The app also offers live classes every day that users can join.

Mobile App

The most crucial aspect in Yogaworks virtualization lies in their mobile application.

With the application members have access to all available schedules as well as what classes kinds are offered.

Videos can also be seen within the app. Members only have to log on and browse the videos they would like to emulate.

The content available on demand on Mobile App is accessible for a fee.

If the user decides to pay for live-streamed videos of individuals doing yoga in the Yogaworks studio, there is an additional cost.

Free trial

Yogaworks provide a virtual free trial of their classes.

To receive a free trial for new customers, they need click the “Start Free Trial” button on their website. The trial period is two weeks.

Customers can get a no-cost trial on their site by filling out the application.

YogaWorks Promo

What is YogaWorks and What do they Offer?

YogaWorks is a group of yoga studios which offer different yoga classes accessible to everyone starting from beginners to experts.

They have a group of skilled instructors who teach a variety of styles including Vinyasa Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga.

Apart from yoga lessons, YogaWorks additionally offers instructor workshops, training as well as retreats and online classes.

What membership options are available at Yogaworks?

Yogaworks prices: Yogaworks offers a variety of membership options which include:

Monthly membership  

This option lets you take all classes in every Yogaworks location.

Prices range from $119 up to $159 per month contingent on the location and type of membership you select.

Class packages

For those who don’t wish to sign up for an annual membership, Yogaworks offers class packages which can be utilized In any location.

Prices differ based on the amount of classes you choose to purchase.

Annual membership 

Yogaworks provides an annual membership for those looking to cut down on monthly membership costs.

The price for annual memberships is different In accordance with the location you choose and the level of membership you pick.

Does Yogaworks offer a free trial?

It is true that Yogaworks provides a trial for free to new students.

The trial is free and lets you attend only one session at any Yogaworks facility for free.

This is a great opportunity to experience classes and determine whether Yogaworks is the perfect fit for you prior to committing to membership or a class.

What is the difference between a monthly and an annual membership at YogaWorks?

YogaWorks provides annual and monthly memberships for yoga classes. The major distinction between them is the length that the members are enrolled.

A monthly membership gives the use of classes for a month, whereas an annual membership lasts for the entire year.

In addition, an annual membership often includes special discounts and other advantages not covered in one annual subscription.

It is important to think about the frequency of your attendance and your budget when making a the decision about the best choice for you.

How does the Yogaworks membership billing cycle work?

The Yogaworks membership billing cycle operates on the basis of a monthly cycle.

When you sign to join the Yogaworks membership, your card’s credit will get automatically charged every month on the same day.

You may choose to terminate or end your membership at anytime.

It is vital to remember it is essential that the cancellation be made at least 10 days prior to the month’s billing cycle in order to ensure that you’re not at risk of getting into an in-progress of having to pay for subsequent month.

In addition, Yogaworks offers a grace period of 14 days to make non-payments before the suspension of your membership.

Does YogaWorks offer any discounts on membership?

YogaWorks offers various discounts on memberships including discounts for students, military discounts and discounts for corporations.

There are also special offers that are offered at times and offer discounts on membership costs.

They also offer an incentive program for referrals that could provide existing members with discount on membership costs in exchange for referring new members the studio.

It’s best to contact the nearby YogaWorks studio for information on discounts and special offers.

What are the benefits of a YogaWorks membership?

A YogaWorks membership offers a broad array of benefits, which Include access to various yoga classes offered in various locations, such as classes in the studio and online.

Members can also avail discounts on instructor training courses, as well As shopping.

In addition, members can enjoy exclusive promotions and events and also have access to a friendly group of yoga enthusiasts.

Through the Advantages of the benefits Of a YogaWorks membership, individuals can improve their physical and mental health by regularly engaging in yoga.

Are there any hidden fees for YogaWorks membership?

YogaWorks Prices: There aren’t extra charges for a YogaWorks membership.

The cost of membership provides an unlimited number of classes and discounts on retreats, workshops as well as other services.

Does YogaWorks offer any additional services or perks with membership?

YogaWorks also provides a variety of additional benefits and services as a part of its membership.

including the ability to attend workshops and other events as well as discounts on purchases in the store, in addition to accessibility to classes online.

Members also get prior bookings for popular classes and guest passes that are free, as well as discounts on private lessons and teacher education programs.

Furthermore, certain YogaWorks locations might have amenities like showers and locker rooms.

Can I use my YogaWorks membership at other yoga studios?

It’s dependent upon the particular terms of you YogaWorks membership.

Certain YogaWorks memberships could provide the benefit of reciprocity as well as access to additional yoga studios.

Other memberships could only give accessibility to YogaWorks locations.

Check with YogaWorks customer service or read the terms of your membership to confirm whether or not your membership gives the ability to access other yoga studios.

If you’re seeking to attend various yoga facilities, it might be beneficial to investigate and contrast other memberships and the classes offered by these studios.

Is there a free trial period for YogaWorks membership?

It is true that YogaWorks gives a no-cost trial for all new members. It typically runs for one week.

During this period new members are able to try the classes for free of cost before deciding whether a membership is the right choice for them.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a sense of the studio and the wide range of classes offered prior to committing to an account.

Can I attend classes at any YogaWorks location with my membership?

It’s dependent on the kind of membership you’ve got with YogaWorks.

Certain memberships provide users to access the entire range of YogaWorks facilities, while other are restricted to a certain location or studio.

It’s best to consult your service provider for membership or the particular YogaWorks studio you’re considering visiting to verify their policies.

Is it possible to freeze my membership at YogaWorks?

It’s feasible to store your YogaWorks membership YogaWorks However, the exact conditions for freezing will vary based on your policy at the gym or studio.

Certain studios will allow members to freeze memberships for a specific duration of time, while others will require a physician’s letter or charge to freeze.

It is recommended that you check directly with YogaWorks directly to learn about their policies on freezing memberships.

How do I sign up for a YogaWorks membership?

To sign up for an YogaWorks membership, go to YogaWorks’ website. YogaWorks site and then click the “Join Now” button.

Select the Region that you’d like joining, and then select a choice to join.

After that, you can open an account by entering your personal details and details about your payment.

Follow the steps below to finish your registration.

It is then possible to take advantage of that come with the benefits of a YogaWorks subscription.

which include the possibility of taking Part In classes and workshops in addition to discounts On purchases from shops, and other advantages.

What is the cancellation policy at YogaWorks?

YogaWorks offers an easy cancellation policy that permits members to end your membership anytime at any point and without any fees.

Members must provide at minimum 30-day notice to cancel so that they do not get debited for month’s charges.

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FAQs – Yogaworks Prices And Membership Cost

How much does a monthly membership cost?

The cost for monthly memberships varies depending on the studio’s location along with the membership, however they generally range between 125 and 175 dollars per month.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Absolutely, YogaWorks permits members to place their membership on hold for a period of up to three months at the same time.

Can I take classes at multiple YogaWorks locations with a single membership?

Yes, members who have an unlimited membership are able to take yoga classes in any YogaWorks facility.

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