Fitness 19 Prices & Membership Cost


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Retro Fitness Prices (Starting at just $14.99 for a month) are reasonable considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Retro Fitness membership. But being affordable does not mean that the gym isn’t doing well in regards to facilities.

Alongside proper equipment for cardio and weight training and equipment, most gyms have a limited selection of 19. Fitness 19 provides a variety of amenities like group classes, hydro massagers for guests, guest passes, and much more.
Membership plans offered by Fitness 19 are categorized based on the amenities. You can choose the plan that fits your needs the best and begin your way to becoming fit.

With less than 100 gyms throughout the United States and over half of them located in California, Fitness 19 may not be the most popular gym chain in America; however, if there’s one close to you, you’re in a good gym choice.
Fitness 19 prices are not different from club to club.

Fitness 19’s pricing is, unlike others in America it is nearly identical across the United States. Therefore, the amount you pay is largely based on the amenities you select to avail of, not on the gym’s location.
In this article, we’ll be walking the reader to Fitness 19 membership costs for various plans. This is why you should read on!

Fitness 19 Prices

Most Fitness 19 clubs offer three types of memberships: the basic, premier, and the elite premier plan.

Here is a shortlist of Fitness 19 pricing for various types of plans expected throughout the United States.

Fitness 19 Prices & Membership Cost

Fitness 19 Basic Plan Prices (12 Month)

Monthly Fee $14.99
Annual Fee $49.99
Enrollment Fee $49.00

Fitness 19 Premier Plan Prices (12 Month)

Monthly Fee $24.99
Annual Fee $49.99
Enrollment Fee $0.00

Fitness 19 Premier Elite Plan Prices (12 Month)

Monthly Fee $49.99
Annual Fee $49.99
Enrollment Fee $0.00

The Fitness 19 membership plan is the basis for what facilities you are able to use. The more expensive your plan, the more significant benefits you will receive as a member.

For example, the elite plan grants you unlimited guest privileges. Likewise, the premium plan gives you weekend guest privileges, and guests are not permitted to use the base plan.

How Much Does Fitness 19 Cost?

Fitness 19 offers an almost identical price across various branches throughout the United States. The per-month Fitness 19 membership cost will depend on your plan; the plan you pick is the basic premium, premier, or elite premium plan.

As the name implies, the base Fitness 19 plan is the most affordable (price-wise) option for membership. It comes with a monthly cost of $14.99, which is reasonable.
But, remember that in the base plan, you will be able to use only weight and cardio facilities as well as dressing rooms.

The base Fitness 19 plan also has an initiation cost of $49.00 and an annual charge of $49.99. Furthermore, you will need to sign a 12- month contract.

The annual cost is $49.99, and a 12-month commitment applies to the other two types of plans. The premier and the elite plans.

If you’re interested in this Fitness 19 premier plan, you can purchase it for a month-long fee of $24.99 as well as an annual charge of $49.99. However, you won’t be required to pay the initial cost for the premium plan.

This is also the case with the elite premier plan, the most expensive level of membership offered on Fitness 19. It is possible to join the elite plan with no beginning cost.

Fitness 19 costs for the elite premium plan are $49.99 for the monthly cost and $49.99 for every year as the annual cost.

The additional benefit of Fitness 19 premier and the elite premium program is that both allow you to use other facilities.

The Fitness 19 premier plan provides access to amenities like tanning, massaging group classes, indoor cycling, etc. On top of these benefits, the premium plan gives guests unlimited guest passes as well as discounts on gym purchases and more.

Facilities can differ from club to club. However, membership fees are the same. If you want to reduce your Fitness 19 membership costs, you can make use of coupons on the internet.

Fitness 19 Prices

Fitness 19 Deals & Discounts

There are a variety of discounts, coupons, and discounts that you can reduce your Fitness 19 membership cost.

Several coupons offer a fantastic discount on Fitness 19 fees in the first place. Coupon benefits currently available start at 20% off membership fees and increase to 89 percent off.

Additionally, suppose you already have an account with the Fitness 19 elite premier plan. In that case, You can also avail of fantastic discounts, including 10% off of purchases of beverages, supplements, and apparel, from fitness studios.

The last thing to do is contact your local club and inquire directly whether they provide any special discounts. Each club could create its special offers and discounts.

Fitness 19 Monthly Cost

The cost of Fitness 19’s monthly subscription is contingent depending on which plan you select. The basic plan is a monthly cost of $14.99, The premier plan comes with a cost per month of $24.99, and the premium premier plan comes with a month-long cost of $49.99.

Monthly fees are required to be the same across every Fitness 19 Club. However, you should check your local club’s website to find out the exact cost.

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Fitness 19 Timing

Day Hours
Monday 5AM–10PM
Tuesday 5AM–10PM
Wednesday 5AM–10PM
Thursday 5AM–10PM
Friday 5AM–9PM
Saturday 7AM–7PM
Sunday 7AM–7PM

Fitness 19 Nearby Me Location

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How much is Fitness 19 initiation fee?

The Fitness 19 initiation cost costs $49.00 to get the base plan. For the premier as well as the top premium plans, however, there’s no initiation fee.

Is Fitness 19 Month to Month?

There is no need to be concerned; fitness 19 is usually not monthly and requires a commitment of 12 months.

If you’re not keen on long-term commitments and want a month-to-month option, be sure to contact the organization you’d like to join and inquire if they have this type of plan.

What is the Fitness 19’s Annual Fee?

Fitness 19’s annual cost is $49.99. The fee applies to all types of plans.

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