ClassPass Prices and Membership Cost 2024

Do you want to test various fitness classes without joining the same gym? In this thorough guide, we’ll explain the particulars of ClassPass Prices.

If you’re a fan of fitness or just beginning to discover how to pay for classes, knowing how the cost structure works of ClassPass will help you make an informed decision when deciding to enroll into this well-known fitness plan.


From the different pricing options, to the various factors that impact pricing, we’ll provide valuable information to help get through the maze that is ClassPass and pick the one which best fits your budget and objectives to improve your fitness.

Be ready to be able to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of ClassPass Prices with the budget in mind.

ClassPass Prices

ClassPass Prices

Available plans on ClassPass
Price Per Month
Includes 6 credits to book up to 2 classes (Per Person) $15.00
Includes 23 credits to book up to 8 classes (Per Person) $49.00
Includes 38 credits to book up to 13 classes (Per Person) $79.00
Includes 68 credits to book up to 24 classes (Per Person) $139.00
Includes 100 credits to book up to 35 classes (Per Person) $199.00

What are the pricing options available for ClassPass?

ClassPass provides a range of pricing options to meet the different needs and preferences of fitness. Here are the most popular pricing plans:

  1. Basis Plan This Base Plan is the simplest subscription plan provided by ClassPass. It gives you a certain amount of credits per month which are used reserve classes. The amount of credits available will vary based on your location.
  2. Core Plan This Core Plan is a favorite choice for ClassPass members. It provides a greater amount of credits than Base Plan. Base Plan, allowing individuals to take advantage of more classes every month. This plan is ideal for those looking to try a variety of fitness options. It also gives the ability to take classes at various studios.
  3. Elite Plan: The Elite Plan is the highest level of service that is offered by ClassPass. It gives the most number of credit per month and grants users access to a large amount of classes. This plan is perfect for those who are keen to make the most from their ClassPass membership by attending classes regularly and experimenting with different fitness options.

It’s important to keep in mind that ClassPass pricing and specific credit allocations can differ based on the area you reside in and particular studios that are available in your region. 


It is recommended that you visit ClassPass’s website ClassPass website or call their customer support for more specific pricing details according to your location.

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How much does the Base Plan subscription of ClassPass cost?

The price associated with your Base Plan subscription on ClassPass is dependent on where you are and the city that you reside in. 

ClassPass provides different pricing models that are based on regional variables. To obtain the most precise and up-to-date pricing details for the Base Plan in your area, we recommend visiting the official ClassPass website or contacting their customer support directly.

They’ll give you the exact pricing information and any discounts or promotions that are available on this Base Plan in your region.

What are the benefits of upgrading to the Core Plan on ClassPass?

The upgrade onto the Core Plan on ClassPass offers many advantages. When you upgrade to Core Plan Core Plan, you gain access to a larger amount of credits than Base Plan. Base Plan.

This allows you to have the option to attend more classes throughout the year, giving you greater flexibility as well as the possibility of modifying your exercise routine.

The Core Plan provides more options that lets you visit various studios and try different kinds of exercise.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s for yoga pilates, cycling or pilates ways to build strength, the Core Plan lets you expand your exercise options and get the most that come with Your ClassPass membership.

What is the pricing structure for the Elite Plan on ClassPass?

The pricing structure of ClassPass’s Elite Plan on ClassPass offers the most credits per month, allowing members with unlimited access to studios and fitness classes.

The cost for Elite Plan varies depending on the location you live in and the options available in your region. In general, this Elite Plan is priced higher in comparison to Core Plan and Base Plans.

Base Plan and Core Plan due to the greater amount of credits it provides. This plan is suitable for people who are enthusiastic about fitness and would like the flexibility to take part in many classes per month and to explore various workout options via ClassPass.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with ClassPass?

In the case of ClassPass it’s crucial to know the potential for extra fees or hidden charges. Although ClassPass offers access to an array of fitness studios and classes, there are some factors to take into consideration:

  1. Charges to cancel Studio partners with ClassPass might charge cancellation fees in the event that you don’t take a class scheduled and/or cancel it within a specific timeframe. It is essential to be familiar with the cancellation guidelines of the studio you’re planning to visit.
  2. No-Show Costs Similar to cancellation charges, certain studios could be charged a fee when you take a class but do not show up at the time scheduled. Check the guidelines for every studio to avoid surprise costs.
  3. Reservation Fees In certain cases, studios might require an additional charge when booking classes via ClassPass. If this is the case, the fee, if there is one, will be displayed clearly at the time of booking.
  4. Prices for Upgrades Although ClassPass offers a variety of plans for membership, changing to a plan with a higher tier can result in higher monthly costs. Check the pricing before making any modifications to your membership.
  5. Penalties for late payments Inability to make payment of your ClassPass dues on time can result in penalty penalties for late payments. It’s crucial to be aware of the terms of payment and to make prompt payments in order to avoid additional charges.

It is crucial to fully go through the Terms and Conditions that apply to ClassPass as well as the Studio that you plan to visit so that you don’t face any unanticipated costs or surprise charges.

By being aware and adhering to the rules, you will take advantage of the benefits of ClassPass without having to pay any additional charges or unexpected costs.

Can I change my ClassPass plan at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to change your ClassPass plan at any time. If you feel that your current plan no longer suits your needs, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription to a different plan.

Whether you want to explore more classes with a higher plan or adjust your membership to better align with your fitness goals, ClassPass allows you to make changes as desired.

Simply log in to your ClassPass account, navigate to the settings or membership section, and follow the instructions to modify your plan. Keep in mind that any changes to your plan may take effect at the start of your next billing cycle.

Are there any restrictions on booking popular or high-demand classes with ClassPass?

ClassPass may be subject to certain limitations regarding scheduling popular or highly-demanding classes.

These restrictions differ based on the location of the class and the availability of classes. Classes that are extremely popular might require more credits and may be filled quickly because of their popularity.

ClassPass users might need to reserve these classes in advance to reserve the spot.

It is recommended to review ClassPass’s ClassPass application or site often, make plans ahead keep track of special restrictions or booking rules for classes with high demand to ensure that you have a smooth experience.

Are ClassPass prices the same across all cities?

ClassPass prices are not the same across all cities. The cost of ClassPass can vary depending on the location and city you are in.

Larger cities with a higher density of fitness studios and classes tend to have higher pricing compared to smaller towns or less populated areas.

Furthermore, other factors like price of life as well as the demand for fitness facilities in a specific city could be a factor in ClassPass’s pricing. ClassPass.

For accurate information regarding the prices associated with ClassPass in your town or region, it’s vital to visit on the ClassPass site or application for exact prices.

Is there a free trial period available for ClassPass?

It is true that ClassPass provides a trial offer to new members. The trial period lets users to experience the platform and experience the benefits before registering in an annual Program.

The time frame of the trial offer can vary. Therefore it is recommended to go to ClassPass’s ClassPass website or application for the most current details on the trial’s availability.

During the trial period, ClassPass usually grants members access to a limited number of classes or studio visits without requiring payment.

It’s a fantastic method to try different types of fitness and decide if ClassPass is the best choice to reach the fitness objectives you have set.


ClassPass provides a one-stop shop that has everything you could require. You can choose from a range of fitness classes and afterward relax with massages and meditation.

You can get a haircut and your nails trimmed, and you’ll feel much more confident about yourself afterward!

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FAQs – ClassPass Prices

Do ClassPass prices change?

Different reservations come with different rates of credit, which vary according to the time of appointment and location, business or booking time, demand for the booking and the number of times you’ve been to the location in the current time.

How much does ClassPass cost?

ClassPass offers a range of pricing options that are based on various plans and areas. Prices can differ, so make sure to check on the website of ClassPass for current details.

What are the different ClassPass plans available?

ClassPass provides Core, Base and Elite plans, each with different credit allocations as well as features that can be tailored to meet various fitness requirements.

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